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This looks like an easy enough recipe that I could do it. How to Use Nutrisystem While Breastfeeding. Click on the detailed information that outlines the full nutritional value of the meal and make notes for yourself as to which meals you want to replicate. These cookies are the closest to the high fat version I could find. Then, create similar meals with similar ingredients from your local supermarket.

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I think this looks good, almost pita like I would enjoy it. Can i substitute for low fat cream cheese? Will it affect the recipe? Also any tips for cheese or cinnamon raisin options? Hi May, I used low fat cream cheese and it worked fine. How do you make the hot dog buns? Is it possible to make buns big enough to use to make coney islands? Our coney islands are hot dogs topped with spicey cooked ground beef, then topped with yellow mustard and finely chopped onions.

Needless to say it requires a good size bun. This looks absolutely delicious. But now I really want to try it. I will definitely use your recipe.

Of course by the time I add the toppings I am thinking of the calories would go off the scale anyway! I have to say I have never heard of this before, but I am loving it. Now do you eat this by itself or do you add fruit or jam to this. Ooh this is very interesting!! Definitely a healthier alternative! I have always wanted to make this. Thanks for the step by step pictures. Now I know what to expect. So easy to make and the sandwich fixings have endless possibilities.

Thank you for sharing this! I made his and it came ou quite good! I also tried it without the splenda since I wanted it for trying tacos- it worked well. I bet this could be flavored many ways. It really is quite good. I made these several times, I topped them off with garlic butter and parsley they were delicious. I bake them fof dinner and they are all gone after breakfast in the morning. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. Comments I think I would really enjoy trying this Cloud Bread.

I love the low calories and the fact that there is no carbs. It is really good, I love dipping it in stews and such. It looks so good. Since I must watch my carbs, this recipe is ideal for me. It sounds easy to bake. After buying several Nutrisystem starter packs at Walmart and not really liking the taste of their food, I spent many hours looking at their food on their website and came up with my own versions.

We think the recipes are great and we never have problems staying on the plan. My husband and I would have one free day a month, to eat whatever we liked, within moderation.

Breakfast includes 1 fruit, 1 dairy or protein and 1 carb. We stayed with less than calories for our entree and kept our breakfast between total calories. Lunch includes 1 salad with dressing, 1 protein, 1 carb and 1 extra dairy or protein. We kept our our carb at calories, our protein at calories or less and total calories between Supper Dinner includes 1 salad with dressing, 1 protein around 4 oz of a lean meat , 2 servings of vegetables and a fat serving.

Check your salad dressing, usually the fat serving is in there. We tried to keep our carb between and calories. Total calories at to

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