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Vitamin A deficiency results from inadequate dietary intake of vitamin A to satisfy physiological needs. The legislative data are collected by ILO through periodical reviews of national labour and social security legislation and secondary sources, such as the International Social Security Association and International Network on Leave Policies and Research; as well as consultations with ILO experts in regional and national ILO offices around the world. It is the number of nursing and midwifery personnel and density per 10 population. The third criterion, which is self-exclusion, is applied when countries that meet the above two criteria specifically request to be excluded from the low-income food-deficit category. Severe public health problem. Ensure FNS programs pave a pathway to self-sufficiency. Procurement in Child Nutrition Programs Federal and state information for the procurement of food service related goods and services across all federally funded child nutrition programs and the USDA Foods Program.

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