SARMS – (Step-by-Step) Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Alcohol and Bodybuilding Don’t Mix
Proteins digest very slowly, they slow down the uptake of glucose in the blood, and they reduce the hunger feeling significantly. One trick that some bodybuilders use to obtain ultra-low body levels is calorie or carb cycling. If you believe your coach is inventing new types of exercises…revolutionizing the way we perform exercise…then please share…but the truth is what they are instructing you is either made up, pointless movements…or they are trying too hard to impress you…. View all articles by this author. Again the key is to lock your arm in a slightly bent position for the duration of the set. Alcohol is a by-product of yeast digestion the yeast equivalent of urine and is known to damage the stomach, kidneys, and liver. By now, most people know how LGD works for building muscle mass.

Our population is de-conditioned and WEAK!

Ketogenic Diet for Bodybuilding

As a result, it is possible to dose as high as milligrams with this supplement. However, most people use one at about 50 milligrams. This lack of potency means it can be taken over an extended period for serious lean mass gains. However, people who take this product have reported suffering from decreased night vision and a yellow tint to their sight.

Other side effects include excessive acne and eventual testosterone suppression. For those with vision concerns, it is probably best to try another choice. YK11 is a dietary supplement that works primarily as a myostatin inhibitor. It is designed to help increase your muscle mass, produce more healthy chemicals, and create a healthy body growth that is sustainable for an extended period.

This fact means they help improve your exercise abilities without actually working on your hormones. MK does affect your hormones but only increases your growth hormone. While it may be useful for some people, it should not be confused with a SARM.

Which of these products sounds the most beneficial for you? That will all depend on the benefits you want and the side effects you want to avoid. Make sure to carefully read over this list to get a good idea as to what is right for you and then make a careful and informed decision based on your exercise goals.

We have already discussed post-cycle therapy or PCT a little bit in this article. However, it is important to know whether or not it is necessary for you before taking one. While the need is less intense than with steroid use, it is still a wise decision. For example, an eight-week use cycle should be followed by an eight-week PCT. During this period, you will actively take supplements to boost your testosterone levels and help your endocrine system recover.

Your cycle will also depend on the SARM you use. It can also vary depending on whether or not you stack SARMs. Stacking consists of taking multiple types of SARM products at the same time. People usually do this to bulk up or cut more quickly. It is essential to take the time to understand which types you should stack and which you should not. Below, we will discuss the types of compounds that are safe to stack and which you should avoid.

By following this information and carefully balancing your usage out, you can bulk up and get cut more efficiently. We will also discuss which types of SARMs you should use for more generalized weight loss. When stacking your SARMs, it is essential to take into account the type of product you are using and the benefits it provides you. Learning how to stack on your own can be a pretty challenging process. Make sure to pay particular attention to this information before making a stacking decision.

S4 remains a very popular SARM because it has been tested regularly and confirmed by a multitude of different studies. In fact, it is possible to pair S4 with LGD to get a high level of success. However, this pairing may not be the best for some people because it causes heavy testosterone suppression. It has been shown to pair very well with S4.

Stacking these two SARM products requires a careful balance between the two. We suggest that you start out with GW or Cardarine. It has a solid balance and provides you with a variety of benefits, including improving cell health by creating more mitochondria in your body. As a result, this is a good one to pair with LGD The strength of these two makes it a great combination. You can also try it out with MK for slightly less extreme results.

By now, most people know how LGD works for building muscle mass. This fact is frustrating for those who like the way it builds lean mass but who also want to lose fat. Ostarine will help burn fat off or your body while the LGD increases your muscle mass. In many ways, this is a dream combination for many users. However, it can cause high levels of testosterone suppression that may interfere with your bulking.

While this combination is typically a little bit better for cutting muscles, it can still be used for bulking. For example, you can add more Ostarine if you want to burn fat or add more GW if you want to build muscle mass.

As a result, we have found that this bulking combination is accessible for those who are starting out with a little fat on the body.

It can help cut muscles and make them more toned. Then, you can tweak the formula to create more muscle mass for bulking. The only problem we can find is elevated estradiol levels.

This increase can cause a person to feel depressed or anxious. If you have the money to spend on these three SARMs, combining them is a great choice. Adding Andarine to this list helps to increase your bone strength and keep you from suffering from fractures. This compound is essential for those who are bulking up because it can prevent injuries and strains that could derail their routine.

The other components help to improve your metabolism and provide you with a variety of different benefits. For example, Cardarine can help to prevent diabetes and balance your blood sugar levels. People often try to tweak their stack by switching their SARMs part of the way through the process. You are putting your body at risk by switching too soon because you are subjecting it to too many hormonal changes.

