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The 2-Hour Rule: Is a bottle safe when it’s been left out too long?
Unrelated and per your field — do you ever do any personal consulting for meal planning with leaky gut? I have questions concerning wild rabbits. Maybe we just know more now as far as what babies need nutritionally? All in all, please please just encourage each other. She claimed it would cause bloody stool and colitis.

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Not for people with galactosemia. Shake well prior to opening. Once opened, reclose or cover, refrigerate and use within 48 hours. May be used for total or supplemental nutrition. May be fed at room temperature or chilled. Adjust flow rate and volume according to patient's condition and tolerance. Feed at room temperature using a feeding pump or syringe.

Additional fluid requirements should be met by giving water between or after feedings or when flushing the tube. Avoid contamination during preparation and use. Administer product at room temperature. DO NOT touch any part of the container or feeding set that comes into contact with the formula.

When initiating feeding, follow physician's instructions. For Use with Enteral Feeding Pumps: Remove dust cover from feeding set connector.

Turn connector collar clockwise until it is securely fastened. Close clamp on set before inverting container. Invert container and suspend, using hanging ring on bottom of container. Follow directions for use provided by manufacturer of feeding sets. Still he is taking his food by own.

I am spoon feeding. But he if I gv him fruits he lleat by himself. Our stable food is rice. But he always refuse to eat that. I am forcing him to eat every time and still he is not chewing the food but he chewing well what he takes own.. Pl help me out.. He can learn to eat rice, but that is more difficult for some babies. Hello, hoping you can offer some advice. My son just turned 3 years old. He has been receiving OT for a year now. He is verbal and understands commands. He will finger feed himself dry foods only, he can drink out of open cups, and straws.

He can eat foods that are easy to stab with a fork. He can sometimes eat foods with a spoon without hand over hand. He does have some sensory issues on his face, so we have tons of napkins for every meal. Our issues are more behavioral. Getting him to sit and feed himself an entire meal is close to impossible. He can undo his seat belt and climb out of his highchair. Letting him sit at the table with us leads to him trying to stand on his chair or run away.

So leaving him go, and not feeding him while he runs around the house can mean possible dehydration. So I end up chasing him around trying to get him to eat. Do you have any suggestions of things I could try to help him? I totally get where you are and this can be so overwhelming! As I listen to your story, I think he could really benefit from a sensory diet. He may benefit from using tools like a weighted lap pad, a wiggle seat, or proprioceptive activities beforehand or during the meal.

I have a guide for weighted lap pads here and I have a new post coming out next week about the wiggle seats. Lastly, I have this post on how to keep your child seated for meals. We, as parents are frustrated now. We made mistake of spoon feeding our 2 year 2 months old boy. Still he does not eat easily- needs some distraction like colors, toys, screen to eat food.

Each meal is minimum of an hours when he does not eat a large meal. So every evening is about cooking and then feeding him mainly after whole day of work.

And weekends same cycle for all three meals so all weekend is only at his service. It works sometimes if he is hungry for a lil time. I really really want him to develop interest in food and start eating by himself! Please help and suggest a way to be followed. I know how frustrating that can be! I have a free picky eating workshop that I think would be really helpful for you. You can sign up here. I think these are the first steps you need to take. My little one is about 16 months.

He self feeds some of his favorite food like crackers, cheese, gold fish, fruits etc. Its a dilemma for me because it is him eating some food versus not eating at all. He goes to day car and the same story continues, he does well with his snacks and fruits but not with the main course.

How do I encourage him to eat by himself and how do I deal with the quantity that he eats is enough for him or not? This age is all about learning to use a spoon. He probably just still needs some help, but if you become more concerned, I would definitely check with your doctor.

I have this post on Toddler Portion Sizes that I think will answer your other question. First off thank you so much for all the information. He only eats them when I put them in his mouth.

I have tried hand over hand with him, but when I do that he gets frustrated and throws the puff on the floor. What can I do to help him feed himself the puffs? Should I wait till he feeds himself before I start introducing new finger foods? Any information is so greatly appreciated! I know that sounds odd but it will help teach him the idea. My son will be 1 next week and we have been on a very wild food journey.. He will pick food up with his pincer grasp yay! He just removes it from his mouth and drops it on the floor..

