Holocene extinction

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And when, dear Lord, before Thy throne in heaven The crown of joy to me at last is given, Where sweetest hymns Thy saints for ever raise Thee, I too shall praise Thee! Anisson et Posuel, ['La moitié de l'ouvrage est consacré à l'archipel grec; le reste à l'Asie Mineure, la mer Noire, le Caucase et la Perse. Bring them home all home safe. Er ist selber die Sonne, der durch seiner Gnaden Glanz erleuchtet unsre Herzen ganz, der Sünden Nacht ist verschwunden. Warum, Herr, bin ich dir denn so wichtig? However, other versions of her myth have her born near the island of Cythera , hence another of her names, "Cytherea". Schickt das Herze da hinein, Wo ihr ewig wünscht zu sein.

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O hold me ever in Thy love, And call my soul to realms above To part from Jesus never. Wenn mein Mund nicht kann reden frei, Dein Geist in meinem Herzen schrei. Hilf, dass mein Seel den Himmel find, Wenn meine Augen werden blind. Lord Jesus Christ, my life, my light, My guide, my hope, my dear delight, On earth here am I but a guest, With heavy load of sin oppressed. The way is long and full of sighs That leads me to God's Paradise. Far off my Fatherland I see That Jesu's blood hath won for me.

Lord, when fast fails my halting breath, And sinks my spirit into death, O then Thine accents may I hear, And let my soul to heaven soar. What happiness it then shall be Amid Thine angels' minstrelsy To take my place and evermore In Thy blest Presence to adore. Wenn mein Verstand sich nichts versinnt Und mir all menschlich Hilf zerrinnt: And when at length the moment comes, When sight is dim and vision glooms, To feel the icy hand of death ; When hands are weak and ears are deaf, When voice enfeebled no more speaks, And when the heart for anguish breaks ; 3.

When reason's light begins to pale, When mortal aid's of no avail, O then, Lord Christ, Thy comfort send! Be with me as I near my end ; To take from death its dreaded sting, My soul to Thy safe harbour bring! Dear Lord, forgive us all our ill, Help us to wait upon Thy will. Erhalt mich nur in deiner Huld, sonst wie du willt, gib mir Geduld, denn dein Will ist der beste. Wend ab all Ungerechtigkeit In meinem ganzen Leben.

Soll ich denn einmal nach deim Rath Von dieser Welt abscheiden: Mein Leib und Seel befehl ich dir: Lord, as Thou wilt, so deal with me, In living and in dying. With Thee alone my soul would be, On Thy dear love relying. O hold me ever in Thy care, And give me patience to declare 'Thy will be ever done, Lord'.

E'er keep me true in thought and deed, Thy Holy Scripture loving, O let it be my only creed, The path of error showing. O give me of Thy righteousness, Take from me all ungodliness In all my words and doing! And when death's summons I must face And from this world betake me, O grant me, Lord, of Thy dear grace My last end may be happy! Into Thy hands do I resign My soul and body: Ich bitt, wollst sein von mir nicht fern mit deiner Hülf und Gnaden.

Die ganze Welt erfreut mich nicht, nach Himml und Erden frag ich nicht, wenn ich dich nur kann haben. Und wenn mir gleich mein Herz zerbricht, so bist du doch mein Zuversicht, mein Heil und meines Herzens Trost, der mich durch sein Blut hat erlöst. Herr Jesu Christ, erhöre mich, erhöre mich, ich will dich preisen ewiglich! Lord, take my heart, it beats for Thee, Stand at my side, nor distant be, Thy help and grace bestowing!

In this world have I no delight, Nought else is pleasing in my sight, Thy love and favour knowing. And when my heart would break with grief, In Thee's my trust and sure belief. Whate'er I have from Thee doth spring, My soul and body, everything That mortal man possesseth. From all false doctrine keep me clean, From Satan's arts and tempting screen! Help me my daily ills to bear, And patiently my cross to wear!

Lord, let Thy blessed angels come, At my last end, when life is done, To bear my soul to heaven! Lord Jesu Christ , receive my prayer, receive my prayer, Who evermore Thy praise declare! Du wirst gegeisselt, und mit Dorn gekrönet, Ins Angesicht geschlagen und verhöhnet: Du wirst mit Essig und mit Gall getränket: Da will ich dir, wenn alles wird wohl klingen, Lob und Dank singen. What is Thy crime? How hast Thou done transgression?

