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The procedure of milling and subsequently polishing rice, which produces the highly esteemed white rice on sale in many shops, removes nearly all the outer layers and germ and leaves a product containing only about 0. Oats are a good cereal containing rather more protein than maize, rice or wheat, but they also contain a considerable quantity of phytic acid which may hinder absorption of iron and calcium. The ad is too long. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But despite this overwhelming demand, almost no foods on U. Chopping the foods into small pieces, preparing them long before cooking and cooking them long before eating.

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I actually love the cherry berry and the orange not so much. I love these pals, I use to take the powder but do the pill form now, it suggest to take two packs I take one!! Great product over all!!!

Amazing, I've been using Animal Pak since , This stuff its awesome,. A good product for what it is, can be a little rough on the stomach so make sure you're taking it alongside solid food. I am a 41 year old Dad that works long hours. Sometimes I need that extra pick me up in order to get to the gym. This product is no question a win. I typically hate bro science statements, like "it just works," but Animal Pak feels that way to me.

I've used tons of multis and training packs over the years, but I always keep coming back to the Pak. It seems effective, and despite the 11 pills, it's not harsh on the stomach. I took some points off because there's been a recent formula change that's not yet up on Bodybuilding.

They've upped the B12, which is good, but they replaced the Uni-Liver with a blend of liver and beef protein isolate the pill actually looks like a beef aminos now. They also removed the ginseng and one of the enzymes. Probably not big deals, but a little bit of a bummer. I liked getting those ingredients, but I guess liver is getting expensive now! The cherry berry flavor to me litterally taste just like the flinstones kids vitamins but just grinded into a fine powder.

Other than that, its alright. Didn't care much for the taste. I will defitnely would buy this product again but in another flavor. With that being said Animal is a good supplement company. I repurchased this product having bought it multiple times before and the most recent time was nothing like I had taken before. Usually when taking animal pak I feel reasonably better, while knowing that a lot of the vitamins you are intaking you urinate out because your body can't use this much at once.

My most recent purchase of the packs caused vomiting almost immediately both times I attempted to take it. I gave it to my roommate and the same thing happened to him.

I no longer trust this product. I used the orange flavor post workout got hungry after taking good when bulking. Click here to read more Does the Ketogenic Diet Cure Cancer?

For more information, see Dr. Unfortunately, the same percentage of Americans are dying today from this diseases as they were over 30 years ago. In fact cancer has now surpassed heart disease as the number one cause of death for people under Notice how many immune boosters, direct cancer killers that cause apoptosis of cancer cells, or programmed cell death that Jerry and I used, and that Webster advises on www. If a person with cancer uses natural methods instead of chemotherapy and radiation, the cure rates are significantly higher, since the body's immune system hasn't been compromised and can help fight the cancer, wherever it might be throughout the body.

Not all cancers can be cured, but studies have shown that most cancer patients live longer and have a better quality of life -- even if they do nothing -- than if they subject themselves to conventional medicine's overly-aggressive and mostly ineffective cancer treatments.

Better than doing nothing, though, I would do everything I could to modify my diet and lifestyle, and take supplements, herbs, enzymes and immune boosters. Rowen, killing malignant tumors is usually not difficult: To prevent cancer's reoccurrence, one must keep the immune system strong with diet, lifestyle, some not excessive exercise, nutritional supplementation, and especially, a positive mental attitude. HowTo" below For More Information: Leonard Coldwell interviews Liana Werner-Gray! Lorraine Day healed herself of terminal cancer by diet http: Robert Rowen What if Big Pharma came across a synthetic compound that stopped cancer in its tracks?

And what if it was nontoxic as well? You'd hear about it before you could blink. Now suppose that researchers actually found a compound that did exactly that, but it was a natural compound that's likely in your refrigerator right now. You wouldn't hear even a whisper about it from the media.

University of Missouri researchers found that a bioflavonoid, apigenin, inhibited the growth of highly malignant breast tumors. What's more, it also reduced expression of a key cancer gene. Apigenin is in your refrigerator right now if you have celery, parsley, or a wide variety of other veggies, fruits, and spices. Here's how effective apigenin is. In this recent study, researchers implanted rodents with a particularly deadly breast tumor cell line. The animals taking apigenin had slower tumor growth.

And some even saw their tumors shrink. New cancer-feeding blood vessels shriveled, starving the malignant cells. Progestins are petrochemical synthetic versions, a "gift" of Pharma. Research has shown that they cause breast cancer.

This study mirrored another one last year which showed that rats fed the compound developed fewer tumors and a delay in tumor establishment.

The study's co-author, Salman Hyder gave a sad commentary on today's horrible Pharma paradigm. He pointed out that since this is a compound that you can extract from plants not patentable we won't see industry putting a dime into research.

And since its effects are not specific on any one cancer process, it's not likely that government funding agencies will help either. I've written extensively about the wonders of bioflavonoids. The late Tom Lahey, who told me about luteolin in Advanced Memory Formula , also provided me with a wealth of information on bioflavonoid actions against cancer.

