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The Most Important Thing You May Not Know About Hypothyroidism
Such Boddhisattvas appear on earth in the midst of the most varying conditions of life. I now can see my bones in my ankles. Your doctor cannot refill your prescription unless you get tested so that he knows he has the right dose. You mentioned total cholesterol. After years of infusions for low iron, the right thyroid medication made a surprising difference for my friend. Vivek, one of the earliest and closest of those, was claimed to be the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene Milne,

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Hi Linda, it can be immensely frustrating I know. If you are convinced you have a thyroid issue presumably you have seen a certified practioner or someone very experienced in that field. A leaky gut is most likely your issue.

This means you have a pourus gut. A condition in which bacteria, food particles etc. Your immune system responds by becoming hyper vigilant and attacking the foreign invador. I have lost 46 lbs since last December 19, I have PCOS and genetically inherited high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

Besides genetics I am a sugar addict and have binge eating disorder. I have been pre diabetic off and on for at least 5 years.

I have never been diagnosed with diabetes as I have never reached diabetic numbers through a self induced OGTT, A1c tests, fructosamine and fasting blood sugars.

My blood sugar has come down and I am still working on my cholesterol. The cholesterol was measured by my primary care doctor and cardiologist. My last total cholesterol was but my hdl and triglycerides were in normal range. Taken about a couple months ago. I think it went high again because I started eating sugar again.

I have lost and gained weight many times since then. Your lab looks pretty good. You mentioned total cholesterol. PCOS is making it difficult for you to keep your ideal weight. Regarding your diet, low carb, high protein is good. My doc wants me to go off of naturethyroid which seems to be working except for my TSH is very low 0.

My doc wants me to switch to Synthroid as she says it will work better. Low TSH is a good thing. Your vitamin D is very low, though. Also research comparisons and consider getting a second opinion from a doctor who routinely prescribes natural thyroid and can manage your condition.

After years unregulated by a traditional Dr. T4 is your storage hormone and your body has to be able to convert the T4 from the meds to T3, which is the active hormone. I am intolerant to gluten including corn dairy and other foods.

I have tried to heal leaky gut but had very severe reaction to l glutamine and am now super sensitive to even very small amounts of intolerant foods i. My son is a type 1 diabetic. I want to take priobotics was thinking of taking bio kult. I live in England so cannot get hold of a lot of things sold in America.

Please could you give me some advice Many Thanks. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism post delivery. My anti microsomal antibodies are negative. But still Doctor put me on thyroid medication. I have corrected all other related deficiencies like vitamin D B 12 etc Please help. I would advise against discontinuing. My girlfriend has been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism for several years and has been taking 25mb of Eutirox Levothyroxine.

She has also been told it is an Auto Immune Disease. She also has some gut sensitivities and with no proper diagnosis I believe she may have leaky gut. Focus of my reading has been on auto immune disease, leaky gut and thyroid issues. Forgive me if I have this all wrong. My girlfriend also has other issues such as breast and ovarian cysts, Hair Loss, Tiredness in afternoon, puffy eyes if she is off Levothyroxine. So my first comment is that Hypothyroidism is not listed as an Auto Immune Disease.

I found the list here:. So my assumption is that Hypothyroidism is a symptom of something else. Of course Hypothyroidism is a symptom of Hashimotos, listed as an auto immune disease, as well as a symptom of Iodine deficiency. All covered by Chris in his articles. Chris mentions that some cases of Hypothyroidism have shown improvements with supplementing on Iodine and he references Dr. David Brownstein as an expert on Iodine. Brownstein speaking about Iodine supplementation referenced below he gives higher dosages in his recommendations for daily Iodine supplementation.

Once researchers realized this, health authorities around the world began adding iodine to table salt. This strategy was effective in correcting iodine deficiency. But it had an unanticipated—and undesired—effect. In countries where iodine has been added to table salt, the rates of autoimmune thyroid disease have risen. Why does this happen?

Because increased iodine intake, especially in supplement form, can increase the autoimmune attack on the thyroid. Iodine reduces the activity of an enzyme called thyroid peroxidase TPO. TPO is required for proper thyroid hormone production. On the other hand, restricting intake of iodine can reverse hypothyroidism. So some conflicting information about Iodine but is Chris actually referring to Hypothyroidism when it is caused by Hashimotos? Rather than Hypothyroidism caused by Iodine deficiency?

According to Dr Group referenced below Iodized Salt is not a good source of dietary iodine but note Dr Group does sell an Iodine supplement. Brownstein interviewed by Dr Joseph Mercola has some interesting info on Iodine. Dr Mercola has been interviewed by Chris himself on one of his podcasts.

Generic Information on Iodine: Also Chris recommends a higher dose as does Dave Asprey on http: On this page is a 1 hr video where Dr. Group discusses Iodine and Iodine deficiency. Group lists all the other symptoms that my girlfriend has as being caused by Iodine deficiency. Global Healing Centre sell various products one of which Detoxadine is a high dose Iodine supplement. So in summary I believe that my girlfriends doctors have confused us with their diagnosis of Hypothyroidism as an Auto Immune Disease and have not included her other symptoms namely breast and ovarian cysts, Hair Loss, tiredness in afternoon, puffy eyes, which they knew about, as possibly caused by Iodine deficiency alone.

