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Juliana — you are very welcome! This is not an instant way to save money, if you sign up for the community then special deals will periodically be emailed to you. Thank you for your tips on this, very helpful! I talked to doctors, friends, family and knew that Gastric Bypass was the answer for me. Have you contacted NS customer service?

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I’m Part of the Nutrisystem #NSNation Blogger Program! I’ve Had it and I’m ready to make a Change!

I will be participating for 3 months and am so excited! Nutrisystem is a great weight loss program that sends meals right to your door! I was able to pick out my own meals for the next 3 weeks they chose them for the 1st week.

So I am really opening myself up and am going to be a bit vulnerable so I hope you follow along as I start my weight loss journey with you! Make sure you stay tuned and read every week as I document my progress! The reason I wanted to start Nutrisystem in the first place is to get back to my pre-baby Parker weight and really feel good in my skin again. One other reason I wanted to jump start my weight loss is to feel healthy! I know that when I eat healthy, I really do feel better. So I am opening up my weight loss journey to you our readers and am really excited to hopefully inspire someone else to feel good!

Ok a bit of a back story which I have never really shared with you readers before. I knew I had a problem, I knew that I needed to loose weight. I had tried a lot of different diets and some would work then I would gain the weight right back again..

I decided enough was enough and I researched what I wanted to do for about 6 months. I talked to doctors, friends, family and knew that Gastric Bypass was the answer for me. Now the reason I bring this up is I have always struggled with my weight. After I had gastric bypass I really felt the weight come off and have been able to keep it off until I started having kids.

I will have control over the food. I can make the most of Nutrisystem in my own way. I love that Nutrisystem is starting me off on the Turbo Takeoff Plan! This is a fast paced program that will jump start my weight loss. Nutrisystem picked out what I was going to eat this week for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and then 2 of their shakes that will give me protein, energy and curb my appetite. I started the program today and weighed in at I would love to loose about lbs but I really just want to be healthy and have better eating habits.

I am also going to let you know that I am NOT a huge veggie eater. This is going to be a bit of a struggle for me. I think after this week it will be a bit easier and I can spice it up a bit. I am going to really have to step out of my comfort zone and eat some other non-starchy veggies. I was also able to drink water and diet coke through out the day! Ok I am not gonna lie today was a bit torturous.

Now because I had gastric bypass it takes less food to fill me up and I am still hungry! I will let you know next week how the rest of my week went. I had my husband stop at the store on the way home and get spinach, broccoli and green beans so hopefully I can figure out some exciting ways to eat those. I am also not a huge water drinker, I am so glad they allow diet coke! What I loved day one of Nutrisystem is that each product was labeled with Breakfast, lunch or dinner and the shakes are actually mixed with water!

I actually really liked the shakes and was glad they tasted good. I also like that the portion control. I can not let myself overeat or it really becomes a problem. I really hope to inspire some of you to take that step you have been waiting for! If your wanting to learn more about the program visit www. I am a stay at home mom of three adorable girls who keep me busy and on my toes!

I love blogging and trying out new products. I also enjoy reading, shopping, playing games of any sort and hanging out with family and friends! I love everything about Summer and wish it was warm all year long. I am a huge fan of food and love to eat, especially Mexican food and salty yummy things!

I want to be as healthy as I can be if God chooses to give us another baby. I want to focus on what I CAN do even with a disease that affects metabolism instead of dwelling in the negative.

I realize that with hypothyroidism I have to be very meticulous with my diet in order to lose weight. I have a good 40 pounds to lose. That is a tough thing to admit, but I need to be honest with myself. On my own I have not done as well as I think that I could. I also need a support system and something that I can stick to. That is where Nutrisystem comes in. They have a great online community and people willing to help you out.

I am not afraid of hard work. I am waiting on my first order of food to come in and I am so excited to get started. I will be sharing my experience each week and let you all in on all the details about Nutrisystem. My goal is to lose 20 pounds while on the program. I may lose more, but I feel that this is a healthy place to start and a realistic goal based on my past experiences with losing weight within a 4 month time period.

If so please share! No other compensation was given. We are two peas in a pod, Rachel! I have hypothyroidism as well and weight loss is a huge struggle in my life. Your honesy is refreshing and I for one am with you! Sorry to hear of your miscarriages. Hi there, this weekend is pleasant for me, because this moment i am reading this enormous informative piece of writing here at my home. Your email address will not be published.