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The Extreme Cycle | Meal Planning Tips
Add the chicken with the chicken broth and garlic in the pot. Or are the prescribed meals universal for all men in all sizes? Chris and Heidi have figured out all of the macros in all of the carb cycles which makes it much simpler to follow their plans. I will be returning this to the store. Also, I know I should track the amount of calories I am eating in veggies, but does that take away from the amount of calories I eat at each meal? Unable to find the email?

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The cylindrical metal clamps are held in place on the bar by means of a set screw threaded through the collar and tightened securely against the bar. Inside collars keep plates from sliding inward and injuring your hands, while outside collars keep plates from sliding off the barbell in the middk of an exercise. Compound Training - Sometimes called "giant sets"; doing 34 exercises for same muscle, one after other, with minimal rest in between.

Couples' Competition - A relatively new form of body-building competition in which man-woman teams com-pete against others with particularly appealing posing routines featuring adagio and other dance movements and lifts. More frequently called "Mixed Pairs Competition," this event is rapidly gaining international popularity with the bodybuilding community and general public, and is held in both amateur and professional World Championships.

Concentric - The lifting phase of an exercise, when the muscle shortens or contracts. For example, When you lift the weight in a bench press, press-ing it from your chest to the lock-out position, that's the concentric, or "positive," phase of the exercise. Cut Up or Cut - A term used to denote a bodybuilder who has an extremely high degree of muscular definition due to a low degree of body fat.

Dead Lift - One of three powerlifting events other two are squat and bench press. Weight is lifted off floor to approximately waist height.

Lifter must stand erect, shoulders back. Deficiency - A sub optimal level of one or more nutrients that are essential for good health, most often seen with vitamins. A deficiency can be caused by poor nutrition. Definition - The absence of fat over clearly delineated muscular movement. Definition is often referred to as "muscularity," and a highly defined bodybuilder has so little body fat that very fine grooves of muscularity called "striations" will be clearly visible over each major muscle group.

Delts - Abbreviation for deltoids, the large triangular muscles of the shoulder that raise the arm away from the body and perform other functions. Density - Muscle hardness, which is also related to muscu-lar definition. A bodybuilder can be well-defined and still have excess fat within each major muscle complex.

But when he has muscle density, even this intramuscular fat has been eliminated. A combination of muscle mass and muscle density is highly prized among all competitive bodybuilders. Diet - Food and drink regularly consumed by a person, often according to specific guidelines to improve physical condition. Dipping Bars - Parallel bars set high enough above the floor to allow you to do dips between them, leg raises for your abdominals, and a variety of other exercises.

Some gyms have dipping bars which are angled inward at one end; these can be used when changing your grip width on dips. Dip Belt - Large heavy belt worn around hips with chain at each end that can be attached to a barbell plate or dumbbell for additional resistance during certain exercises like dips.

Diuretics - Sometimes called "water pills," these are drugs and herbal preparations that remove excess water from a bodybuilder's system just prior to a show, thereby reveal-ing greater muscular detail.

Harsh chemical diuretics can be quite harmful to your health, particularly if they are used on a chronic basis. Two of the side effects of excessive chemical diuretic use are muscle cramps and heart ar-rhythmias irregular heart beats. Double Split Training Routine - Working out twice a day to allow for shorter, more intense workouts. Usually performed by advanced bodybuilders preparing for contests. Dumbbell - Weight used for exercising consisting of rigid handle about 14" long with sometimes detachable metal discs at each end.

Eccentric - The lowering phase of an exercise, when the muscle lengthens. For example, lowering the weight to your chest during the bench press is the eccentric, or "negative," portion of the exercise. Essential fatty acids EFAs - Fats our bodies can't make, so we must obtain them through our diets. These fats which include linoleic and linolenic acid are very important to hormone production, as well as cellular synthesis and integrity.