Or they have not found the true cause of the Hypothyroidism which could be Hashimotos. We will need to find a Dr or FMP to help here further investigate her hypothyroidism cause and subsequent healing plan. I hope this information is accurate and if it is that it helps someone in their own investigation. Please say where you live, so that the community can help. I know of great Drs.

Paul, MN and San Diego. It took me years to find them. Thanks for the info on Iodine. I have Hashimotos, and am on Nature-Throid. Good luck to your girlfriend and I hope she appreciates such a thoughtful boyfriend. I was just diagnosed with non-autoimmune hypothyroidism. My doctor, a functional medicine doc, prescribed natural thyroid. My TSH is 4. Any info would help. My first endocrinologist wrecked absolute havoc on my hormones, and I lost a job and a marriage thanks to the spiralling depression, fatigue, and nearly all of the other known positive symptoms.

Darling this was one of the first signs I had of this disease. You need high levels of Levothyroxin. You also need to be monitored by testing of your T4 and T5 levels. I am taking mg of Levothyroxin and am just now feeling some relief and have lost 20lbs in a year.

This is significant for me as I have weighed over lbs for some time now. I now can see my bones in my ankles. Hello, I recently went to the Endocrinologist and he ordered blood work and I received a phone call 2 days ago from the nurse telling me that it I have Central hypothyroid but it is not caused by an autoimmune disease.

If it is not an autoimmune disease then what could it possibly be? I can not find anything on the internet regarding Central Hypothyroidism without cause of an autoimmune disease.

Hope someone can shed some light onto what maybe going on. Thank you in advance. You might have pituitary adenoma. I have hypothyroidism…on synthroid 75 MG. I go back and forth trying to figure out a better schedule in taking meds. I am not one for taking meds…not even Advil…but its getting ridiculous. What do u guys think? Cleared for lupus, cleared for MS… this sucks.

My test results always said I was fine too, I stopped smoking and had my thyroid checked a month after quitting and I had TSH levels all out of whack! I had been telling the Dr over and over that I think I have something wrong with my thyroid and they would do the test and always came back within range. I do believe smoking causes a false reading. Charlie, Consider getting tested for celiac disease, which is commonly associated with thyroid disease.

There are many different symptoms, including joint pain. Do not start eating gluten-free before being tested because it will affect the test results. For more info, go to: Hi Charlie, your situation sounds so much like mine did yrs ago. I had been getting joint pain for yrs and thought I was just pushing myself too much. When I turned 35 I found out I had hypothyroidism and only a year and a half ago which was 6 yrs later I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My synthroid dosage is mcg.

When you take D-3, you also need to supplement with Magnesium. Unless you supplement with magnesium, the D-3 will consume all of the magnesium in your body and make your joints ache. Also take probiotics to heal your gut. Do you drink things with aspartame in them? That was major for my joint pain.

Kicked all artificial sweeteners to the curb and relief from joint pain. Never knew it to be related to my hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about about 5 months ago at the ER. It felt like my hips were going out of place. My lower back felt like it was punched and beaten, I would hunch over for relief.

All my joints seemed audible. I had to bend and crack my toes every morning so I could walk without pain. I did a little research and tried out potassium gluconate suppliments I came across at Walmart. I can stand tall, use my body again, especially my hands without that grinding piercing ache. It feels like two years ago when nothing felt wrong.

You may want to have a vitamin deficiency panel done by your doc to make sure you take the right amount of vitamins. You may need a higher dose of levo. I have hypothyroidism diagnosed by symptoms rather than thyroid blood tests. The test results were always normal.

Fortunately my sinus doctor suggested to my primary physician that I be started on medication because of years of sinus infections a year. Gradually over the years the dosage has been increased. I am now on Synthroid mcg a day. My thyroid levels except for the TSH remain in normal range. My TSH is way low which freaks my doctors out.

But I continue on because I have no symptoms of hyperthyroidism. My temperature which is my guideline remains below 98F. Although it is creeping up. Thank Good for my sinus doctor who encouraged my primary care physician to step out of the box. Does anyone know if hypothyroidism would effect wbc?

I doing great other than that my EBV is low, at 2. Vit D is a little low as is iron, but everything else is good and I feel better than I have in a long time. What is your white blood cell count? If your neutrophils are low, it could be a B12, folate or copper deficiency. B12 and folate are the most common deficiencies and especially common for folks with thyroid issues.

Copper deficiency can happen to anyone taking high iron supplements or taking too much zinc. Zinc is common in thyroid supplements. More than 50mg a day for even a week or two can lead to a copper deficiency, which can be very dangerous. There is such a huge misunderstanding about EBV.

Many times EBV resides in places or lies dormant and does not show up on tests. EBV and heavy metals is the root cause of most all auto immune diseases and can be eliminated!