When it comes to weight loss, we suggest LGD taken orally. It also helps avoid adverse side effects, such as balding and acne. We also like the fact that it is potent and helps inspire more success and efficient exercise.

Those who are considering this supplement should take it at least once every day and with an empty or full stomach. You could take milligrams per day for eight weeks. Pair this dose with regular exercise, and you should see that weight burn off quickly and efficiently.

It is also designed to maintain muscle mass and help a person cut what mass they do possess. You are going to have to take at least one dose of this every day at about milligrams.

Any higher and you will lose the cutting benefits and start building muscles. Last, but not least, is Testone. This product is the most aggressive and potent cutting SARM products available. Dose at about five milligrams per day to get the maximum effect. On all of these supplements, make sure to take them for an week period followed by a week PCT for maximum results.

While we have talked heavily about the usefulness of SARM compounds, it is worth taking a look at a few different pictures to get an idea as to how they can benefit you.

Below, are two before and after comparisons posted by people online. We will take a brief look at each of these pictures and discuss a case study to give you an idea as to how you can benefit from this product. In this picture, you can see how the user increased the definition in his muscles. In the before shot, he has a little form to his body but is in dire need of tone. By using SARMs and exercising regularly, he produced incredible abs and increased definition in his muscles.

Here is an example of how SARM products work on somebody who was already pretty cut. As you can see, this user had pretty good muscles in the before picture. However, he was able to craft six-pack abs with a lot of definition. This change shows that even people who are already pretty buff can significantly benefit from trying out SARMs.

While these pictures are a great way to gauge the effects of these supplements visually, it is also worth examining a case study in more depth. Below is a situation in which a person tracked their progress with SARMs and detailed how well it worked for their needs. In this study produced by ERIS Fit, the user found that their bone density increased by seven percent during their trial period. They found that they had an increase of nearly one-and-a-half inches on their thighs and a one-half inch increase in the size of their calves.

They also found that their muscle aesthetics improved and became more defined. He also found that it was essential to consider a variety of factors before progressing. These factors will define whether or not your muscle gains will be maintainable or if you will lose them more quickly. Studies have found that people who use SARMs to progress past their genetic limit are more likely to lose muscle mass.

Those who have a naturally high level of potential muscles are more likely to maintain their extra muscle mass for an extended period. However, it was also found that those who carefully cycle their SARM use may be able to maintain it far longer. This process includes using post-cycle therapy to balance your hormone levels after you are finished.

Those who used this method could retain muscle masses outside their genetic limit for far longer than those who did not. Age will also play an effect on this process. The body will naturally lose muscle mass as you age. As a result, a year-old bodybuilder will have a harder time keeping their muscle mass than someone younger.

However, other factors are more in your control here. After achieving your peak muscle mass with SARMs, did you stop exercising as hard? Then you are likely to lose some muscle mass. This fact means that you are going to have to maintain a pretty consistent exercise intensity to maintain that extra bulk.

In fact, taking SARM supplements to achieve this muscle mass can complicate the process by temporarily suppressing your endocrine system. This situation is where post-cycle recovery comes into play. Following this process, and keeping your diet and exercise routine strenuous, will improve your chances of maintaining your muscle mass.

You also need to find time to workout at least once or twice every day. Commitment is the most important part of this process. While a PCT routine may not be necessary to regain your testosterone production after using a SARM, it is essential when trying to maintain your muscle mass. Using SARMs is not a miracle cure that automatically promotes muscle growth. You also need to stick to it religiously to avoid losing muscle mass.

While a good PCT regimen may not completely stop you from losing a little muscle mass, it can slow your decay down exponentially. Even better, it can help you avoid harmful side effects and to recover more efficiently.

As a result, you can prepare your body for another SARM cycle and get ready to build even more muscle mass. If you cannot put on any more muscle mass or have reached a peak limit, you must stop taking these supplements. At this point, a high-quality diet and regular exercise should be more than enough to maintain the kind of physique that you want. The gains a person makes on SARMs will vary depending on the work they put in and their dedication to the process. It also varies depending on concerns beyond your control.

By following these careful steps and using PCT properly, you can avoid muscle loss and look great for years. You can also help yourself ease out of using these items and rely on your natural strength to maintain your physique. Those who are considering competitive sports or muscle-building competitions should not use these compounds.

They can be detected in doping tests and are considered a banned substance. While they do leave your body after you stop using them, this can take some time, and a small residue of the compound may be present in your blood for months. As a result, it is best to avoid using these if you plan on competing. Even if these products can produce massive gains that help you compete at a higher level, they could also end your competitive career forever.

