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Foodlink offers the Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables JSY Program to emergency agencies to provide nutrition education and obesity prevention programming to low-income clients of the emergency food network. Jmom, July 29, Provide job placement and retention support. Free pickup Fri, Sep Model real work environments and connect training to practical, in-demand work skills 4. The lids have openings to drink from but don't seal shut so not good for packing in a lunch. Even before dinner was served she was stealing the lettuce and vegetables off the platter!

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Omission beers are brewed by Widmer Brother's Brewing Company and utilize a proprietary system which lowers the gluten content to below 20 ppm. Each batch is individually tested and can be tracked online to see the specific ppm for the batch that your bottle came from. Offerings vary by location.

Ask your server what other gluten-free and gluten sensitive brews are available at your local Yard House. Please note that Yard House is not a vegan environment as we share cooking surfaces, equipment, and storage areas with both animal and non-animal food products.

This location doesn't currenly have online ordering. Please call the restaurant to place your order for pick up. Your cart has items that take less time to prepare. I drink smoothies regularly. One morning I woke up and my blender had called it quite. I went to my local Walmart to get another blender. I saw this Ninja set and, because I also make bread, decided to give it a whirl.

I am so glad I did. This little machine is amazing! It is so powerful. In just a fraction of the time it used to take my blender to chop everything up, I've got a smooth, and maybe even more important, still nice and cold smoothie I don't put ice in my smoothies. My children and mother never used to like smoothies. Now, I can hardly keep the two single serve cups or pitcher clean because everyone is making smoothies.

Clean up is a breeze, though one must take care as the steel blades are extremely sharp. My bread dough recipes are usually too large for the dough bowl, but I have used it on smaller recipes with great success. I also use the pitcher or single serve cups to make my own breadcrumbs and crush ice.

I was worried the ice might break the plastic pitcher. Didn't even faze it. This is a powerfully stout and very dependable machine. I've had it for over a year now, use it nearly every single day, and we all love it.

Laurie, January 14, Ninja Mega Kitchen System. Made brownies with it and worked well. Haven't used other functions yet. So Far So Good. We just started the whole Juicing Thing and decided to try this unit because of its watt motor and reasonable price.

Its seems to be a very durable machine and quickly turns everything into a fine drinkable puree. We Love the bullet cups although I don't like the cup lids. The lids have openings to drink from but don't seal shut so not good for packing in a lunch. We had to purchase other sealable mugs for our lunches. Other than that - We Love it. Juneau01, September 26, Just what we wanted for smoothies. Our fleet of 13 trucks provide top-notch service to all corners of our service area, from the lake shore to the Pennsylvania border.

A collaborative effort of Foodlink employees, volunteers and community members work to help ensure that mouths are fed and bellies are full. The BackPack Program from Foodlink provides children in need with bags of nutritious food each weekend, when school meals are no longer available. Having everyone at Foodlink finally under one roof enables us to strengthen our organizational culture and commitment to a healthy, hunger-free community.

We built this kitchen with three focus areas in mind:. We currently prepare and deliver nearly 5, meals daily — primarily to after-school programs that serve youth in the City of Rochester.

Local Value-Added Processing — We have enhanced our sliced-apple operations, which aims to provide healthy snack options for kids and spur economic development for regional farmers. We look forward to piloting other produce processing initiatives in the years ahead.

Career Empowerment — Foodlink is in the process of establishing a one-of-a-kind culinary training program for individuals with barriers to employment. Participants in this program will graduate onto middle-skills jobs and earn a living wage that will help them avoid future dependency on the emergency food system. The Kids Cafe Program was established to provide healthy meals for children in a safe after school environment through the federal Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Over the summer, however, these children are at risk of hunger and studies have shown that less than half of the children who qualify for free meals during the school year, do not receive them during the summer.

Learn more about the partnership at www. During the summer of , we began a new initiative by implementing a value-added processing VAP program to extend the shelf life of local agricultural products and make them more appealing for consumers — especially children.

Our VAP program includes workforce development training as we teach individuals valuable skills in the preparing, processing, packaging, and marketing of raw local products. The final products — a trained workforce and shelf-stable products — will benefit both producers and consumers in our regional food system. Today, local apples are washed, sliced, bagged, and distributed in individual serving sizes to schools in our region.

Foodlink will be increasing our apple production as more partnerships are formed with local distributors, and expanding to other products, such as squash puree, frozen blueberries and broccoli florets. With the completion of our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and food-processing center, Foodlink will now be able to formalize and expand training opportunities for community members seeking a pathway toward career growth in the regional food sector.

The training aims to address the needs of local, hard-to-place and underemployed individuals, as well as employers who are looking to hire a trained, vetted workforce to meet the skills gap and projected growth in the regional food industry. Our training model is based in the understanding that individuals facing employment barriers succeed in programs that:. Provide opportunities to develop, practice and master workplace readiness or soft skills 2. Offer clear, attainable and customized career pathways based on the participants assessed strengths, interests and aptitude and regional economic data 3.

Model real work environments and connect training to practical, in-demand work skills 4. Offer progressive educational and training opportunities to move participants along their career path 5. Address predominant barriers to employment though program design, community partnerships networking and collaborative solutions to issues such as child care and transportation 6.

Provide job placement and retention support. Employers and local community colleges are engaged as partners to ensure an industry relevant training curriculum. Foodlink staff are working with a variety of leading community organizations, industry experts and educational institutions to build trainings that reflect local economic development data and achievable educational goals for participants.

Doing our part to provide healthy and affordable food to all. The Curbside Market is a farm stand on wheels that brings fresh, affordable produce to areas where fresh fruits and vegetables are not easily accessible.

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