Good sources of these fats arc flaxseed oil and safflower oil. Exercise - Each individual movement e. Extension - Body part i. Failure - That point in an exercise at which you have so fully fatigued your working muscles that they can no longer complete an additional repetition of a movement with strict biomechanics.

You should always take your post-warm-up sets at least to the point of momentary muscular failure, and frequently past that point. It also unites skin with underlying tissue. Fast-Twitch - Refers to muscle cells that fire quickly and are utilized in anaerobic activities like sprinting and powerlifting. Fat - One of the macronutrients. Fat contains nine calories per gram; it has the most calories of MI the macronutrients.

There are two types of fat-saturated "bad" fat and unsaturated "good" fat. Fat free mass FFM - The part of the body not containing fat, including: Flexibility - A suppleness of joints, muscle masses, and connective tissues which lets you move your limbs over an exaggerated range of motion, a valuable quality in body-building training, since it promotes optimum physical development.

Flexibility can only be attained through systematic stretching training, which should form a cor-nerstone of your overall bodybuilding philosophy. Flush - Cleanse a muscle by increasing the blood supply to it, removing toxins left in muscle by exertion,. Forced Reps - Forced reps are a frequently used method of extending a set past the point of failure to induce greater gains in muscle mass and quality. With forced reps, a training partner pulls upward on the bar just enough for you to grind out two or three reps past the failure thresh-old.

Form - This is simply another word to indicate the biome-chanics used during the performance of any bodybuild-ing or weight-training movement. Perfect form involves moving only the muscles specitied in an exercise description. Free Weights - Barbells, dumbbells, and related equip-ment. Serious bodybuilders use a combination of free weights and such exercise machines as those manufac-tured by Nautilus and Universal Gyms, but they primarily use free weights in their workouts.

Frequent Feeding - Eating often throughout the day to work with your body, not against it. Fructose - The main type of sugar found in fruit.

It's sweeter than sucrose table sugar. Giant Sets - Series of exercises done with little or no rest between movements and a rest interval of minutes between giant sets. You can perform giant sets for either two antagonistic muscle groups or a single body part. Glucose - The simplest sugar molecule.

It's also the main sugar found in blood and is used as a basic fuel for the body. Glycogen - The principal stored form of carbohydrate energy glucose , which is reserved in muscles. When your muscles are full of glycogen, they look and feel full. Gorging - This refers to eating large amounts of food at one meal, then waiting for many hours, maybe a full day, before eating again.

This is also known as bingeing. I need to be told what to eat throughout the day and when. Chris and Heidi have a new app which is tons better! You can learn about it here: The table shows calorie counts for protein, carbs, and fats but not veggies. It also shows to have veggies at every meal.

Do veggies count towards the total calories? How many calories worth of veggies are you allowed to consume per meal? And do you have 5 meals per day or 3 meals and two snacks? You can count these into your calories or not — whichever works best for you.

And the snacks and meals are put together the same way, we just call the meals in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner snacks. I am a 26 year old female, I myself have gone trough a transformation where I lost 65 lbs. I am still having trouble loosing an additional lbs to reach my ideal weight. I eat healthy and I try and portion out my meals, but am having trouble losing weight still.

Do you think I may portioning my meals incorrectly? Do you have any tips or tricks to help me reach my ideal weight? You are doing amazing, and congratulations on losing 65 pounds! Your first week is free so you can check everything out! Get as close to these calorie recommendations in the chart as you can, and you'll be good to go! I have both the Choose to Loose books. What is different about this book? Some meds have made it harder to loose and I need to get past that block.

Hope that helps — you can do this! So it would be beneficial to get the book or is the info on the link and blogs enough? I really need to do something that will work and reset my genetic heaviness.

Ok I downloaded the app and iBook. So I restarted the program to begin this Sunday. This will allow me to shop and prep. Since Sunday is a reset day, should I use Monday as the starting date? I would prefer to email the issues if possible. You can change your reset day if that works best for you. Go to Me, the Program, and scroll down to change your reset day. Or you can also leave it on Sunday. No matter which day is your reset day, the next day is day 1 of the new week.

