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It is common practice at Target for the cashiers to request a drivers license from anyone purchasing alcohol. Gold Rush uses industry standard testing methods to determine the purity of any gold, silver, platinum, or palladium item. How long does this take? We apologize and want you to understand that we are experiencing unprecedented call volume. Krebs on Security In-depth security news and investigation. We have a large, and truly international, pool of diamond brokers so we can always offer top dollar.

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We want to emphasize that the issue has been addressed and let guests know they can shop with confidence at their local Target stores. Hundreds of thousands of cards issued by non-U. This entry was posted on Friday, December 20th, at You can follow any comments to this entry through the RSS 2. Both comments and pings are currently closed. There is an excellent book on this topic written by Kevin Poulsen entitled Kingpin.

The genesis of the book can be found in this paper:. So if one bought alcohol with their card at Target during this time period did the hackers have access to their Drivers License information as well? It is common practice at Target for the cashiers to request a drivers license from anyone purchasing alcohol. They then scan the barcode on the license what do they do with the data? If you ask that they not scan, and instead merely visually confirm your age, they will do so, but it requires a supervisor override similar to when a cashier wants to void a purchase.

This means the customer has to wait, etc. So, the net result is that Target scans a shitload of licenses at their checkout counters. No clue how or whether the data are stored, but this is undoubtedly what prompted the question. Never knew you could ask for a visual verification. That requires showing ID. Sorry to assume everybody knew about this Target practice during routine alcohol purchases. Yes thats right they ask you to scan your ID Card.

Where is it stored? I think they should explain to consumers how they keep it safe forever or stop the practice. I no longer let them swipe it, but, many do. Anybody know how long or any details about this process? They are just more anal about it than others.

You have the number and the formula, you get generate the CVV2. They need to triple DES secret too! Not as easy as one might expect. If the card had been a chip card and the USA merchants had invested in EMV enabled terminals offering real security this all would be interesting but not troublesome. They refused on the phone because they said I had to have used the card for an online purchase.

I e mailed Target Headquarters saying cancel my card, giving them the card number. My bank has reported suspicious activity pertaining to my card. Is there something further I can do short of withdrawing everything from my bank and having all automatic deposits changed to another bank account? Pauline, Just call them back and say that you have a better card with lower rates and that you would appreciate if they could cancel out the card. While they have a point in that your card may not have been part of the breach it is fully your right to cancel when you want.

I would push the issue and if they do not honor it I would kinda say that you will take legal action if required as you no longer want the card. Can a regular person log onto one of these websites and check to see if their own card numbers are being sold? Remember if you log on to a site that sells stolen data a the FBI may be watching and you may get wrapped up in the hoopla, and B If they are the unscrupulous type and sell peoples cards do you think it would be easy for them to also monitor who connects and inject malware into the systems that are connecting??

Just a thought, I would make sure you use a public wifi connection not your house and also use a computer that is ready for the scrap heap then pull the hard disk out and junk it…DONT use the computer you surf the web for on a day to day or you may get something you didnt ask for. I thought about this after I posted the question. Decided not to go to the website. It is only the banks who lose in the situation because at the end of the day, the banks will refund any fraudulents funds used out of consumers accounts, pay to reissue the cards, and man hours used.

When a fraudulent purchase is made the banks deduct the transaction directly from the merchant that made the purchase. The merchant loses the product and the profit. Then has to fight to prove they did their best and followed verification protocol.

Usually if the merchant wins the customer loses, not the bank. Maybe in this instance the banks will absorb some of the loss, but somehow I doubt it. Actually most major banks have a credit card fraud department that have real time access to fraud trends world wide. They can pin point the common point of compromise and enable protocols that cuts off card use in specific locations.

The banks work hand in hand with Visa and Mastercard. There are several web based restricted access sites that they share infomation and discuss where fraudlent card activity is occurring.

