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Bubble waffle was inspired by HK egg puff, which is one of the most popular street snacks. Yet perhaps it is we that have forgotten and are out of touch with nature and the real world around us. No mention of plants??? Annie February 10, at This of course has significant meaning because it means that these other life forms are just as deserving of love as animals and humans.

Milk Mayonnaise


Smoked Salmon 15 poached eggs, english muffin, citrus hollandaise, hash browns. Blueberry Pancakes served with choice of side - bacon or sausage. Mini Tempo one egg, bacon or sausage, toast, hash browns. Starters Fruit Smoothie 5 changes daily. Fruit Salad 6 selection of melons, tropical fruit, orange juice marinade.

Parfait 9 blueberry greek yogurt, berry compote, tempo granola, fresh blueberries, shaved almonds. Steel-Cut Oatmeal 7 garnished with strawberry rhubarb compote, maple crème fraiche, smoked sea salt. House Greens 10 hand cut greens, pickled beet, goat cheese, pickled apples, pecan brittle, red pepper vinaigrette. Caesar Salad 10 parmesan, smoked bacon, crouton, housemade caesar dressing.

The Brunch Bowl 15 forbidden rice, brava sauce, blistered tomatoes, spring onions, peppers, jalapeño sour cream, two sunnyside eggs. Buttermilk Pancakes 12 buttermilk pancakes, blueberries, acadian maple syrup add bacon or sausage 4. Lobster 17 atlantic lobster, poached eggs, english muffin, citrus hollandaise, hash browns. Vegetarian 13 spinach, tomato, poached eggs, english muffin, basil hollandaise, hash browns.

Fish N' Chips 15 beer battered haddock, malt vinegar spiced, house made sriracha tartar. Soup Today 7 bowl 5 cup always vegan and gluten free. Kale Salad 11 kale leaves, peppers, crispy soy beans, feta, shaved red cabbage, smoked pineapple vinaigrette. Lobster Poutine 16 lobster, cheese curds, shallot cream.

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Imported Draught 14oz 6. Cocktails grapefruit delight 8 Nova Scotia Spirit Co. Sorry, there aren't any events scheduled for this month yet.

Bubble waffles are made by local ingredients and local farmers. Ingredients of bubble tea are directly transported from Taiwan to the UK so as to keep its original flavour and then create new recipe by combining with the local ingredients.

Desserts lover out there who interest in Kung Fu on bubble waffle and bubble tea. Love art of plating, please send us your CV to us! Bubble waffle was inspired by HK egg puff, which is one of the most popular street snacks. Traditionally, the egg puff is best served hot and eaten plain. However, we make the waffle less sweet itself but come with lots of fantastic toppings, which brings bubble waffle into a brand new level.

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in s. Nosteagia brings the authentic ingredients directly from Taiwan and also fuses with local taste and ingredients to make it even better. Plus, every bubble waffle and bubble tea is made-to-order which means you get just what you want freshly.

Come to create your new and unexpected combination of delicious bubble waffle and tasty bubble tea. If you like lychee, this is better than lychee with English favourite dessert ingredients add-on. Never goes wrong with everyone favourite oreo, blended with chocolate milk, extra cream and chocolate sauce. We can cater for private and corporate events, wedding or birthday party.

Just contact us to discuss your requirements! Need bubble waffle and bubble tea in your area? Always happy to join in London family and contact us! The service was fairly quick, from the time of ordering to the time of receiving the drinks was fast!!!! I would definitely recommend this especially if you are a milk tea lover. And adding the bubble in it was definitely an enhancer to the drink.

My personal favourite is the Matcha milk tea and regular milk tea.

And now Trader Joe's is helping take it nationwide.