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This program is notably effective for those who failed with other diets. Consumers looking for a budget-friendly option can simply purchase Weight Watchers brand food products at their grocery store or mass retailer and follow the plan's basic diet, which is available online. Food is rated 1 in taste and nutrition among all diet meal plans. We truly apologize for any frustrations or inconveniences you've had and would be happy to reach out to you to further discuss your concerns. Ships in late May. Stale meal plans that taste horrible are now a thing of the past.


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Its location on this page may change next time you visit. After being on the Freestyle plan for just over 4 weeks, sticking to my 23 points per day, I am not losing any more than 1 to 2 lbs. And I don't ever take advantage of my weekly points. Can someone advise me on what I might be doing wrong?

I eat all that I am suppose to, much of which is 0 point foods, but nothing is working for me. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. Your success is very important to us. A Resolution Specialist will reach out to you shortly. I've always been a fan of Weight Watchers and had success in the past, met my goal, and went about my merry way. Well, then menopause hit and the weight started to come back on! I tried losing that extra weight just by cutting back on fattening foods and paying attention to my portions, and it seemed I was gaining instead of losing!

Enter my dear friend, Fawn, who had been battling the same little demons I had been battling. She had recently joined WW on the Freestyle Plan and was having amazing success. She sent me the link and I signed up and started the very next day. The fact that so many of the lean proteins are free helps me make really great choices, like in the evening when I feel like I MUST have just a little something but I've used my points or have just a couple left. Having a piece of fruit or a hard-boiled egg with some salsa satisfies that little craving and, in turn, I don't beat myself up or feel guilty because those are excellent choices!

I started the program July 2, , and have lost 13 pounds as of today, September 9, ! And that's without feeling deprived or feeling like I'm starving! The Freestyle Plan is a great plan that sets me up for success! And what I love most about WW is that it's not a diet, it's a way of life! Kudos to the team who designed the Freestyle Plan! I'm a skinnier fan! Please keep up the wonderful work! BTW, my sister just joined after seeing and hearing about my results!

I've tried to do this on my own and I just didn't get anywhere! I go to meetings and journey my way through. I've asked people for suggestions and they've given me a multitude of help. It's a supportive forum and there's so many people who inspire - they've had amazing journeys and they've lost a lot of weight - so inspiring.

The only way I can get myself healthy and stay healthy is with Weight Watchers. I started WW in , attended off and on over the years and made lifetime in I allowed life to happen and sadly, the weight returned. My goal is to be at my goal weight in August and maybe even work for WW once that happens: This is way better with the tracking Program and website I have no problem staying on track!

Being able to scan products in the store and at home make it simple! You have full control of Your Program, I would recommend o anybody to check it out!!! FreeStyle is the answer!!! Go to the Meetings for support and camaraderie of Group Support!!! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

I was a periodic WW member from , but have been a consistent Lifetime member since , having lost 35 lbs and kept it off. I have been frustrated with the Freestyle program primarily because the 0 points foods are typically what I would normally eat under the Smart Points program. Now that those foods are 0 points, I tend to supplement those foods with less desirable foods to use my points, and tend to overeat the 0 point foods.

After all, if I could control my portions I wouldn't have a weight problem to begin with. Hence, I am not losing weight and tend to have difficulty maintaining. I would much prefer to have the option of the Smart Points program. This disappoints me because I have been a proud proponent of WW for years. I am still under goal weight 15 years after reaching Lifetime status, but find it more difficult to maintain now. I would think WW would want their Lifetime members to serve as their best advertising.

I suspect that the new program does work for persons who need help developing healthier eating habits, but does not work as well for maintenance or for those with less weight to lose. Susan, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback to us regarding your experience with our Weight Watchers Freestyle program.

We truly apologize for any frustrations or inconveniences you've had and would be happy to reach out to you to further discuss your concerns. A member of our Resolution Team will be in contact with you soon.

We all wish you the very best, Susan. I've been a member of WW since on and off. I've lost over pounds with the program and on my own. The Freestyle program is the worst and most restrictive plan that WW has ever had. Thank you for reaching out to us and congratulations on your weight loss success, Michelle.

We would love to speak with you further regarding Freestyle. A member of our Resolution Team will reach out to you shortly. Love the new program Freestyle. I have been losing about 1. I have currently lost Walking better doing more physical work around the house without having to hire someone to do some of the more simple things. Brag about my journey and weight loss success.

Smile every day about my experience with the program. Leaders and other members are very supportive. I have been a Weight Watcher many times before, but never this successful. I think the app is so important. I love the choices of food and the program is so easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing the positive experience you've had with Weight Watchers. We wish you continued success on your weight loss and wellness journey with us!

This is my third time with Weight Watchers. The first time was for my mother who wanted me to lose 20 pounds before she passed away I hit that goal the day after her death in However, the depression set in and I gained it all back in about six months. In , I decided to try again. I lost 25 pounds but gave up after my husband and I both lost our jobs.

Again, I gained it all back with just a few months due to depression. I started in April of this year with a goal to lose 40 pounds. I want to get back in my wedding gown on our 18th wedding anniversary this Halloween. This time around has been Do you already have a Fitbit Aria scale? Do you have any implanted electrical devices e. Do you already have a Fitbit Zip or other Fitbit activity tracker?

How old are you? Are you female or male? What is your primary weight management goal? What is your goal weight? What are you currently doing to manage your weight? What is your current calorie intake goal, to achieve your weight management goal if you do not current have a calorie goal, please skip. Occasionally participants get off track and stop responding to our attempts to contact them. This can happen in any program. Fitbit Charge 3 Advanced Fitness Tracker.

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