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Although Salescyclegroup's resources are mainly digital, course materials are provided in printed format too. For some time now, they have been printing these on an EcoTank printer. The World Museum in Vienna has re-opened following a complete redesign, and now also includes a traditional yet modern coffee house.

Of course, the till system is also state-of-the-art, and Epson's TM-m30 printers are a central part of it. The TeleUnicom-Globalsat Group applied rigorous criteria to the selection process for the solution to their company's printing needs, and it was Epson's expertise that made the grade.

Profotonet traditionally focused on professional photography, but the rise of digital photography changed everything. Digital cameras don't have to be expensive to take a good photo; digital photography allows amateur photographers to experiment endlessly. In , women's basketball team Artego Bydgoszcz won the Poland Cup. Away from the game, the club's back office were managing the admin: Multifunction office tools from Epson are playing their part. Launched in by Txiki Productions, the Txiki Festival — a film festival for children — today brings together over 2, attendees across four days in Biarritz.

A tool that allows restaurant owners to monitor and ensure the quality of their products on a daily basis. A veritable hygiene partner of food service and catering professionals. Over the last few years, Aalborg University has been optimising its AV setup. It aims to streamline IT operations with a focus on user-friendliness. The university has bought five Epson installation projectors for its auditoriums and assembly halls.

Epson laser projectors are being used for advanced simulation and visualisation solutions to help shape the future of the maritime industry.

Bacania Veche's labelling experience started out with handwritten labels. Today, it sells over 1, products and uses Epson's ColorWorks C to print labels on-demand for them.

Sign makers today have to work on a completely different basis compared to just a few years ago. There is more demand for delivery of a top-quality product at a lower price. And delivery needs to be fast. Hermanni Meronen, who runs a family company offering restaurant, catering and photography services, has grown his business with Epson's SureColor SC-P printer. This versatile printer has meant they can offer new and creative solutions to bring in new business. Dockweiler AG in Germany is one of only a few specialists in the world for the development of high-purity stainless steel pipe systems.

The company chose Epson's ColorWorks to produce its labels. When implementing key client event projects, a Polish agency, September Events, decided to use Epson printing and projection technology - to much success.

In the UK, these savings add up to 32,, Euros worth of energy bills and up to 75,,kgs of CO2 over four years. Epson brings the most comprehensive range of robots ever to automatica reaffirming its 30 years' industry experience, customer-centric approach and strategic growth plans in the sector by Tasteful and eye-catching — exceptional work of textiles students in Hall 2.

Up to seven people are now involved in a business buying decision, and factors such as environmental sustainability have joined the long list of buying criteria. So how can organisations buy a printer that makes everyone happy and does the best job? What is the best way to keep a classroom engaged? The concept of the paperless office is over. Visitors to the Epson stand at FESPA this year will enjoy a colourful display and an array of applications from textiles and fashion to promotional items and signage.

New TM-HV offers improved reliability, useful connectivity features and a low total cost of ownership. From epic pranks to intimate moments with family and friends, check out our top tips for your big announcement. In a world where children have almost constant access to devices such as tablets and smartphones at home — often from a very early age — schools are facing the challenge of being able to effectively engage pupils throughout the day. As businesses push through , what do they need to consider when upgrading dated, dusty and power-sapping boardroom displays?

Jacob Kallergis, a product manager at Epson Europe, explains the business opportunities that will be created with the ability to produce colourful smart labels easily and quickly. New 4,,lumen installation projectors offer a range of useful features, as well as fit and forget reliability.

New laser solutions offer fit and forget reliability, and can use current Epson 4K-compatible lenses for easy integration. A range of other new products in pro AV, business and signage sectors are also announced on the first day of the show.

With around members, the Austrian Armed Forces Command headquarters, with offices in Graz and Salzburg, runs two repro centres, that provide print services to all organisations and departments within the area. New printer offers faster, higher-quality printing, with reduced intervention and lower total cost of ownership. Wrapzone produces vehicle decoration and unique, personalised decals for sports cars and company cars alike to act as brand ambassadors.

