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GoWise / Instant Pot Yogurt Whey Dutch Oven Crusty Bread
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Instant Pot Yogurt Whey Dutch Oven Crusty Bread


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What lid do you use when proofing bread? If the regular lid, do you set to seal? Thank you for all of your great recipes and expert guidance! Just took this out of the oven and it looks fabulous! It was a bit tricky getting it from the floured mat into the Dutch oven! Next time, I may shape the parchment paper to the Dutch oven but not put it in until the bread is ready to bake.

Wish I could have a slice but that will likely lead to wanting another and another. Thank you so much for sharing it. The first time or two, these loaves came out beautifully. I had to use water instead of whey. Could that be the difference? Also, once you let it rest for 30 minutes, how do you transfer it from your countertop into your Dutch Oven or onto your stone, which have been preheating in the oven?

Are you to try to not let it fall in the process? My daughter introduced me to this wonderful recipe. I have made this bread very successfully in my Mini Instant Pot. The challenge was to find a container that fit inside the smaller Instant Pot.

This was fairly easily found at the Dollar Store. Thanks for the recipe, and detailed instructions. I love this bread! What am I doing wrong??? I use a dutch oven. Help Jill, I have my whey from my feta cheese. Will it work in this bread recipe? Also, how long is whey good when stored in the fridge. Is there a way to make this gluten free? We are new to the gluten free thing and I love this recipe.

Can I sub out the regular flour for a different flour, if so what kind? Any advice is appreciated. Can this recipe be doubled? And, if so, how does that affect the timing? It is delicious and I would just love more of it at once! Plus, I have a lot of whey! Do you ever feed your sourdough starter with the whey? I have had a spelt starter for over a year now and wondered if this would be a good way to get a quick rise and an extra sour flavor.

Do I have to let it come to room temperature or warm the loaf to bake the next day? I have now made this bread wife in the last 10 days, but my risen dough is nowhere near as smooth as yours is in the picture. You do mention that you add more whey and then do the stretch and fold after an hour. Is that why your finished dough is so smooth? Mine ends up very loose and difficult to transfer to the Dutch oven.

It bakes up fine, but smooth dough would be much easier to work with. I have the Instant Pot Ultra and have now attempted to make the crusty bread 3 times with no success. The dough looks good going into the Instant Pot Ultra, and rises and is bubbly when I take it out of the Instant Pot but it is so thin and gooey, not at all the correct consistency.

I put it into the instant pot for 4 hours on the first attempt, 4 and a half hours on the second attempt and 5 hours on the third attempt. I cannot get it to look like a round bread at all….

The yogurt temperature setting is automatically set to Medium. Should I set it to something else? I am trying to see if there is any way this can be made using whole wheat flour versus regular flour. Subscribe to receive FREE recipes! Sharing of this post is both encouraged and appreciated. It is a fantastic way to show your support for what I do and help This Old Gal grow and bring you more great recipes!

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