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Jean Grey (Earth-616)
While guiding the shuttle to Earth with the other X-Men protected by the shielded part of the shuttle, the solar radiation finally proved to be too great [17] and she began to succumb to the radiation's lethal effects. Get to Know Us. X and returned to his school. It sensed Jean's unlimited potential while touching her subconscious. Tyler escaped in the confusion. He left Madelyne and his son despite Madelyne's warning that if he left her again, he would not be welcomed back. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.


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Jean and Scott were sent back to their rightful bodies in the present, leaving Nate alone and Stryfe under the care of Apocalypse's former servant Ch'Vayre , who promised to try to raise Stryfe properly. Back in the present, Jean and Scott revealed to Cable that they had raised him in the future as Redd and Slym Dayspring. Cable had known for some time and was waiting for them to be ready to tell him. They were pleased to be reunited as a family. Back at the school, Jean and Scott moved into the former boathouse.

Jean coached Psylocke in the use of her telepathic powers. Accompanying Scott to Alaska to check on his grandfather in the hospital, Jean happened upon Adam-X and sensed that there was a connection between Adam and the Summers family.

Adam allowed Jean to transfer memories of his days as a Shi'ar combat pilot to Phillip. Afterward, Adam disappeared and Jean decided not to reveal her encounter to Scott. Jean was confronted by Onslaught on the Astral Plane , who claimed he could give her the power of the Phoenix Force once again if she joined him.

After she initially refused, Onslaught showed her Prof. Xavier's hidden memories, where Jean was shocked to learn her father figure and mentor had once believed he was in love with her.

However, Jean still refused Onslaught. He left Jean with an image of his name upon her brow. A frightened Juggernaut came to Jean for help. Jean attempted to remove the mental blocks Onslaught had instilled in him to prevent him from revealing Onslaught's true identity.

When Jean learned Onslaught was Xavier himself, Onslaught psionically muzzled him. Fragments of this message survived to Bishop 's future. It was determined Xavier had been transformed into Onslaught as a result of his attempt to mind-wipe Magneto. Xavier, most of Earth's heroes were lost for a time. Xavier was left powerless after Onslaught's defeat and was arrested for his role in the events.

Jean and Scott were left as leaders of the X-Men and co-headmasters of the school. Jean discovered the powerful time-tossed mutant teenager known as Nate Grey. Nate was Jean and Scott's son from an alternate reality. Essentially, Nate was a younger version of Cable. Nate possessed vast telepathic and telekinetic power. Nate had unwittingly resurrected Madelyne Pryor in a subconscious attempt to reach out to his "mother. Despite bringing her rival back into her life, Jean parted with Nate on good terms.

Jean and Cyclops were sent back in time to London in the year by Madame Sanctity. They believed that they were there to prevent Nathaniel Essex from becoming Mr.

She had sent them to the past to stop Apocalypse from conquering England. The government-sponsored mutant-hunting operation known as " Operation: Afterwards, Jean and Scott took a leave of absence from the X-Men for him to recuperate.

Scott grew weary as Jean began to wear the same costume her Phoenix double had worn. She now also manifested the Phoenix flamebird while training. With neither of them at their strongest, the couple stayed in retirement together and the matter of the Phoenix Force's return was dropped for a time.

Professor X returned to the X-Men in their absence. Nate Grey visited them during that time as well. With the bonds between Nate and his parents strengthened, Scott presented Nate with one of his old X-Factor uniforms. Scott and Jean returned to the X-Men some time after at the request of Storm. Storm was concerned about the mental well-being of Professor X. Xavier had been pretending to lose control in order to uncover a traitor he had sensed in the ranks of the X-Men. A plot hatched by Apocalypse and the Skrulls was uncovered.

To secure a new host body, Apocalypse sought to collect the mutants he required to carry out his plan and siphon the awesome energies of "The Twelve". They were wired to a machine that would channel the Twelve's awesome energies into Apocalypse, allowing him to absorb the body of Nate Grey. Jean lost her telekinesis but her telepathy increased greatly. Jean began to manifest "Phoenix raptors" that represented her telepathic powers "honed to their sharpest edge".

As a result of the power switch, Jean temporarily displayed a shadow astral form with a Phoenix symbol over her right eye. In Scott's absence, Cable found Rachel alive and young at the end of time.

The Phoenix Force had abandoned her. Cable brought Rachel back to the present with him. Rachel asked Cable to keep her return secret from Jean and the other X-Men while she tried to get her life back together. Jean and four other mutants were recruited by Prosh for a special mission to fight the Stranger. A part of the mission included sending their minds back through time revisiting key moments in their past to learn new insights.

Jean was forced to relive various moments from her past such as piloting the shuttle, being in the cocoon, the moment Phoenix died, and meeting Death in the afterlife. Death reiterated that Jean and the Phoenix chose each other and told Jean that she hungered for power when she touched the Phoenix. Death explained that her hunger scared the fundamental forces of the universe, because she was a human mutant with unlimited potential for growth.