Curcumin belongs to this family as does green tea, Seanol and resveratrol. I am observing innovative combinations of bioflavonoids having remarkable effects in a combined approach to cancer. In addition to the foods I've already mentioned, you'll find apigenin in apples, leeks, onions, broccoli, cherries, grapes, tomatoes, and tea. Note that these plant foods reduce your risk of getting cancer in the first place.

Other foods include basil, oregano, cilantro, tarragon, beans, and barley. You'll do very well to include such produce in your daily diet! Yours for better health and medical freedom, Robert J. Epub May 9. If you'd like to receive your own Second Opinion Health Alert, please sign up on our website: It's vital these substances heal cancer cells and leave normal cells untouched.

I've told you about some of my discoveries in the past. They include resveratrol, green tea, Alginol, and others. But today I'm going to tell you about another plant that safely starves cancer cells as efficiently as a powerful chemo drug. In fact, it even works on pancreatic cancer cells, which are particularly difficult to kill.

This plant is a common vegetable from Asia called "bitter melon. And it did so after just 72 hours of treatment! In the past, I've told you about apoptosis. That's nature's way of dealing with wayward or old cells. They simply kill themselves.

Bitter melon juice induced this programmed cell death along several different pathways. And even better, it also activated a pathway which knocks out the cancer cells' metabolism of glucose. In other words, it literally starved them of the sugar they need to survive. Do these lab-dish studies apply to living animals? University of Colorado researchers gave mice bitter melon at doses easily achievable in humans. This level of effectiveness beat the most commonly used chemo drugs for this lethal cancer.

The dose used in mice translates to 6 grams of powder for an average-sized adult 75 kg. Big Pharma is rushing to find patentable petrochemicals to achieve what God put into the bitter melon fruit. You don't need any fancy chemicals to treat cancer. What's more, the actions of bitter melon may help diabetics as well.

Researchers recently found that bitter melon ameliorates metabolic syndrome by its beneficial effects on glucose metabolism. Healing cancer must be multifocal. Eliminate dental infections and toxic dental materials, alkalinize your body, avoid chemical and heavy metal exposure, detoxify, forgive, oxidize the body with oxidation therapy, and give specific nutrients to throw a monkey wrench into cancer's peculiar metabolic pathways.

You can find bitter melon extract at most health food stores and online. Better yet find a grocery store many Asian markets that sells it, buy a lot and freeze it. Pregnant or lactating women probably shouldn't overdo this veggie. Science News, March 12, Box , Norcross, GA , or Readers are advised to consult with their own physician before implementing any health idea they read about, whether here or in any other publication.

For Cancer, along with Bitter Melon www. Avoid all sweeteners except a small amount of either steam-distilled stevia www.

The reason you have to use even these safe sweeteners judiciously is that when your tongue tastes something sweet, it tells your pancreas to churn out insulin in preparation for sugar, and when comes, you get hypoglycemia low blood sugar, dizziness, weakness, etc. And, surprisingly, I am in agreement with the mainstream. Cancer is a systemic disease, though currently treated conventionally as a local problem you carve out. Cells that degenerate into cancer have to make many genetic switches to "make it".

Even after a cell turns to cancer, the abnormal cell must evade your immune system, the last line of defense. A functioning immune system will pick off cancer cells before they pick you off. But cancer cells have learned to confuse your immune cells. Cancer cells express a protein called CD47 in large amounts in their membranes. This protein tells your macrophages immune cells , "Do not eat me. Researchers in the lab of Irving Weissman at Stanford have treated mice with an antibody that blocks and hides the CD47 marker.

It effectively hides the CD47 and calls on the immune system to kill the cancer. Now, the lab has recently tested this in cultured human cancer cells. They found that by blocking the CD47 "do not eat me signal," the macrophages did, indeed, attack and eat the cancer cells. But without the antibody, the macrophages ignored the cancer cells completely.

In the living mice so treated, implanted human cancers all had shrinkage of the tumors, no spread to lymph nodes, and remained cancer-free for four months that's a long time for a rodent after the treatment was stopped. From an editorial in Science, "In mice given human bladder cancer tumors, for example, 10 of 10 untreated mice had cancer that spread to their lymph nodes.

Only one of 10 mice treated with anti-CD47 had a lymph node with signs of cancer. I've maintained for 30 years that cancer is a failure of the immune system. That failure is due in part to the cancer blinding itself to your immune cells. Kelley and Gonzales successfully treat treated cancer with proteolysis pancreatic enzymes.

These enzymes may eat away the immune "cloaking" of cancer, enabling your immune cells to go and eat them up. It fits my observations of some cancers, even in late stage, disappearing with immuneenhancing oxidation and nutritional therapies. Conventional medicine is likely to move to a single antibody to "cloak" the cloaking protein. This may work, but as a single protein, it also may have significant toxicity as does other single antibody immune treatments. Also, cancer may simply outwit a single antibody by making other cloaking proteins, much like insects outwit pesticides.

Nevertheless, I really like this line of research and will keep you posted. I don't think that there will ever be a "one size fits all" approach to cancer. We have seen some stunning successes, but have our "failures" as well.

