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By transferring what you worship or adore or lust after. I experimented with various things such as increasing exercise or allowing dieting along with teaching hunger and fullness principles. Imaginary tales in chivalric fiction often featured massive swords wieldable only by heroic champions or great villains and capable of cleaving through horses and even trees. Even then, weight is not the whole story because handling characteristics are a matter of mass-distribution along a blade, which in turn, affects the point of balance. They have changed this law and now tri-axle 53 footers are allowed.

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To be that big and stay healthy, elephants need to eat hundreds of pounds of food and drink about 50 gallons of water every day! They can spend up to 16 hours every day just eating and finding food.

Luckily for the other animals, elephants are vegetarians. Except for zoos and circuses, elephants are most likely to be found in Africa and Asia. You might hear people say that an elephant has four knees.

Really though it just has two. Elephant by Ian Redmond. Login to your account. Stay signed in Will keep you signed in for 2 Weeks. Toggle navigation Whyzz parents raise wise kids. The tunnel has a full time attendant in a booth on the eastbound side and on the westbound side. If an over-height truck approaches the bridge, it will set of sensors that hang over the roadway. The sensors will set off warning signs and eventually flashing lights and sirens to get the trucker to pull over into the inspection area.

The attendant will run across the freeway the booth is located in the center median and use a height stick to measure height and determine if the trucker can continue through the tunnel or if he must turn around.

In winter, many truckers will have snow and ice built up on their trucks and trailers that will set off the alarms. They either have to knock it off or turn around. The mountain terrain stretches for roughly miles from Denver to Eagle. West of the mountains are the gorges and hot springs. Glenwood Canyon is just east of Glenwood Springs. The canyon has elevated sections of freeway that were a feat of engineering to design and build.

There are several rest areas through Glenwood Canyon- none with sufficient truck parking. Truckers can park along car parking spaces or in the limited truck and rv parking in one of the rest areas. These rest areas are right along the river where dozens of white water rafters float by. They have a pathway that goes along the length of the canyon and you can get out, stretch your legs, and enjoy nature. But once you get past all that, Connecticut is really quite calm.

But the traffic is nothing like what goes on south of there. There is a popular indian casino on I in eastern Connecticut. The Mohegan Sun is a major attraction. To contact the Mohegan Sun, call The trucking museum features trucks from the early s through It is located off I 84 at exit From east bound I 84 turn left, from west bound I 84 turn right.

You can enter through the first entrance but we suggest using the next entrance. There is room for 5 to 7 trucks to park and visit the trucking history museum. For information, contact the museum at Connecticut used to impose a gross receipts earnings tax on gasoline sold at the the wholesale level that was eliminated in Delaware relies on two portable enforcement units- each carrying 8 scales- to spot check truckers in high traffic areas throughout the state.

If you are directed to the static scale where you have to stop to be weighed , their computers inform the officers inside what your exact weights- gross and axle- are. Florida truck scales also generally have driver facilities including bathroom facilities and pay phones- Florida DOT says some of these facilities have showers available.

A driver can park without having to worry that a DOT officer is going to ask for his logbook or perform a vehicle inspection on his truck when he gets up. If, however, an officer notices an obvious violation- such as a flat tire or cracked rim, the driver will be notified after he gets up and will need to have repairs made. All commercial vehicles are required to cross the weigh stations in Florida- no matter how small the vehicle is. Anyone renting a truck for personal use is not required to cross the scales, but the weigh masters suggest that rental trucks go ahead and exit at the weigh stations.

Generally, a rental truck that obeys the weigh station speed limit will be directed into the bypass lanes and return to the freeway. In addition to weigh stations, Florida uses Agricultural Inspection Stations. These are normally a few miles before or after the weigh stations. Drivers with PrePass can be set up for preclearance though you are required to stop if you have agriculture on- even if you get the green light.

If you do get pulled in to an agricultural check point, they will ask to see your bills or they will ask what you are hauling and where you came from. All rental trucks and vehicles with trailers are required to pull into the agricultural inspections. Vehicles entering Florida will be prohibited from transporting citrus plants but other types of plants are allowed. Florida will require anyone transporting plants or livestock to fill out forms at the agricultural inspection.

Florida will send inspectors to the final destination marked on the forms to inspect produce plants. Florida is considered one of the most desirable destinations in the entire United States. If you go to the Florida Keys, you should be able to find pull out areas to park. In many parts of the Florida coast line, trucks over a certain length are not allowed to park- and the length limit is far less than the average tractor trailer truck!