Check out the book Medical Medium a must read if you want to cure the root cause. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age The only symptom was very irregular periods. I was prescribed 25mcg of levothyroxine. At 15, the doctor changed the dose to 50, at 19 to 88 and at 21 to Have been sluggish and overweight for at least 3 years… Nothing really seems to help much.

My numbers- from what I could tell have been normal. Now, my TSH is a little low. I have been experiencing sweeling of my hands and feet and very dry skin and hair. The symptoms you describe suggest hypothyroid. There could also be some other issues. Antibodies are produced by the immune system. I recommend that you do some reading yourself and find an Integrative Dr. You may want to consider natural thyroid.

I take armour thyroid. I feel better if taking a good multi vitamin a nd magnesium and d3. The best bet is to see an integrative doctor. They have a much better understanding and are much more able to help in this area. Also do some good research on the web, there are also a lot of herbal supplements which may be of help to you.

There are a few things that can lower thyroid function without raising TSH. Zinc deficiency and too much fluoride are two examples. Fluoride lowers the function of several glands, including the pituitary and the thyroid. Fluoride is found in very high amounts in tea both organic and conventional , and in conventionally grown grapes and wine made in the US.

Tea is actually how I ended up with a thyroid issue. I used to drink Chai every morning. I liked it strong and that was part of the issue — more fluoride.

Over about two years, it made me seriously hypothyroid, but with a normal TSH. I was so cold I wore socks to bed in the summer. Your TSH at 0. Normally the thyroid would make a little bit of T3 and a lot of T4.

Levothyroxine is only T4, which is fine for some people, but maybe not for you. Selenium is important for making deiodinases which convert T4 to T3. Vitamin A is also important for converting T4 to T3, although the mechanism is not well understood.

Supplementing with retinal palmitate or acetate has been shown to increase conversion of T4 to T3. A one time dose of 25, IU retinal palmitate should answer the question for you. If you feel a big boost of energy from it, you may want to follow the study, and take it every day for four months. First of all, you may well need T3. Levothyroxin and other synthetic big pharma drugs only have T4. So get your T3 nd T4 tested. You have symptoms of low thyroid with swelling feet, hands and dry skin.

I struggled for 15 yrs with low thyroid and then was put on synthroid, which did almost nothing for me. I use Naturethroid but there are other brands and it is prescription. LOTS more info here: You may also have adrenal fatigue, so read about that on the site. They suggested that we have her thyroid checked in a year.

So, what do we do in the meantime? She is tired all of the time, which for an active junior in high school it is just not convenient. She is taking vitamin supplements including one for Adrenal Function, thinking she may also be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue , and we are hoping these will help soon. This tiredness is causing depression, and she is feeling like she will never get better.

As much as I see little value in doctors it always helps to get a second opinion. More often than not it depends on the person you speak to. The web is full of info and Google is your friend so do some good reading. Majority if not all problems stem from the gut. Without a properly functioning immune system we become vulnerable to disease. Strengthening the immune system is the best thing.

Probiotics are key for that good ones from experience tend to be primal defense ultra, prescript assist and VSL3 again can all be found online. I am currently taking Ashwagandha and there are other natural herbs that can be beneficial. See if there are any changes. I know you are trying to be helpful and that is admirable, but from someone who has celiac disease and leads a support group, please know that advising someone to eliminate gluten from their diet before being tested is not a good idea unless one does not have insurance or the means to pay for testing.

One must be consuming gluten in order to get accurate test results for celiac disease. Unfortunately, once you eliminate gluten and reintroduce it, you will become even more ill than you were before. It is important to know because it is hereditary and other family members may also be at risk. Early diagnosis is crucial to avoiding additional serious health complications.

In regards to research showing someone is much more likely to strictly adhere to a GF diet once diagnosed, I guess that all depends how good you feel after cutting gluten out tested or not.

I read the most important things for the adrenals are B2, B5 and vitamin C. But B1 is probably also very important because you need B1, or thiamine, for glucose metabolism and energy production. Another reason to take B1,….

I found an extended release version of B1 and it has really helped. You said your daughter is already taking vitamins. Not all of them are created equal. I found much better results taking B-vitamins separately from a multi, and in the coenzymated form. Regarding iron, some research has shown the range for ferritin storage iron levels are not appropriate for everyone. Some people can have symptoms of fatigue with a ferritin that is considered normal, but in the low end of the range.

Athletes in particular feel better when their ferritin levels are in the middle of the range. The thyroid needs iron too, in order to make TPO for thyroid hormone synthesis. So iron is really key when the symptom is fatigue. Vitamin A and copper are important for iron metabolism and many multivitamins do not have enough, especially of vitamin A in retinyl form. Hi Tony I have had hypothyroidism since I was in my teens and I am 60 now.

I was so tired and depressed that my mom took me to the ER because she thought I was going to hurt myself. I was admitted and they put me on drugs for anti depression these helped a little but did not fix the problem. My mom asked a friend of hers who was a nurse about my condition and she asked if I had ever had my thyroid checked and suggested I see an Endocrinologist, they specialize in diseases such as thyroid. I went and they put me on thyroid meds and took me off the depression drugs.