Thy side is pierced, Thy head with thorns is crowned, By cruel hands art struck, sore mocked and wounded. They give Thee gall to drink and foul deride Thee Who crucify Thee. Dear Lord, who meekly bore such bitter anguish As none before, for which else must I languish, 'Twas my dark sin to torture did enslave Thee, Who died to save me.

What strangest punishment is suffered yonder! The Shepherd dies for sheep that wayward wander! And when, dear Lord, before Thy throne in heaven The crown of joy to me at last is given, Where sweetest hymns Thy saints for ever raise Thee, I too shall praise Thee! Hilf, Herr Jesu, lass gelingen! Hilf, das neue Jahr geht an ; Lass es neue Kräfte bringen, Dass aufs neu ich wandeln kann.

Neues Glück und neues Leben Wollest du aus Gnaden geben. Neue Kraft lass mich erfüllen, Zu verrichten deinen Willen. Shed, Lord, on this New Year blessing, Send us all prosperity! May it strength renewed be bringing, Speed us on, our heavenly way! Every plan and undertaking, All I think and do and say, May it have Thy constant blessing, E'er Thy just commands obey! To my will give strength renewed E'er to know Thy will and do it! Jesus, lead my footsteps ever, Ever all my doings guide, From all ill my senses sever, Put all else than Thee aside!

Jesu, let Thy grace attend me ; From all weakness e'er defend me! Ach Gott, ach Gott, verfahr gelinder und geh nicht mit mir ins Gericht! Erbarme dich, erbarme dich, Gott, mein Erbarmer, über mich! Wie ist mir doch so angst und bange Von wegen meiner grossen Sünd: Hilf, dass ich wieder Gnad erlange, Ich armes und verlornes Kind. Mein kläglich und beweglich Klagen, Ach Herr, wie lang erhörst du nicht?

Wie kannst du das Geschrei vertragen? Hör, was der arme Sünder spricht: Erbarme dich, erbarme dich ; Erhöre mich, erhöre mich! Sprich nur Ein Wort, so werd ich leben ; Sprich, dass der arme Sünden hör: Ich habe dir die Sünd vergeben ; Hinfürder sündige nicht mehr! Erbarme dich, erbarme dich, O mein Erbarmer, über mich! Before God's awful throne I place me, A sinner frail and mortal wight.

Have mercy on me, Saviour mine, Absolve me, make me wholly Thine! So sorely does my sin distress me, And weigh me down with guilty mien. O grant me, Lord, to feel Thy mercy, Thy child forlorn on Thee doth lean! O wilt Thou never heed my crying? Thy countenance why hast Thou turned? Why art Thou comfort still denying?

O hear the heart that's for Thee burned! Have mercy on me, Saviour mine, And to my plaint Thine ear incline! Speak but one word, and I am happy, Speak to my soul that she may hear: Den Tag mir auch gewähr, Warum ich dich thu bitten Und auch dein Will mag sein. Leit mich in deinen Sitten Und brich den Willen mein ; 3.

Dein Wort lass mich bekennen Vor dieser. Dein Namen will ich preisen, Der du allein bist gut: Mit deinem Leib mich speise, Tränk mich mit deinem Blut. While darkness closed around me Beside me hast Thou stood: No evil dared come near me. I thank Thee, Lord my God. My heart with praise is filled To Thee, my God and Lord. O keep me, Lord, so closely Within the narrow way, Nor let the foe entice me On other paths to stray!

Strength give me that resisteth The devil's artful lure, That, through Thy grace that helpeth, My vict'ry may be sure! For sure He'll not deny me,. But His true word fulfil, Who died for me the guilty And freed me from sin's ill.

And ne'er let earth's vain treasure Distract my soul from Thee, Nor barter for its pleasure The joy to live with Thee. Thy name alone be praised ; For Thou alone art God. O feed me now, be pleased, With Thine own Flesh and Blood! Du hast dir vorgenommen, mein Brüderlein zu sein. Wer Jesum recht erkennt, der stirbt nicht, wenn er stirbt, sobald er Jesum nennt. O Jesu, dir, nur dir, dir leb ich ganz allein; auf dich, allein auf dich, o Jesu, schlaf ich ein.