For workouts, most of the workout movements have an alternate or modified version, and these can be helpful if you have any issues. And with any issue, we recommend you discuss the program with your healthcare team and have them help you make any necessary modifications. We hope you love the app — you can totally do this!

I downloaded the app and think I have another month on the 3 month membership. I have not been able to start the program for a number of issues and reasons.

Does this renew automatically? I see the discount codes ocassionally and wonder if I can use one to get another 3 months? Please contact our amazing customer support team, and they can help you figure this out!

Should i start with your app or the transformation book? You can use whichever one you like best. Your nutrition and exercise program in the app will be totally customized to you and your goals. The books can definitely also work, but they offer more general recommendations as far as nutrition goes. Your first week of the app is free so you can check everything out also. We wish you the best with whichever option you choose — you can do this! It offers a totally customized meal and workout program based on you and your goals!

Hi Heidi I have a question… if I drink bulletproof coffee in the morning…. I have a question I really need help with — I purchased the book and the app, I plan to start a week from tomorrow following your plan.

But — I am vegan because I am allergic to animal protein! So, for me, no dairy, no eggs, no fish, no meat — basically vegan. My weight is a result of a year of 5 rounds of shingles, lots of weight lost and adrenal failure which resulted in a weight gain of almost 50 lbs more than I weighed before I got sick once I was well.

Anyway, I do use some raw protein powders like SunWarrior, but I try not to use it for every meal. I know what I consider protein — lentils is a good source but I read you comment somewhere that beans are a carb for this type of carb cycling.

I am very educated when it comes to the body and nutrition, but I am looking to follow your program because I have seen it work! Normally, I would use tempeh, tofu as additional sources of protein occasionally Gardein or GoVeggie mock meats, but I try not to use those kinds of foods very often but kale, per oz has more protein than beef, so I eat a LOT of lacinato kale, lol All greens really, typically 4 oz.

So my fiber averages close to 50g almost every day. I would just truly appreciate your thoughts on this. All my hormones are now within range 3 years later, finally! Thank you for your comment, and welcome to the app! You can also sub your favorite vegan protein for any meat-based protein in any of the meals, so that should be helpful too. We wish you the best — you can do this!

Hey All, I use to do LCHF and i lost 30lbs, now i want to start doing Carb Cycling, i work out a good amount and i guess the only thing im confused at is keeping mucles and building them as well. I need to lose these pounds before Sep due to my wedding. I am so lost though, i am working overnight and its so many days out the week and every other weekend, could you please help me figure this out??

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and 30 lb weight loss! I hope it helps! I have a hard schedule. I get up at 1 am to start work by 3am. I work 4 ten hour days and I am lucky to get 2 10 minutes breaks. I stand and walk around 10, steps a day at work alone. I am 61 and haver gained 30lbs over the last 3 years. Have a real hard time trying to figure out how to do this with this schedule. You can do this! I am doing the Turbo plan and have a question about macros.

Is it true that we are supposed to account for all macros when not using the suggested meals and just going by the macros listed for each meal? When I go to add peanut butter for my fats, for example, it bumps up my protein and carbs. In order to get enough fat 22 grams for some meals it takes up all of my carbs and some of my protein. So I am not able to get any healthy carbs in because they the fats I am choosing have carbs.

Therefore, I am not getting all my fats in because it goes over my allowed number of carbs for that meal. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please reply so that I can answer your questions correctly. Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you for responding! Yes, you need to account for all macros you eat and try and match your own meals to those in the app. There is a bit of a learning curve to macro tracking, but once you learn how to do it, it gets much easier. And if you can repeat meals during the week, that will help also.

And yes, foods like peanut butter that have all 3 macros can make it even trickier. I hope this helps, and please let us know if you have further questions. I have tracked macros before so am pretty comfortable with that.