I turned into a different person within a month I felt fantastic the depression was gone and my energy level was back. I know its not exactly what your daughter has but it sure would not hurt. You can ask her doctor to refer you to one or depending on your insurance check out some reviews on doctors in your area. I am still taking the meds today and doing well. I would highly suggest you check this out and I wish your daughter the best. Go to a naturopathic doctor. Most likely she does have adrenal fatigue.

She may also have a leaky gut and loosing vital nutrients like iron which will make you very tired. Hi, what are her T3, T4 and Tsh levels? If not, she should be taking thyroid hormone, preferably natural, I. Find a good Integrative Medicine MD or endocrinologist. And get her checked for adrenal insufficiency: Cortisone, DHEA and pregnenolone levels.

I need those also. Go to another doctor, talk about the symptoms your daughter has and ask if they would put her on low dose thyroxine usually That would make her feel better. If that doesnt, maybe she needs a but higher dosage. She is subclinical based on her lab, but obviously has increased antibodies, since she has been diagnosed with Hashimoto.

Please google, Hypothyroidism Revolution by Tom Brimeyer. I am on this program and it has really been helping me. I am so sorry to hear this about your daughter.

I was diagnosed with Graves in March , radioactive iodine treated the Graves, however now hypothyroid taken levothyroxin ever since with dosage unchanged at mcg overweight for height at 76kg, cm. Awaiting blood test results but would,like to know if constantly getting colds is something others suffer with — and what have you managed to find out about this to help you.

Hi Julie, I would say yes, on the basis that there is a huge connection between hypothyroid and the immune system. Usually with hypothyroid the immune system is weak and out of whack. Particularly if you are intolerant to feeling cold which tends to be a trigger with hypothyroid. What can you do? Try to rebuild your immune system, make it stronger, help it fight for your body and help it to help your body.

Prebiotic and probiotics are majorly important for that. A diet high in veg, garlic, ginger, turmeric and multivitamins. Fresh lemon in warm water or apple cider vinegar every morning will help alkaline the body.

Have a search online for anything else that may help, Google is your friend! Hope you get some answers from the test. We are seeing a ND who has been very helpful with bloodwork, and general diet guidelines gluten free but follow the Type O blood diet. He has a goiter and he has been extremely tired and grumpy or bouncy and goofy for years — both extremes.

Has anybody else had this kind of situation? Does anybody know of any good resources for teaching a 12 year old what is wrong with him?? I agree with the correlation between healthy gut and immune system.

Gluten is one of the main culprits for attacking the thyroid. If you have hypothyroidism it is advised to cut it out or least reduce it as much as possible. Gluten intolerance is not just a celiac problem. Maybe ask your ND about a digestive enzyme your son can take. There are some designed to specifically help with gluten. Also, vitamin A deficiency is associated with goiter when iodine is sufficient. The World Health Organization has a lot of information about the interaction between iodine and vitamin A in thyroid disorder.

A deficiency can develop unless the diet includes a lot of egg yolks or beef liver. Plant sources contain only beta-carotene which is not converted to vitamin A during hypothyroidism. I tried beef liver myself, and felt like the energizer bunny for the next three days — it has about 40, IU of vitamin A. You may want to discuss with your ND. Only been at this for a month. Will this lead to cancer? There is a lot of material out there to educate yourself. You must be your own advocate and not depend on doctors though.

We fight for the quality of life by understanding our condition. I have a pinterest board with articles collected to help others. You need to replace the thyroid hormones. I take Synthroid and Cytomel. You want your level for D to be around , Iron to be to work best with your thyroid meds and for foggy brain cut the gluten and sugar. Drink a ton of water. Here is more info: Dont be afraid just listen to your gut and keep check ups very regular.

I finally went with my gut and demanded a biopsy. It was cancer, and I had to have a total thyroidectomy. If ever it does turn cancerous it is the best cancer to have, if caught early no chemo like normal cancers. The only thing I wish I had done was listen more to my gut and my body. Also I wish I had done a lot more in the way of nutrition. I am learning so much maybe a little too late as the loss of a throud changes so much in your body. Good luck and listen to your body! I am facing thyroid surgery next week.

I am 62 and female. So getting the right one removed it will put me hypothyroidism the rest of my life as I will not have a thyroid and will have to depend on meds to regulate all the many functions ur thyroid controls.

How did u do with ur weight and other issues not having a thyroid can change to ur body? Please share how u made out after living without ur thyroid. Right now i have the symptoms of unexpected weight gain all the time, dry skin, tiredness, etc.

I would also like to ask if theres different ways that I could try to lose weight because everytime I try it seems like i just gain more weight. So does anybody know a different path i could take at attacking my weight problem? Do your best to support your immune system and get it healthy. Cutting out gluten and sugar will help the hard part is the first 2 wks but after that your body will have adjusted and gotten used to being without it.

Take time and listen to your body. Rhiannon, google Hypothyroidism Revolution by Tom Brimeyer. I wish you well.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 15 years ago, and suffer the same. I was also diagnosed with Crohns in , both autoimmune problems. Please google Hypothyroidism Revolution by Tom Brimeyer.