Thy promise giv'st Thou sweetly My brother e'er to stand. How dear the name doth sound! And O, th'unmeasured love In God's dear Son is found!

Whom Jesus deigns to love expires not in the tomb, but meets his Lord above. So, come whate'er betide, To Jesus I cling closely. Let earth to atoms break, Yet shall it not dismay me.

Lord Jesus, 'tis on Thee Alone my heart is set. Firm founded on Thy love, Earth's ills can never fret. Ich bin ein Sohn des, der den Thron des Himmels aufgezogen; ob er gleich schlägt und Kreuz auflegt, bleibt doch sein Herz gewogen. Wenn er mich auch gleich wirft ins Meer, so will er mich nur üben, und mein Gemüt, in seiner Güt, gewöhnen fest zu stehen. Nimm mich, und mache es mit mir bis an mein letztes Ende. To God's all gracious providence My heart and soul are yielded. Through death to life He calls me hence; In loss my gain's revealed.

He is my own And on His throne In heaven now is reigning. Whate'er befall Or fears appal, His love can know no waning. My Father's love mine truly is, Not ever will it fail me. My soul may toss on stormy seas ; 'Tis but to test and prove me. He guides my will, With grace doth fill, E'er helpful by me standing. So, by His grace, I run my race And fulfil His commanding.

How great the wisdom of our God! How wise His understanding! Both time and space obey His nod And fulfil His commanding. He sorrow sends Or gladness lends, As best it seemeth to Him. His every deed Supplies our need, However dark their planning. Take me, and my sure Helper be Till life's last breath is flying!

O let Thy will Incline me still And prosper my endeavour! So, though I tread death's cheerless ways, Its sunless pathways tracing, Thy loving hand all fear allays, My feeble courage bracing. Ich hab mein Sach Gott heimgestellt Er machs mit mir, wies ihm gefällt.

Soll ich allhier noch länger lehn: Willn thu ich mich ganz ergebn. Ihm sei Lob, Preis in Ewigkeit. Amen, mein lieber frommer Gott, Bescher uns all'n ein selgen Tod; Hilf, dass wir mögen allzugleich Bald in dein Reich Kommen und bleiben ewiglich.

This is my solace, day by day, When snares and death beset my way, I know that at the morn of doom From out the tomb With joy to meet Him I shall come. Then I shall see God face to face, I doubt it not, through Jesu's grace, Amid the joys prepared for me! Thanks be to Thee Who givest us the victory! An deiner Gnad allein ich kleb, du kannst mich stärker machen. In Thy good time unto me list, Thine ear to me inclining! O let me ne'er be put to shame! My hope on Thee's sure founded. I pray Thee, from my deepest heart, My foes be all forgiven; Lord, bid this hour my sins depart And grant me rest in heaven!

Whate'er befall or ill betide, Ne'er let me from Thee wander. O keep me ever by Thy side Till I shall meet Thee yonder! From Thee alone such grace doth come As else none can inherit, Nor can take it By his own works alone, Or have by his own merit.

In sore perplexity I lie ; My weakness, Lord, O strengthen! On Thee alone can I rely My halting steps to lengthen. If sore temptations should arise, 'Tis Thou canst break their power When they glower, And rescue to me bring, My refuge and my tower. Und wie mag es auch anders sein, Wie könnt ich dich, mein Herzelein, Aus meinem Herzen lassen?

O, dass doch ein so lieber Stern Soll in der Krippen liegen! Für edle Kinder grosser Herrn Gehören güldne Wiegen. Kindlein, drauf zu legen. The gifts I offer in my hand Are by Thy bounty given. O take me then, my mind and heart, My soul, my strength, my every part, And be't in Thy sight pleasing!

Thou hast full filled me with Thy love, It floodeth all my being: Thy likeness, all things else above, My heart and soul is filling. And yet how else, Lord, should it be?

In deepest night of woe I lay Till Thou did'st shine upon me. My night's become the brightest day, And joy and light surround me! To think a Star so wondrous fair In yon poor manger lieth!

To think the Lord of earth and air His Godhead now resigneth! How ill befits so poor a stall The Lord Who reigneth over all, In majesty enthroned! Ihr Christen auserkohren, Freut euch von Herzen sehr: Der Heiland ist gebohren! Now is our God victorious O'er all the foes of man, And Christ, our Leader glorious, To nought hath brought their plan.