Naturally, this places considerable demands on the technology. Paul Sinus Art is a printing service company based in Germany, that specialises in fine art printing, in particular of the artist's contemporary motif prints. The Secondary school of advertising design and printing in the Czech Republic teaches artistic disciplines and educates a future generation of graphic designers and artists in printing, design and promotional services. In some industries, quality of the work greatly depends on the tools used.

Companies that make use of cutting-edge technology can take the lead. This is ambidied by Eliofototecnicabarbieri, that has replaced the old plotters with large-scale Epson printers and improved quality to such a degree that they have been able to take on new Large-format print has been an area of growth for some time now, to the point where some companies have been able to make this sort of work a key part of their business.

The arrival of the ColorWorks C at Booths stores has enhanced branding and eliminated the hassle of its previous promotional messaging. In an industry as creative, innovative and crowded as fashion, designers need to push boundaries every chance they get — especially emerging talent wanting to make their mark. A long-time champion of people and businesses that use printing technology to innovate, Epson has been helping one of these rising stars make a vibrant design The Thron company has sold pharmacy goods, photos and accessories for around 50 years.

For printing, they fully rely on Epson technology. The photography sector offers many business opportunities for those who look to the future with enthusiasm, creativity and far-sightedness. Such as Artphoto Evaluna, based in Umbria, Italy, which is going all-in on Epson's inkjet fine art technology to offer an innovative, superior quality product to professional photographers. British textiles manufacturer Threadster has added Epson dye sublimation and DTG equipment, supplied by Xpres, to increase its capacity.

In an increasingly borderless world, how can resource efficiency help businesses cut costs, boost margins and ultimately remain competitive? New strategic initiative transforms Epson display solution installations into versatile wireless BYOD environments.

At the same time it has updated the way it prints images with a SureColor SC-P large-format photographic printer. Technology announced at the show will include high-specification new products in pro AV, business and signage sectors. The Düsseldorf branch of the Maritim hotel chain is the largest conference hotel in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Perfect presentation is very important in the conference rooms due to the large number of events that take place there every year.

The technology is right, the brand expansion opportunities are there and greater political certainty will return in , argues Phil McMullin. Education is becoming digital very rapidly. The days in which a professor read out the course content and made notes on a blackboard are over.

In order to meet the digital needs of the current generation of students and to standardise lecture theatres, the University of Antwerp has invested in the latest generation of Epson digital Innovative ideas deserve the best technology to transform them into successful projects with maximum impact.

This is shown clearly by the work of DOOH. IT, an Italian company that has made the creative use of innovative technology its speciality. Market leading Nuance print and workflow management software paired with productivity and efficiency benefits of Epson business inkjet. Entering Hamburg harbour by tanker in stormy weather? Passing a cargo ship at night through the Kiel Canal?

Handling a short wave on the Vistula Lagoon? Only one realistic navigation system in Poland can train future captains to handle these scenarios, and at its core is a set of seven EB-G projectors. New range offers outstanding reliability, scalability and flexibility for meeting rooms and classroom. In the "F1" venue at Fotografiska in Stockholm, eight EB-LU installation laser projectors create a seamless edge-blended degree view, resulting in a breathtaking immersive experience for museum visitors and companies who hire the venue out for presentations and launches.

Epson dye-sublimation technology helps bring dramatic Rotterdam exhibition on the power of masks to life. Transmission of electricity through high-voltage power lines inevitably generates electric and magnetic fields.

Owing to the ever-increasing demand for electrical energy, large amounts of electricity from offshore wind farms are being transmitted through the densely populated areas of central and south Germany. A specialist in video mapping production, Electroson Production portrays the Grottes des Grandes Canalettes through a sound, light and video spectacular.

The burden of extensive child admin is proving enough to put overwhelmed parents off kids for good. To celebrate entering its third year, Japan's Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium installed several EB-LSeries installation laser projectors, to create a vivid and colourful animated underwater environment for visitors, using advanced degree projection-mapping techniques. First laser WUXGA ultra-short throw interactive display for education1 with ultra-bright images, and dual pen and finger-touch interactivity.