Im not quite sure how to teach him to let go of the food inside his mouth. He also is a very slow eater and can only handle one small bite at a time ie: At this rate I feel like he will never be able to eat portion sizes or anything near the portion sizes that other toddlers eat.

He also gets intimidated by utensils at times so I feed him often with my own hands. And recently he had started acting aversive to drinking formula both from a bottle and a sippy, but he will drink water happily. I wonder if the formula hurts his belly. I just am feeling pretty stuck and want him to thrive and be happy. Any tips you can give me are greatly appreciated! It can be really challenging for kids that have been tube fed to learn to eat, this is very normal.

Of course, it can be done! He also may have some oral aversions to work through. I hope that helps a little! My son is 3 and a half years old and he still does not eat himself. He only drinks water by himself. He didnt even bite chocolate, chips etc. Please help me so that he can chew food and take it himself. If you have any questions let me know! I am having trouble getting my daughter to eat with a spoon. Before trying to feed her from a bowl and with a spoon. I would place her food on her tray and have her eat with her hands.

She would eat but not enough as she would start to play with her food. She does not want to eat. How can i fix this. I really hope you can help me. My son is 2,5 year son old and is really really messy when he eats. He has very little patience and just crumbles everything or smears it all over himself when he gets tired of trying or is finished eating.

He is not a picky eater though. So we are on a deadline to try and help him learn to eat mess free. Hi we have a 25 month old daughter. She is a great kid but when it comes to her eating it is always hard. She eats ok with me on her own but with my wife she struggles. My wife puts her front of the TV and puts the food in her mouth as she watches the TV.

I protested to this as well and now she plays games with her and tries to give her the food to hold by hand which she usually dropes. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to feed her in any of these various ways. I know we are doing everything wrong but my wife disagrees.

I wanted to know the problems this could cause down the road so that I can explain it to my wife. Also please tell us what we should do to get everything in order and move in the right direction. I do have to say though that she is healthy physically she is 50 percentile in weight and 60 percentile in height. Thank you in advance. There are so many kids just like your daughter that are thriving and doing well, but have a serious case of picky eating.

I actually have a lot on here that I think will be really helpful. First, I want you to check out this post about distractions. Maybe you guys could watch it together? You can sign up free here. They tend to over-eat and can further make negative associations with food. I hope that helps! My son is almost 21 months he can and will self feed with a spoon and fork if he feels like it.

Most of the time he will just play with the food and spill it or throw it to the ground. He will let us feed him and will eat a decent amount but he is also very fussy. He will not eat much meat except hamburgers which is a rare treat so most of his protein comes from eggs, hummus and peanut butter. I feel bad feeding him the same foods everyday. And, also, I have a free workshop you can take that teaches you 3 important strategies to helping kids eat better. You can sign up for free here.

I am a mom of twins. They are 16 months age adjusted. Everyday eating takes hours the mess is amazing. They refuse the suction plates they take them out of their table and poor all the food over the table top. One of them love to through down to the floor all the food.

He became a really picky eater. How I can make them keep the food in the plate? To be honest I might forget the plates for now and try again in a month, just give them a break. Put just a couple pieces of food at a time on their plates. As for the bibs, I know its so hard, I went through a battle with each of my kids at this age and really it just takes persistence and patience.

I would always put them back on and ignore the cries, it took some time but they eventually got past it. My son is 14 months old. He is a great eater in that he eats all kinds of solid foods. The problem is he does not self feed at all. Rather, he puts it in his high chair or drops it on the floor. I have tried to show him with Cheerios but no luck yet. Also, he rarely reaches for the spoon when we are feeding him. How do I fix this?

Hi I need some advice! I have a 12 month daughter that is eating all solid foods, weening her off of puréed food but my problem is she is so persistent on using a spoon for everything and refuses to let me feed her or help her.

She screams when I try to help. She wants to be the only one with a spoon. How do I let her learn but still make sure she is getting the nutrients? Will she allow you both to have a spoon? Give her her own bowl with a little in it while you control the bigger bowl. Hi Alisha, My son is 16 month old. He is not eating anything by himself. I have seen him biting his toys but not picking anything from floor and eating it. But he could use his pincer grasp to pick say, peanut from floor. He just explores it and throws away.