There dawns a fair tomorrow In heaven for sons of earth. Jauchzet fröhlich, lasst das Singen Jetzt bis durch die Wolken dringen. Heil der Erden, Bist willkommen, Jesulein!

Dass wir möchten Herren werden, Stellst du als ein Knecht dich ein. Du verlässt die hohen Thronen Und willst nun hier unten wohnen. Stars above in myriads shining, Spacious sky, God's firmament, Earth's round orb, and deeps dark lying, Caverns wild with echoes rent, Come, rejoice ye, loudly singing Till the arch of heaven is ringing! But, above all others lusty, Man, upraise a thankful voice ; With the angel chorus shout ye, Show with them that we rejoice At the news to-day proclaimed To the shepherd folk amazed!

Welcome, welcome, earth's Salvation! Welcome, Lord, sweet Babe, to-day! To exalt us to high station Thou a poor child deign'st to be. Come from heaven, where Thou reignest, Here on earth with man remainest. Dark and cold the heart within me Till Thou deign'st to enter there ; 'Tis a dwelling black and gloomy, Not a palace bright and fair. When Thy grace upon it beameth, Filled with radiance rare it gleameth. Er mags mit meinen Sachen nach seinem Willen machen, ich stells in seine Gunst.

Leb ich nach seinen Gesetzen, so wird mich nichts verletzen, nichts fehlen, was mir nützt. Er wird auf mein Verbrechen nicht stracks das Urteil sprechen und haben noch Geduld. Kein Unfall unter allen wird mir zu harte fallen, ich will ihn überstehn.

Whate'er the task before me, To God's care I submit me, Who all things well did plan. Unless His will decree-eth, No thought or deed succeedeth, And fails the wit of man. Vain's all my toil and striving, My trouble and contriving, My sorrow and distress. He shall my will possess. There's nothing can befall me But what in love God sends me Who works my daily weal. I take what He conferreth, And do what He preferreth With thankful heart and leal. Upon His arm relying, The powers of hell defying, I vanquish every foe.

My sins He will erase them, Nor into judgment bring them, But wipe out all my debt. For all my sore misdoing He'll not ordain my ruin, But patient love me yet. Whene'er to rest I take me, When moring doth awake me, Where'er I muse or go, In trouble or elation, Desponding or vexation, God's goodness still doth flow.

He hath my course ordained; So, patient and resigned, I to His sentence bow. Whatever fate may send me, I trow God will defend me, And Ishall victory know. I give myself unto Him. In dying and in living, I know Him and I trust. It's today that death cometh? If loud a summons soundeth, God wills it and knows best.

Let nought, my soul, affright thee, Thy trust in God still plight thee! He hath thy being given. Whatever ills dismay thee, Thy Father's love will stay thee, And guide thee home to heaven. Das bitt ich dich, erhalte mich in deiner Treu, Herr Gotte. Herr, nimm mein wahr in dieser Gfar, bhüt mich für falschen Tücken!

Die göttlich Kraft macht uns sieghaft durch Jesum Christum, amen. How false a part the world doth play, What lies and evil thoughts doth say, So eager to condemn me! Lord, in my smart Take Thou my part, From lying tongues protect me! Ist Gott mein Schild und Helfersmann, Was wird sein, das mir schaden kann? Weicht, alle meine Feinde! While God is constant on my side, Then all is well ; whate'er betide, My foes shall fall before me. Their crafty plots to nought must come, In shame they'll stand before me dumb ; For God above befriends me.

While God in heaven looks down on me, I fear not pain nor misery ; My foes shall fall before -me. Whatever mischief they may plan, I dare defy them, every man ; For God above befriends me. While God's my Shield and Helper true, There's nought can vex ; come all or few, My foes shall fall before me. On their own heads the pains shall fall 'Gainst me designed: I dare them all ; For God above befriends me.

If God is present in my need, Then sin and death are dead indeed ; My foes shall fall before me. The world, the devil, sin, and hell, Upon their heads their darts recoil ; For God above befriends me.