SureColor SC-F further enhances productivity, image quality and reliability with an evolution of the trusted Epson printing technology. Recognising and removing the barriers to technology in education will be fundamental to realising the benefits of new-technologies in business.

Four-axis and six-axis robots are the perfect choice for a wide range of real-world industrial applications.

First laser WUXGA interactive ultra-short throw display, eliminates lamp replacements and unnecessary service costs. Half of millennials express scepticism about sharing more data in return for enhanced retail experiences, but will this really stifle tech trends? Technology will disrupt manufacturing processes, products, employment and international supply chains.

A whole new regulatory framework is needed to oversee this. In the past five years Superfast Labels has switched most of its production to digital technology and doubled its turnover. Retail stores are predicted to increasingly resemble product showrooms due to the impact of driverless cars. Break free from the restrictions of TV and enjoy a flexible and long-lasting solution for the big screen experience. Nuance Solutions enable Epson customers to enhance productivity, drive efficiencies and improve document security.

Throughout its career of becoming a "totally digital local government," the city council decided to acquire Epson WorkForce pro inkjet printers. In more developed countries, the percentage is greater and maintains an upward trend. Epson Moverio improves the quality of life of Low-Vision patients. Independence at every stage of the work is an important aspect for a photographer-artist, and so is complete freedom to experiment with colours and to print as many proofs as are necessary for achieving the end result.

Olivo Barbieri's story shows how a printer can simplify the way images are produced. The institution is a specialist college in maths and computing, which calls for the blending of innovation and tradition. The boundary between online and instore shopping is becoming ever more blurred.

Epson TM-Intelligent technology helped Kiel. City improve customer relationships and streamline checkout. Federn Brand was one of the first medium-sized companies in Germany to choose inkjet technology for its offices.

The company has remained loyal to the range ever since, and consistently uses inkjet printers in its offices and production sites. WorkForce Pro and SureColor printers combine with smart scanning software to streamline the work of the Kazimierz Wielki University administration and library.

Founded in , print-ID produces labels and tags for a wide range of customers. The company's extensive range covers almost every label type, size and material thanks to the latest label printing technology.

Mercuur Bouw works on renovation and construction projects for businesses, housing associations, homeowner associations and municipalities. Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is high up on the agenda for the company, making every effort to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible. Tarkett, the world leader in flooring and sporting surface solutions, has been equipping its sales force with Epson Moverio BT smart glasses since The smart glasses offer customers a unique experience, enabling them to choose their flooring in a fun and straightforward way.

Fontevraud Abbey, considered one of the most important monasteries in Europe, installed a striking AV project called Paint to bring colours to the heart of the building.

To achieve this, the Abbey chose Epson's installation projectors for their outstanding performance and excellent image quality. Nettmat decided to buy a ColorWorks C label to offer personalised marketing, and help them keep up with the competition in the Norwegian curated groceries and recipes market. Until recently, the Freie Christliche Gymnasium high school in Düsseldorf only used laser printers, but has now chosen to switch to inkjet thanks to a range of advantages including high-quality prints, minimal waiting time and low operating costs.

Slovenian print shop T. For a catering company, being able to serve guests seamlessly and quickly is essential. Epson's TM-Intelligent technology provides restaurateurs with a mobile, easy to use and reliable solution. When the team of entrepreneurs behind MIXER — one of Tel-Aviv's largest and most successful shared workspaces — faced the task of buying new business printers, it was obvious what they'd choose for their heavy-duty requirements - Epson's latest generation RIPS printers.

At Espa Service Station, the legendary Espa buns sell like hot cakes, of course. And it looks like this year the goal of selling 1. A new C label printer from Epson has added colour to Espa's food packaging, and given sales major boost. Consumables running out, regular paper jams, having to wait for a printer to warm up - Camiel Croonen, founder and owner of Team for Target, was all too aware of the annoyances of printing.

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