There are some plans where healthy fats are just considered fats like peanut butter or avocado and you do not account for the carbs or protein. And some proteins are just considered part of your protein macros and you do not count the minimal fats.

So I just wanted to be sure that I was supposed to count everything in all my foods. I appreciate you getting back to me! Just wanted to know what protein powder you recommend? If not a particular brand what important things should I look for in a protein powder? We recommend low fat less than 3g , low carb less than 7g , with around g of protein per serving. Other than that, go with what you like best! I would like to know the daily carb, protein, fat limit per high carb and low carb days in grams instead of calories[woman].

So that I can count them accurately. I am new and dont understand them as calories. Also, not sure what a macro is? Hi, I downloaded the transform app and I love it! My only concern is that the calories in the plan that I chose is higher than the calories in the extreme carb cycling plan. Can you tell me which calorie count I should follow? The calorie recommendations in the book, while they do work, are very general. The calorie recommendations in the app are totally customized to you and your goals, so you can be confident they will work for you!

I just got the extreme makeover book and I am so excited to start this transformation. It says that women will consume cal per day on this plan, I am 6 feet tall and my RMR is cal, so was wondering if the cals is too low for me? I had a metabolic testing done last week along with the bod pod.

So my question is can I eat the recommended calories for the men recommendations in the book which is cal a day and still see results? And you first 7 days are free so you can check everything out! I was wondering where the best place to get a question answered about the Extreme Transformation book? Here, Facebook, or instagram? I came across this page while researching carb cycling.

A few months ago, I gained 10 lbs in 4 weeks, with no changes to my diet or exercise. My doctor ran tests, but advised that the weight gain was age-related. I have a goiter on my thyroid, but the results showed that function is in the normal range, although not considered optimal. I also saw a holistic doctor, who believes that my body is producing excess estrogen.

I thought the weight gain had stabilized, but then, in February, I inexplicably gained another few pounds. The holistic doctor suggested certain herbs as well as trying the Whole The herbs helped with energy and mental clarity. I completed the Whole 30, which did not involve significant changes to my diet.

I did not lose weight and there were no other changes in other words, I did not lose inches. You can learn more about it here: I did the math for 8 days of recipes in the book- high carb and low carb. Most of the days only came up to grams of protein per day for woman.

One day only came to g of protein. One thing that can help is to make sure that your protein powder is around g of protein with less than 3g of fat and less than 7g of carbs per serving. I have lbs to lose. I have a full-time job and 3 year old twins. I purchased your book on Amazon and want to get started, but feel very over-whelmed.

However, it was financially out of reach. Any guidance you can provide would be great, thank you! First of all, start with one new things at a time. I devoted that week to submerging myself in this new culture. When I started, I was at the store every days, yes. I committed to eating the plan the best I could, and exercise when I could. When I went back to work, it was a little rough the first couple of days, then it eased up.

My initial investment of money in the food was a bit high, but my budget now has dropped below what it was originally. The fam loves the food, they all want to help in the kitchen. My hairstylist said my hair is growing at twice the rate!! My sleep is a-mazing! The only other thing I do different than I ever did, is make a menu of dinners for the week. Each day, I take 5 min as I watch tv, and set my meal plan for the next day. It usually takes me 10 min to put together my snacks and lunch.

My best to you, I hope this helps, I have had a lifelong struggle with weight, and am so enthusiastic…can you tell? You are doing amazing, and thank you so much for your kind words and suggestions to help Katie. This is what a community of support which we love!!!! Is this normal at all?

Dear Team Powell, I must say you are doing a great job transforming the lives of people. I get soo emotional when i watch the end of the days appearance. Keep up the Good work! I am in Ghana, West Africa. I have been watching and following all your weight lose transformations series. I am a woman of 35yrs, My current weight is kg. I need to lose 30kgs on 3 months and will need your help. My mum also wants to go through this weight lose too.