There are some interesting roads truckers can travel, however. The most notable is I 75 along the southern edge of Florida. Though I 75 is a north and south bound freeway, it runs directly east and west across Alligator Alley. This toll road has various rest areas and recreational parking areas where truckers can park without having to worry if there will be enough space. Along Alligator Alley, you can see alligators in the waterways alongside the freeway. Local and county governments can levy additional fuel taxes in their areas.

Now most Georgia scales can give the green light to PrePass transponders. But if you do get the green light, ride on. The fuel tax rate varies based on local option sales tax figures that are published every 6 months. Trucks using the Norpass transponder system may receive a signal to bypass but Prepass trucks will always have to pull in for now. Trucks 26, lbs and over registered weight must enter Idaho weigh stations.

Livestock and Hazmat loads over 10, lbs must also weigh- even if they are less than 26, lbs. The weigh stations just east of Boise are fairly modern. The east bound side has a large inspection bay. Other weigh stations in the state are not so modern, to say the least.

Most Idaho weigh stations are nothing more than a small building with an axle scale out front. To run the Idaho state routes, you have to buy a permit. Once you buy the permit, you can use their formula to determine which routes you are allowed to run.

The way truckers tell it, if you are headed southbound, you may make it past the scales in Lewiston with no problem. But down the road a ways, an officer will be waiting for you and you will be ticketed and towed out of the state. Illinois was a split speed limit state until , with a 65 mph limit for cars and a 55 mph limit for trucks. But now cars and trucks have equal speed limits. And most times no one says anything on the radio about them.

There used to be a bear who patrolled a stretch of I 70 and who would get on the cb radio and announce himself. Low bridges, unbelieveable traffic, construction, and toll roads all combine to make for a real wheeler headache. Truckers who want truck-friendly routing to their Chicago destination can call for help.

This includes a 6. Local governments can levy additional taxes. This includes pickup trucks with trailers and rental trucks of all sizes and weights. Indiana is a split speed limit state. Trucks traveling in Indiana are limited to 65 mph while cars are allowed 70 mph. There is current controversy surrounding the Indiana toll roads. Indiana state police are required by Indiana Code to make at least 25 weight checks per officer per week. Walcott, Iowa, is a trucker vacation destination.

The truck stop has one of the largest in-stock chrome shops in the country. There is a truck shop and truck was on the premises. The Iowa 80 has a Trucking Hall of Fame adjacent to it- a 21, some foot warehouse with almost 30 antique trucks on display.

In , there were more than antique trucks on display for the event and more than 30, people came to experience it! It is located off I 80 at exit , just west of the Quad-Cities in Iowa. CAT scale has a reputation for being the most widespread, the most reliable, and the easiest to acess of all truck stop weighing scales. Not too far from Walcott is the town of Riverside, Iowa.

Sounds dumb, but anyone with a twisted sense of humor who watched the show from the beginning got a lot of laughs out of it. The series, called Invasion Iowa, is not available on DVD but it can be found online for legal and paid for downloads.

The villages were designed by the original settlers to mirror 19th century German villages. These are not Amish communities and they are no longer communal.

For generations, the townspeople shared their earnings, but in , the Amana Colonies stopped living as a commune. The highest point in Iowa is located in the north west corner of the state on route at Hawkeye Point. People think of Kansas as being flat- but any trucker knows that Kansas is a true up and down state.

This rate includes a 1 penny per gallon environmental fee. There is no minimum weight requirement. All trucks means all trucks- tractor trailer trucks, certainly, but also any smaller trucks. Any rental truck or pickup truck pulling a trailer is required to enter an open Kentucky weigh station.

More than 80, people attended the show and there were more than 1, exhibits. It was held at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. Truck parking was available for the day and overnight. For information on the show, please visit their website at www. Exhibitors at the Louisville Truck Show include many trucking companies, on board weighing systems, tire and wheel manufacturers, chrome shops, trucking magazines and newspapers, trucking associations, truck lighting retailers, custom sleeper manufacturers, repair shops, truck accessory retailers, truck insurance providers, many radio personalities, and all kinds of products to make life on the road easier, and more fun and cost effective!

The truck show also has a show truck contest called the Paul K. More than trucks compete in 20 different categories. Each year, the Mid-America truck show features live entertainment from various artists.

Just outside Lexington is a 1, acre park- the Kentucky Horse Park. The horse park boasts almost 50 different breeds of horses. They have a horse-drawn trolley that you can ride for a tour of the park. They also offer horse back riding and pony rides. For more information on the Kentucky Horse Park, call or People buying a new Corvette can arrange to pick their new Corvette up right at the museum and drive it home themselves or trailer it.