The crime is not victimless, it is the bank that suffers the fraud losses and in turn the consumer because the bank has to sometimes increase fees to absorb some of those costs. Just a thought; sign up for SMS or e-mail alerts. Virtually all major card issuers have this functionality. Alternately, many will ring your phone s with an account alert. My AMEX card responds to purchases over a selected amount so rapidly that it often comes in as I am signing the chit.

Chase will also leave me a voicemail if I am out of range or on an aircraft etc. Wells Fargo sends an update on all account activity about 3: This can include autopay, checks cashed and so on. Chase did replace all the Money, back into my Account, though.

I was absolutely floored!! I never set the Daily Limits that high…Chase did! Even if the cashiers go look to verify ID, the name and the 16 digits on the front of the card can be different than the magnetic stripe from which the purchase is made. These criminals tend to buy gift cards that they unload as quickly as they can or buy high priced items to sell cheap for cash. I went to that website but left quickly.

I just wanted to see if it was real. Hope the fbi dont knock on my door. Wonder how do they get away with it. A similar thing happened to me and I showed it to my lawyer. He said that they had no grounds to charge me late fees on a credit card that I never used. His advise was to ignore it which I did. They also called me and said they had a wrong address just like Angel wrote. I also never received a credit card by mail.

My only mistake was to deal with a company that tries to scam consumers. I wonder how many people were scared into paying Target illegal stolen money. When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.

Response time — SMS, call, e-mail etc. The only people overseeing a jewelry appraiser are the trade organization they belong to. No regulations, no government oversight or standards, etc. What a great deal! Take just a moment and think about how much sense that makes…. Appraisals have little to zero reflection of the actual retail price which can be 10X the actual true market value of the jewelry or diamond. The fine print written into almost any appraisal is also interesting to take note of.

He is paying true market value for the setting and the diamond. You will typically never recover the full retail price of your jewelry or diamonds regardless of how you sell them. They use these inflated appraisal values to give the perception of big discounts. The insurance man charges you to insure your jewelry and diamonds based on the appraised value, even though that value is in no way related to the actual replacement cost or retail value of your items.

How much lower would your premiums be if they used the actual replacement value for your jewelry and diamonds? Do you also think that the insurance company is going to pay the appraised value if you have a claim when they already know the replacement value is far less? Please also not that common luxury brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, and Breitling can be valued and purchased, typically, in a few minutes. Other brands like Chanel, Cartier, Hublot, Patek Philippe, etc take a little more time to put a value on as those brands are far less common.

That translates into far less buyers for those brands thus it takes more time to put an aggressive cash value on them. Is there a limit to how much you will pay for my watch? We will use our evaluation process to determine a true market value for your watch and then make an all-cash offer. No luxury watch is too expensive, or off limits, for Gold Rush.

Gold Rush deals in high-end luxury watches. Seiko and Citizen, for example, make fine watches — but they are not of the same caliber of a Tag or Rolex or similar luxury brand. Does my watch have to be in good working order? No, but a non-working watch is worth significantly less than the same watch in complete and working order. The cost to refurbish and repair a non-working Rolex, for example, can be thousands and thousands of dollars.

Does the original box and paperwork make my watch worth more? Depending on the brand, the extra links can be several hundred dollars EACH! That cost money and reduces the value of your watch.

Can you tell if my watch is fake? Yes, most of the time. We will thoroughly evaluate your watch before we make any offer. If you are unsure, call and make an appointment to have it evaluated. In some cases we will pay small amounts for counterfeits to use as training materials for our staff of Specialist.

Will I get retail prices for my watch? Your watch is used and will be bought and sold as a used watch. Luxury watches do hold some value. We have all received gift cards as rewards, gifts, or for returned merchandise at some point in time. The total volume of gift cards sold by retailers in the U. Bring all of your unused and unwanted gift cards to any Gold Rush location and we will pay you cash on the spot for them!

We will verify those balances and make an all cash offer on the spot. We do a little paperwork and you get to enjoy your immediate cold hard cash anyway you choose! If we can not get an independent balance verification then we can not purchase your cards. For most brands this is simple and easy. Other brands require more work, like having an on-line account with that merchant for instance, to verify the balance. The very minute we produced such a list it would be out of date. The best thing to do is come into the Gold Rush location nearest you and we can tell you quickly and definitively if we can buy your card or not.

