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In response to dehydration, the pituitary gland releases more of a hormone called arginine vasotocin AVT into the blood. You noted that "we are all to become teachers" when the Earth passes from the fourth density to the fifth. Even if the entire top of the enclosure is covered by mesh, ventilation may be severely hampered. Indeed, the rate of fluid transport in these tubules is said to be higher, gram for gram, than any other tissue. Osmoregulation of fish living in fresh water requires them to excrete large volumes of dilute urine. Malpighian tubules The main excretory organ of the insect is the Malpighian tubule. Getting back to one of the earlier questions, relative to young people not knowing what to do with the energy released by changes in the DNA structure, is is possible for you to glean, even on a superficial level, what these teens should do until Moranae gives a more definitive answer?


Origin of Reptiles

I want you to know he's still alive and still scooting around, wreaking havoc. He still doesn't have his stuff together. I mean, all you really have to do is take all your personal emotions away from your observation of the Bible, or the Old Testament, and just see what Jehovah did. It's clearly psychotic behavior. I don't want a "God" like that!

It's amazing how some people will defend it, saying "well, he was justified in killing everybody". The word " Jehovah " originally meant, in the Chaldean and Hebrew, " is, was, and will be ". The reason he was given that name is because he lives such a long time. They live thousands of years in one incarnation. It never meant "creator of all things".

He used technology to promote himself as a "God", and fear is an incredible tool when you want to get people to do something. Some of your have no doubt observed this factor in some of the activities of the world governments. The Chaldean people were the remnants of the Sumerian people. This you probably already know.

Much of the Hebrew religion and the religion of the Sumerians are similar. The books of Moses do not in any way suggest that Jehovah was in any way the only "lord of the Elohim". The expressions "Elohim" and "Nephilim" are used in the original Hebrew tongue, and these expressions are plural in nature, which means that in their terms there was more than one "God".

That should be a major tip to everyone. Abraham, whose name was "Abramou", did consider Jehovah to be a "God" because of the technology that Jehovah and the other Elohim possessed. Many of the "Gods" did the same thing. They used technology to strike fear into the people, and they worshipped the "Gods" to avoid punishment.

Any of this sound familiar, here in ? Marduk , whom we also know as the Egyptian "God" Ra , Enki , and En-lil , were notorious for doing this. These extraterrestrial manipulators used bigotry because they wanted to control their own groups of people, and each of their offspring procreated with elements of the population of the earth.

According to Moraney and Vasais, our native American races are the remnants of the ancient Babylonians. They were brought here and hidden underground just prior to the flood of Noah. Now, what was the flood of Noah? We are told that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.

According to Moraney, the flood of Noah was as a result of the movement of Earth from one orbit to another around the Sun. The Earth was apparently hit with a tractor beam and literally moved to an orbit further out from the Sun.

This added five days to our rotational period around the Sun. The period of this 40 day rain was during the period when the magnetic poles of the Earth rotated degrees. My reason for telling you this is to try and give you a broader perspective. There is just so much more to who we are and who we've been.

We have been manipulated by the "hidden ones". The reason they remain "unseen" is because on-the-whole they are basically afraid of us. They are afraid of something about us. They absolutely do not want us to unite together, because then the "gig" is up. Now, when the extraterrestrials were here in force - that is, during the time referenced in the Bible where is says the Sons of God married the Daughters of Man, they bred and mated with their human wives.

Out of this came offspring, half-breeds. There were at that time, within the last years, predominantly 13 families from Sirius B and Nibiru , who were living here on the planet.

These were the tribes of En-lil, Marduk, Enki, etc. They all had offspring. Those from Nibiru were a tribe that came about as a result of a "marriage" between some groups between Sirius B and Orion.

It was in essence a "royal marriage" between groups that formed a "tribe". This "tribe" was called Nibiru. The word Nibiru , in the ancient Sumerian language, means " between two peoples ". I know Sitchin calls it something else. The offspring were not allowed to go with the extraterrestrial parents when they left the Earth, because they were considered "half-breeds".

The reason they were viewed like this by the extraterrestrials was because of their Terran genetics, which contain certain genes from the primate race.

According to Moraney, the first melding between the primate genes and the human species was 28,, BC, and there have been many prototypes. In fact, they just found another prototype in Portugal that is estimated to be , years old. They will discover more.