The museum holds many raffles on Corvettes. There is definitely truck access to the museum but actual parking is limited. They are located off exit 28 on I This is a variable rate. If you have lost or misplaced a traffic citation you received in Kentucky, there are a few things you need to know.

The Kentucky State Police does not maintain a database on traffic citations issued. In order to located the information, you may attempt either of the following two alternatives: A If you know the county you were in when you received the traffic citation, you may contact the Circuit Clerk of the county for further information regarding your traffic citation.

B If you are unsure of the county, you must contact the Administrative Office of the Court. They may be contacted during business hours at I have found that the lighted signs almost always give me the opposite instructions of what my PrePass transponder tells me.

PrePass brochures state that you are supposed to follow the in-cab signals from your transponder no matter what the road sign weigh station signs say. The recent damage and destruction from Hurricane Katrina have changed the landscape of Louisianna.

There are still some locations where shrimp boats and the like are at the edge of roadways- hundreds of feet from any waterways they may have formerly traveled. Cajuns still compose the local heritage, however. Gumbo and fried alligator are definitely on the menu. And it seems that the devistation from Katrina has not put a damper on the wild antics surrounding Mardi Gras and other celebrations in the area.

The map of Maine makes it look deceptively small. Any trucker who has traveled the length of I 95 in Maine will tell you that it is a large state. You will see signs for moose crossings along the interstate and you may have a sighting of a black bear. Once you get north of Bangor, civilization gets pretty thin. Maine DOT officers often drive dark blue Ford pickups and all have their own set of scales.

Maryland recently joined the PrePass network- starting with the I 95 south bound Perryville weigh station I 95 mile marker 93 at the Susquehanna River Bridge. Massachusetts uses unmarked vehicles in traffic enforcement, so be on the lookout. These are covered-wagon trailers that have a seemingly endless number of axles. The purpose is to increase the gross weights each truck can haul but are limited to foot trailers and shorter.

For quite some time, Michigan would ticket a tri-axle foot trailer even if the gross weight was 80, They have changed this law and now tri-axle 53 footers are allowed. Currently, Michigan is a split speed limit state. Trucks used to be limited to 55 mph in a 70 mph zone for cars. But the law changed on November 9, Now trucks are restricted to 60 mph maximum while cars are allowed 70 mph. Located in Bloomington just south of Minneapolis , it has more than stores, 50 restaurants and an aquarium.

Complete that with a roller coaster and a log ride. Oh, and there is no sales tax on clothing in Minnesota, so get your wallet ready! This rate varies depending on the amount needed to maintain the underground storage tank UST cleanup fee fund. Private carriers transporting taxable petroleum products must also enter an open Mississippi weigh station. No person, firm, or corporation of the State of Mississippi, or any subdivision thereof, shall be required to raise, alter, construct, or reconstruct any underpass, wire, pole, trestle, or other structure to permit the passage of any vehicle having a height, unladen, or with a load, in excess of twelve feet and six inches.

Full liability for damage to any structure caused by any vehicle having a height in excess of twelve feet six inches, shall be bourne entirely by the motor carrier or operator of the vehicle. There are 10 CVE officers who are certified to perform Level VI inspections on vehicles carrying spent nuclear fuel shipments.

All vehicles that have a registered weight of 18, pounds or more are required to enter the Missouri weigh stations when they are open. If a vehicle is licensed for 18, pounds or less, they do not have to stop. However, police or commercial vehicle enforcement may choose to stop a vehicle with a lower weight rating at their discretion. Trucks in Missouri are required to be less than 14 feet tall.

They can be up to 15 feet tall if they are traveling exclusively withing commercial zones as defined by Missouri statute The maximum weight allowed in Missouri per axle is 20, pounds on the interstate and 22, pounds on non-interstate roads. The maximum weigh allowed per tandem is 34, pounds on the interstate and 36, pounds on non-interstate roads. This applies to roads that are not marked with lower weight restrictions. The home of Shoji in Branson, Missouri!

While we may not be able to find truck parking and go see the show- every trucker knows the billboards along I I 44 used to have some of the worst stretches interstate along with highways in Louisianna and Arkansas but in recent years, Missouri has really smoothed out the bumps.

Recreational vehicles are not required to stop unless they are in transit for delivery to a distributor or dealer. Any vehicle that weighs more than 10, lbs may be stopped for inspection and weighing at portable scale locations. They are a watch dog state. The DOT officer decided he was going to find something wrong- no matter what.