You and your mum can begin your transformation journeys today with the tools in this post: And be sure and follow all the links within the post too. You can learn more about the app here: You both can do this! I know I have a tricky one for you but I am so far beyond confused at this point I am just feeling stuck. So to make a long story short my family and I do not eat gluten or grains and have struggles with finding the absolute best solution for losing weight.

We started this journey several years ago to support my mother in laws quest to find a solution to her issues. After many years and hours and hours of research we have collectively excluded gluten and grains from our diet. This started with weight loss from all parties but we have all come to a plateu and have looked at different ways to adjust our diets further. We have been on a high fat diet for over a year now with a few inconsistencies here and there mostly during my wifes pregnancy but have done our best to maintain a macro level of 75f20p5c.

I know this is very abnormal from what others have used but it worked for a while until another plateu and even a slight increase in weight. I personally decided to change my macros to more protein and increase to 65f30p5c with a daily cal. Intake of per my TDEE. I felt pretty good and started to lose again but got to a point to where I could not take in enough protein at g per day. My concern is that I am use to counting macros and if I had a daily percentage of fat to carb to pro ratio It might help me to start my carb cycle journey.

I do apologize for the details of this but both my wife and I are also a family of 6 with our oldest at 5 and youngest at 2 months. We would love your feedback and advice and both want to get back on the weight loss track.

Of course there is a ton more detail I could go into but I think my novel above is enough for now. Thank you for your comment! Chris and Heidi have figured out all of the macros in all of the carb cycles which makes it much simpler to follow their plans. You can use this process for the other meals to figure out your macros for the day. Hope this helps — you can definitely achieve your goals with carb cycling! I am 24 years old and gained around pounds in the last couple of months.

I really dont get how I should be eating kcal a day, shouldnt it be more like kcal. I would love to put it up in app like myfitnesspal so that I could track it better. Please help me out because im struggling!

Welcome to carb cycling! As far as your macros, all of those have been figured out for you, you simply follow the plan. You can totally do this — just take one baby step at a time! I am hoping to get back in shape after having my baby. Do I need to reduce calories per day on the program if I cannot exercise?

That only leaves 90 calories to reach for the day. Im excited about carb cycling…. Those abs of hers are goals!!! Is there anything I can eat instead? If yogurt is a no-no for you, you can replace any meals with yogurt with a meal from the same category low carb for low carb, high carb for high carb, etc.

Im new to carb cycling and Im a recovering Chronic Low Carber….. Im excited to try it and hopefully shed some of this body fat. I want to see those abs…. I generally have 2 whole eggs and veggies for breakfast sometimes with a turkey bacon or just scrambled with spinach and mushrooms.

I am wondering do whole eggs work on high carb days. Im not a huge fan of egg whites. Oh and PS im gluten intolerant so is Gluten free breads okay or can i just stick with brown rice, gluten free oats, sweet potatoes…. It sure would be nice to have all the questions from these blogs on a searchable page. Should it not be an ingrediet or is really added and and then emulsified?

We keep an eye on these comments and reply ASAP. Add the chicken with the chicken broth and garlic in the pot. Jody, There is a FB page created for those of us using the Transform app. It is a great community of supportive people. This program app is changing my life. I know it sounds dramatic, but nonetheless, the truth. We recommend black coffee with no calorie sweeteners.

If you do add any fats to your coffee, that option is best for low carb meals. It keeps us accountable! Which cycle would be best to follow?

Should any fruit be eaten on low carb days? One more thing, is the fat percentage calculated for smart fats only or does it include fat for all the food eaten that day? And the Turbo Cycle is awesome! And all fats are included in the counts. I am 59 years old, 5 feet, 5 inches, pounds.

