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High levels of lead and arsenic are routinely found in various food, supplement and herbal products from China. Magnesium deficiency causes a decrease in the production, by the kidneys, of dihydroxy vitamin D-3 which results in inefficient absorption of calcium by the intestines and a further loss of magnesium by the kidneys. Instead, it is high in animal fats, which are high in saturated fatty acids, cholesterol, and trans-fatty acids also formed by chemical extraction or high-heat processing and hydrogenation of unsaturated plant oils , giving our cells the wrong ratio of fatty acids. Over hyperlinks to the web. Within minutes, I saw him staring at his hands in disbelief and I asked him what was wrong. Combat them with the high concentration of antioxidants found in wheat grass juice, barley grass, sprouts and dark green vegetables.


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This can cause a magnesium deficiency. A magnesium deficiency results in increased production of the PTH parathyroid hormone which mobilizes bone calcium, transferring it from bone into soft tissues, cells , where it does not belong in increased amounts. This continual loss can cause bone mass loss and weakening of the bone structure. Magnesium deficiency causes a decrease in the production, by the kidneys, of dihydroxy vitamin D-3 which results in inefficient absorption of calcium by the intestines and a further loss of magnesium by the kidneys.

This calcium deficiency is made up by mobilizing calcium from the bones. The abnormal levels of PTH hormone, because of magnesium deficiency, causes this calcium to end up in the soft tissues cells rather than being redeposited in the bone.

This calcium in the cells inhibits enzyme reactions that are necessary for cellular health and suppresses the production of ATP by the mitochondria of the cells. The ATP is the energizer, the source of energy for the cell. The cell operation becomes sluggish and less efficient.

This process can result in accelerated aging and premature death of cells. This increase of cellular calcium, at the expense of magnesium and potassium, is partially responsible for chemical imbalances in the cell that make us more susceptable to degenerative processes. Natural foods whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds have ratios of magnesium to calcium of parts magnesium to 1 part calcium. It would seem a more logical approach to osteoporosis would be to increase our magnesium intake, increase our exercise and change our dietary habits to minimize or exclude those items which drain our body of magnesium, calcium and potassium, such as processed foods, refined sugars, high protein intake, high phosphates and high fats.

The best way to obtain magnesium, calcium and other nutrients is by eating properly. In the natural foods the Creator has balanced the nutrients for us. Supplements are helpful as insurance but should only be used to supplement. Vita-Mins are extra fortified with those vitamins and minerals which are usually deficient in our modern diet.

Vitamins are very potent chemical agents that are utilized, in our body, in very small amounts. Vitamins are catalysts, that function as coenzymes and as anti-oxidants, making it possible for our bodies to utilize the nutrients from foods.

The minerals work synergistically with the vitamins. To receive maximum benefits from Vita-Mins they should be taken with meals. Vita-Mins are compounded so that one capsule with each meal 3 capsules per day provides adequate supplementation, unless a person suffers from deficiencies that require higher dosage.

Higher dosage can be achieved by increasing the number of capsules per day. We need to take time to incorporate a wellness program into our lives, a plan of preventative maintenance. If we don't take time now, we will have to make time later for sickness. The Vita-Mins can help provide an extra measure of insurance to help our wellness program. Koch's natural, alternative and anti-aging formula with bonus Antioxidant ingredients These quality antioxidant health supplements are cutting edge antioxidant ingredients and provide innumerable health benefits and add tremendous value to the GH-7 Procaine HCl foundation formula.

Lycopene is a powerful natural remedy. Lycopene, a Super antioxidant and part of the carotenoid family, is a pigment that helps give red fruits and vegetables their color.

It's also one of the free radical-fighting antioxidants. Free radicals are damaging molecules that float around in the body disrupting cells and promoting disease. Antioxidants, such as lycopene, destroy free radicals so they can't attach to your cells and wreak havoc on your hard-working immune system. In recent years however, LYCOPENE has been shown to have major protective effects throughout the body from prostate to brain, and is one of the nutrients suspected of being behind the Italian low heart disease while consuming high levels of fat paradox.

Life extension research has found that lycopene is better absorbed when preheated in, or taken with fat. This product provides the same Procaine complexes as the GH 7, providing the same benefits as the GH 7, enhanced by upgrading with some powerful natural antioxidants and free radical scavangers.

The antioxidant properties were discovered and patented by Jack Masquelier, PhD. The OPC extract is from grape seeds. In his research, Dr. Koch has found the grape seed extract to be superior to the pine bark extract because of its higher polyphenol content, containing the gallate esters of the proanthocyanidin, which are not in the pine bark extract in any notable concentration.

The flavanoids from grape seed extract along with the flavanoid glycosides from Ginkgo biloba extract , the silymarin group from Milk Thistle , combined with the bioflavonoids and cynarine from artichoke extract , all work synergistically with the procaine complexes to feed and protect damaged cells from free radical damage. Vitacel GH7 is a super anti-aging dietary health supplement containing Procaine Hydrochloride HCL complexed with various vitamins and other biologically active compounds.

These compounds not only serve to best protect the Procaine from premature hydrolysis by enzymes in the blood stream, but they also enter the cell with the Procaine and help in the repair of cellular damage. These complexing agents also assist the Procaine to improve cellular feeding and lifelong vitamin benefits.

Contains no milk, wheat, corn or animal products. The excipients are pure Micro- crystalline cellulose. GH-3 is manufactured by Nutritional Engineering, Ltd. Procaine HCl is used because of the unique molecule quality of being able to transfer through the damaged membranes of sick diseased cells.

The Procaine HCl increases the electrical potential of the plasma membrane and the other membranes of the cell as well as supplying nutrients that are essential to initiate repairs. African Mango Seed Irvingia Gabonesis This high purity African Mango is very high in Antioxidants that support a healthy removal of free radicals and a purification and flushing out of cellular toxins and waste materials.

The African Mango seeds are high in fiber that inhibit fat accumulation and speeds up the process of converting fats into energy. Raspberry ketones are found in raspberries and have been shown to significantly aid in weight loss. Raspberry ketones block fat by causing the body to burn fat rather than store it. They cause the breakdown of fat molecules so they are used in fat metabolism.

They accomplish this by boosting the levels of adiponectin. Adiponectin is the hormonal trigger that tells the body to burn fat. Raspberry ketones boost the levels of adiponectin thus getting your body into Fat Burning Mode.

Green Tea extract is an excellent aid to weight loss it has yours of research and supporting evidence. Nutrix ships products internationally and has various shipping solutions to get your product delivered quickly and efficiently. If a product is hot, there is a good chance Nutrix already has it in stock, just waiting for your label.

We try to stay on top of the market trends for personal care products and can often ship to you within the next day of your order. Are you ready to take your products to market? Whether you're looking to develop a unique formula from scratch, or you just need help tweaking a proven seller, our on-staff formulation engineers will work with you hand-in-hand to develop the perfect product for you. Nutrix prides itself on quality.

We manufacture the right way, the first time, every time. We follow the strictest guidelines and comply with all regulatory requirements pertaining to our industry. Manufacturing a quality product is only half the battle in creating something that is destined for market success.

Our award-winning graphic design team has over two decades of experience in high-end product and packaging design. Take advantage of our world-class in-house design services! Private Labeling State of the art contract manufacturing capabilities, low minimum orders, industry leading formulas and premium design services comprise the Nutrix way of doing business.

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