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The Surprising Truth Multivitamins are the world's most popular dietary supplements. I haven't had any digestion issues with it like some other lower quality protein powders. Read more about symptoms and treatment. Use about 20 grams of protein powder right after your sports activity. Home Articles Physical Activity.

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I would just like to take time out of my day to thank you for making such high performance products! I just had to drop a line and thank you for your wonderful matrix products. As a post bariatric patient, protein shakes are a daily must.

Thank you thank you thank you a hundred times over for something, well let's just say it like it is, that doesn't taste like crap and is yummy to drink. Rock on you guys!! I love your product. I am so happy to have found it. I had gastric sleeve surgery two months ago and it's quite a challenge to get in my water and protein everyday. Other protein products typically come in chocolate and vanilla and have a rather thick texture, and also don't travel well in the heat.

If you don't know much about these macronutrients the main nutrients like fat, protein and carbs and wouldn't mind having a general idea of what to look for, try and get a whey protein with more than 75g of protein and less than kcal per g of powder. If the protein ticks both of these boxes then you're on to a winner.

Different brands of protein have a tendency to put nutritional values in numbers based on serving size instead of a more standard per g of powder. Serving sizes can vary from one whey protein to the next like from 25g to 44g to 56g for example , so make sure you keep an eye on that the next time you're bored and decide to read the back of a tub. All of the stats on this page are for g of powder, which is a nice and friendly stat that every supplement company should use.

If they did, comparing supplements would be so much easier. I'm sure that some companies intentionally do not give nutritional values in the "per g" format so that it's difficult to compare their supplement to other similar products, which is one of the reasons why I decided to put this comparison site together.

I'm not the king of nutrition, but after buying lots of different whey protein powders this is a decent set of guidelines in terms of nutritional values to look for.

Of course, if you find your tub of protein in the kitchen has slightly more than kcal per g in it there's no need to throw it out the window. These are just rough benchmarks that indicate the sign of a good whey protein supplement for the most part. As awesome as whey protein supplements are for quickly and easily getting protein in to your diet, they are not meant to be used as replacements for actual food.

Instead, whey protein shakes should be taken on top of your 3 or so daily meals. Whey protein supplements are there to do just that — supplement your protein intake. They're not designed to be nutritious like a slab of steak with vegetables is, so certainly do not cut whole foods out of your diet in favour of whey protein shakes. If you have absolutely no food in your house and your cat is out, then yes, a whey protein shake is better than nothing.

Here's a table highlighting the macronutrient values and calories in different whole foods compared to a popular whey protein powder — [Optimum Nutrition] Gold Standard Whey. The values are for g of each food unless stated otherwise. Whey protein powders are clearly stuffed with protein, and they deliver the most grams of protein for every calorie you consume which is exactly what you want.

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