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At its price, Dash is not a cheap toy, but other educational robots we looked at such as the Sphero and KIBO are in the same price range or more expensive. Worst Cooks in America 2pm 1c. We traveled around the country and collected over stories from passionate local producers and shared these on a campaign site. Anna Paulowna, Netherlands Favorite tool: Bar spinner horizontal Job:

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A seafood that needs tenderizing and a canned product that needs to be creatively incorporated are two of the ingredients found in the appetizer basket. A king of the sea and a cake of the ice box are found in the entree basket.

In the dessert round, an ingredient that Bobby loves ends up in one chef's ice cream recipe, but trouble with the machine has everyone wondering how it will turn out. A set of twins is among the returning Chopped winners striving for the opportunity to Beat Bobby Flay.

In the first round, a cold soup and a stuffed lobster challenge the champs, and keeping track of all four ingredients proves problematic for some. The entree basket includes a giant piece of meat and some tasty little dried fruits. Then, nobody knows how to pronounce the name of a Swedish cookie in the final basket, but will the two chefs who are making dessert know what to do with it? Ferocious repeat champs return to the Chopped Kitchen to bring all they've got to the first two rounds to see who gets to face Bobby Flay!

The group of three undefeated champs must make appetizers with camel meat and a strange sauce, and the level of difficulty in the entree round is off the charts. The one contender who survives to compete in the highly-anticipated Bobby Flay bonus round has the advantage of making their own signature dish, but using ingredients from a Chopped basket!

Judge Martha Stewart tastes a corn dog for the very first time as a fun version of the famous fair food challenges the chefs in the appetizer basket. Then, an exciting second round has the competitors working with lamb and pie. Will the judges slam their dishes or find them delicious? In the final round, an unusual coffee drink and a special citrus ingredient prompt the chefs to bring some distinct flavors to the plate.

Chopped is counting down the all-time best dessert rounds, and these five favorites feature incredible all-star battles and thrilling dessert duels between world-class chefs. It's a chocolate lover's dream competition: Chocolate in every course! Will the chefs take well to this sweet challenge? The appetizer round is a heart-stopping affair with a romantic gift as the centerpiece of the basket.

And when the chefs are given a molded chocolate novelty item in the dessert round, they battle to prove who can finish strong. In the first round the chefs try to figure out how to make a pretty fruit work with two different seafood ingredients. And the judges wonder how the chefs' unique experiences will come into play. Then, time is not on the competitors' side in the entrée round. Two competitors are unhappy that they undercooked one of the mystery ingredients, while the other chef says it was a deliberate choice to have undercooked a second basket item.

And in the dessert round, a Chopped first: There is no way to make borscht desserts boring. But will they be good? The first round has the competitors combining a sweet bread and a scrumptious melon. And the chefs tell the judges about their very different reasons for wanting to win. Then, in the entree round, not used to working with almonds in their unripened, fuzzy form, the remaining chefs struggle to make that mystery ingredient tasty, while also filleting and cooking fish.

And after dealing with French donut dough in the dessert round, it will be "au revoir" for one finalist. In the first round, the chefs do their best to delicately cook a familiar fish, as they struggle to decide what to do with a tiny, Indian gourd. A smelly fish product in the second basket leaves the competitors taking risks with lutefisk that they hope will pay off.

Then the two remaining chefs hustle to put together their final dishes, but can they create genuine desserts out of Chinese sausage and baby eggplants? A mom, dad, son and aunt who work in the same restaurant meet in the Chopped Kitchen, where it's every chef for themselves. In the first round, one family member's grill pan gets taken over by two relatives.

In the entree round, chicken breasts seem like an easy protein to work with, but how will the chefs fare with the other mystery ingredients? The final two family members make desserts using dried fruit and a very sweet cake. The four chefs learn that the mystery ingredients must be transformed into delicious gastropub food. House-smoked bacon and homemade pickles are found in the appetizer baskets. A cocktail and a classic English pub dish must be transformed in the entree plates, and suds and tots have to be included in the desserts.

Four competitors learn they will be treated to high-end, top-dollar ingredients and will be cooking for new judge Martha Stewart. A prized pork product and a spruced-up baked good are some of the wonders that the chefs discover in the first basket. In the entree round, an extraordinary burger and a fancy adult beverage are part of the basket riddle.

Finally, an unusual chocolate treat and a special cake up the "wow" factor in the dessert round. The competitors bring their best to the Chopped kitchen to impress judge Martha Stewart. In the appetizer round, they face a modern take on beef Wellington and an iconic canned meat, and one chef's ambitious plans force him to rush to beat the clock. In the entree round, Martha is excited to see what the chefs create with one of her favorite ingredients.

The final two competitors have the same idea about what to make for dessert, but whose dish will be better? The competitors take on Southern classics like hush puppies and black-eyed peas in the first basket.

Something fried meets something sweet in the entree round. Then fruity, creamy and doughy desserts are the result of a busy final round. The competitors are in for some wild times after they learn they'll be working with game meat in every round, starting with wild boar in the first basket. Two wild proteins then make for a crowded entree basket.

Finally, Black Forest cake is the sweetest of the woodsy treasures that the two remaining chefs are up against in the dessert round. Sign up for the latest how-tos, TV exclusives and behind-the-scenes footage. The types of toys featured in this guide are often called STEM toys because they can help develop skills that would be useful in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Many companies make claims about the educational value of their toys that are often backed by little evidence, according to Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, a psychologist specializing in child development and learning quoted in a New Yorker article about STEM toys. Rather, we turned to educators and parents for leads to toys that have played well in the classroom and at home. Mostly we like these toys—and think the kids in your life will like them too—because they are open-ended, adaptive, flexible, provocative, and, most importantly, fun.