SARM compounds should only be used by those who fully understand the possible consequences. When you start taking these products, you should notice a real difference in your performance and capabilities within two weeks. You should also be noticing clear muscle gains. In some cases, large gains before two weeks are possible. It is also possible that you may not notice gains for three weeks to a month.

Stay patient when using these products. Also, avoid increasing your dosage until you notice actual changes. By eating frequently, you will also maintain stable blood sugar, which leads to more consistent energy levels, better glycogen storage and superior fat metabolism. The bottom line is that a successful bodybuilding diet enables you to meet the nutrient demands of your muscle tissue throughout the day.

If that demand is not satisfied, you'll end up in a catabolic state, that's why it's so essential to consume the right kinds of food five or six times per day. This meal program ensures that your body is continually topped off with muscle-building nutrients and helps guarantee maintenance of a positive nitrogen balance, the condition in which muscle tissue repairs itself after intense training as described in step 1.

To construct a bodybuilding diet, it's essential to calculate the number of calories you need each day to gain quality bodyweight. To pack on muscle, you must take in more calories than the amount required to sustain your current weight. It's inaccurate to make a blanket statement, therefore, that each pound person burns the same number of calories. To solve for this, keep a record of all the food and liquid you consume in a week.

Then, referring to your nutrition handbook, add up the total number of calories you consumed during that span. Divide that figure by seven to come up with the daily caloric intake needed to maintain your bodyweight this assumes that you didn't gain or lose weight during that week. The sample six-meal-a-day plan presented on this page is suited to the needs of an athlete seeking approximately 3, calories per day.

Increasing daily caloric intake by calories should help you add one to two pounds of quality body-weight per month.

Surpassing the calorie mark is a mistake, as most of the gains in size will come in the form of fat, not muscle. After one month, if you have gained less than one pound, then and only then add an extra calories per day to the diet, continuing to follow the macronutrient ratios outlined in step 2.

The timing of the six meals in this nutrition plan will help determine muscle growth. The postworkout meal is the single most important variable in this equation. Following an intense training session, the body undertakes special metabolic processes during which the absorption and utilization of carbs and proteins are especially critical. If you fail to eat even if it's just a protein shake within about 45 minutes of training, you're destined to enter the dreaded catabolic state a condition that inhibits growth and retards recovery.

Instead of reaping the benefits of your workout, you will have now set the scene for muscle breakdown. Another important factor is the preworkout meal, which should come approximately minutes before you train. The goal is to ingest only enough carbs and protein to help prevent your body from breaking down hard-earned muscle tissue in order to meet the energy demands of the workout. Next in importance is the first meal of the day. Metabolically speaking, your body makes great demands for energy and nutrients in the morning hours.

You should therefore adjust your calorie intake accordingly. When you wake up in the morning, your body depends on a fresh intake of fuel to generate a metabolic response. Food is that fuel. With a good meal plan, there is no need to go bonkers on supplements. Look for one that includes one gram of vitamin C, 50 milligrams of vitamin B complex and international units of vitamin E.

Vitamin C aids recuperation and helps keep infections at bay, so you should also take an additional gram of C at meals three and five. Preparing six meals a day can be time-consuming. Protein shakes and MRPs are invaluable in a busy schedule. Also, they are often superior to protein-source foods because they provide a better balance of essential amino acids and are easier to digest. Drinking even a few small shakes throughout the day, for instance, can help potentiate protein utilization from your protein food sources.

Shakes are quick to prepare and easy on the stomach depending on the protein source and other variables. In the accompanying meal plan, protein shakes are the principal component of meals two and four. We suggest that you use a shake that has casein and whey protein as basic ingredients. More advanced formulas to calculate your daily caloric need can be found on the net. The most accurate way to determine your personal daily caloric need is to count your average daily caloric intake during a long period of stable body weight.

You can also try out my calculator to estimate your daily caloric need. The only way to reduce your current body fat is by letting your body burn more calories than you eat and drink. This can basically be accomplished in two ways: In order not to shock and block your metabolism, which is very contra-productive, always change your calorie intake gradually. Note that, as your body weight goes down, you will have to further decrease your daily calorie intake to stay below your new daily caloric need, and because your metabolism will gradually slow down during a calorie restricted diet.

Daily calorie levels should never drop below calories for women or calories for men of average stature. When you finally have reached your target body weight, increase your calories very slowly over a period of several months back to your new daily caloric need. If you do it too fast, you will start gaining weight again, and might end up even fatter than you were before your diet. There exist four different kinds of nutrients that contain calories: Let's take a closer look at them.