I am on this program, and its really working for me. I was also born with Pernicious Anemia that went away as I got older. My levothyroxine seems to have quit working. Blood in stool, not visually noticeable. Moderate to severe abdominal blaoting. Blood pressure going high when not previously a problem…. My Dr is checking me for the ussual: Colon cancer Prostate cancer… I believe she is taking the wrong path. Yes, it is quite common to develop more than one autoimmune disease and have a whole collection of specialists to treat you.

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In the Teaching of Gotama Buddha and in the Teaching of Bodhisattva Maitreya, given by Him to Asanga, according to tradition in the fourth century, the maximum development of energy, courage, patience, constancy of striving and fearlessness were first of all underlined.

Energy is the basis of everything, as it alone contains all possibilities. Buddhas are eternally in action; immobility is unknown to Them. Like the eternal motion in space, the actions of the Sons of Conquerors manifest in the worlds. He was born about at Old Seidenburg, some two miles from Gorliz Silesia , and died in , at nearly fifty years of age. In his boyhood he was a common shepherd, and, after learning to read and write in a village school, became an apprentice to a poor shoemaker at Gorlitz.

He was a natural clairvoyant of most wonderful powers. With no education or acquaintance with science, he wrote works which are now proved to be full of scientific truths; but then, as he says himself, what he wrote upon, he "saw it as in a great Deep in the "eternal".

He had "a thorough view of the universe, as in a chaos", which yet "opened" itself in him, from time to time, as in a young plant". He was a thorough-born Mystic, and evidently of a constitution which is most rare; one of those fine natures whose material envelope impedes in no way the direct, even if only occasional, inter-communion between the intellectual and the spiritual Ego.

Anyone could approach them, but only a few were able to discern the superearthly radiance behind the earthly face. Only upon the higher law can the page of Sublime Be-ness be affirmed. Valiantly must the spirit strive to the realization of all the subtle principles in order to attain higher knowledge. The Book of Life contains every aspiring action. The Book of Life contains the manifestation of all vital fires. The heart carries in itself all imprints of the Book of Life. BR, 89 Brahma — Sk.

The student must distinguish between Brahma the neuter, and Brahma, the male creator of the Indian Pantheon. The former, Brahma or Brahman, is the impersonal, supreme and uncognizable Principle in the Universe from the essence of which all emanates, and into which all returns, which is incorporeal, immaterial, unborn, eternal, beginningless and endless.

It is all-pervading, animating the highest god as well as the smallest mineral atom. Brahma, on the other hand, the male and the alleged Creator, exists periodically in his manifestation only, and then again goes into pralaya , i. A very important center located physically by a position in the crown of the head.

It is connected with the heart by a spinal nerve known by the Sanskrit name of Sushumna which is another name also for the solar ray. This center has an important function as the link between our psychic energy and the fires of space and is sort of the funnel through which the Fires of Space gain access to the Fires of all the Centers.

Striving toward the heights is the best task for the Center of Brahma-Randhra. Everything heard and seen throughout the Brahma-Randhra deserves especially sensitive attention. A high form of knowledge and discrimination enabling one to discern the real nature of things and to penetrate into the mysteries of the Cosmos.

The knowledge, the esoteric science, about the two Brahmas and their true nature. A word does not contain it. Script cannot express it. Because its flame is within that thought which is not expressed in the physical shell. Only the mirror of the eye emits the sparks of highest thought. Such eyes discern the sparks of the cosmic rays which crude sight will term simply the light of the sun. In order to split the cosmic ray into the sparks of Fohat with the naked eye, the fire of Brahmavidya is needed.

The human word is futile in expressing the nature of Brahmavidya. One may partially penetrate it with the spiritual sight by peering into the shattering rays with closed eyes. But the growth of the fire of Brahmavidya will permit the perception openly of those component parts of the rays which are imperceptible to the mechanical apparatus.

This possibility is already akin to the domain of communion with far-off worlds. It flashes up as unexpectedly as each illumination of consciousness. It does not respond to enforced development, but it comes at the moment of the development of the sensitiveness of the organism. The Teacher cannot force this possibility, but He rejoices when this sight is carried from darkness to light.

The same process occurs with the sounds of the far-off worlds. At first they appear undeniably in the depths of the consciousness and then unexpectedly they fly into the open, exultant ear. Those who do not understand enlightenment will not understand whereof I speak.

The force impelling life is comprised in each atom as inherent to each element, in which the predestined impulse in turn creates a direction. The impelling force magnetizes by its attraction that sphere which surrounds it. As a continuity of action, there will be a generation of other seeds in the spheres. These spheres fill the space, and humanity has its own affirmed combination of spheres.

The spirit itself determines its sphere and upon entering it, acts as a magnetic force. The cosmic spheres and the human spheres are subject to the law of Cosmic Breath. Bromine — Among the minor narcotics beware especially of Bromine. It is an extinquisher of the fires Each one helps in accordance with the measure of his forces; each one does not condemn in his heart; each one affirms knowledge according to his experience; each one lets no time escape, for it is irrecoverable; each one is ready to lend his strength to a Brother; each one displays his best quality; each one rejoices at the success of a Brother.