Meine Seel auf Rosen geht, wenn ich dran gedenke; in dem Himmel eine Stätt mir deswegen schenke. Jesu, by His bitter Cross And the wounds that flowed, Has redeemed mankind from loss, Healing grace bestowed. Man, cast off the toils of sin, As Christ's soldier show ye! So to heaven shall you win, Share the angels' glory. Peter thoughtless, Christ denies, E'en his God forswearing. Jesus on Him turns His eyes ; Peter's tears are flowing.

O my soul, the lesson learn: Love thy God and neighbour! So thy soul will He not spurn, But give life for ever. Riseth up my soul with joy Gratefully to thank Thee For the bliss without alloy That the Cross bath won me.

Jesu, Thou Who knewest death Livest now for ever. When I draw my latest breath Nought from Thee can sever. What Thou wiliest is my gain ; More I do not ask Thee. Das zwar, was wir Wollen nennen, Halt ich meiner Seele für, Aber Fleisch und Blut zu zwingen und das Gute zu vollbringen, Folget gar nicht, wie es soll ; Was ich nicht will, thu ich wohl. Rechne nicht die Missetat, die dich, Herr, erzürnet hat!

Jesu, du hast weggenommen Meine Schulden durch dein Blut: Lass es, o Erlöser! Ei, so sprich mich endlich frei, Dass ich ganz dein eigen sei.

Wenn ich vor Gericht soll treten, Da man nicht entfliehen kann, Ach, so wollest du mich retten Und dich. Du allein, Herr, kannst es stören, Dass ich nicht den Fluch darf hören: Ihr zu meiner linken Hand, Seid von mir noch nie erkannt! Es wird deine Treu erfüllen, was du selber hast gesagt: From the tomb 'tis. Thou wilt call me, And in heaven wilt instal me. Thou hast searched for me and found me, Me Thine erring, wayward child, Tended me with love and turned me From the depths of hell defiled.

Yea, in paths of sin I've wandered, Practised all unrighteousness, What Thou gavest have I squandered On vile deeds and wrongfulness. All my thoughts and deeds are evil, Bring me justly into peril Nothing good in me is found, All is rotten and unsound. Lord, I needs must make confession Of my deep unworthiness, I who am Thine own possession, Made by Thee for righteousness. But the flesh too strong bath proved ; All too rare to virtue moved, What I would not, that I do ; For my will doth fail me so, 5.

Ne'er requite, Lord, my offnence! In anger ne'er cast me hence! On the Cross o'er sin Thou'rt victor, And through Thee man too may conquer: Speak then to me, Love divine, Tell me I am truly Thine! When the Day of judgment falleth, All we mortals must obey, Let it be Thy voice that calleth To me loving on that day. But for Thee, Lord, am I doomed, Lost, in deepest hell confounded.

Say not to me: Flee My sight, for your offence! Lord, Thou hearest all my weeping, Understandest all my pain ; Constant in my soul is sleeping Grief that nothing can restrain. Yea, I know that Thou wilt hear me, Ease my heavy load of sin, Thy sure promise, Lord, wilt grant me, Let it cure my heart within. Through our life's long toilsome journey Ever shall Thy comfort cheer me 'Who on Me in faith believes My protection e'er receives.

Lord, I trust Thee, help my weakness, Leave me not accursed to sigh! Thou with strength canst nerve my meekness, Give me courage e'en to die. Jesu, joy beyond oll other, All my heart and soul hast won. Ah, how can I worthly Jesu, sing my praise to Thee? Ob es itzt Gleich kracht und blitzt, Ob gleich Sünd und Hölle schrecken: Jesus will mich decken.

Tobe, Welt, und springe, Ich steh hier und singe In gar sichrer Ruh. BWV Weg mit allen Schätzen! Du bist mein Ergötzen, Jesu, meine Lust! Gute Nacht, Du Stolz und Pracht! Dir sei ganz, du Lasterleben, Gute Nacht gegeben. Jesu, Joy and Treasure, Solace passing measure, Precious gift to me! While Thine arms are round me, Let the foe surround me, Him I do defy!

Satan's hosts may press me, Powers of ill distress me, Still is Jesus nigh! Hell fires flash, Their thunders crash, Sin and Satan's might assail me ; Jesus ne'er will fail me. Hence, thou noisome serpent! I mock Death's torment. Bow in fear thy crest! Rage ye, world, wild leaping, I stand here, and singing, Calm, in peace, at rest. Nought on earth is lasting, Thou art joy surpassing, Jesu, my Delight!