One gram of protein contains 4 calories. Sources of protein are: Proteins from animals meat, poultry, milk, fish are more nutritious than proteins from plants nuts, beans, peas, soy. Carbohydrates carbs or sugars contain 4 calories per gram. Sources of carbohydrates are: Fats and oils contain 9 calories per gram. Sources of fats are: Fats from animals are worse for your cardiovascular health than oils from plants. One gram 1 ml of alcohol contains 7 calories.

If you want to know the exact nutritional content of a food product, you can look it up on the internet. Fats and oils are dangerous nutrients for people who want to lose body fat. They contain the highest amount of calories 9 per gram, and the body stores them very easily as body fat.

As fats contribute to the delicious taste of many food products, people usually tend to eat more if their meal contains lots of fat. The only positive aspect of fat is that it slows down the digestion of your meal. Alcohol has a very high caloric density of 7 calories per gram, and is easily converted into body fat. It is rather easy to drink relatively large quantities of it, and it invites to drink more as it tastes so well.

People who want to lose body fat should avoid drinking alcoholic drinks. There exist several different kinds of carbohydrates. Some of them have a sweet taste, others not. All of them have their own characteristic glycemic index. The lower the glycemic index GI , the more slowly the carbohydrate is digested and the lower the chance that it get stored as body fat.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most important kinds of carbs. Glucose also called dextrose is a monosaccharide with a sweet taste that occurs a lot in honey and sweet fruits such as grapes.

Most carbohydrates that you eat are slowly converted into glucose during digestion before being absorbed into the bloodstream. Limit your consumption of products that contain lots of glucose if you want to lose body fat.

This monosaccharide is converted into glucose very slowly and has a GI of about Unfortunately, when a large quantity of carbs is consumed the liver converts fructose into fat rather than glucose, and therefore fructose consumption should remain moderate. Because fresh fruits mainly contain water and lots of fiber, it is fine to eat a few pieces of fresh fruit per day. Do not eat dried fruit and jam because they contain too much sugar per gram. Also don't drink any fruit juices as they contain lots of sugar and get absorbed very fast.

Sucrose is a disaccharide that is split into glucose and fructose during digestion, and has a GI of about HFCS has almost identical properties as table sugar. Avoid products that contain lots of sucrose or HFCS as much as possible. If you like soft drinks, pick the artificially sweetened ones that are sugar-free and contain zero calories.

Lactose is the carb that occurs in milk and milk products, and it does not have a sweet taste. Lactose is a disaccharide that is split by the enzyme lactase into glucose and galactose during digestion.

The galactose is subsequently slowly converted into glucose. Lactose is a very good carb because it digests very slowly and has a low GI of about This way, it is unlikely that it gets stored as body fat, and it takes a long time before you become hungry again. Unfortunately, some people are lactose intolerant, which means they miss the enzyme lactase needed to digest lactose, causing digestive discomfort.

Drink only zero-fat milk and eat low-fat yogurt and cheese. Be careful, most cheese contains lots of fat. Complex carbs are basically long chains of glucose molecules that mainly occur in products such as starch, maltodextrin, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, oats, corn, cereals, and vegetables. Complex carbs don't taste sweet. Don't eat too much bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta.

It is better to eat uncooked vegetables because they contain lots of fiber that slows down the digestion. Proteins are without doubt the best nutrient to eat for people who want to lose body fat. Proteins digest very slowly, they slow down the uptake of glucose in the blood, and they reduce the hunger feeling significantly. Proteins do not easily convert into body fat the body burns about 1 calorie to convert 1 gram of protein into body fat, therefore, 1 gram of protein can only be converted into 0.

Protein is also an essential nutrient for maintaining your muscle mass during a low calorie diet. Be careful, egg yolks, cheese, milk, nuts, fish, and meat can contain lots of fat. Therefore it is better to choose products that are high in protein and low in fat, such as chicken and turkey breast, egg whites, non-fat milk, non-fat cheese and yogurt, low-fat fish and low-fat meat.

Avoid chicken skin, sausages, hamburgers, and other meat products that are prepared with lots of fat or oil. Grill you meat and boil your eggs instead of baking them in butter or oil. It is important to eat mainly products that digest slowly i. Because their nutrients are released more slowly into the blood stream, they are less likely to be converted into body fat.

Secondly, it will take longer before you become hungry again. Proteins, fats, lactose and fructose are nutrients that support a slow digestion. Foods that contain lots of fiber dark bread, brown rice, oats, fresh fruit, raw vegetables , and uncooked products also slow down the digestion.

Reducing your Daily Calorie Intake