When someone scrutinizes your paperwork with that kind of attitude, you can be sure he WILL find something wrong. Tri-axle trailers with single tires a total of 6 tires rather than 12 for duals are only allowed 33, lbs in Montana. Nebraska has a museum that crosses over the I freeway at mile marker called the Archway Museum. There are big fines for travelers who stop to take pictures of the sight. You can take exit number Great Platte River Road and go to visit the museum instead. The Sidney, Nebraska, store has ample truck and RV parking.

Many of these establishment will advertise their services on the c. Truckers will find casinos all across the state of Nevada- and almost every casino will allow truck parking. Most truck stops have slot machines and some even have casino tables for card games.

You can spend a lot of money in the casinos- but it can be a nice change from the truck stops. In northeastern Nevada, Wendover has several casinos and a Pilot truck stop with diesel. You can park in the huge truck parking area and take a shuttle to any of the casinos. Nevada has several spots where chains may be required on tires in winter.

In the summer, a trucker who breaks down will need a lot of water and shade to try to keep cool. The major population centers are in Las Vegas and the Reno area, so truckers traveling in between or elsewhere will go far and long between services. According to long-time driver Dave B. These weigh stations and check stations are used- Nevada tends to keep them closed for long periods and then run a sort of sting operation and pull in as many truckers for inspections as they can handle at one time.

On Nevada Interstates, truckers can cut loose and run fast. Many areas have the speed limit set at 75 mph. Turn of the c.

Truckers heading to Las Vegas from southern California on a Friday night or heading to southern California from Las Vegas on a Sunday night or Monday night of a holiday weekend will find out just how popular Las Vegas is. I 15 has 2 lanes in each direction on the way except the steep grades- north and south of Bakersfield- where they allow an extra slow vehicle lane.

It can be very stressful. The four wheelers tend to be in a hurry and will pull stupid tricks to get around us lumbering big rigs! Apparently, in New Hampshire, the state makes big bucks off the traveling public. Laconia New Hampshire is home to the only Viper sales dealership in America. Dodge Viper, that is. There are other dealers but only one that sells new Vipers. Laconia is also a winter sports destination.

Laconia is located near Lake Winnipesaukee. The lake is covered with snow mobilers during the winter months. So any vehicle weighing 10, lbs or less, commercial or not, is not required to enter the open weigh stations. New Jersey has changed that law. Now out-of-state truckers can, indeed, get over gross tickets. The toll roads over on the east coast can be a bit overwhelming. Bridges, toll ways, thruways and more bridges- it all adds us quickly.

Truckers in New Jersey were not allowed to run state routes with a foot trailer, so it seemed that they were stuck with the toll roads. Recent legal battles have been going on about this ruling and it is no longer written in stone. The road splits- one fork going to I and one to the turnpike which is the toll road. Follow the signs for I There are some truck stops that can be accessed from either the turnpike or I off turnpike exit 2 and I exit 2C.

Going up I , you will come to the junction with route The traffic tends to get backed up here- both because of commuter traffic and because the merging of all the traffic gets confusing for unaware travelers. The road will bring you around a curve to the left and shortly after merging with route 42, you will exit back off to the right to follow I north again. On I you can take the exit for route and the Bordentown Petro and get over to the turnpike there or you can continue up to exit 60 for I east.

This will take you over to the toll road with all freeway driving. Many truckers choose to run the toll road during high traffic times- though the turnpike also backs up sometimes.

To go southbound from the turnpike take I west to I south all the way to the bottom. As mentioned about the north bound route, be careful around the junction of route 42 where traffic gets congested.

The bridges coming into New Jersey are non-toll, but leaving New Jersey can be very expensive. To leave New Jersey without a toll, head to Trenton. From the New Jersey Turnpike take I west. I curves you around the north side of Trenton and brings you around to I 95 south I 95 is somewhat confusing in this part of the country. I 95 south will take you down through Philly- you can hit the PA turnpike or continue south on I 95 toward Delaware.

Keep in mind that I 95 through downtown Philadelphia may not be the most pleasant drive during high traffic times. Trucks are to use expressways, not parkways. Parkways have low bridges and no commercial vehicles or trailers are allowed in most places.

Route 18 from the turnpike to the GSP has a lot of lights and a lot of traffic, so truckers may want to consider running the turnpike down to I east and hitting the GSP that way. This means anyone hauling anything that is used for profit must enter. If someone is transporting their own personal goods moving etc , they are not required to enter the ports no matter how large the truck. But a private, not-for-hire race hauler IS required to enter, because a race car is used for financial gain.

If someone is hauling their own personal horses or livestock for personal reasons not for racing or selling , they are only required to enter the ports if there is a sign saying that all vehicles with livestock must enter.

How to weigh yourself accurately.