How To Make Bulletproof Bone Broth

Bulletproof Bone Broth Instructions

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The better your hormone balance, the better your weight management. Have a handful with veggies and guacamole, which is packed with good fats. In the mood for chocolate? Partner it with yogurt. That way, you'll fill up on good stuff so you won't devour tons of the less-healthy food. What works for me is not going to work for you.

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Day by day I am realizing that there are many ways to incorporate treats into my Continue Reading…. I was traveling this summer and came upon a Mexican restaurant that had a guacamole bar! A guac bar was music to my ears, especially Continue Reading…. Learn more about me here.

Spray a frying pan or wok with cooking spray over medium heat. Add frozen mixed veggies and garlic to the pan. Toss to coat with the cooking spray. Cook the veggies until thawed, stirring occasionally. Add riced cauliflower and spray the rice lightly with more cooking spray. Move the rice mixture around, forming a hole in the center of the pan. Beat 4 eggs together and pour into the center of the pan.

Let the eggs cook up a little on the bottom and then combine them into the rice mixture. Cook for minutes or until eggs are cooked through. Salt and pepper to taste. Ahead of time, marinade chicken with 2 tbsp teriyaki sauce. Spray frying pan or wok with olive oil cooking spray over medium heat.

Add riced cauliflower and spray rice lightly with more cooking spray. I am ready to try this!!! However, my app shows Teriyaki is 1 sp for 1 tbsp.

What is a serving of this prepared? So new to WW. This recipe is 6 servings of 1. I hope you enjoy! Do you thaw the cauliflower rice before adding it?

Nope, I toss it in frozen and it thaws in the pan. I hope you enjoy it! Would this also be very low carb? Glad you liked it. What is the nutritional content on this recipe?

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