In fact, start looking for some major discoveries in Nigeria. Apparently, there is a tremendous amount of extraterrestrial technology buried in Nigeria, that has not been tapped yet. When the extraterrestrials left, the real ET's, they left certain types of technology behind.

The Indian Veda's discuss some of this technology. They had science teams who were constantly inventing new things, and as they got new technology they discarded the old. Well, it was the Magi , the half-breeds , that were left these technologies. There were 13 major families that were considered under the heading of Magi.

Does that number ring a bell? The members of these 13 families on earth contain the genetics of both Terran and extraterrestrial races that formerly tyrannized the Earth. They were basically left in charge. Some of them were actually Pharaohs. The Magi interbreeding resulted in the cultures we today recognize as the "Ivory Hebrew", the "Mayan", the "Celts", and the "Aryan" races. Now, while all of this was transpiring on the surface of the planet, underground there was another extraterrestrial race that had been here - a race that has been here for hundreds of thousands of years.

They are, of course, the reptilian race , which the Bible refers to as the " serpent race ". They are still here, and they can't stand the radiation of the sun. They haven't been able to live on the surface of the planet since the last major war that occurred here approximately , years ago. They are basically hyperborean in nature.

They have control of the planet at depths from to miles down. That's their turf, and no one contests that. That is why when people go into the inner earth, they enter via the poles. They do not go through the crust, because these reptilians simply to not like humans. They consider us to be "fleas" on the surface.

Again, prejudice as a concept has its origin in extraterrestrial perspectives. All of the concepts involving languages and social structures for human societies were introduced by extraterrestrial sources. All of the languages that we have on the planet have their origins within the structures of extraterrestrial languages. The letters and their numerical values. From Moraney's perspective, " Adam and Eve " were in fact two human tribes that were created. I know the Bible refers to "Adam" as a singular person.

This is not accurate. According to Moraney, there was a race of human beings prior to the Sumerians called the " Annunites ", and they were named after the chief scientist who the Sumerian's called the "God" Anu.

The name of " A-dam ", as far as these people were concerned, was originally " Anu-dam ". That word meant workers in the mines. Like everything else, we get the "Cliff notes" version of what really was the case.

I asked Moraney how the extraterrestrials were able to control all the populations. Apparently, there were groups of hundreds of thousands of people in areas all over the planet. Moraney said that it was very easy to control the population by controlling the water.

He said that primary control was through technology, but the single most important control mechanism for a race as primitive as ours was control of the water supply. You have to have water. This leads me to share something with you that I started to share earlier. Two weeks ago, Bill Clinton signed a presidential directive, number 28, which is legislation that has been put into the Federal Register. It did not go to Congress for approval. They withheld it for two weeks, only giving the legislation 14 days of review before it became law.

This, of course, is illegal, because there must be a 30 day period of review]. It is called the River Heritage Act. He is taking ten of the largest rivers in the United States and declaring on behalf of the Federal Government that ten miles on each side constitute a "world heritage protection site". Now, why would he do this?

On the entire planet, 2. Are you getting the picture? Now, the Magi created class systems around themselves. You can read about this priesthood's in Sumerian and Egyptian lore. Every major religion has these. The priesthood's of the Magi were known as the " Naga " , and I know that is a name that has been thrown around a lot. The Naga constituted the priesthood. They are like the international bankers today, who are the new "priesthood", in a sense, for the extraterrestrial controllers.

Everything in your life revolves around money. My reason for bringing this up is to show you how history is constantly repeating itself. Our race has been stuck in a cycle of doing the same thing over and over again, and getting "screwed" over and over again. Maybe now you will be able to take a step back and see the "games" and the political mind sets that are coming down again. Folks, it's right there. I want you to know something, and I mean this with all my heart.

There are people that say,. Well, you know what? I don't think this way, and it's being created anyway. The reason it's being created anyway is because of apathy. People don't give a damn, because they are so busy just "surviving". Well, you are going to have to try and make room for more than just "survival" in your life.

You're going to have to do this. There is only one semi-free nation on the planet. If we loose it, there is nowhere for us to go, and I will tell you this: I refuse to serve two masters! You can't do it. The following material is a follow-up interview conducted with Alex Collier in regard to the Andromedan paradigm. The interview was conducted on Sunday May 5, There are more reptilians than there were before.