For instance, a Walmart gift card must be at least 5 days old before we can purchase it due to fraud. A Target gift card and a Starbucks gift card must NOT be connected or registered with your on-line Target or Starbucks account in order for us to purchase it. Again, the best thing to do is bring your gift cards to the closest Gold Rush location and let our Specialist give you all of the details. Do you exchange gift cards?

No; we pay cash for the unused balance of your gift card. The ONLY way to get full value for your gift card is to spend it with the merchant. Apply some common sense here. Why would any business, or any individual, give you full value for your gift card?

If you want full value for your gift card you will have to spend the gift card with the merchant. What do you pay? These factors change constantly so the best way to find out is to stop by and let one of our trained Specialists make you an all-cash offer. The entire process can be done in a few minutes, start to finish! How long does it take? And there is some paperwork required for every Gold Rush transaction. But the whole process should only take a few minutes from beginning to end.

Do I need an appointment? No appointment is ever necessary in any our 7 Colorado Gold Rush location, 7 days a week. Do I need to bring anything else? Friendly Atmosphere We have worked extremely hard to create a comfortable, safe and discreet environment for our clients to exchange their gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, gift cards, luxury watches, and more for CASH.

There is never any pressure to sell your items. This list is just a sample of the things we buy. We Take It All We want your jewelry, dental gold, bullion, coin, rounds, tea sets, flatware, candlesticks, and more.

Free Evaluations If you are not sure if your materials actually contain gold, silver, platinum, or palladium bring them into any of our 6 Colorado locations 7 days a week for a no-obligation evaluation.

Highly Professional Staff Every Gold Rush Specialist is extensively trained on how to identify precious metals purity for nearly anything you could possibly bring into one of our locations. On-Site Evaluation Every Gold Rush Specialist will evaluate your materials right in front of you to determine the purity of each piece using an industry standard multi-step process. No Funny Business There is never any back room testing.

Both stamps mean the same thing — the item should be Platinum is generally stamped the same way. The purity mark is translated into a percentage. That percentage is the precious metals content of your item. Our testing process will allow us to make a confident determination as to the precious metal content of your items. This determination allows us to formalize our all-cash offer for your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Precious metals spot prices change every few seconds and there are an unlimited number of components that play a role in the spot price. Some of the reasons for the constant changes in spot prices include: We buy gold, silver, and platinum coin, bullion, rounds, bars, etc.

We are highly competitive on gold, silver, and platinum coin and bullion pay outs each and every day. What do you pay for Gold Eagles? It depends on the market, the price of gold, your quantity, etc. We will give you a firm, aggressive, all cash offer very quickly once we can see the materials and evaluate them.

You can do this 7 days a week in any of our 6 Colorado locations. Are there any minimum or maximum quantity requirements? We have no minimums and no maximums for buying anything in any Gold Rush location. We regularly buy one gold or silver round at a time. If you have very large quantities, call our marketing line [] to make an appointment so that we can be prepared to accommodate your financial needs in one meeting. Buying and selling bullion and coin generally works the same way all over the world.

The coin shop is buying to re-sell to a retail customer. We want your bullion and coin business and we will put our money where our mouth is to earn your business. There are many many factors that go into how we arrive at that cash offer. The bottom line is that we need to see your materials. We need to physically evaluate your materials before we can make any kind of accurate and accountable cash offer.

Making that offer without seeing the materials would not be a fair and honest way to earn your business. At Gold Rush, our integrity is of paramount importance to us. We choose to protect our integrity by only making offers on materials that we can honestly and accurately evaluate. The spread, or profit margin, between buying and selling allows the coin dealer to stay in business.

This is the same principal that banks use when they borrow money at a low rate and then lend it at a higher rate. Again, they have to buy lower than they sell in order to make a profit and stay in business.

