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Stuff brought me back to normal. It's a crucial skill to people who spend any amount of time in the wilderness and don't always have the luxury of a grocery store that sells consistently nonpoisonous berries. Don't disappoint your taste buds or fail your muscles with a chalky, underpowered protein bar. As it turned out, a totally different recipe inspired this patty filling. It tastes like a summer sweet tea made with green tea instead of black. I would suggest using silicone liners and simply leaving the peppermint patty in the liner. In all honesty when you're fighting the Glass Joe and Von Kaiser of iced teas you really don't need to put up much of a fight to get them down.

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The smoothie provides needed calcium from milk and Greek yogurt to help keep your bones strong. Instant coffee will give you an energy boost and also boosts your metabolism for up to 4 hours. Cooked oats are high in complex carbohydrates and fiber to keep you June 3, Leave a comment. Pay a visit to her site for more great healthy eating recipes and healthy living tips. Mixing frozen raspberries together with lime, makes December 29, 2 Comments. Last year was quite busy on the blog.

Traffic went up quite a bit after the holidays, I suspect because of people getting a Nutribullet or similar blender for Christmas or as a holiday gift.

Then it was on to New Year resolutions, which always makes people particularly interested in healthy smoothie recipes. As a result, many of the most The Hazelnut Coffee Smoothie combines coffee and hazelnuts into a delicious smoothie that can be a snack or dessert.

Hazelnuts are high in healthy fats that have been shown to prevent heart disease and strokes. They are also high in dietary fiber to help keep your digestive system healthy. This smoothie also adds Greek yogurt for a creamy texture that July 10, Leave a comment. Yogurt is a good source of B vitamins which are helpful in keeping our bodies energized. So what other ingredients in this smoothie that helps keep you energized?

Pumpkin seeds, nuts, kale and grapefruit. This energizing smoothie recipe includes high-quality proteins to help you last longer during strenuous activities, with some citrus zing to keep you feeling active. April 14, Leave a comment. Lemon is a very underrated fruit. Lemons are rich in antioxidants and vitamins such as Vitamin C. It helps prevent cancer by stopping the division of cancer cells. This smoothie makes use of lemons as an ingredient and is February 21, 17 Comments. Looking for a delicious way to slim down?

This Banana, Carrot, and Orange Smoothie with a bit of Spinach and seeds enhances your way to losing weight. It contains essential nutrients that are linked to enhanced metabolism such as B-complex, L-carnitine, iron and coenzyme Q Here is what you will get in one serving of this smoothie: February 7, Leave a comment. Kiwi is one of the most alkaline fruits in the world, giving it a mineral-rich property.

Because of this, kiwis are able to help reduce and replace the acidity in the body. This is said to help the body maintain a healthy and youthful skin, reduce insomnia and prevent arthritis and osteoporosis. Personally, I eat them simply because I like The truth is, I tested some vegan peppermint patty recipes a few years ago, but I was never satisfied with the filling that I came up with. So the recipe was pushed aside for other things. This happens all the time in my kitchen.

I have approximately unfinished recipes stuffed into a drawer or on my Google Drive recipe file. My previous trial involved powdered sugar and vegan butter, but I wanted to up my game. As it turned out, a totally different recipe inspired this patty filling. As soon as I tasted the squares I knew it would be the perfect filling for my beloved peppermint patties. I used a small amount of blended soaked cashews and almond milk to mimic that amazing creamy consistency and flavour.

One of the challenging parts about recipe creation is figuring out the most efficient process for the steps involved. Making it taste good is the easy part! Often I have to just make it and get my hands dirty before I can figure out which method will work best. For the first trial, I decided to spread out the entire peppermint mixture onto a parchment lined baking sheet see this photo and then I froze it for over an hour. Once it firmed up, I scraped it off the sheet with a spoon and formed it into patties.

The process was quite fussy and super messy, but it worked. Still, I knew there had to be a better way…. For my second trial, I poured the filling into mini candy liners see above, right. I think I got these from Bulk Barn a couple years ago. Half a tablespoon of filling went into each liner and then I froze them for 20 minutes, popped them out of the liner, and froze for another 10 minutes before coating in melted chocolate.

This worked much better and it took half the time. I know that not everyone has these candy liners hanging around, so I tested it with paper cupcake liners too. Trial 2 photo below — using the mini candy liner method.

Just know that the flavour will change depending on the sweetener you use. This way nothing goes to waste! For an extra festive, crunchy patty, try sprinkling on crushed candy canes on top of the chocolate! Yes, I did test a nut-free version for you guys!! I soaked them overnight and followed the recipe as written, only using 2. For some reason, I had trouble with the peppermint filling setting as well as the cashew version did, even after freezing the patties for double the time.

The taste, however, was fantastic!!! My advice if you want a nut-free version, is to not bother with popping the patties out of the liners. I would suggest using silicone liners and simply leaving the peppermint patty in the liner. Then add the melted chocolate on top and freeze as usual.

Then you can eat it straight out of the liner without having to fuss! Just an idea…if you try anything let us know in the comments. Ok, so the nut-free patties eventually set, but it took a good hours! Keep this in mind if making the nut-free version. Am I nuts or would this be the best pie ever? Thanks to everyone who entered. And really quite simple to make.

Just blend, freeze, and coat in chocolate! I love that I can keep these in the freezer for an after dinner treat, too! I finally looked at your blog, wanting more smoothies recipes, and opened a door into deliciousness.

I am currently on mat leave yay! One comment about this delicious recipe: Next time because there WILL be a next time! Hi Angela, I really want to try this mint patties but is expensive and very hard for me to find coconut oil, can I sub it with regular vegetable oil or maybe Earth Balance shortening? These worked so well! I would say the texture was ideal after they had been out of the fridge for a while, though — the chocolate remained hard but the inside was soft and a little runny like a store-bought patty; out of the fridge the filling was hard, but still tasty.

Thanks for sharing this recipe. These are just amazing!! I am going to be surrounded by some very happy people in three days. I just made these tonight and they turned out amazing. I substituted peppermint oil for peppermint extract 1: I was a bit sceptical of this recipe, but I just tried it and it is amazing!

I tried a shortcut that worked rather well — I used raw cashew nut butter instead of going through the whole soaking and grinding process. It is a bit expensive, but sure saves one of the most work intensive steps! Who ever thought to make peppermint patties out of cashews! Thank you for this post, I wanted to make peppermint creams and these look perfect. I sooo have to try these. They just look wonderful.

I added Peppermint Essential oil until it was very minty, the way we like it. I had a silicone candy mold for the centers.

I put melted vegan chocolate in the bottom of silicone cup cake liners, topped with the centers, and put more melted chocolate on top. Could you chill the peppermint filling and then use a donut hole cutter or a small glass to form the patties. Chill the cutter in the freezer first. Hey Vic, This is a cool idea! Let me know if you try this out. Now I have a craving for these peppermint patties!!! I made these in combination with your one bowl chocolate chunk cookie with a couple of adjustments in order to recreate a vegan version of the mint slice, an iconic Australian biscuit.

Thanks for recipes and inspiration x. I keep these in the little paper cups and just add a dollop of chocolate to the top.

I use maple syrup and pure peppermint essential oil as swaps.

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