This definition has a dual significance. Actually, the Brotherhood is primarily concerned with curative principles and establishes them among its fellow members. Each brotherhood, as a true unit, will be in itself a carrier of health. In it there can be no restrictions of age, race, or of occasional moods. Indeed, above all else there is the primary energy. If it is manifest, and if contacts through it can be harmonized, then there will be affirmed a lasting bond.

Co-workers may differ in the degree of consciousness attained, whereas brothers will sense each other precisely according to consciousness. Brothers may not be working together outwardly, but their thinking will be strongly knit together. This will be united freely; their unity will not be a burdensome yoke or a bondage. But precisely these brothers will understand unity as a powerful motive force for the good of the world.

It is impossible to place limits upon such unity, for the basis will be love. BR, Brothers — Few there are who know how to await messages in complete magnanimity, while working, and amidst difficulties—such co-workers are the ones who become brothers. The highest degree of knowledge.

To become a Buddha one has to break through the bondage of sense and personality; to acquire a complete perception of the REAL SELF and learn not to separate it from all other selves; to learn by experience the utter unreality of all phenomena of the visible Kosmos foremost of all; to reach a complete detachment from all that is evanescent and finite, and live while yet on Earth in the immortal and the everlasting alone, in a supreme state of holiness.

In Principle, the process of perfecting is perpetual; therefore, when talking of perfection one must remember the many gradations of perfection meant for particular cycles of the planet and planets, etc. In the case of Buddha, this perfection is immeasurably high as He, together with several other Spirits, came to Earth from the highest planet in the Third Race of our cycle for the acceleration of the evolution of humanity.

Therefore, He will not incarnate again on our Earth but only in the last race of the cycle of the highest planet of our solar system. The name given to Gautama, the Prince of Kapilavastu, at his birth. It is an abbreviation of Sarvartthasiddha and means, the "realization of all desires". Gautama, which means, "on earth gau the most victorious tama " was the sacerdotal name of the Sakya family, the kingly patronymic of the dynasty to which the father of Gautama, the King Suddhodhana of Kapilavastu, belonged.

Kapilavastu was an ancient city, the birth-place of the Great Reformer and was destroyed during his life time. In the title Sakyamuni, the last component, muni , is rendered as meaning one "mighty in charity, isolation and silence", and the former Sakya is the family name. Every Orientalist or Pundit knows by heart the story of Gautama, the Buddha, the most perfect of mortal men that the world has ever seen, but none of them seem to suspect the esoteric meaning underlying his prenatal biography, i.

The Lalitavistara tells the tale, but abstains from hinting at the truth. The 5, Jatakas , or the events of former births re-incarnations are taken literally instead of esoterically. Gautama, the Buddha, would not have been a mortal man, had he not passed through hundreds and thousands of births previous to his last.

Yet the detailed account of these, and the statement that during them he worked his way up through every stage of transmigration from the lowest animate and inanimate atom and insect, up to the highest—or man , contains simply the well-known occult aphorism: Every human being who has ever existed, has passed through the same evolution.

But the hidden symbolism in the sequence of these re-births jataka contains a perfect history of the evolution of this earth, pre and post human, and is a scientific exposition of natural facts. One truth not veiled but bare and open is found in their nomenclature, viz. He became a full Buddha on the night of the 8th day of the twelth moon, in the year , and finally entered Nirvana in the year , according to Southern Buddhism. The Orientalists, however, have decided upon several other dates.

All the rest is allegorical. He attained the state of Bodhisattva on earth when in the personality called Prabhapala. Tushita stands for a place on this globe, not for a paradise in the invisible regions. The selection of the Sakya family and his mother Maya, as "the purest on earth", is in accordance with the model of the nativity for every Savior, God or deified Reformer. The whole events of his noble life are given in occult numbers, and every so-called miraculous event—so deplored by Orientalists as confusing the narrative and making it impossible to extricate truth from fiction—is simply the allegorical veiling of the truth.

It is as comprehensible to an Occultist learned in symbolism, as it is difficult to understand for a European scholar ignorant of Occultism. Every detail of the narrative after his death and before cremation is a chapter of facts written in a language which must be studied before it is understood, otherwise its dead letter will lead one into absurd contradictions. For instance, having reminded his disciples of the immortality of Dharmakaya, Buddha is said to have passed into Samadhi, and lost himself in Nirvana— from which none can return.

And yet, notwithstanding this, the Buddha is shown bursting open the lid of the coffin, and stepping out of it; saluting with folded hands his mother Maya who had suddenly appeared in the air, though she had died seven days after his birth, etc.

As Buddha was a Chakravartti he who turns the wheel of the Law , his body at its cremation could not be consumed by common fire. Suddenly a jet of flame burst out of the Svastica on his breast, and reduced his body to ashes. Space prevents giving more instances. As to his being one of the true and undeniable SAVIORS of the World, suffice it to say that the most rabid orthodox missionary, unless he is hopelessly insane, or has not the least regard even for historical truth, cannot find one smallest accusation against the life and personal character of Gautama, the "Buddha".