In fact, some research in child development has shown that kids have more fun with toys that help them learn. In a New York Times article , 1 developmental psychologist Alison Gopnik described how kids learn through play: Preschoolers prefer to play with the toys that will teach them the most, and they play with those toys in just the way that will give them the most information about how the world works.

Students from kindergarten to middle school go to the lab to design, prototype, experiment, and create any number of projects from robots and software to furniture and clothing as well as play logic games and practice coding skills. I learned about this lab because my sister teaches there. We tried out a number of games, toys, and kits in their lab ourselves and learned which ones have been most successful—and fun—for the students.

We also talked to Wirecutter staff with kids in their lives to find out their favorite learning toys, paying particular attention to recommendations we received from multiple sources. Our research, expert interviews, and hands-on experience led us to identify several criteria that make a great learning toy:.

We divided our recommendations into five categories: Photo courtesy of Katherine Delmar Burke School. Solving a logic and geometry challenge in Rush Hour. Robot Turtles uses a simple card-based game to teach basic principles of coding. Like chess, the ultimate learning game, these analog games are logic-based, multi-solution, and require planning moves in advance. They also offer new challenges, fun storylines and brightly colored pieces and game boards.

Navigating a car through different traffic jam challenges requires breaking down problems into discrete parts in this one-person game. Using different challenge configurations, the player has to move other cars so the red car can make its way out of a traffic jam. Wirecutter writer Doug Mahoney says his 7-year-old loves it, and his 4-year-old even plays along too. A single-player or team game that uses geometry, pattern recognition, and puzzle solving.

Though technically a single-player game, multiple kids can work together to solve the puzzles. A simple card-based board game for 2 to 5 players that stealthily teaches basic principles of programming. Along the way, the game stealthily teaches principles of programming like commands and outcomes, lines of code, functions, and debugging.

The game has play modes for preschoolers with grown-up participation , elementary ages independently , and even adults. Wirecutter science editor Leigh Krietsch-Boerner plays Robot Turtles with her 4-year-old and likes that they can make up some of their own rules.

The game instructions encourage parents to give younger kids minimal input on how to play and let them figure out the rules and logic on their own. According to ongoing research by early childhood education specialists at Eastern Connecticut State University who rank toys according to how well they promote thinking, problem solving, social interaction and creativity among young kids, one of the best-performing toys is a simple set of wooden blocks.

These building toys are variations on basic wood blocks, incorporating magnets, flexible connectors, and gears to allow kids to build complex and creative structures. Colorful magnetic triangles, squares, and pentagons create 3D structures and clean up easily.

Magna-Tiles are also great building toys with strong magnetic edges and great colors and shapes. Kids figure out how the triangles, squares, and pentagons fit together to create 3D structures like geodesic domes and trapezoidal bridges, introducing basic concepts of geometry and engineering.

Members of our staff also love Magna-Tiles , which come in additional shapes and sizes, and Wirecutter writer Doug Mahoney says his 7-, 4-, and 2-year-old kids enjoy playing with the blocks together. He also points out that the magnets make for easy cleanup: Kids can build things that bend, curve, and move with these colorful, jointed pieces. This piece set of connectable pieces have ball joints that snap into U-shaped brackets, allowing kids to build shapes and structures with curves, bends and joints.

The basic Zoob set is great for kids six and up, though parents should be aware that it contains Lego-sized pieces and requires a similar level of dexterity. Wirecutter science editor Leigh Krietsch-Boerner says her 4-year-old likes that he can make things that move, such as walking dinosaurs and musical instruments. Viewers can catch the season premiere of Survivor: Ghost Island on February 28, at 8 p. CBS has rounded up 20 eager competitors to appear on Survivor: Cast members will join either the Malolo Tribe in orange or the Naviti Tribe in purple.

The Malolo Tribe consists of 10 contestants ranging from 41 years old to 18 years old. The players on the orange team are as follows:. Get the rundown on the Survivor: Ghost Island castaways from JeffProbst and tell us your prediction for sole survivor of season 36! The Naviti Tribe, who will don purple during the competition, is equally as diverse, with competitors ranging from 42 to 21 years old and hailing from every corner of the United States.

The team is as follows:. The show will be hosted by Jeff Probst, who has been with the show since its premiere in Ghost Island will take place in Fiji. This is the fourth season in a row Survivor has brought competitors to this location. Preview the next season of Survivor , where some of the worst decisions made in the history of the show will come back to haunt the castaways. As a rule, each season of Survivor is between 12 and 16 episodes.

A single episode in each season is dedicated to a reunion special, during which contestants gather to discuss their strategy, drama with co-stars, eliminations and more. Those hoping to sign up for Survivor are asked to free themselves up for about 46 days according to a casting website.

The first competitor to ever win survivor was Richard Hatch. The season was shot in Malaysia in Kelly Wiglesworth was the season one runner-up. Since then, there have been 34 winners.

Earl Cole was the first Survivor contestant to win a season shot in Fiji in Perhaps the most controversial Survivor winner came out of season 35, Survivor: Following a shocking twist that prevented the winner, Ben Driebergen, from being voted out of the game by his remaining competitors. Ben, who was seen as the strongest player that season, was able to advance in the competition following a fire-making competition after which he played three immunity idols and took home the prize money.

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