Gluten-Free Diets No Help in Losing Weight

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The Great Solar Panel Debate: But dieters shouldn't be fooled. Weight loss comes from reducing calories, not the absence of gluten. When you cut out whole food groups, Neily said, you have fewer choices and tend not to eat as much. Problems arise when taste buds get bored and dieters go in search of junk food. Elizabeth Putsche, a celiac sufferer from Baltimore, said she is baffled as to why someone who does not have celiac or gluten sensitivity would think that eating a lot of processed gluten-free products would help them drop a few pounds.

Neily said people often overdo gluten-free snacks and baked goods because they have a "health halo" surrounding them. If these foods are a big part of your diet, you probably won't be losing weight," she said. Her point is well taken: Gluten-free Glutino pretzel sticks, for example, contain calories per ounce, compared with calories per ounce for standard pretzel sticks.

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are approximately calories per cookie, while a regular chocolate cookie is about 90 calories. Gluten-free chocolate cake delivers approximately calories and 5 grams per slice, slightly more than a piece of chocolate cake with the gluten intact.

Although the gluten-free weight-loss fad shows no signs of slowing down, some dieters are catching on — and giving up. Dyana Flanigan a year-old public relations manager from Chicago, said she tried a gluten-free diet for six months and wound up gaining 5 pounds.

Maybe because I was eating more of other things as a reward for denying myself what I really wanted," she speculated. And, she said, she found gluten-free an expensive way to eat. Although she didn't lose any weight, her pocketbook definitely did, she said.

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