Without any claim to divinity, allowing his followers to fall into atheism, rather than into the degrading superstition of deva or idol-worship, his walk in life is from the beginning to the end, holy and divine. During the 45 years of his mission it is blameless and pure as that of a god—or as the latter should be. He is a perfect example of a divine, godly man. He reached Buddhaship— i.

Esoteric teachings claim that he renounced Nirvana and gave up the Dharmakaya vesture to remain a "Buddha of compassion" within the reach of the miseries of this world. And the religious philosophy he left to it has produced for over 2, years generations of good and unselfish men. His is the only absolutely bloodless religion among all the existing religions: No persecutions, and enforcement of faith by fire and sword, have ever disgraced it.

No thunder-and-lightning-vomiting god has interfered with its chaste commandments; and if the simple, humane and philosophical code of daily life left to us by the greatest Man-Reformer ever known, should ever come to be adopted by mankind at large, then indeed an era of bliss and peace would dawn on Humanity.

TG Buddhi — Sk. The sixth principle, i. Buddhi , in its highest aspect, is manifested in the heart. The Great Enlightenment consisted in a perception of causes of suffering and of the way of salvation from suffering. Buddhism teaches that nirvana , release from liability to suffering, from mortality, is the highest goal attainable, now or hereafter.

All beings, gods and men alike, are in need of such salvation. The teaching dharma as to the way of salvation is embodied in the "Four Aryan or Noble Truths": Buddha denied the special virtue of caste, ritualism, and asceticism, and insisted upon the necessity of pity, kindliness, and patience, for salvation. Buddhism has developed and still embraces many sects. The two main divisions are Hinayana literally, small vehicle, known as Early, Pali , or less correctly, Southern, Buddhism and Mahayana great vehicle, known also as Northern, or Later , Buddhism In the latter the Buddha is deified, and an elaborate pantheon of Bodhisattvas and other divinities is found.

The greater part of Buddhist art is Mahayana. Two disciples were discussing the most expressive symbol for this concept. One proposed gold, but the other suggested that white marble might be better. Both agreed that a burden, meaning something weighty, would be best expressed by a stone.

But the Teacher observed, "The smallest seed corresponds to the concept of the burden of the world. The Cabbala was traditionally handed down by oral transmission.

Cagliostro, Allessandro, Count — A famous Adept, whose real name is claimed by his enemies to have been Joseph Balsamo. He was a native of Palermo, and studied under some mysterious foreigner of whom little has been ascertained.

His accepted history is too well known to need repetition, and his real history has never been told. His fate was that of every human being who proves that he knows more than do his fellow-creatures; he was "stoned to death" by persecutions, lies, and infamous accusations, and yet he was the friend and adviser of the highest and and mightiest of every land he visited.

He was finally tried and sentenced in Rome as a heretic, and was said to have died during his confinement in a State prison. Yet his end was not utterly undeserved, as he had been untrue to his vows in some respects, had fallen from his state of chastity and yielded to ambition and selfishness. TG Callicratus — Gr.

A disciple of Apollonius of Tyana. Calls — People frequently hear voices that seem to be calling to them. Sometimes such calls are so strong that they force one to start and look around, though others present do not hear them.

Can one possibly doubt that such spatial sendings do occur? Only a very refined organism can sense, as it were, a call; it will be desirous of making sudden observations.

It is necessary to be prepared to respond to such a call. An imperative call about altruism and mutual understanding reaches certain people. But pay attention to the unexpectedness of such arrivals.

If, on a map of the world, the places be marked where Our call is perceived, a very unexpected pattern will result. The manifestation of calmness will be a sign of Service. Such calmness and but one breath of prana will provide a strong shield. Each agitation distorts the clarity.

Likewise, the primary energy requires calmness in order to reflect Truth. It should not be assumed that calmness is decline and enfeeblement. Only disorderly agitation can distort the mirror of energy. People talk much about the tranquility of wise men, but it is really a great tension, so great that the surface of the energy becomes mirror-like.

Thus, calmness must not be taken for inaction. Thus, knowledge of the meaning of battle will bestow calmness. The sower of cosmic fires into the consciousness of men is a true co-worker of Cosmos.

Hence each fiery thought conforms to the tensed Magnet. Therefore, the thought of the Carrier of Fires is in itself of cosmic creativeness, and wishes of the Carrier of Fires powerfully advance evolution. INF II, Causal Body — The spiritual Soul of man, formed by the triad of the seventh, sixth and fifth principles, where lies the true individuality of man, as distinguished from his lower soul or his personality.

It is called Karanopadhi , "the basis of the Cause", by the Taraka Raja Yogis; and in the Vedanta system it corresponds to both the Vignanamaya and Anandamaya Kosha , the latter coming next to Atma, and therefore being the vehicle of the universal Spirit. Buddhi alone could not be called a "Causal Body", but becomes so in conjunction with Manas, the incarnating Entity or Ego.