Hence, vain wealth's deceiving, Nought for you I'm grieving, Get thee from my sight! Death or pain Or Cross or shame, Jesu is beside me ever, Nor can aught us sever. Fare thee well that's mortal ; Gaze I on heaven's portal, Earth's poor arts are vain!

Fare ye well, temptation, Sin and condemnation, Thee do I disdain! Fare thee well, Earth's pomp and spell! World, Thy life and bonds I sever ; Fare thee well for ever! Drum, o Jesu, komm zu mir, Und bleib bei mir für und für. Wie verlanget meinem Herzen, Jesulein, nach dir mit Schmerzen!

Komm, ach komm, ich warte dein, komm, o liebstes Jesulein! Jesu, fondest, dearest treasure, Jesu, source of joy and Sun, Jesu, best and purest pleasure, Jesu, well to Thee is known That indeed I truly love Thee, That without Thee life is lonely!

Come, O Jesu, come to me, Bide with me eternally! How for Thee my lone heart sigheth! With what love to Thee it crieth! O how dear is Jesu's loving! Firmly to Him will I cling. His dear love is e'er removing Life's dark shadows, smart, and sting. He is mine and me He loveth, Him my lonely soul receiveth, From Him never will I part, For 'twould break my loving heart.

He's my heart's fond hope and treasure, My soul's rapture, dearest pleasure, He is with me day and night, Ever in my heart and sight. Wir wollen uns dir ergeben itzund und immerdar, behüt Leib, Seel und Leben hinfort durchs ganze Jahr!

Wollst uns das Leben fristen durch dein allmächtig Hand, erhalt dein liebe Christen und unser Vaterland! Dein Segen zu uns wende, gib Fried an allem Ende, gib unverfälscht im Lande dein seligmachend Wort, die Teufel mach zuschanden hier und an allem Ort! Indes machs mit uns allen nach deinem Wohlgefallen: Jesu, come let us praise Thee, This new and happy year; Right hearty anthems raise Thee, Who givest us good cheer!

With what fair skies of blessing Dost dawn, O happy day, God's fullest love expressing, To all of us, we pray! We dwell at peace and restful, In happiness contentful. We would to God be giving As gifts ourselves, our fear, Our heart, life, soul and being Throughout the coming year.

May this New Year before us Add praises to God's name! Good Christians all, in chorus Your loudest carols frame! Lord, by Thy might and power, Grant us long days on earth; Thy richest blessing shower On our dear land of birth!

O shield us 'neath Thy strong wing! May this New Year firm peace bring! Stablish among believers Thine own Almighty realm, And all earth's vain decievers Right uttery o'erwhelm! Thine, Lord, be all the glory, Thine only be the praise! In troubel ne'er we doubt Thee, Who govern'st all our ways; Till we, by death released, To heaven take our flight, And dwell, with joy increased, For ever in God's sight.

Do with us, each and all, then, According to Thy willing. Thy faithful floch rejoices, With Christian glow and fear, And lifts to Thee their voices To beg a happy year. Jesus, meine Zuversicht Und mein Heiland, ist im Leben! Warum sollte mir denn grauen? Lässet auch ein Haupt sein Glied, Welches es nicht nach sich zieht?

Ich bin durch der Hoffnung Band Zu genau mit ihm verbunden ; Meine starke Glaubenshand Wird in ihm gelegt gefunden, Dass mich auch kein Todesbann Ewig von ihm trennen kann. Nurr dass ihr den Geist erhebt Von den Lüsten dieser Erden Und euch dem schon jetzt ergebt, Dem ihr beigefügt wollt werden. Schickt das Herze da hinein, Wo ihr ewig wünscht zu sein.

Jesus Christ, my sure defence And my Saviour, ever liveth ; Knowing this, my confidence Rests upon the hope it giveth, Though the night of death be fraught Still with many an anxious thought. Jesus, my Redeemer, lives! I too unto life must waken ; He doth call me where He is ; Shall my courage then be shaken?

