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I didn't weigh myself at the start i want to feel it come off when i put on my clothes not to be stuck looking at the scale i give it a yes but don't eat the items to close to each other only eat the one item from them it asks for and drink a lot of water after you eat even with the bars have one with a glass of water and it makes you move more you should see my ktichen.. About This Item OnNutrisystem you get to eat six times a day when adding in fresh grocery items Deliciousdinner recipes, meal tracker, and unlimited counseling support included Includes5 breakfast varieties, 5 lunch varieties, and 5 snack varieties. Look at any diet plan and you'll see they recommend a high intake of water: When I first joined the Air Force, there was a doctor that my buddies and I all joked about. Both toilets are excellent!

About This Item

The instructions for bolting the toilet to the closet flange aren't very clear; use this image as a guide: If you do, you can crack the porcelain and ruin the toilet. The toilet works great. It has yet to clog up from solid waste. However, you may need to flush twice if you tend to use more toilet tissue than the average person. To combat this, hold the button down for an extra half second for additional water. I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Hopefully this review can help someone else who's on the fence about buying this toilet.

To the commenter who is reporting second refill time; try replacing your toilet water connector if you haven't already; it could be clogged with hard water deposits. I have good water pressure; it takes about seconds for my Water Ridge dual flush toilet to refill, and it's very quiet.

I'm sure people considering this toilet or those who already bought this toilet and need to install it will find this information quite useful. And also thanks for the tip on letting it flush a second longer for the 1.

The fact that it uses a lot of water sucks since it's a waste of water and money. Hi Unknown, that's great to hear that both WaterRidge One-Piece Dual Flush Toilets that you have in your home are working out well for you and your family. I have two of these - Model CC from owners manual. I bought the display as they are now discontinued at Costco drove across town to another Costco to get the second.

Both toilets are excellent! I don't understand the long running comment because they refill in 10 to 15 seconds at my house.

Maybe he has a water pressure issue. The larger than normal hole in the toilet removes large waste with easy. I have read that you should avoid putting any chemical or blue release tabs in any tank, as this can degrade seals, valves. The written warranty is 5 years, but I like the design so much I hope I get 20 years out of them. Hard water is also hard on valves.

That's actually really good that it only takes seconds for the water to refill after flushing. Most toilets are never that fast. At least mine aren't. The only thing that bothers me it that it hums really loud when refilling. Can anyone tell me Why? And is there a fix for the humming?

Tell us if something is incorrect. Arrives by Friday, Sep In stock at San Leandro, Davis St. Now you can lose weight and still enjoy your favorite comfort foods. Each kit also contains a meal planner with grocery add-in suggestions, a shopping list that matches the sample meal plan, plus a daily tracker to help you stay on the path to success.

You'll also get unlimited access to personal nutrition counseling and weight loss resources. Convenient meal tracker and unlimited counseling support included. About This Item Merchandise. Definitely Worth the Buy. And the boxed kits I bought from the store have my favorite meals, so no food is wasted some of the not-so-great meals I got via the official program are still sitting in my pantry, uneaten. I still use Nutrisystem's "Numi" app, I'm still following the program, and I'm still losing weight.

I would definitely recommend purchasing the food this way, unless you really need the extra hand-holding that Nutrisystems provides call-in and chat support, etc. I didn't like the fact that every dinner had red sauce because it is not preferably what I like.