The precept that every origin shall have its consequence, and every happening its cause. Unification is affirmation of the Cosmic law of Causality. In it is contained the answer to every question. The human mind is confused by the problem of misfortunes, but the law of Causality brings one to the law of Karma. Man is exasperated at calamities, but the law of Causality points out to him the sources of same. Man is bewildered by strange disturbances of equilibrium, but the Cosmic law invokes Higher Justice.

He who is aligned with the law of Causality in his spirit, is already allied with Truth. If schools and churches would proclaim the law of Causality, the consciousness would be then on a higher level, as that which is separated from the foundations of Existence, cannot advance. It is right to affirm that a primary cause cannot exist without the one Fire of Being; and Cosmic Construction proceeds in like manner, uniting those things which by right belong together.

Thus, everything is unified in the Cosmos. The law of Causality must be accepted in all its might. It is especially erroneous to think of a manifestation as having one single effect. Around each action there can be observed many different realms which exert an influence and on which an influence is exerted.

One must assimilate the fact that the sphere of each action is far broader than can be defined according to earthly reasoning. Thus, by each action and each thought people contact several spheres. One must accustom oneself to the complexity of effects. No one wishes to understand that a certain time must elapse between cause and effect. BR, Caution — What we mean by caution must be definitely understood.

The ignorant may assume that caution is inaction or the gloom of fear. On the contrary, caution is a strengthening of action, watchfulness and courage. Caution is very necessary when fiery waves are provoked. One can resist such tensions by means of the magnet of Hierarchy. When I indicate caution, it is necessary to direct the heart, aflame to Hierarchy.

A cloud impels a gardener to take measures for protection, but he is not afraid of every whirlwind. BR, Cedar — One of the family of coniferous trees. One of the "lifegivers" which store the heart energy of nature and nourish all the nerve centers with fiery energy. Plants will indicate the better possibilities. Look for cedars and pines, heather and oak, grass and flowers of vivid color.

Natural electrification in a locality is necessary. Large, long needles of evergreen are the best condensers of electricity.

Druids also called the chalice of cedar resin the chalice of life. And only later, with the loss of the realization of the spirit, was it replaced by blood. The fire of Zoroaster was the result of burning of the cedar resin in the chalice. LMG II, 72 Center of the Shoulders — You have already experienced the two sharp points piercing the region of the shoulder blades, and with the same piercing the centers of the lungs may be opened.

These centers control prana. The legend concerning wings is highly symbolic. Likewise, it was a favorite custom of the ancients to wear a round metal plate upon their breasts. But for complete crowning, man must kindle all the forty-nine fires which include all the fires of all the centers and their branches. All spiritual centers depend on the heart. The heart is the great accumulator and transmuter of all the energies; it may be called the sun of the organism because of the role it plays.

Sometimes the nerve centers are not consciously realized and, being partly opened, often show the symptoms of tuberculosis, asthma, rheumatism, and other diseases. The opening of and acting of these centers should first be manifested in their psychic or spiritual aspects. With a constant inner striving toward the Highest, and a broadening of the consciousness, the acceleration of the opening of the centers is quite possible.

It comes either with the help and guidance of the Great Teacher of Light, or sometimes from contact with the purified fiery aura of a high disciple. Everything must come from higher to lower, from spiritual to physical, but not vice versa. Excessive physical exercises, such as sports, are also quite harmful.

How many centuries must pass before the spirit that broke away can again grasp a new link! And we know that all the majestic concepts and the whole beauty of Eastern thought evolved precisely from the sequence and succession in the infinite Hierarchic Chain, which consists of links formed by the limitless devotion of a disciple to his Guru.

Thus, the East looks upon a Teacher who rejects the Hierarchic principle as upon a dry, rootless tree. To deprive the spirit of reverence for the great concept of the Teacher is equivalent to spiritual suicide.

The Great Teachers provide our nurture; without it, not only would we die but so would the whole planet. Effulgent is the White Chain from the Mountains of Light. These are significant times, when even the humblest discern the magnificence of the White Chain. All Indications should be fulfilled so that the specks of imperil may not impede the might of the White Forces. H, Chain of the Planets — This expression used in The Secret Doctrine and The Mahatma Letters refers to different stages of the same planets as they might appear in a "space-time continuum"—visible and invisible.

Translated means "wheel" or "disc". There are forty-nine chakras or centers altogether. In Agni Yoga twenty-one are mentioned and it is the opening and transmuting of these 21 centers that causes the kindling of the rest.

The seven main chakras and their locations are: Muladhara-Kundalini, located at the bottom of the spine; 2. Svadhisthana-chakra, in the abdomen between the base of the spine and the navel; 3. Anahata-chakra, or the Chalice; 5. Vishuddha-chakra or the center of the throat; 6. Ajna-chakra, or the Third Eye; 7. Brahamarandra-chakra, or the Bell, on the top of the head. There are also seldom mentioned centers in the shoulders, cheeks, lungs, wrists, knees, kidneys, etc.

All these chakras have important functions peculiar to them and are important in their own right, but for the most important chakra, and the one that none of the others can survive without is the Center of the Heart, or the Anahata-chakra.

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