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Nutrisystem® 5 Day Weight Loss Kit, Protein Powered Jumpstart
I ordered a second week to lose the rest of my weight! This is just so much easier than trying to figure out what to eat every day. But when nothing else works, this is where you go to get started! It includes private information. I especially like the meat balls. Now I have always wanted to try Nutrisystem but its pretty pricey.

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I didn't think I could lose weight at 80 years old, but it is happening! NelliefromTexas, October 5, This is a good way to try Nutrisystem out before committing to hundreds of dollars.

I felt better while on this. You'll get a number of pre-packaged foods that can be heated up or eaten cold out of the pouch or can. They all taste delicious, but are very small. The soup for example is about a cup. But you boost it with salad or cooked vegetables, which are filling.

You also add nuts and yogurt and stuff. I felt better on this, and stuck to it all day, except that I wanted more for dinner. That's my problem, however, and I need to learn proper portions. Can't blame Nutrisystem for that! Missing 2 Nutrisystem dinner items. I've used Nutrisystem in the past and did lose weight but not as quickly as stated. Food taste is pretty good. My complaint is that there were only 18 menu items in my box - I was missing 2 dinners. This is a mistake that shouldn't happen.

How hard is it to count to 20? See all 29 reviews See all 29 reviews. For lunch, I had the tuna salad over chopped romaine with cucumbers. It was really tasty and I loved the water chestnuts in the package. I was really hungry by 3PM, but I remembered to make the Turboshake and was ok. Dinner was the meat ravioli with zucchini. I really was not a fan, but I didn't feel hungry after so that was good. Breakfast was the biscotti bites, which I felt like were nice as a snack but maybe would not be satisfying for everyone.

They were sweet and crunchy, but I could tell they had packed some protein powder in them. I was really under calories yesterday, so I had a soft boiled egg a little after. Lunch was the loaded mashed potatoes, that I mixed in a cup of steamed broccoli.

I used to eat instant mashed potatoes as a very poor college student during cram sessions; these are worse. My favorite part was the broccoli. The whole thing had a very odd powdered cheese taste and the 'bacon bits' were super hard. I'm glad I got that one out of the way. Dinner was the Hearty Beef Stew. It took a little longer than the 90 seconds-ish to heat up but ended up not being too bad for canned soup. Breakfast was the Cinnamon Raisin Baked Bar. Very strong protein bar taste.

Not too sweet though. Lunch was broccoli cheese rice. Honestly, I was looking forward to this and I think I just can't get over the powdered cheese that keeps popping up. I ended up mixing in my broccoli and squash to help the taste. I was super hungry at that point so it did not feel like enough. Dinner was the pasta fagioli, which I honestly thought was really good! I added a dash of garlic powder, but really enjoyed it overall. I had the rest of my steamed broccoli and squash from lunch with it.

Breakfast is the Apple Strudel Bar-this is the best bar so far. I wish I had another one. Its sweet but exactly what I was craving this morning! Lunch was my favorite so far too- white cheddar mac and cheese. Wish I was looking forward to another of these tomorrow instead of the chocolate fudge bar. I also figured out that I like the Turboshake much better when I have blended it with the ice and water instead of just shaking it. It turned out light and fluffy!

I had the meatballs 4 with marinara over some zoodles and chopped red pepper. Side of broccoli slaw topped with salsa. It could have used more sauce and the meatballs were very soft. Day 5 Final Day: Peanut butter granola bar for breakfast was TINY and very sweet. Do I sound upset? A bar and a salad is not my favorite lunch ever. Dinner was the chicken pasta parmesan which was surprisingly good!

Big squares of chicken and the sauce tasted like real cheese. Anyway, this was my very long and in depth review. I hope it was helpful and gives you an idea of what the food is like. I would do it again but will probably give myself a break at this point. I didn't have a lot of social commitments during the week, but this would be hard to sustain had I been more active or coming and going through the week.

I liked the portion control and didn't often feel hungry when I went to bed, but I just got tired of breakfast bars and processed cheese. It was great to have veggies as sides at least. I also don't have a scale so, I have no idea if I lost any weight. It was just 5 days so, how much could it really be? I feel a little less puffy? Anyway, it was convenient and not very expensive. Would recommend for a quick reset, but you'll be burnt out by the end of the week probably.

The tuna was disgusting, the beef stew looked like cat food and tasted horrible! It did help me understand that portion control is key as most of us I think tend to eat nearly 3 x what an average portion should be.

I really like not having to think about cooking and you do seem to be eating all the time Dieting is never fun but this Nutri-System makes it less dreadful. My wife has me buy these for her and she swears by them. These are especially good if you only need to loose a little weight like when you suddenly realize you can't fit into "ANY" of your favorite clothes.

It's a good system because it lays everything out for you It is a real helper for busy people better than stop at any fast food option or a gas station convenience store's snacks. Great food not empty calories food. One weeks worth is a rip off. That's not long enough to lose any weight. The cost is too high for no results. Buy a month worth and see results.

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