I am on dialysis right now 3 days a week with end stage kidney failure. I am living in an assisted living home right now and they fix all of my meals. I have been asking for more specific meals now but I am not really getting them regularly. I have to get down to before I can get on the kidney transplant list and I really need to do this.

I also a vegetarian and only eat eggs, cod, tuna, salmon and shrimp. Any suggestions for meals I could prepare myself in my room would be very helpful. I do not have a stovetop or an oven.

The charts at the end of this post can help you understand how to put together your meals as well as ideas for quick and easy meals. There are lots of great ideas in these charts!

We wish you all the best! Hello I have both books: I have had them for a while. I watch extreme weight loss ALL the time.

I need motivation and help with making the carb cycling plan as simple as possible. I am only 5 foot and weigh There are some great tips in this post that make things super simple!

How many grams of carbs and proteins am I supposed to eat? I have 15 pounds to shed. I workout 4 to 5 times a week at fit body boot camp.

Which is better fit turbo or extreme? Is there a pdf or something that should have come with my Kindle version to include the weekly shopping lists?

I started the turbo cycle last week and I am very pleased with the results. That being said I see changes for the extreme cycle and I am wondering if I still follow the turbo cycle can I map my high carb and low carb days using the same formula as the extreme plan meaning stick to the lc, lc, hc, lc, lc, hc, reward but do the meal plan for lc and hc based on the extreme plan?

After baking them, the taste is good, but the texture is terrible. Did I miss something? Or do you have any suggestions of add-ins that would keep this meal on-plan and fluff my muffins up a bit? Do my food days: Or if they are separate cycles?

Forgot to add finding low carb replacement on weekends has been difficult. So thinking about changing up entire start day. Since workouts are included in Monday-Saturdays on the Extreme Cycle, you should be good to go. You can change your reset day, but always keep the days low and high carb in the same order. When you say or calories of protein. Or are we looking at the protein n grams n multiplying grams times 4?

I right now meal prep n measure everything I eat by grams n ounces according to the serving size the label states. I scan the labels of all I eat. I do cardio kickboxing a times a week and burn anywhere from calories. Is calories enough? I have gained in the past before meal prepping because I was not eating enough.

I workout 6 days a week. Yes, you are correct. The same is true for carbs. So if i use a sauce what does that count under? The list of sauces and condiments are extras.

Just keep an eye on portion sizes and be sure and track those calories too. I did turbo cycle mid — mid and lost 5 stone in weight. I have started again on turbo again as wanting to lose more, having managed to maintain the weight loss.

I live in the UK and its hard to get hold of ezkiel bread. Is it ok to use warburton thins instead as a carb portion:. Energy kJ kcal Fat 1. Hi, What would you recommend? Turbo plan or Extreme? Also following these plans, how much weight can I be expected to lose in the next two months? I got the Extreme Cycle book and am looking forward to starting it but I have quite a few food allergies and am trying to figure out substitutions.

Is there anything you know of that is comparable in protein yet dairy free? Thanks for any help! It definitely makes meal planning trickier with food allergies. Just make sure you sub high carb for high carb, low carb for low carb, etc.

What I was wondering, is what foods can I eat with the extra calories? Foods from the acceptable foods list only? I have been eating acceptable carbs off that list.

Also, are lifestyle layers part of the calorie reset calories, or are the layers used as part of your regular allotted calories for the day? I have been losing weight still and I have not scaled back my exercise. I am addicted to my workouts: I have not been using my exercise calories as food, and I am losing still! Most days I am burning calories, some days up to If I am to eat the exercise calories, should it be done closer to my most active part of my day?

Also, now that I have the extra calories on top of my , how important is it for timing of when you eat them? Is it ok to introduce the odd new food, not on the list, say, cheerios as a carb…. You can get some great info on how to structure your meals beginning on page These reward layers are explained in these pages.