If you have cancer, please see an integrative physician who can work with your immune system with a variety of approaches, including nutritional and oxidation. Cancer cells secrete an enzyme called nagalase, which pulls a sugar molecule off a key protein called Gc. This process inactivates the cancer-hunting macrophages so that they cannot see the tumor cells just like CD A discovery found that GcMAF inactivates nagalase. The Gc protein is no longer inactivated, enabling immune cells to see and attack cancer cells right in your body.

It now is in Japan at www. You also can find it at www. Patients, with the assistance of their integrative doctors, can order the product and have their doctor administer it. This will be an exciting addition to our therapies, most of which are designed to enhance immune function. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences, vol.

Also in this issue: Six agricultural pesticides are suspected. These include maneb, mancozeb, methyl parathion, and carbaryl If you find this information useful, please subscribe to Dr. This diet is made up primarily of raw fruits and vegetables.

While many have said this diet won't work, the proof that it does continues to come out. In fact, each passing year brings new proof of my long-term observations and conclusions. Now there's yet more proof that the heat you use on your foods does, indeed, cause you much greater risk for diabetes and vascular disease. This new proof comes from a new randomized, cross-over diet study on 62 volunteers.

Cross-over studies are great in that they allow the studied groups to switch roles. That adds a lot of significance to the findings. The researchers in this study evaluated the effects of Maillard reaction products MRP on the volunteers. MRP is a name for a chemical process by which heat generates literally hundreds or more of a complex mixture of compounds responsible for a huge range of odors and flavors.

Heating starches to high temperatures creates acrylamide. I've told you in the past about how this compound can increase your risk of cancer. Flavor scientists have used heat over years to create artificial flavors, which you'll find in processed foods.

The diets of the two groups differed only in the type and amount of heat inflicted on the foods they ate. One group steamed their food and the other used high temperature cooking. After one month, those consuming high-heat treated diets compared to steaming saw significantly lower insulin sensitivity.

They also had much lower plasma concentrations of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These findings were highly significant. The authors concluded that consuming high heat-treated foods increases your risk of type-2 diabetes and vascular disease.

What an international stir that would make! But you can do it right in your own kitchen! How to flush metals from your body and make yourself healthier and more youthful at the same time! No painful or uncomfortable treatments involved I'm a maverick who looks outside the box. I've been to India where I've seen hard-working vegetarian peasants losing limbs to diabetes in their 30s.

And no, they were not obese. They cook their foods to oblivion in oil. We've known for years that heat destroys crucial vitamins like C, B6, and now E. It also destroys fatty acids, denatures proteins, and limits mineral availability. But we are now getting an inkling of how heated foods causes yet deeper and subtler damage. Heat creates compounds not found in nature. These compounds could be highly immune activating, carcinogenic, toxic oxidants, oxidized lipids the underlying cause of vascular disease dangerous amines, and more.

I urge you to move toward the Living Foods Diet. Science is proving me right month after month. It's no wonder that I see miracle after miracle in my practice. But they're not "miracles. Use only water to cook with. That upper limit of heat may be below the threshold for the most toxic chemical reactions. Never cook with oil. There's just no control for how hot it gets. Am J Clin Nutr. Epub Mar As a token of our appreciation for being our valuable customer, we'd like to give you two special reports that show you how to make your supplements work even better and how to stop cancer, memory loss, and diabetes for just pennies a day absolutely free.

All you have to do right now is click the "Like Us On Facebook" button below to become a fan of our Facebook page and get instant access to these two special reports. Click the "Like Us On Facebook" button below. If you would like to contact us with a question or comment, please send us a message to feedback secondopinionnewsletter.

The compound capsaicin — that causes this pungent heat — is also found to kill cancer cells. In fact, in the last few years, the research on chili peppers has focused on many organs including, the pancreas, brain, prostate, colon and breast. Do chili peppers harm healthy cells? Among them, the study on prostate cancer cells drew more interest from researchers. Experiments, on the compound capsacisin reveal that this compound specifically targeted the tumors and cancerous cells without affecting the healthy cells.

It was found that capsaicin was able to do this by interfering with protein synthesis of the cancer cells, degradation of the cell DNA and interfering with cell transcription mechanisms of cancerous cells. While capsaicin affected the mitochondrial pathway of the cancer cells, there was no interference in the activity of healthy cells.

This was observed in cancer-induced albino rats in lab studies. A study published in Cancer Research revealed that capsaicin was effective in inhibiting prostate cancer cells. The study found that capsaicin promoted automated cell death in primary types of prostate cancer cell lines — as well as in cancer cells caused by hormones. Furthermore, capsaicin decreased the expression of prostate-specific antigen PSA and inhibited the ability of the dihydrotestosterone to activate PSA.

When lab animals received four weeks of treatment with capsaicin, it was observed that prostate cancer growth and size significantly decreased.

Chili peppers do more than just prevent cancer Compounds in chili peppers have been associated with multiple benefits like positive immune health, weight loss, lower risk of diabetes, and heart-healthy effects.