I even tried offering his favorite finger foods on his palm when he is hungry asking him to eat it by himself. He just throws it away crying or giving it back to me expecting me to feed him. He is a premature baby born on 34 weeks. Is this a normal thing for my son? Please assist me on what I should do to improve his eating behavior.

Take his hand to his mouth so the begins to understand. This will take a lot of repetition. Ya he eats well and eat variety of foods too. Only problem is he is not eating by himself.

Sometimes he plays with food. But he never tries taking it to mouth even when he is at the peak of hunger. I can wait even for months training him, just wanna make sure that this is not something abnormal. Thank you so much for your quick reply!

He used to do good feeding himself and being independent. He keeps the food in his mouth. He seems not to enjoy eating so much and that is stressing me out. How can I get him feed himself and enjoy his meals like he used to do? I appreciate the help! Hi Rani, Based on the little your shared here, it sounds like he is having food aversions, which can be incredibly stressful. Do me a favor, head to my start here and take a look at the couple of articles I have listed for picky eating.

I think this is a really good starting point for you. There is a way out of this! Hi,i have same problem how I can teach my 16months old to feed himself. This is very common at this age, as frustrating as it is. Check out the article index at http: I will say only give him a few pieces of food at a time and be patient and consistent- not always easy, I know! My son is He loves food and is pretty good about trying different things as long as we feed him, though he takes a while to warm up to new textures.

If I put food on his tray he will carefully pick it up and hand it back to me and whine until I put it in his mouth. If I put it back on his tray he will hand it back to me, and will keep this up until I feed him or until he gets frustrated and throws it on the ground. If I walk away he will pick it up and throw it on the ground, methodically throwing every piece until his tray is empty. If I give him a larger piece of fruit a whole strawberry or a chunk of banana he will sometimes take one nibble and then he will squash it and rub it all over his tray.

He has never been the kind of kid who puts toys or other things in his mouth except very occasionally when teething. He also had issues with feeding early on including a lip and tongue tie, which we had cut. He never was able to suck well enough to breastfeed.

Thanks for your help! He definietly needs to start getting things into his mouth. Brush his tongue, encourage him to chew on it.

Get his teethers out, dip them in foods he likes. This will help immensely. I would also consider calling early intervetnion in your state, search for that in my search bar or see the article index in the menu bar.

This is totally free, and could be really helpful. Hi, Your article is very helpful. Another big problem is that she wont accept to be fed by anyone else. What can i do to make sure she eats even when am not around her. Read there and click through to eating basics. Make sure you are following everyone of those items for a week or two and then we can talk about some more advanced strategies.

If you are already doing that then let me know! My son is going to turn 2 next month. Whereas he eats it all if I feed him. He was making a good progress when he was 13 months but we had a nanny who started feeding him and now the situation is that he keeps waiting for us. He refuses to eat on his own. He would eat things like cheerios,french fries etc. Basically, things that are completely non-messy and dry, he would eat.

He hates it if anything gooey touches his hands. They have to be wiped immediately. Same with his face, it just cannot get dirty. We have got him enrolled into part time school now and I am wondering if we should be looking to get therapy or I am just not sure how to go about it. I am very tensed right now. I know it can be really stressful. It is never a bad idea to get an evaluation and see if he needs more help.

Start following all of those steps. Then take a look at the post, Sensory Processing and Picky Eating. Take a look at those posts and then let me know if you have more questions, you can find all my posts by clicking on articles in the menu bar. Read through the comments here, too! Might want to rethink that! Because all of my professional advice is free here and I commit a lot of hours to sharing here I do have to use ads to keep this blog going.

Did they pop up or just on the pictures? My apologies again jordan, there was some sort of glitch with that particular article, I have no idea why, but it is taken care of now, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for bringing it to my attention. I completely understand needing advertising to keep the blog running. No, there was no way to remove the ad. I am glad you got it taken care of! At first she was SUPER sensitive to texture, where she would gag, and subsequently puke, with almost every bite.