You can either do all reward calories for the week on one day, or split it between days as outlined in the book. As far as calories vs. And while this post talks about gaining healthy weight, the same principles can be used for maintenance. The key is to keep calories consumed and burned as equal as possible. Hope that helps — it might take a bit of time to figure out what will work for you, but you can do it! Is there a more extensive list of foods and the category they belong in I.

There is an extensive list in the book: Votre livre sortira t il en français? Question…is there a customized calorie count should I be weighing my proteins based on my height and weight? Or are the prescribed meals universal for all men in all sizes? Is here a macro count I can follow while still eating off the approved lists? Following a macro count helps me being a busy mom. Chris and Heidi have figured out all your macros for you in all of their carb cycles.

Would like to know what happened to the APP that was associated with your carb cycling. Lost 30 lbs, a couple of years ago, fell off the wagon and would like to hop back on. I really liked the cycling of low to high carb days and the app help me keep track. I wondered that same thing. I loved the app, It was so helpful.

That app was distributed by Vemma, so I would contact them with any questions: I just purchased Extreme Transformation and I am very excited to start the program in the new year! It is time for a change! I had a couple of questions: It has the pictures for protein, carbs and vegetables.

I just realized I had another question — I see what eggs are in both protein and fats — if I eat a whole egg, is it considered protein or is it both? In my version of the book the hardback released last year , eggs are not included in the fats list. Egg whites and yolks are separated in the protein list since the yolk has more fat, so I would follow those guidelines.

Yes, coconut oil is an approved fat. Popcorn airpopped with no butter would be considered a carb in carb cycling. I make this salad I really like. I feel like I could make it into a carb cycle meal, but I feel like it has too much fat and maybe too many carbs in it with both the quinoa and the beets. Could you tell me what I could cut out to make this work for both hi and lo carb day? Also, is there a way to buy just the recipes from the previous books?

I am very limited on storage space! Hey Chris, I am 27 years old and I am struggling with losing weight. And I was wondering if you could give me some advice on what I can eat that I will be satisfied through the day without being hungry. Do you have any advice for me. The meal plan for the Extreme Cycle http: Give it a try!

I am just now getting started on the plan but I have a question. I work out at 5 am because that is the only real time that I truly have and it works great for my schedule.

Is it a must to eat that early in the morning? After reading the link that Heidi posted, I gave the pre-workout meal a try. I have a question about measurement s of protein in the recipes. This time period is characterized by an influx of height increase as the body prepares itself to gain height fast.

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The lab also does not use any compromising fluorescent lighting. All products are carefully balanced for full efficacy. This demanding procedure has been perfected over years of intensive research to guarantee that the product reaching your home is the finest quality, with the highest potential for successful results. The data below represents worldwide nutritional profiles: Emerging from this general area is a dual spectrum of under-nutrition and obesity.

There have been detailed research statistics recorded for most of the countries in this region, but there remains a large gap of knowledge. Children nutritional statistics are largely limited, especially in Antigua and Barbuda, but general trends can be predicted. Five percent of children under 1 are facing under-nutrition and a Ministry of Health survey found that same percentage of mostly men facing obesity with a BMI of over Obesity comes from a cultural-economic shift in the dietary practices of the population.

Obesity is not specific but can affect both genders, as a Bahamas female adolescent is more likely to be overweight in comparison with her male counterpart. In the same vein a Columbian female ages 15 — 49 have a shocking 1 in 3 chance of being overweight.

As well, the rate of obesity seems to increase with age. A study in Chile report a breakdown of population statistics as: Of course, that does not mean a segment of the population is not suffering from a completely different side of the problem. Studies support that breast-feeding is a critical component for children to gain the nutrients they need to develop healthy bodies.

In Belize, the natural practice of breast-feeding is more common in the rural areas. Urban cities have to fight against the trend of bottle-feeding, that most families lack the resources to upkeep. A young child-feeding teaching program for mothers is starting to gain popularity. This region is flummoxing between centuries old dietary practices and a new changing lifestyle made available through globalization.