There are approximately 20 of the royal Draconian line in the planet at this time. An underground facility was apparently built for them in the mountains in Madagascar.

It is something that Moraney seemed very concerned about, because they don't know exactly why the Ciakars are here On a galactic level, several humanoid colonies in the Hercules cluster have been admitted to the Andromedan Council.

What about the biological situation on the planet? The viruses that are going to be hitting the United States are going to be blamed on Africa. It of course is not true. I am sure most of your readers know that already. It's no secret that all the viral and plague outbreaks have always been organisms that are involved with known government biowarfare programs.

The interesting thing about the Ebola virus is that there is an extraterrestrial gene that has been added to it. I have heard that the same thing was done by factions in the government to create the HIV virus. I don't know what extraterrestrial race provided the gene for the recombinant HIV virus, but I know that the biological material that has been added to the Ebola was given to the government by the humanoids from Sirius B.

I don't know if if was one of their viruses that they picked up somewhere or whether it is actually from them.

Well, giving thought to the question: There are a lot different races that would love to have this solar system totally secured, primarily because of Saturn and Jupiter, and the Earth is a prize because of all the water on it. But, if they gave certain human beings on Earth the viruses, and those human beings in turn go ahead and use them, it doesn't totally absolve them of culpability, but at the same time it does relieve them the aliens of the idea that they actually did it to us.

This is the really scary part, you know. This attitude is not uncommon even here on Earth. It is an interesting parallel to the attitude of some organized religious and political groups who behave in the same way, having other people do their dirty work. Ultimately, however, they cannot escape the karmic debt incurred by doing these things.

Referring back to some of the things you said in the ET's and Global Connection, you noted that there were some reptilians inside the Earth that have been responsible for some 37, human children disappearing. Have you acquired any additional information or clarification relative to this statement?

You mean, what they do to the human children? Well, any clarification beyond that simple statement relative to what is happening. Well, I can tell you two things. You're not going to like this. I'm probably already aware of what you are about to say, but go ahead.

Well, my understanding is that aside from the fact that they eat human children, what they do is that they drain fluids from the brains of children while they are in fear. I have heard of this before. It is to get that substance which to them is like a drug.

It's like a narcotic. From the adrenal and pituitary glands? Apparently the government has tried to copy this substance, but they can't, so they have this agreement with the reptilians down below. My understanding is that the primary agreement is that they will allow the world governments to mine gold in exchange for the human children.

It is an interesting parallel to a movie I saw called I Come in Peace, which featured a rogue time-traveller from an alien race who came to Earth and killed humans just to get endorphins from their brain while they were in terror. Another alien was sent dimensionally to stop him, because if he was successful in accumulating endorphins and returning with them, there would be no end to the slaughter of humans, as others would come.

There is more to it than that. The excretion has some of the genetic coding within it. This is really what they are after. Apparently they can absorb it, but their bodies don't produce it. There is a chemical that we have in our brains that no other life form creates. It is a result of the fact that we have 22 genetic lines within human DNA, plus the primate race. No one can yet copy this chemical yet. As far as them being galactic drug dealers, I have never heard them referred to as that, but it's interesting.

Well, it was only in reference to that movie, but the fact they would raid another species and kill them to acquire this substance. Of course, humans do this to other species, don't they? Well, they have this attitude that because part of their genetics are within us, that they have a "right" to do this. The Greys apparently have the same philosophy, and I can remember in one of the things that you sent me that Drunvalo also says that. I would like to offer a different perspective in that it is just flat wrong.

They don't have a "right" to do it. Somehow they have convinced the world governments that they have this "right". Of course, the world governments are within the paradigm of Neo-Darwinism and genetic engineering, and it is no surprise that they would gladly except this statement as pseudo-confirmation of their own position and rationale. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for these people. And apparently the reptilians use human children as sex slaves, which is something I have heard periodically over the last few years, even in conjunction with governmental child sex rings that were mentioned in the book Trance-Formation in America by Cathy O'Brien.

What is interesting is that the reptilians primarily enjoy human males in this way, which is really disgusting. Well, the whole thing is really disgusting. Let's change the subject! You noted one time that there were about benevolent ET's on Earth that were relatively undistinguishable from ordinary humans, and that you were at the time not privy to their purpose for being here.