Or could the Head Rise and leave its members dead? Nay, too closely am I bound Unto Him by hope for ever ; Faith's strong hand the Rock hath found, Grasped it, and will leave it never. Not the ban of death can part From its Lord this trusting heart. Only draw away your heart Swift from pleasures base and hollow ; Would ve there with Christ have part, Here His footsteps ye must follow ; Fix your hearts beyond the skies, Whither ye yourselves would rise!

Dein brünstig Lieb entzünd in ihn'n. Thy light this day shone forth so clear, All tougues and nations gathered near To learn that faith, for which we bring Glad praise to Thee, and gratefully sing Alleluja, Alleluja. Lord, make us ready with Thy powers, Strengthen the flesh in weaker hours, That as good warriors we may force Through life and death unto Thee our course.

Ihr Jung und Alt, Frauen und Mann! Ich will euch geben, was ich han ; Will heilen euren Schaden. Ist euch das Kreuz bitter und schwer: Der helf uns zu der Engel Schar durch Jesum Christum! O come to Me, saith God's dear Son, All ye who are with care weighed down, By load of sin sore laden! And should the Cross too heavy press, Then think on hell, and hell's distress That waits to rend the sinner.

Therein must soul and body burn, Nor anywhere for comfort turn, But be consumed for ever. Kommt, lasst euch den Herren lehren, Kommt und lernet allzumahl, Welche die sind, die gehören In der rechten Christen Zahl: Die bekennen mit dem Mund Glauben fest von Herzensgrund, Und bemühen sich darneben, Guts zu thun, so lang sie leben.

Female around 11 years old. An indoor cat with no chip or collar. My chihuahua chased something around 10pm, we searched until 3am, we're assuming someone has picked her up. She's been our family pet for 7 years, she's grey and white, looks older than she is, has pink toe nails, and answers to the name Lola. No collar, no chip, loves people and other animals. Gray and Black stripes. Sweet, scared of everything, but friendly.

Lake Lynn near Bridgeport Apts. Carrington apartments, Eastlake Club Dr. Cat hid under car for a period of time and would not allow me to approach. Very fearful puppy escaped fence. Last seen near the park by north gate mall. Penny got out from under the fence tonight. Spotted at Lynn and six forks rd. I East where Wade Ave exit lanes start. I40 E at Wake Ave exit lanes running east. Very friendly, talkative adult male Black cat with some brown undertones found. Mostly white with brown around eyes.

Lost in alamance county but has a Raleigh address. Super friendly, came to say "Hi' right away. Still hanging out in my yard as last check. Possible indoor cat that has been outside for a while. She is not microchipped. He was found in downtown Apex by Thales Academy.

We opened the car door and he jumped in. Oak Avenue near N. Male light tan pit bull no tags spotted walking back and forth on Lawrence Drive. Didn't run, didn't take treats but as I followed him he started picking up the pace. I lost him at the intersection of Lawrence and Saturn. Called animal control but they haven't found him yet.

Large, long haired black and white cat, very flashy with unusual white markings on face. Has clipped left ear as he used to be feral but is not anymore. Very friendly, comes around twice a day to be fed.

No collar or notches in ears. Hope to find this kitty's owner! Spotted this am near food service and rental cars inside airport. Spotted sat airport parkway and 40 west ramp. Searched today and will search this eve.

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The company offers weight loss programs that consist primarily of a pre-packaged food program, digital tools, and counseling. It also provides Nutrisystem Lean13 program, which provides weight loss, and support and counseling services; the South Beach Diet, a weight-loss program; and Nutrisystem 5-day kit, a? D' kit that offers individuals with or at risk of type 2 diabetes.

In addition, the company provides SmartCarb and PowerFuel products, including meal replacement bars, powder shakes, baked goods and snacks; and Nutrisystem D Program, a weight loss program designed to produce gradual weight loss.

It sells its pre-packaged foods to weight loss program participants directly through the Internet and telephone; a television shopping network; and retailers. Here are some recent quotes from research analysts about NutriSystem stock: From the flagship Nutrisystem brand comes the clinically-tested Nutrisystem Lean13 program, designed to deliver weight loss of up to 13 pounds and seven inches in the first month.

South Beach Diet became an all-new structured meal delivery weight-loss program following the acquisition of the brand. Additional Nutrisystem branded weight-loss products include Fast 5 and Turbo 10, as well as multi-day kits and individual products at select retail outlets. Company Description Nutrisystem, Inc.

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