Puff or anything remotely large would immediately yield this result. However, she refuses to pick up food and put it in her mouth. She will play with whatever we put in front of her, but it always ends up on the floor. If we pick up the food, she leans in for us to feed her.

She still sometimes gags, but mostly just slowly gums the food and eventually swallows. She is also slightly behind in speech. Could these two things be connected? Any advice is much appreciated! Based on what you just told me I think it is very likely that she has an oral motor delay.

This can be addressed, but I would highly recommend getting an evaluation as soon as possible. You can do that through early intervention for free if you live in the states. This oral motor delay is also definitely related to speech. This may be a very minor issue, and may only need some specific techniques to improve quickly.

You can try going through this steps as well. Please let me know if you have more questions! Thank you so much for responding! Also doing a bit better on the table foods, but still only eats if I put it in her mouth. Can you also send me info on your consultation services, too? My son is going to turn 2 on next two weeks, and I start to gave him a own spoon and bowl and put some food in it for him to eat by himself during this few days but I still fed him most of the food like what you teach , but he refused to get them and bring them back to me, and then I tried to give them to him one more time, he still gave them to me and said no,no,no,no.

So what can I do to training him to eat by himself? I know it is really frustrating, but I would really try to focus on just offering. Take your time, but be consistent at every meal. Give him his own spoon and a small bowl as you feed him. Also, try acting like you are busy for a few minutes and just walk away when you know it is something he really likes and is really hungry.

My son just turned 11 months and he is having difficulty picking up food and putting it in his mouth self-feeding. He will either pick up the food and then drop it on the ground immediately or swat at it and push it off his tray. He barely tries to put any of it in mouth.

I am starting to get worried about him not self-feeding — please help! Hi, these are great questions. I have to first ask, does he eat any table foods? Can he chew the puffs? Also, have you seen my posts on how to transition to table foods? You can find those by clicking on the menu bar and looking in the article index- there are some helpful tips there. I would also highly recommend getting him to start playing in some different textures, you can do this through sensory bins, I have a post about those too also found in the article index.

Are you in the states? If so, you can also schedule a free in home evaluation through early intervention, again, a post can be found in the article index. Let me know the answer to those first questions and I can give you some more guidance. Hi Alisha, My 16 months daughter seems to have gone for a hunger strike for the past four months.

I started her on puréed foods when she was 6months old and she pretty much ate everything and tried all foods. I insist in sitting her at the table with her bowl of food and her spoon but she just plays with it and looks very disgusted.

I am started to get worried. What do you think? It is great that you are putting her at the table every day, for every meal! You can find them in the article index in the menu bar. You will want to follow the steps in the article. Also, are you in the states? I would look into a free in-home eval you can also find more on this in the article index see early intervention and see if there are some underlying difficulties.

This is very non-invasive and can be very helpful. It is very common for me to see this in my practice, so you are not alone. Let me know if you have any questions after you take a look at the other articles. Thank you for this wonderful article. My sweet girl is 15 months and refuses to self feed. She will pick up the food but then toss it. I will try to gently take her hand and put it towards her mouth and she throws a huge fit each time and gets hysterical.

My husband, grandma and I try in the efforts but it always turns into a unsuccessful mess. I am nervous though my doctor said she is just lazy. I feel completely at a loss. I feel helpless and like she will never learn. Hi My daughter is 3 years old preschooler But she still on spoon feeding.

I have to run after her for hrs to make her finish her lunch and dinner. I understand how difficult this is, and it is going to take some time and a lot of consistency. I would also take a look at my eating basics see the menu bar and try to follow those suggestions, which will help establish a routine and structure around meals. This is critical to her feeding herself.

Then, you can begin some the strategies discussed in this post. Yes try the steps! I like these tips! He holds the spoon in one hand and eats with the other.

He puts the spoon on the bowl, then bats it away when he wants a bite so he can grab the food. My son is almost 18 months. I also really like your sensory bins, wouldd it be good to do something similar with bigger items for a toddler who still bites everything?

Yes, sensory bins are great for him! Think about using cornmeal, flour, oatmeal, etc. Here is a great list: As for the holding a spoon, it is quite common for them not to want help. I would try having it already loaded when he sits down sitting in the bowl. This will help him get off to a right start. Make sure you are using a thick handled spoon like a share in the post and one that has a deep bowl, this will make it easier for him.