Have you discovered more relative to this? Well, in truth, I know exactly why they're here. But I have been told to really not talk about it.

I will tell you that the original number of in is now down to And, I understand that in the next three months another 97 will leave. Then I guess the number will just decrease steadily until August ? Yes, the last bunch will leave then. So, what I can get out of all of this is that these alien humanoids are intelligence operatives who monitor the state of affairs on Earth.

Your perception is very accurate. I feel like I have broken a promise. If I already have the logic to figure things out, then there is no word broken. I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce why they are here, I suppose. In the last interview LE 90 you noted that "the anger coming up in young people was because of the unlocking of DNA that is releasing energy that they don't know what to do with.

Well, I have asked them if they would outline a workable system of expression that would be positive and beneficial, not only to the teens, but to the adults. Moraney said that the next time he spoke with me that he would have an answer. As soon as I find out, I will get that information to you.

In the last interview, it was stated that the Greys captured and boxed human souls, and that Moraney did not want to answer the question of what happens to these souls.

Has Moraney changed his mind about that yet? I don't think it's because of Moraney. He is always reluctant to say he can't answer something, so I think that the directive not to reveal that information comes from a higher level.

I don't know if they are concerned that the information might generate more fear on this planet. It could be that they are just trying to figure out a way to let us know. In order to deal with these kind of issues, perhaps one of the other things Moraney might want to dwell on besides the question about "what are children to do to cope with this energy constructively?

However, I think most readers of The Leading Edge are pretty much past the barrier of dealing with things only in terms of fear, and people who have read it over a number of years are already at the point where they can pretty much take anything and process it constructively. That will come in the future, since it will be delineated anyway. You noted that "we are all to become teachers" when the Earth passes from the fourth density to the fifth.

Are you able to elaborate on that? Essentially, what is supposed to happen is that when we move into fifth density, many of us for some reason are going to find us back where we started with our extraterrestrial origin. In alien humanoid bodies from whence we came, before we occupied bodies here. Exactly, and with all the experiences here. According to Moraney, they will all be recognized as teachers and as a group that has gone through a "first ever" transformation.

On a recent Art Bell show, a fellow named Robert Ghostwolf discussed a Native American perspective that "the only two ET races that were attempting to help us were the Sirians and the Andromedans. My understanding is that those from the Sirius A system are trying to be beneficial and assist , because they feel responsibility in that those who colonized Sirius B system were originally from Sirius A.

Those from Sirius B have come here and really messed with our heads , and they are the ones who originally gave our government the Montauk technology. They have the same belief and brain patterns as those from Orion. Those from Tau Ceti are also very much involved. Nobody knows exactly what the Pleaidians are going to do yet, but I will share this with you.

Those that live in the system around Alcyon - some of them cannot be trusted, as they have hidden agendas. Those from Taygeta, I am told, have a very clear objective: Just because a group is labeled " Pleaidians " doesn't mean they are here to help us.

People confuse that issue. Know them by their works. Those from Cygnus Alpha are here. There is a group from Arcturus that is trying to help. Those from Procyon, who have been liberated, are trying to help. They're pretty gung ho. Well, all these species that are trying to help are limited by the Prime Directive.

So, one would presume that they are waiting for a certain threshold of a feeling of wishing assistance to manifest itself, and that the threshold of feeling would overrule the Prime Directive and allow things to happen. That may not come until after Obviously, Moranae and all these people have the ability to travel in time and know everything that is going to happen. Well, it will be reached no later than August 12, The regressives are going to mastermind their own undoing.

But, for some reason they are so desperate to try to maintain control of us, and for some reason they don't want to let our particular solar system and the other 21 go. What could that reason possibly be? I don't know, but there is a reason. There is more about us, as humans, that I don't know, than there is that I do know.

No, but I know that the Andromedans are very concerned about Montauk , because the humans who are working with this technology are being given specific coordinates in space, and the regressives that are here can use that same technology and leave here. The whole point is to track where they are going, so they do not continue to propagate their belief systems.

If the universe itself is being "jacked up" several frequency levels, then it doesn't matter where they go to try and get away. They will be stuck in the same boat. Well, this is true. But, my understanding is that the idea is to limit the damage they do. Does this have to do with this year period of tyranny which the Andromedans are trying to prevent. Well, obviously they must know that it was prevented if they can travel in time. That sounds like a paradox.