A randomized, cross-over study among 27 healthy subjects revealed that consuming freshly chopped chili prevented the oxidation free radical damage to the fat cells — which was a crucial factor in decreasing heart problems. Capsaicin is also anti-inflammatory in nature. It inhibits substance P, a neuropeptide associated with inflammation that results in pain, heart diseases and other conditions. Because of this property, it has been used in a variety of chemotherapy studies for pain relief and also in many treatments involving nerve fiber disorders, conditions like psoriasis, arthritis plus many more.

Researchers say, the hotter the pepper, the higher is its capsaicin content, good examples include habanero and scotch bonnet peppers followed by jalapeno. Ways to use chili peppers in your next recipe Chili peppers can give any bland recipe an interesting taste. So, the next time you sauté vegetables in a stir fry try adding some chili peppers to accentuate its health benefits as well as spice up a bit.

Other ways to super-charge your recipes include, adding minced chili peppers to plain yoghurt as a salad dressing; in salsa for extra hot taste; pureeing a small amount with tomatoes or olives to give a surprising twist to your recipes. Just be very careful when you are handling fresh chili peppers, direct contact with skin, lips and eyes can cause a severe burning sensation.

Be sure to use cooking gloves instead of bare hands when using them for cooking. Consuming chili peppers, in moderation, is considered safe, however if you are allergic to peppers or night shade family, it is a good idea to keep away from this spice.

Another important point to keep in mind is to buy organic hot peppers instead of conventionally grown ones. Looking for natural health solutions? Sign up now — for our free, weekly show featuring the greatest minds in natural health and science plus a free gift! International Imuunopharmacology, vol 17 2 Cancer Res Mar 15;66 6: Clinical applications of capsaicinoids. Clin J Pain Jun;16 2 Suppl: Laetrile cures cancer — naturally http: You can also download the free iPhone application that is available in the iTunes store.

Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce http: Cosmetic Safety Database http: This article lists the "dirty dozen" as well as which foods have the least pesticide residue: The Curse of Convenience http: From as far back as first having a fire to warm us, we learned to contain it in stones that radiated the heat leading to what most of us love and still Produced with Free Range Studios and hosted by Annie Leonard, the seven-minute film by The Story of Stuff Project reveals the implications for consumer and worker health and the environment, and outlines ways we can move the industry away from hazardous chemicals and towards safer alternatives.

The film concludes with a call for viewers to support legislation aimed at ensuring the safety of cosmetics and personal care products. And, for all you fact checkers out there, http: The amount of lead found in of the lipstick products tested was greater than the maximum 0. NaturalNews issues boycott of Kashi, Silk, Larabar and more http: Russia bans GMOs in the wake of the cancer tumor rat study. France is seeking a European-wide ban on GMOs.

Is the end of Monsanto's evil reign near? Boycott of "Organic Cheater" Brands PDF printable version of the above press release can be found here. Your list states Nature's Gate does not make a natural or organic claim. Communicating the verifiable benefits of organic farming and products to society. Shopper's Guide to Personal Care Products List of over businesses who have signed on to endorse this campaign http: Bronner's Lawsuit with Ecocert read the cross complaint http: Shopper's Guide to Personal Care Products Read and print the shopper's guide to 1,4-dioxane-free personal care products http: The guide is now also available as an iPhone application.

The Best and Worst Vegetables to Eat http: One person's food may be another person's poison. Jack Thrasher on the Health Dangers of Molds http: Vitamin D and Tuberculosis] http: See articles about GMO and other topics: It does include generic tips designed to help consumers identify and avoid genetically modified GM foods, including the hidden GM ingredients labeled ingredients on foods that read more like a chemical periodic table on grocers shelves.

Here's a list of relative mercury contamination in wild fish: The types of fish that are higher in omega-3 are healthier for you smaller Salmon, Sardines and Anchovies , and wild-caught or line-caught are much healthier choices than farmed fish usually fed corn meal, which is high in omega-6 pro-inflammatory oil, even if its "organic", ground up smaller fish, hogs, etc. Wild fish eat krill, plankton and algae, which is why they are high in healthy astaxanthin and omega-3 oils.

The following are ingredients that may be made from GM soy, corn, cotton, or canola You can learn more about the Non-GMO project by visiting: High levels of EMF exposure are generated by common household devices such as hair dryers, can openers, heating pads and even some computer monitors. EMF exposures destroy health and well-being, claims panel of top international scientists http: There is no end to the tricks that endocrine disruptors can play on our bodies: The list also includes common contaminants that many people don't realize can be hormone disruptors, not only those familiar toxins - arsenic, mercury and lead - but other, less familiar chemicals such as glycol ethers and perfluorinated chemicals.

The guide is intended for consumers of all ages, particularly young people who are most at risk from these dangerous substances. EWG researchers compiled the new Dirty Dozen list by scouring scientific literature and identifying the most hazardous and widely-used hormone-disrupting chemicals that pollute the environment and ultimately our bodies.