Traditional foods of cereal, vegetables, rice, beans are competing with the increased popularity of animal fatty foods, sugar and salt products.

Meat is not foreign but has always been a part of the diet in Cuba with chicken and pigs used as traditional poultry. It is the increased consumption, alongside a downward trend of exercise that creates health risk. Balance is being threatened, where especially in Barbados there is too much national reliance on animal protein.

Fat is being consumed at a higher acceleration. Studies, and countless live testimonials have demonstrated the power of diet in health and height.

A balance of fruits, vegetables, cereals and iron rich legumes are crucial in promoting human growth hormone for height. Diet is linked closely to economics — the influx of money has created a middle class that has high fat, calorie, sugar dense food available for cheap. Anemia, a lack of iron, is a common affliction across all countries in this region. This nutrient deficiency is most harmful in young children leading to developmental problems.

While most harmful in children, this deficiency can impact all parts of the population as evident in Costa Rica with a rate of 1 in 2 suffering from anemia. To combat this risk, iron is most usefully consumed through the diet of beans, wheat products and healthy meat. Cuba is one of the few countries that have organized a national effort against anemia. It uses a dual pronged strategy of iron supplement education and fortifying common national food with iron.

Another deficiency very dangerous to young children and pregnant women is Vitamin A deficiency. Without Vitamin A there runs a real risk of night blindness.

Iodine is an essential micro nutrient — a deficiency in this will cause harmful goiters in the population. Luckily national campaigns, and a widespread call to iodize all salt production have shown great strides against this problem.

This effort is successful but depends on continued monitoring of the salt industry. Health is influenced by place — which is tied to economical security. The optimal food needed to health is not always the food available to a family. These regions rely on the food that the land is able to produce and how much a family can afford to purchase. Regions like the Bahamas show economic disparity average income differing wildly between islands.

A portion of the population consists of unemployed and illegal immigrants who live on a low sustenance diet. The best environment for individuals to be healthy and tall is one where poverty does not stand in the way.

Similarly, in places like Guatemala there have been estimates as high as 2. Poverty affects resources such as water so that a little under half of Guatemala homes do not have access to running water. Resources are not spread equally, with indigenous groups in rural areas often getting the brunt end of the stick. To combat these living situations, national organizations need to be formed and carry around sustainable assistance.

A country has to rise together to improve social conditions. Columbia has slowly made progress towards greater economical security. Yet, some type of aid can cripple an economy. Foreign aid from other countries creates an unbalanced dependent relationship.

In this case, like Bolivia, a country should augment foreign aid with building the infrastructure that will allow independent growth. A significant part of height is determined by environment. This lack of nutrients can vary between countries, but anemia is high suspect of malnutrition. Argentinean women of childbearing age are deficient in iron and often pass that on to their young children. To compare the widespread prevalence of this deficiency many global institutions carry statistical studies across the area that compare height and health.

In Bolivia a study conducted found that men are more stunted than their female counterparts. This stunting was also found to be me prevalent in rural areas in the provinces of Potosí, Cochabamba and Chuquisaca.

A poorer country like Guatemala sees 1 in every 2 children have evidence of some stunting. Mexico is not far off with 1. Wasting progresses to a point where muscle and fat tissue are severely depleted. These numbers are staggering but speak to how the lack of resources for nutrition is a compound problem crippling children for years. Acute malnutrition is seen in various regions of Argentina, Bahamas, Belize and Brazil.

These numbers seem staggering but real efforts on a national level can go towards a better health environment. These numbers are promising and evidence of improvement develops. In Bolivia, children were seen to reverse the effects of earlier stunting and grow up to be healthy, normal tall adolescents.

The two health risks of malnutrition and obesity still exist, but in varying degrees dependent on geography and economic status. In Costa Rica, women between 15 and 19 years are either underweight or obese. Due to the varying availability and variety of food, height becomes a measurable tool of difference between regions.