Other than that, keep trying, consistency and patience are the key. Focus on using yogurt or pudding that is hard to pick up, but sticks easily to a spoon. Thank you for the link for edible sensory bins! Maybe this will get him to explore food textures a little more. And by the way, he somehow manages to grab yogurt…. I have tried crackers, puffs small noodles and nothing works. Also, he just started to hold his own bottle about 3 weeks ago, before that we had to hold it for him.

Any advice would be appreciated. There are so many factors and variables! I would really try the suggestions in the post with letting him try to feed himself with purees with his hand.

Try loading finger foods onto a fork as well and seeing if he will take that to his mouth. Lastly, try in a different setting just so that he gets the idea of what to do. Put some cheerios in a bowl and let him play until he starts to try to eat. This may take several attempts. Also, scroll through the other comments there are a lot of suggestions there too! A friends child is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with autism.

She is attempting to get him to feed himself with a spoon. He continually flips the spoon over as it reaches his mouth and ends up wearing most of it. She has tried hand over hand but he resorts back to this method. What else can she try? It takes a lot of practice, especially with children that have developmental delays. You could look into a bendable spoon on amazon, which therapists sometime use to help cut down on this.

My daughter is 4. She has always been refusing to self feed since the age of 2 and i kept on giving in by feeding her. Its just with her lunch amd supper. Yoghurts and ice cream she will self feed with a spoon. She says to me to me that she doesnt want her hands to get dirty and will go and wash her hands at intervals. She is as you say particular about what she eats. How does this particularness develop?. How can i motivate her to try? Ive made the food look pretty and showed her how i enjoy it but im not winning.

I totally understand how frustrating this and I think that it is good that you are trusting your instincts that something is going on here. I have a lot of information here that can answer all your questions. I would start with the eating basics tab and then look at the bottom for the links to get started with. Also in the menu bar you can find the article index and see all the picky eating articles. Take a look at those and let me know if you have any questions.

I suspect that she has some tactile defensiveness, meaning she is sensitive to textures. Getting to the bottom of that problem will help you make progress. Have her start to play and touch a variety of textures outside of meal time. Look at the post on sensory bins, can find that in the article index or search bar. It sounds like there are some underlying issues and I would recommend him getting some feeding therapy.

If you can try to feed him with a spoon a bit and place it on the sides so that he moves his tongue to retrieve the food. Once he is making some progress cut back on placing food on the side and show him how to chew by dramatically leaving your mouth open for bites so he can see what you are doing.

You can also try putting him in front of a mirror so he can see what he is doing- that helps sometimes too! My son is 21 months old. He does not eat ANY food. Before I get started I will tell you his pediatrician has found no underlying conditions related to this. My son is my first and only child, and my husband and I work opposite shifts to take care of him.

He has never been around any children close to his age, until today, when he started daycare pediatrician reccommended. As you can imagine, this has been very difficult on us as parents. THING to help him eat. He did well with baby food at first, and then when the teething stage began he stopped altogether.

That was around 10 months old. When he sees food he immediately clamps his lips together, spoon or no spoon. On top of the feeding issue, my son refuses to drink from anything but his bottle. He has been to a dentist, everything is fine in that aspect. We have been through thepossiblity of autism screenings. He is not autistic. We are exhausted and need help.

Im hoping he picks it up at daycare but I need to know what to do when he is at home. Should we start from the beginning with baby food? Should we continue to offer finger foods?

Oh Jessie, I really feel for you. I get how overwhelming this must be for you. Have you looked into free early intervention services- see the article index under milestones? It is hard to say where I would start, not knowing if there are any underlying issues- there could be sensory or difficulty chewing not necessarily medical. You want this to be as positive as possible. Give him a few pieces of something crunchy and offer a bit of a puree like applesauce or yogurt, even put a dollop on his tray.

Start by just getting him to touch it, once he is doing that then try to have him smell or take to his lips. Our little boy will be 4 years old in 3 months, goes to pre-school and eats lunch there, feeding himself. But at dinnertime his mom feeds him. If i happen to get to the table first and she is on the phone I let him feed himself.