These substances are frequently found in food, water and consumer products. Studies have linked them to a wide array of health problems, including cancer, birth defects, lowered sperm count, lowered IQ, obesity and thyroid disease. This is a must-see list of chemicals to avoid - check it out today! Click here to see 12 of the worst hormone disruptors, how they do their dirty deeds, and some tips on how to avoid them.

See this brand-new list of the dirtiest and most common endocrine disruptors. We hope you learn something new from the endocrine disruptor Dirty Dozen. Take a look at the label on your jar of skin cream.

Do you see any of these ingredients? Now, this is a big deal - because The medical world already knows this. The same way your skin soaks up the medicine in those patches, it absorbs all of the ingredients in your skin cream - including the toxic ones. And that can cause health problems for you down the road. These harsh skin care chemicals can also destroy your complexion - and make you look years older.

Claim a FREE Special Report that reveals how breakthrough plant stem cell technology - combined with 36 other "all-natural" skin-restoring nutrients - can help you smooth away the appearance of lines and wrinkles Your complexion is still too dull Your anti-aging cream is letting you down — and it may be worse than you think Hidden inside most skincare products are dangerous chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Take a good look at the label on your anti-aging cream. You may be shocked to find: The trouble is… they also mimic estrogen, which can throw your hormonal balance out of whack and trigger potentially serious problems with your reproductive system.

It can cause allergic reactions, skin irritations, and even liver abnormalities and kidney damage. Sodium Laurel Sulfate has also been found to cause urinary tract, bladder and kidney infections Especially DEA, which has been linked to kidney, liver and other organ damage They can also destroy your complexion — and make you look years older than you actually are Think that the label that says "organically grown" has anything to do with the packaging, storage, and transport of that product to stores?

What if I told you that cow, pig, and chicken collagen is now used in place of wax on your fruits and vegetables, among many other things much worse than you can probably imagine? And what if then I told you, as with most atrocities that happen now-a-days, that this is all approved by the FDA Since the early 12th century, there has been a tradition of applying wax onto the skins of fruits and vegetables for longer storage life.

Today, that tradition is being carried on with a whole new generation of chemicals and compounds that are genetically designed to accomplish the same goal. But in these modern times, the health and well-being of the consumer of that apple is not necessarily the goal of this unnatural, inorganic process. Prepare yourself to be shocked and amazed that our Federal agency that is designed to protect us, the Food and Drug Administration, is allowing these dangerous and unhealthy practices to be perpetrated on an unwitting public, all in the name of profits.

This video was recently posted to Youtube, showing a woman peeling off of her freshly bought supermarket romaine lettuce what appears to be a plastic coating, similar to the type one would peal off of the screen of a new electronic gadget. She has no idea what she has discovered Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce It's also important to remember that not all organic compounds are good for us either.

For instance, lead is a naturally-occuring compound and completely organic and it's deadly to humans. The same goes for the leaves of rhubarb plants, arsenic found in many fruit pits, and mistletoe to name a few.

Download our free Guide or get it for your iPhone or Android! This is probably the most urgent question the public has about these novel foods. Opinion polls show that up to 90 percent of the American public wants GE foods labeled. But despite this overwhelming demand, almost no foods on U.

And the biotech industry does not voluntarily identify them, fearing, probably correctly, that the majority of Americans would avoid GE foods if given a choice.

As a result, the U. However, this is not the case with most of our major trading partners around the globe who have instituted mandatory labeling of all GE foods and ingredients.

The Guide is designed to help you reclaim your right to know about the foods you are buying, and help you find and avoid GE foods. In addition to a list of brands that produce non-GE foods, the mobile app also offers contact information for the companies that DO use GE ingredients. This feature enables you to personally voice your opposition on the use of GE foods directly to these companies, right from the app.

Our Shoppers Guide gives you valuable information on common GE ingredients, brands to look for, and look out for, and common sense tips to keep you in the know.

Stop shopping in the dark and get your Shoppers Guide today! PC PDF file http: The New Dirty Dozen http: The medical establishment usually chalks up those deaths to cancer. But the media and The missing link - How to beat cancer with garlic http: This arsenal of cancer cell killers relies on certain nutrients to have the fuel to do its Turmeric and curcumin prevent formation of new blood vessels induced by arsenic, cancer http: Most of turmeric's health benefits are attributed to the trio of yellow-orange chemicals Alcohol consumption is directly related to breast cancer: How I took it, and how much I took.

Bear in mind, this is what I did. You will have to decide for yourself what is Best for You! As promised, we've just published detailed new heavy metals composition charts on vegan proteins and rice proteins. These charts also include data on the exciting new SunWarrior "Warrior Blend" formulas, which turn out to be remarkably low in the heavy metals we've tested for: How avoiding conventional dentistry can literally save your life If you see a dentist, make sure she's a holistic dentist.

