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This is followed by the installation of Radamès to the office of commander-in-chief High Priestess, chorus, Ramfis, Radamès: Dances and music to celebrate Radamès' victory take place Chorus, Amneris: However, Amneris is still in doubt about Radamès' love and wonders whether Aida is in love with him.

She tries to forget her doubt, entertaining her worried heart with the dance of Moorish slaves Chorus, Amneris: When Aida enters the chamber, Amneris asks everyone to leave. By falsely telling Aida that Radamès has died in the battle, she tricks her into professing her love for him.

In grief, and shocked by the news, Aida confesses that her heart belongs to Radamès eternally Amneris, Aida: This confession fires Amneris with rage, and she plans on taking revenge on Aida.

Ignoring Aida's pleadings Amneris, Aida, chorus: Radamès returns victorious and the troops march into the city Chorus, Ramfis: The Egyptian king decrees that on this day the triumphant Radamès may have anything he wishes. The Ethiopian captives are led onstage in chains, Amonasro among them. Aida immediately rushes to her father, who whispers to her to conceal his true identity as King of Ethiopia from the Egyptians.

Amonasro deceptively proclaims to the Egyptians that the Ethiopian king referring to himself has been slain in battle. Destroy, O King, these ferocious creatures". Claiming the reward promised by the King of Egypt, Radamès pleads with him to spare the lives of the prisoners and to set them free.

The King grants Radamès' wish, and declares that he Radamès will be his the King's successor and will marry the King's daughter Amneris. At Ramfis' suggestion to the King, Aida and Amonasro remain as hostages to ensure that the Ethiopians do not avenge their defeat.

Outside, Aida waits to meet with Radamès as they had planned Aida: Amonasro appears and orders Aida to find out the location of the Egyptian army from Radamès. Aida, torn between her love for Radamès and her loyalty to her native land and to her father, reluctantly agrees. When Radamès arrives, Amonasro hides behind a rock and listens to their conversation.

Radamès affirms that he will marry Aida Pur ti riveggo, mia dolce Aida.. Nel fiero anelito ; Fuggiam gli ardori inospiti In order to make their escape easier, Radamès proposes that they use a safe route without any fear of discovery and reveals the location where his army has chosen to attack. Upon hearing this, Amonasro comes out of hiding and reveals his identity. Radamès realizes, to his extreme dismay, that he has unwittingly revealed a crucial military secret to the enemy.

At the same time, Amneris and Ramfis leave the temple and, seeing Radamès in conference with the enemy, call for the imperial guards. Amonasro draws a dagger, intending to kill Amneris and Ramfis before the guards can hear them, but Radamès disarms him, quickly orders him to flee with Aida, and surrenders himself to the imperial guards as Aida and Amonasro run off.

The guards arrest him as a traitor. A hall in the Temple of Justice. To one side is the door leading to Radamès' prison cell. She calls for the guard to bring him to her. She asks Radamès to deny the accusations, but Radamès, who does not wish to live without Aida, refuses.

He is relieved to know Aida is still alive and hopes she has reached her own country Amneris, Radamès: Offstage, Ramfis recites the charges against Radamès and calls on him to defend himself, but he stands mute, and is condemned to death as a traitor. Amneris, who remains onstage, protests that he Radamès is innocent, and pleads with the priests to show mercy.

The priests sentence him to be buried alive; Amneris weeps and curses the priests as he is taken away Judgment scene, Amneris, Ramfis, and chorus: Radamès, your fate is decided". The lower portion of the stage shows the vault in the Temple of Vulcan; the upper portion represents the temple itself. Radamès has been taken into the lower floor of the temple and sealed up in a dark vault, where he thinks that he is alone.

As he hopes that Aida is in a safer place, he hears a sigh and then sees Aida. She has hidden herself in the vault in order to die with Radamès Radamès and Aida: The Shock of the New: Pokemon Children's Coloring Book: Hot new releases Previous page. An Introduction to Doll From Seeing To Making: African Sculptures and Forms.

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