BUT when his mom shows up, she thinks he is eating too slow so feeds him. I guess no harm done, but meals turn into battles. Actually nothing you or anybody can do, no big harm done, but seems silly to feed an almost-4 year old. She just plays with it or will feed the dog and try to feed me. She is fine if I feed her the snak but does not seem to want to feed herself. I also just started getting her to hold her bottle when drinking as she used to struggle to get her hands off the bottle of I held re hands to it.

She is now holding her bottle but I sometimes need to tip the bottle back. Any tips on how I can get her to self feed without her throwing a tantrum? Just another piece of info — she is starting to take more steps but she never wanted any help if my husband and I tried to practice walking. She would shake our hands away and did not want us to hold her. One day she just took a few steps on her own and has been taking more and more ever since.

Maybe this is the same situation with self feeding? Sorry for the lengthy post…. I want to cut out the poems while eating altogether, and I also want her to self feed so that the frustrations are minimised for both of us. I started to leave her alone since yesterday, instead of forcing her to eat. I gave her some simple things to eat cheerios, cheese slice cut into small pieces, strawberries , and she simply picks up every piece of food on her tray and throws it on the floor.

The only way in which she might have some before tonight is if I force feed her. Do you have any tips? I know that she may not technically starve, but she WILL get very malnourished and weak this way. Really feeling helpless and frustrated. To clarify about the rotating spoons: Occasioanlly she will just drop it or put the wrong end in her mouth…but it is for her to experiment with.

I guess another thing I found helpful was the concept of eating while feeding baby. I started introducing solids at four months and was skeptical when my mother told me that my siblings and I were feeding ourselves with a spoon by one year old.

Sure enough, even at 4 months, even at her first offering of cereal, my daughter wanted to grab the spoon. Instead of pushing her hand away, I simply let her grab it and helped guide it into her mouth which she was aiming for anyway! I dip a little into the bowl to give to her, and she is free to put it into her mouth, lick it etc. Then, I dip her spoon back with a light coating of stuff and give it to her.

So far, so good! She also drinks from an open cup. However, she will pick up the cup independantly and tip it into her own mouth. I think we sometimes forget how quickly kids can learn if given the oppurtunity. I do think that sometimes for convenience we just do things for the kids occasionally I just use one spoon, and push her hand out of the way when she tries to grab it but it is possible ot teach them some of these skills at an early age.

Hi Alisha This has been a great read and certainly given me some ideas on helping me son eat using utensils. He eats on his own all the time. My concern is that he will only eat finger food and food that he can suck out of a tube like yoghurt or those Rafferty Garden products. I think he was better with spoons when he was 1. Will eat plain sandwiches. Loves potato if roasted and loves the proverbial chicken nuggets!

I am not sure how I can go from just eating with fingers when he refuses the spoon all together. It can be a little tricky in situations like this Kim, first, I would just keep trying. Model and anything he does with the spoon, even if he just touches it, clap and give praise.

Also, try putting an empty spoon down and having him put it to his mouth on his own- again, anything he does, give lots of praise. You may even want to try this outside of meals. What can I do to make her realize it is ok to eat. I have a 16 month old boy and I am really concerned about his earing habits. Im still breastfeeding and cant stop as he gets really upset when I dont. He does not drink any other milk while he never drank from the bottle just water from the cup.

Oh Georgia, you are not doing anything wrong, but I understand how you could feel that way. I would look at the posts How to transition to table foods, you can find in the article index in the menu bar. Follow all of those steps.

Also, it sounds like he has some underlying issues that might need worked out. I would highly recommend getting a free eval if you are in the states also see Help for Babies and Toddlers in the article index.

I am here for consults as well- no pressure. Please let me know if you need more help, after looking at those articles.

Thanks for this great article! My son will be one year in just a couple weeks. He is great at feeding himself finger feeds. He has show some interest in eating from a spoon though not yet attempting to get food onto it on his own. I think my biggest challenge is going to be placing a plate or bowl in front of him without him just dumping all the food out and throwing it on the floor. Hi Joan, thank you! You have plenty of time right now to ease into this skill, what he is doing is exactly what he should be doing.