But when you read the fine print, the story changes. They typically require significant volume and the materials have to be in perfectly mint condition in order to qualify for the too-good-to-be-true advertisement. Plus, do you want the guy at the post office or FedEx knowing what you are putting in a box and leaving in his possession?

You have to wait to get your money via wire transfer or a mailed check. Your materials are virtually untraceable once they leave your possession as well. How do you know the people on the other end of the website are making an offer on YOUR materials? Bait-and-Switch is an easy game to play when there is a complete lack of distinguishing marks, serial numbers, etc.

Do you pay numismatic prices for rare coins? If you have something that obviously has more numismatic value than gold or silver value, we will hand it back to you with as much explanation as we can provide.

We will certainly make you an offer based on the gold and silver value and let you decide which direction best suits your individual wants and needs. Do you only buy jewelry and bullion?

We will buy, literally, anything that has gold, silver, platinum, or palladium content. For example, we buy silver from a Denver photographer pure silver is a by-product of his film developing process. As another example, we buy gold flake and nuggets that come from mining or panning operations. If you are not sure, bring it to us. We make all-cash offers on precious metals based on the most current market pricing.

That pricing changes very rapidly. When you combine that constantly changing market with the gray area of jewelry purities from various manufacturers all over the world, it would be impossible to provide accurate prices without actually touching and evaluating the items.

How long does this take? The typical transaction only takes about 5 minutes from beginning to end. We can evaluate and offer on most jewelry fairly quickly. Obviously, the more items you bring in the more items we have to evaluate. There is paperwork involved as well.

How can you tell the purity of my items? Gold Rush uses industry standard testing methods to determine the purity of any gold, silver, platinum, or palladium item.

We take very special care to do no harm to your valuables during this testing process. Can I test it at home? Do you buy gold or silver platted items?

We are looking for, and paying for, the precious metals content of your items. Determining a cash value for your materials might sound easy. The bottom line is that we need to see your materials, we need to physically evaluate your materials, before we can make any kind of accurate and accountable cash offer.

My jewelry is broken. Can I get a quote over the phone? To ensure that we provide completely accurate cash offers on your materials, we need to see the materials so that we can properly evaluate them. We do not offer any kind of pricing over the phone to protect your interest as well as the integrity of Gold Rush and our staff. Can I get my items back after I sell them?

No, all sales are final. What happens to my jewelry after I sell it? We refine, reclaim, and recycle the precious metals content. This is a complicated question to answer… Firstly, the jewelry market is completely driven by the whim of the retail buying public. Gold jewelry the world over is manufactured into very particular purities based on a range of factors. The most common gold purity for jewelry is 14K which should be So if you have grams of 14K gold jewelry, The rest of the materials are filler, nickel or copper for instance, used in making jewelry.

Instant Cash Whether they are in a setting, or loose, Gold Rush will pay you cash on the spot for each diamond larger than. Call Us If you have a diamond 1ct or larger with a GIA certification and would like to make an appointment to sell your diamond, please call No Hassle We will buy any. Less Restrictions Most of our competitors have strict guidelines about size or shape or they require specific certifications i.

No Problem Being the largest diamond buyer in Colorado has real benefits for you! Why does my diamond have to be. How do you determine a price for my diamond? The diamond market chases rarity? What does that mean? What makes a diamond rare? How long does this process take? We can typically evaluate your diamond and make an all-cash offer in just a few minutes. Do I need an appointment to sell my diamonds? My diamond is still in the setting. The Jeweler They use these inflated appraisal values to give the perception of big discounts.

The Insurance Man The insurance man charges you to insure your jewelry and diamonds based on the appraised value, even though that value is in no way related to the actual replacement cost or retail value of your items.

Why do I need an appointment to sell my watch? Evaluating and pricing a luxury watch is a little more complex than it might seem. Therefore it requires a little more time and some very specialized knowledge and tools. We choose to do this by appointment so that we can provide you with our undivided attention and use your time efficiently. That profit was paid for the privilege of owning and wearing a fine timepiece.

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