One day those like her could grow to replace the fundamental forces of the universe. Investigating rumors he was alive, Jean and Cable found Scott in the birthplace of Apocalypse in Akkaba, Egypt , struggling to reassert his mind over the villain's psyche. Jean exorcised the warlord from Cyclops, and Cable shattered his essence. Thanks to the support of his wife and adopted family, Scott was able to shake off the devastating effects of his merger with Apocalypse and rejoined the X-Men.

After undergoing a Secondary Mutation , Jean's telekinesis returned. Following the outing of Professor X as a mutant to the world, while secretly under the influence of Cassandra Nova , his school opened its doors to the mutant population at large.

Scott returned to the X-Men, but his association with Apocalypse had given him a grimmer, more serious personality than ever before. As a result, many of his relationships became strained, including his marriage to Jean. Apocalypse made him question not only their relationship but his life as a whole. Jean, confused by the change in their relationship, confided in Logan and the two kissed in the woods outside the school, but Logan walked away, telling Jean it would never work between them.

Jean's new responsibilities, along with her growing powers, forced her to put her attention elsewhere, leaving Scott feeling ignored and his trauma from being possessed trivialized. When the U-Men attacked the school, students aided Jean in repelling their attack while she once again manifested the Phoenix raptor.

Charles Xavier's mind into every mutant on Earth. The trap worked, as when Cassandra activated Cerebra, Prof. Xavier reclaimed his body. The Phoenix Force started to appear as another personality within Jean, even having a conversation with Prof. Xavier on its role in events to come. The rift between Jean and Scott began to be filled by Emma Frost.

Their relationship ostensibly began as a series of psychic therapy sessions, but Emma took advantage of this situation to get close to Scott and, under the guise of counseling him, she was able to instigate a telepathic affair. When Jean discovered the affair, [89] she forced Emma to admit her true feelings. Furious at both himself and Jean, Scott confronted Jean and demanded she read his mind and she finally complied. Jean discovered that Scott and Emma never engaged in any physical contact, even though Emma had offered it.

Scott, who felt he couldn't get through to his angry and hurt wife, subsequently left the X-Men to mull over what was happening in his life. Immediately after, Emma was shot while in her organic diamond form by the Cuckoo Esme , and shattered all over the mansion's kitchen. Jean, who was initially a suspect, repaired Emma at the molecular level, displaying incredible telekinetic power, after absorbing Beast's medical knowledge. The X-Man, Xorn revealed himself to be a traitor who claimed to be Magneto.

It was later implied he killed her under 'orders' from the sentient RNA Sublime. Rather than watch Jean die a slow painful death, Wolverine tried to kill Jean, but he awoke the Phoenix Force within her. Xorn's last act was to kill Jean with an electromagnetic pulse. Scott was devastated by Jean's death. He considered leaving the X-Men once more, [92] but the Jean of an alternate future telepathically intervened in an attempt to prevent her dark future from coming to pass.

She urged Scott to live. Cyclops and Emma formalized their relationship [4] and together, the pair rebuilt the Xavier Institute as co-headmasters. As a result, Wolverine flatly insulted and fought Scott, [93] Beast stated that he no longer liked him, [92] and Rachel Summers , in particular, felt hurt and angry by her father's lack of remorse for the psychic affair that Jean discovered before her death, and Emma's part in it.

Rachel then changed her last name to Grey. The Phoenix Force was reconstituted before its time and was assaulted by a Shi'ar warship, splintering a great deal of its power across the galaxy. The Force arrived on Earth, discovered that Jean's body was dead and went to her grave.

Jean refused to be resurrected, though, as she had just reformed outside the White Hot Room and was not complete and fought the Phoenix, dying again. But the Phoenix reminded her that years ago, Jean had asked for her help when wanting to save Scott and that this time, the Phoenix needed Scott and asked her to "take my hand", resurrecting a yielding Jean. But Jean however, had sensed the dark hunger of the Phoenix appeared to Wolverine and changed her attire to match that of Dark Phoenix's as a way to alert him of the Phoenix's dark intentions, but the Phoenix took hold of Jean and truly became the Dark Phoenix once more, easily overpowering Logan, who alerted the X-Men of Jean's resurrection after she escaped.

Wolverine found a Dark Phoenix-possessed Jean in the woods and they fought with the Phoenix winning but not killing him as she was using him as bait for Scott and the other X-Men, but the Shi'ar were still in search of her and tried to obliterate her with an event horizon power-blast that destroyed that part of the forest, but the Phoenix saved herself and Wolverine by way of teleportation and they found themselves in a polar region.

Jean's attempts to regain control of the Phoenix Force were complicated by the interventions of the X-Men who wanted to contain the Phoenix Force and Quentin Quire who wanted to make use of the Phoenix Force to resurrect Sophie Cuckoo.