You are probably at least a couple of months away from him not impulsively throwing the bowl. I think it is great that you are working on it though! Thanks for your reply, Alisha. I also wanted to ask: My son has just turned 9 months old and will not eat finger food. He will not pick it up and put it in his mouth.. Instead he squishes it and then drops it. I put food on his tray for him and sometimes he just stares at it and cries with his mouth open so I have no choice but to put it in his mouth for him.

What shall I do? Should he be doing this himself by now? Oh my goodness, not your fault at all! He is still so young, but it is great that you are being proactive. I would keep trying and be positive. Also, demonstrate for him and use hand over hand put your hand on top of his and move it into his mouth to show him how to do it.

Try not to let him get too frustrated, it will take some give and take. I know it is so frustrating, but try to keep it stress free by going in baby steps.

Try to follow the steps I described in the post and put his hand into something messy like yogurt and see if you can get it up to his mouth. It sounds like he needs to make the connection that his hands can take food to his mouth.

Hi Alisha, my son is 3. He is a picky eater too. When I feed him, he would eat a good quantity but eats a spoon and plays around. He spoiled his 2. The older son started school now. I am refusing to feed him because I know that he can do it by himself. But he is having days with couple of spoons just to satisfy his utmost hunger and refuses to eat and plays around. I tried to act like I am busy.

It works for a whils. Do I keep on? I would maybe try a more gradual approach and slowly expect him to eat more and more by himself. Also, think about if you are able to change up the routine in some way, maybe eat somewhere different or pack a picnic? Hi Alisha, My daughter is 19mos.

Hi Brent, kids usually use their whole palm and kind of just stab it for a while. They will then move towards using it in a face up position. Hi my son is 27 months old and does not feed himself anything. He is also a really fussy eater and I have to push him to get him to eat. Hi Helen, you are not alone! Scroll through the comments here, as you will find a lot of others in similar situations and try some of the ideas I mentioned.

My 9 month old son has started picking up the disolvable puff wheels. I will do the hand over hand to show him that he eats them but he just drop a them. How do i get him to at least attempt to eat them? Does he put toys or teethers into his mouth? If not, work on this during playtime. It is important that he puts things in his mouth to learn to chew.

Also, dip his hand into baby food and have him take it to his mouth. Some babies have a hard time making the connection and this can make all the difference!

Thank you for replying! He has started putting toys in his mouth so hopefully we can get him on a roll. Thank you so much! Thanks for wonderful article and really need some suggestions to encourage self feeding my 26 months old daughter. She was doing better when she was around 17months like eating banana on her own and other less sticky foods. But later she is totally reluctant to eat on her own. She only likes to eat fried items and nuts on her own.

Every thing I have to feed her with my fingers even banana. I tried spoon n fork she ate few bites initially nd later started playing with them and throwing the food on floor using the spoon.

Its frustrating when it comes to her feeding time as she takes 45min to finish her proper meal. The same thing happening even with her potty which she was good at her 18 months but now it terrible: Will be waiting for your valuable suggestions. Hi Prathima, I understand your frustration! I know this is going to sound like general advice, but consistency is king.

My son is 20 months old and hes good at eating finger foods with his fingers. But not so much with the spoon. He manages to scoop some food in the spoon but as he takes in to his mouth he turns the spoon instead of keeping it straight and most of the food falls down. When i try to put my hand on his his to show hi, he leaves the spoon and refuses to eat. And that gets me frustrated and angry at him sometimes.

Another issue is that all this while he needed a distraction nursery rhymes on youtube to eat. So now when i give him his food to eat by himself he first asks for his nursery rhymes.

I want to slowly get rid of this habit but he throws a tantrum and refuses to eat till its on switched on. I am going to put him in daycare when he turns 2 and i am worried he wont eat much there.

Make sure you are using a child friendly spoon with a thick handle to make it easier for him and just allow him to get messy. If you can have your own spoon and feed him some bites as well so he is still eating.

He may still flip out and you may have to get through some of that. If it is really out of control then tell him that you are going to eat first then he can watch some videos. Very helpful tips here, thank you for this article. For us, I think there are two main issues and I would be really interested in your advice.

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