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I think if you can get past day 3 and keep yourself busy it is easy to stick to it. Currently using celebrity slim. Item location see all. My reason for only 4 stars is because I'm very worried about the sugar intake as it is more then a block of chocolate, but apart from this I think its highly recommended. The Rapid Phase is completely safe for ongoing use. Another two weeks to go before I start on the Trim phase.

Trim Phase

Celebrity Slim Rapid, Trim & Maintain Program Phases

I mean its to reduce the waistline right? Very sad thought it would be a good alternative. It's great it helps to have on you while your at work or school but I don't recommend using them alll the time it can fill you up and you can tend to forget about eating normal proper nutritional food because you are already full but it's a great tummy filler and tastes pretty good could taste better but it works! Having been told I am pre-diabetic, my doctor suggested I needed to lose some weight by replacing one meal with a shake and controlling calories.

Appalled by the sugar content. Could not handle the taste and smell. Felt like puking after having it. I am sure there will be more flavors. But this did not work for me unfortunately. Sugar, sugar and more sugar! I bought one to try recently but didn't get as far as actually making and drinking the shake. I made the mistake of not reading the ingredients before purchasing. No way will I put that much sugar in my body for one meal! Coffee is my favourite. I had to find something to drink as a meal earlier this year after having a wisdom tooth taken out and getting a few issues following.

YUM but too much sugar. These have even been voted the best shakes on the market by Choice magazine, years ago. They had a low sugar option. Unfortunately the sugar in these is equivalent to 10 Optislim or Isowhey.

Please bring back low sugar option Aldi!!! Verified Purchase Great value great taste. Tried one sachet and i was very impressed chocolate The texture is just like a chocolate milkshake and tastes just like one too.

Satisfying taste, filled me up, great value for money and now when I do my next shop 11 sachets will be on the list. My reason for only 4 stars is because I'm very worried about the sugar intake as it is more then a block of chocolate, but apart from this I think its highly recommended. I love the coffee.. I like these but I went out and bought these based on the reviews as I was looking for a meal replacement, rather than my usual Protein Shakes that I was getting rather bored of.

These are absolutely delicious! I drank them for a few days before deciding to do a comparison to my International Protein Synergy 5 that I normally buy. I was sad to see that the sugar content in the ALDI ones was quite high! I decided to look into this further and the Canstar Blue review of these [weblink removed] even admit they are high in sugar. The Celebrity Slim Rapid phase has been devised to reduce carbohydrates from the diet and encourages rapid weight loss by forcing the body to burn primarily fat instead of glucose sugar for energy.

On the Trim Phase, simply replace 2 meals each day with delicious Celebrity Slim shakes or meal bars, eat 1 healthy balanced meal and snack up to 3 times on a variety of yummy, allowable foods between meals. Drinking lots of water is also very important, so we recommend at least 2 litres per day.

The Celebrity Slim Trim Phase is our regular program, designed with longer term use in mind. Many people find Trim to be the most enjoyable phase of the program, because it's so flexible, offers the most variety of Celebrity Slim meals and snacks to choose from and is easy to stick to. On our Maintain Phase, you can choose to stop using Celebrity Slim meal replacements altogether or cut back to just 1 Celebrity Slim Shake or Meal Bar, alongside 2 healthy balanced meals and 3 healthy snacks.

But beware - if at this stage you were to go back to eating a carbohydrate rich diet, you would probably regain much of the weight and fat you have lost. Once you've reached your goal weight, our Maintain Phase will help ease you back into a healthy lifestyle routine designed to help you sustain your weight loss results in the long run. The great thing about the Maintenance Phase, you will find, is that because you are still following the basic program guidelines, you will continue to lose weight.

Many people find that they enjoy having some extra food alternatives and choose to move between the Trim phase and Maintain phase to keep things interesting. It is a great way to stay on track too, because you can eat some of the foods that you enjoy without having to worry about gaining on the scales.

Where do I start? These sunglasses are suitable for any climate and weather conditions. They are suitable as high fashion accessory and daily wear all year round. If we have made a mistake we will always rectify it. Strawberry Flavours, Natural Colour Cocoa, Cafe Latte Flavours, Colour Celebrity Slim Shakes also contain several important nutrients that can help improve your health, including Whey Protein Concentrate, which provides high levels of certain amino acids.

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