The Shi'ar just wanted her dead. The Phoenix, as Jean, kept the power of Cerebra from locating her, but the Cuckoos were able to find her direction in the least, where her power upset the balance of Nature, allowing Storm to locate them through her natural abilities.

Wolverine woke to a reawakened Jean as her "green-gold" Phoenix self, who told him that although the Phoenix has different plans, she is "always Jean. And I'm always the Phoenix. So Logan killed her, but the Phoenix awoke and healed Jean, becoming Dark Phoenix again in full control. Logan killed her several times, but the Phoenix seemed to make Jean's body truly immortal, asking him how long he can kill her, but she eventually died and woke as a sane Jean once more, applauding Logan for weakening the Phoenix, her consciousness regained control.

Jean then, wielding a form of cryokinesis, froze her own body under thick ice to prevent the Phoenix from using her body further.

The X-Men found Wolverine and Emma Frost determined that there was no brain activity to be read under the ice and Jean was dead. Unfortunately, the Phoenix left Jean's body to die and begun to absorb Scott's optic blasts, managing to form its body into Jean. Now, its power was enough to sustain Jean's form without her actual body. Eventually, the Phoenix told Scott she loved him in Jean's form, saying that she was the one he'd dreamed about as an orphaned child and will reach out to her the day he dies, but she realizes that he does not love Jean as much as he does Emma Frost and takes her as her host.

Quentin Quire found the Phoenix, but it rejected him and this leads to the Phoenix coming to the conclusion that the entire world is "sick" and plans on burning the sick world to destruction as it "would not work". The Phoenix asked Jean how she was capable of this without its power and Jean said, "I am you, don't you remember?

Jean talked to the Phoenix, calming it and telling it that the reason it was confused was because it was incomplete and she would understand once they'd completed themselves in the White Hot Room with the revelation that the "hunger" that Phoenix was feeling was due to Jean's longing to be with Scott and to feel loved again, and as the Phoenix was Jean's spirit virtually manifested, it sought to quench that longing.

Sadly, the Phoenix came to the conclusion that it needed Jean again and the two merged once more, its hunger turning them into Dark Phoenix once more, Jean cried, "Here I Come Tomorrow" prophesying of an endless future where she would burn the world over and over again killing billions as she did D'bari because their purpose was not fulfilled.

Thinking quick, Scott drew her attention and told Emma his plan: Emma, through the Stepford Cuckoos, linked to all the X-Men and linked anyone who'd ever loved Jean telepathically transferring their emotions to her and she and the Phoenix were finally satisfied by it, restoring them to sanity via the emotional support of friends and family, telepathically conveyed to Jean. In its bid to eliminate the Phoenix, however, the Shi'ar warship generated a singularity above the North Pole whose event horizon a miniature worm hole annihilated everyone there just as she became the White Phoenix of the Crown, Jean reversed the damage and saved the X-Men through her reality warping powers.

Finding herself alone with Cyclops in a psychic state of limbo, Scott gave her advice, telling her that she was and always will be, Jean Grey "no matter what the cosmos tell you". Jean returned to the White Hot Room to begin the task of finding the missing fragments of the Phoenix Force that still remained scattered through the omniverse [96] and has not returned since either than two accounts. When she was collecting the missing fragments of the Phoenix Force, she later forcibly took some of them from Rachel Summers and the Stepford Cuckoos after the events in Phoenix Warsong when they wield the powers.

Beast said that they were trapped in the singularity and it was inescapable and that they should have died. Madelyne Pryor returned and formed a team of evil mutant females. She took a piece of Jean's hair that Wolverine had held onto and used it to look for Jean's body so that she could inhabit it as her host.

During that time, Madelyne trapped Emma Frost in a psychic static which caused her thoughts to form uncontrollably. Emma was then released from the mental hold by a nude woman in a white room possibly the White Hot Room that greatly resembled Jean Grey who used what seemed to be a Phoenix to free Emma declaring "prepare".

Madelyne's plan failed when it was revealed that Cyclops - with the help of Domino - had arranged for Jean Grey's grave to be substituted with someone else's body, and it somehow caused Madelyne to either disperse or become absorbed into the fake, which caused Madelyne's death once again.

Desperately seeking to merge with Jean again, the Phoenix Force resurrected her and placed her inside a pocket reality inhabited by her colleagues and her loved ones, so to slowly prepare her for their reunion. Jean subconsciously saw through the Phoenix's farce, and caused psychic incidents back in the real world as cries for help. The X-Men investigated this phenomena and eventually located a gateway into this pocket universe in New Mexico.

When the mutants arrived, the elderly Logan confronted Jean and managed to snap her out of the Phoenix's illusion and regain her true memories. Fully returned, Jean renounced the Phoenix once and for all, deciding to live life with the pain and loss that naturally comes with it instead of giving in to the Phoenix's temptations of a perfect life. Jean Grey has been stated to be an Omega Level Mutant.

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