It turns out that conventional dentistry is incredibly toxic and can quite literally cause your death: The American Dental Association continues to maintain that mercury fillings and root canals are safe dental procedures, in spite of the overwhelming evidence against High Intensity Short Duration exercise -- not aerobic which generates lots of free radicals; search www. Just exercise more, scientists discover A more active lifestyle doesn't just reduce your risk of cancer and improve survival rates among cancer patients: Medical mutilations have been performed lately on women told they are genetically Obamacare to punish healthy eaters as insurance rates double or triple for those who choose to take care of their health According to an analysis just published by the Wall Street Journal, healthy people will pay double or triple their current A detailed analysis of Obamacare health insurance rates reveals something very disturbing: Healthy people will be paying double or triple the rates they are currently paying, while premiums will go down for those who live on junk foods and develop chronic disease.

The economic incentives are all backwards: Obamacare will punish healthy people while subsidizing those who refuse to take care of their health. Here are the numbers: There has been some decline in cigarette smoking in the USA, but with all the known health issues associated with smoking cigarettes, it seemed there should be almost no new domestic smokers at all.

But the power of advertising has prevailed, even more so in third world countries with less restrictions on cigarette advertising. Is it the Tobacco Plant, or Something Else? Avoid enclosed areas where people smoke. The Department of Health and Human Services had approved chemical additives to cigarettes by Among them are ammonia compounds to create a nicotine freebase effect.

Then there are the toxic additives to the paper to make it burn evenly. Cadmium is a heavy metal with a half-life of 10 to 30 years residence in human tissue, and it easily surpasses toxic levels. Few mention chemtrails or aerosol geoengineering exposure because most deny their existence. Deny them all you want, but the heavy metal nanoparticles have been trapped in ground level water or air traps after heavy chemtrailing include, among others, barium, aluminum, and cadmium.

Retired neurosurgeon and author Dr. Russell Blaylock has voiced concerns over chemtrail aluminum nanoparticles that are breathed in and make their way into the central nervous system and brain. Access a study on that here.

Then begin watching your sky objectively. You can protect yourself from those toxic nanoparticles by detoxing heavy metals often. My favorites are lots of chlorella, fresh organic cilantro, and cliniptilolite zeolite powder not capsules or liquids. Here are 6 foods for natural heavy metal chelation. A five day detox with 1. Shallenberger - Real Cures newsletter July , Vol. But which ones are the most important?

Almost all of my diabetic patients have seen tremendous results using these. Chromium piccolinate— Chromium is an important element in your glucose tolerance factor GTF.

GTF is made up of chromium, niacin, and the amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine, and worksin tandem with insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. I suggest a dose of 1, mcg to 3, mcg daily. Alpha lipoic acid— Serves a central role in fat metabolism.

It is critical for the production of acetyl-coenzyme A from fat. And nearly everyone agrees. Thanks for reading our list!

You can go back to the guide , or leave comments below. Our goal is to send you to our lowest price on whatever product you choose to buy. Although we communicate with nearly every brand listed on this page, we are not formally affiliated with any of them.

You have no clue how serious we are about this. We have access to lab tests on some, but not all of the protein powders listed on this page. Unfortunately, we cannot release them to the public or anyone else for that matter. This has been a major concern since the amino acid spiking scandals and subsequent class action lawsuits have erupted over the past few years. So while we try to stick with the brands that are most trusted in the industry, we simply do not have test data on all supplements — it is an extremely expensive process.

So if you have feedback, get in touch with us and leave a comment below. We could always use more suggestions on better fruity flavors, for instance. This list is not set in stone, and as better proteins come out, they can easily displace others on this list. The vast majority of animal-based proteins are derived from milk. Milk protein actually contains two different types of protein, whey and casein.

The benefits to consuming milk protein powder is that it already has the advantage of being blend since it contains both forms of proteins, and gets the benefits of both This not only helps provide a better texture for the powder when mixed in liquid or yogurt as the casein part is much thicker , but also gives it a sustained release in the body thanks to the casein as well.

The milk protein isolate version will have the lactose removed from the powder similar to how whey protein isolate is below. The other, and more important, reason is that whey protein provides the full spectrum of all 9 essential amino acids required for building muscle and is rapidly absorbed by the body. Furthermore, it boasts one of this highest biological values BV of any type of protein a human could consume.

However, when reviewing whey protein on its own isolated from milk, whey protein powder has a BV of ! But not all whey is the same. There are several grades of it available, and it may make a world of difference to you:. While you can just purchase a plain whey protein powder, if you look at the ingredients panel, it may list a few different kinds of whey protein.

Put simply, whey protein concentrate is the lower-quality form, but even that depends on the grade of whey concentrate used. Typically we like to see companies list the quality of their whey concentrates such as PES Select Protein, which lists WPC and is discussed in various places on this page.

With all that said, whey concentrate is usually thicker and better-tasting than pure isolates, discussed next. Anything from milk sugars lactose and other carbs to fats to impurities like ash or extra moisture.

Compared to casein, isolates have been shown to significantly improve strength gain over its slower digesting counterpart. Put simply, if you are lactose-sensitive or lactose intolerant, the only whey protein you should ever touch is a whey protein isolate. Those who are only lactose sensitive , but not completely full-blown lactose intolerant , could most likely get away with a product that has whey protein isolate as the first ingredient on the label potentially followed by whey concentrate, milk protein concentrate, or casein protein after that.