They must know that they either were or were not successful. Here is where we start to drift into parallel lines of reality. This comes into the next question that I have. At one point in your talk in Dallas, you indicated that according to the Andromedans, our very next spiritual leap in consciousness will come from the "quiet science of archeology". Yet, it was also stated that many of the Dows Greys here and presumably the government and other people, are time travellers who "tweak" history.

If in fact "new truths" are to proceed from archeology, just how "true" can they be if literally everything is subject to change and manipulation, in terms of "archeology" consisting of "tactically planted evidence"?

Well, look at this idea. When they first started this manipulation, they had a specific agenda. But here in this particular linear year, , their agendas have radically changed. They are faced with "survival" because there is another threat to them. It is no longer just a matter of controlling Earth humans, but it is also the fact that there are other alien races in our atmosphere and in our solar system that are here to help and to limit the damage.

Their main concern now is not so much totally manipulating us, but trying to get what it is they want, or came here to get, and get out of here. Plus, you have this frequency change. All I had tell you is that the Andromedans had no idea that this sound frequency emanation from the black holes was going to happen. No one foresaw this. It was an instantaneous phenomenon that affected past, present and future all at once.

Now, despite the fact that the Andromedans can travel outside of space-time and have a viewpoint of a probable line of reality, when this sound frequency emanation happened it created an entirely new probable line of reality. They couldn't have foreseen it. Yes, and a totally different set of probabilities. I don't know about all of that.

So, is it at all likely we could all wake up one morning into a completely different reality? I think it's possible for some beings, but I don't think it's possible for all of us.

I think that it is going to be a gradual transformation of consciousness. We are all essentially going to change our minds and create something else, and it will be voluntary and more of a group effort. A part of us will awaken and we will know what it is that we have to do. I don't think it's going to change totally overnight, in an instant. They have never said it would happen that way. Otherwise there would be no need to give us specific dates. It is supposed to be a gradual process.

By producing urea which is less toxic than ammonia and therefore storable , elasmobranches are able to increase their osmolarity higher than the seawater and therefore take up water from the sea like freshwater species. This is due to the urea being retained in the blood and therefore increasing the osmolarity of the blood. Fish still have kidneys however, despite nitrogen excretion being handled by the gills. Instead the kidneys are involved in the excretion of excess water and divalent ions , e.

Lungfish , which are able to live out of water, have another adaption. They excrete ammonia in the usual way when in the water , but during times of drought when the lungfish buries itself in the mud the production of toxic ammonia could prove fatal.

So instead, when buried in the mud, the lungfish produces urea which can be accumulated and excreted into the environment at less toxic levels. As with fish the type of nitrogenous excretion depends entirely on environment. Typically tadpoles use the same method as fish — ammonia excretion via the gills.

However adult amphibians produce urea as they do not remain constantly in the water. The urea is stored, diluted in the bladder, but as amphibians may be prone to desiccation they have adapted the ability to reabsorb water from the urine when needed.

This requires them to have relatively large bladders for storage. Amphibians do not drink to obtain water ; instead they are able to absorb water through a region of the skin called the ventral pelvic area.

All birds excrete a paste like substance called uric acid which contains the waste nitrogen independent of habitat. It initially begins as watery urine which travels down the ureters , from the kidney to the cloaca. The cloaca is a unified exit for the gastrointestinal, urinary and reproductive systems.

In the cloaca, the urine mixes with faecal matter from the digestive tract and as much water is removed as possible to produce a dry, crystalline paste containing uric acid. A small amount of watery urine may be excreted as well.

The method of nitrogen excretion depends on the habitat; aquatic reptiles e. Whilst reptiles living in drier conditions e. This helps to conserve water and during development in the egg, a build-up is not fatal.

Uric acid, as with birds, is excreted from the cloaca. The kidneys of reptiles do not have loops of Henle and so they are unable to produce concentrated urine also, whilst a large bladder is present in chelonians turtles snakes and some lizards do not have a bladder at all.

All mammals produce primarily urea sometime ammonia which is excreted in urine. Mammals are able to osmoregulate and maximise water conservation by varying the concentration of urine depending on the hydration of the body. Mammals living in environments with plentiful access to fresh water will excrete large amounts of dilute urine.

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