Basically, this takes the already rapid digestion rate of regular whey and cranks it up to The thinking behind using hydrolyzed whey is that the ultra-fast digestion would further improve muscle protein synthesis since it would flood the bloodstream with tons of essential amino acids faster than whey or casein, but looking at two studies that each compared whey and hydrolyzed whey to casein, the differences are negligible at best.

And to add to the extra cost, hydrolyzed whey typically tastes a lot worse and is tough to flavor. Those who have severe digestive issues or absorption issues will do well to look at whey protein hydrolysates.

Anecdotally, this works far better for patients with diseases such as AIDS or certain forms of cancer, but if you have such an ailment, you should talk to your doctor about the best way of getting a boost of protein. Well you know the whey… the slower-digesting casein comes from the curds!

While whey gets most of the spotlight for being the golden child of post-workout nutrition, casein protein deserves some love as well. While whey is best thought of as a rapidly digesting protein, casein is the polar opposite — it makes for a far thicker and slower-digesting shake. The reason for this is that casein protein is very slowly broken down by stomach acids, providing a steady, controlled release of amino acids into the bloodstream.

In terms of post workout nutrition, whey usually gets the glory, but recent research has shown that casein is just as effective as whey in terms of boosting performance and decreasing body fat. Additionally, casein has been shown to be more filling as well compared to whey, [20] probably another reason many like to consume it before bed to kill off any midnight munchies that may hit them.

Beef Protein You would think beef would be a great source to use for protein, as it delivers a complete amino acid profile, including BCAAs, plus other muscle-builders like creatine and glutamine. The vast majority of the beef isolate supplements on the market are made from the inferior protein source collagen to boost the protein content. Beef protein supplements are, on average, complete and total garbage in our minds. They rank 1 on the biological value ranking scale with a score of , meaning that the protein contained in eggs particularly the whites is an extremely bioavailable form of whole food protein on the market.

Egg protein powders are made from egg whites that are dehydrated, pulverized, and processed into a fine powder that makes them perfect to add to smoothies, shakes, oats, pancakes, and much more a high protein alfredo sauce perhaps? The issue with pure egg protein powders is that they mix horribly and smell quite bad.

So we personally prefer to just buy our egg whites and use them in various forms of cooking. Vegetarian proteins encompass all of those options that come from plant sources. These are the go-to options for vegetarians who avoid dairy products, those with dairy allergies, or vegans who eschew any and all animal products.

Their textures mix up rather thick and chalky at times, which can affect the taste, but they still contain loads of protein, which is ultimately what vegans and vegetarians need a lot more of to look aesthetically pleasing and possibly even keep general reproductive rates higher. Many eschew plant proteins for lacking all of the essential amino acids in order to build muscle. However, rice protein contains all of the EAAs required by the body to facilitate muscle protein synthesis and get the anabolic engine running.

For those brosefs who bash plant proteins as not being as effective as whey in terms of muscle growth and recovery, research has proven this to be completely false.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study comparing the effects of whey versus rice protein on markers of performance and lean mass gains. After 8 weeks of supplementation, rice protein was found to provide gains in lean body mass, strength, and power as well as decrease body fat comparable to whey protein. If it is, you can probably guess where pea protein comes from… the humble vegetable pea.

While you may think this puts you at a disadvantage compared to the moo juice crowd, nothing could be further from the truth. When pea protein is compared to whey protein , pea proteins are just as effective as whey with resistance training on increasing muscle.

Where pea proteins really shine though are in terms of overall health benefits. Research has shown that it lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.

The first company to cost-effectively fix the taste problem but keep the amino acid profile is going to be a huge winner in this industry. Hemp Protein Hemp seeds contains all nine essential amino acids required by the body to synthesize muscle along with a healthy dose of essential fatty acids, particularly omega 3 and 6.

While that may not be a nail in the coffin for hemp, it also only has a mediocre protein digestibility rating PDCAAS of Hemp protein powder manufacturers love to tout the high omega-3 content inside their products.

This means that vegetarians counting on hemp protein to bring their omega-3 fats are getting the short end of that stick, and need to find other sources of diet. But can the protein be cost-effectively separated from the other fats? Initial reports on soy protein consumption had the masses believing that consuming any amounts of soy would lead to gynocomastia man boobs or the proliferation of estrogen in the body.

However, more recent research into soy proteins show it to be a high-quality protein that contains all of the essential amino acids in the proper ratios needed to support muscle growth and strength development. Other studies have refuted the previous alarmism surrounding soy negatively impacting hormone levels in men and show that it has no effect on serum T level. Does this mean you should only eat soy protein and have no worries? It can lower serum triglyceride and lipid levels, [47] Furthermore, soy also boasts a PDCAAS score of making it just as bioavailable and well utilized by the body as whey and egg proteins!

Some powders even contain artificial or natural colors, but those are ultimately completely unnecessary and can easily be avoided. Guar gum consists of ground reproductive tissue taken from guar beans.

The legitimate concerns are more around the way it is processed than the direct effect it has on health. Lecithin is a naturally-occurring substance found in a number of protein sources, including eggs and meat. Soybeans are the cheapest source to extract it from, however. The concerns center around said extraction — pesticides used on the soybeans and chemical solvents used to extract the lecithin being chief among them.

Long story short — the small amounts of soy lecithin used in supplements are extremely unlikely to contain anything that can hurt you unless you have a soy allergy. The FDA does not allow degraded carrageenan in food products, however, and study of non-degraded carrageenan thus far has not shown any evidence of tumors, cancer or any other sort of negative health effects.

But it otherwise passes harmlessly through the system and is regarded as a safe additive by the FDA. There is a lone study that was not conclusive, but raised the possibility that xanthan gum intake caused necrotizing enterocolitis in infants.

The wood pulp is basically identical to the plant pulp and is just as harmless and digestible. The FDA approves of its use and sets limits for how much can be in protein products like cheeses and meats. People sometimes get it confused with MCT oil, which is the healthy saturated fat extracted from palm or coconut oil.

The two are quite different — coconut oil is extremely calorie-dense and likely to raise bad LDL cholesterol when consumed regularly or in large amounts. As a saturated fat which means the carbon atoms are fully bonded , or saturated , it is extremely stable and non-reactive. This means that there are far less concerns of a protein powder with coconut oil or MCT oil going rancid if kept out or improperly stored too long unlike with oils such as sunflower oil.

It provides the same creamy mouthfeel and sense of satiation as a saturated fat does, but minus some of the taste and caloric density. It can be metabolized for immediate energy, and can even help the body increase fat oxidation and energy expenditure! These are quite underrated fats, and many dieters like to use them. The issue with polyunsaturated fats is that they are less stable by nature. When heated, sunflower oil breaks down oxidizes more than other polyunsaturated fats, and can lead to rancidity when the PV peroxide values get too high.

There are some different compositions of sunflower oil that increase the amount of monounsaturated fat in proportion to polyunsaturated fat.

These are labeled as mid-oleic and high oleic. Oleic acid is the source of the monounsaturated fat content. Sunflower oil is well-known for its stability issues, and a lot of research has been put into making it more stable and removing the odors. Unnatural Corn Syrup Solids Corn syrup solids are made from dextrose, which is slightly less sweet than the sucrose or fructose more commonly found in food products. Fructose is simply the naturally occurring form of sugar found in fruits, vegetables and honey.

Traditional gym wisdom has held that the insulin spikes that empty carb loads bring on help improve protein synthesis, but studies to the contrary have been chipping away at that belief in recent years. There are theories that high sugar consumption is behind the spike in all sorts of diseases, including cancers and cardiovascular disease, but slam-dunk evidence is still lacking. Stevia Stevia is an extract from the leaves of the stevia rebaudiana plant.

Recent studies indicate it may actually have all sorts of side health benefits — improving insulin sensitivity, reducing high blood pressure and even reducing arterial plaque among them.

Still, there are some legitimate concerns about its effects on reproductive health, and women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant may want to avoid it to be on the safe side though evidence is limited to rat studies right now.

On the positive side, stevia has one of the cleanest bills of health of any artificial sweetener out there — it appears to not only be safe for use but might actually make you more healthy, at least if the results of initial studies hold up to further research!

Note that this discussion is for pure stevia, however. In the United States this sweetener is not very common, and usually on the pricey side when you do see it sold. There are a wide range of sugar alcohols. Some of the more instantly recognizable names are xylitol , erythritol and sorbitol. Erythritol and xylitol seem to be the most widely well-tolerated of the bunch, which is probably why you see them so often. This is by far the most popular sweetener in protein powders, and we enjoy it and fully support its use until further noted.

Aspartame Aspartame is most commonly known under the brand names NutraSweet and Equal. For the simple reason that the supplement industry has completely avoided aspartame, we simply stay away from the whole aspartame argument. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste that is usually masked by combining it with aspartame or sucralose.

Some concerns have been raised about it being cytotoxic in mice at very high doses, [75] but rat studies have not shown any evidence of this and the FDA considers it safe for use. Polydextrose Polydextrose is unique among the sugar substitutes as it is a man-made type of glucose, but also a soluble and prebiotic fiber. While a sugar that also acts as a healthy dietary fiber sounds amazing and can actually reduce appetite! Chocolate-flavored supplements usually use cocoa powder or extract, which is typically rather bitter in taste.

The unhealthy component of chocolate actually comes from the sugar and saturated fat that the cocoa is mixed with; in supplements, chocolate flavor is usually replicated in a more healthy way by using one of the zero-calorie sweeteners listed above. Vanilla Like cocoa, vanilla is another bean extract that does not taste palatable at all in its natural form, and has to be added to a recipe containing a sweetener to become delicious.

As with cocoa, flavored protein powders and other supplement products will usually mix their vanilla extract with some sort of zero-calorie sweetener. While overconsumption of salt is thought to be bad for health, you do need to take in some amount each day as a dietary necessity.

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