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The Insanity Virus
I am a skinny fat man! Insanity Max 30, as well as other workouts from Beachbody, give room for taking things lightly. The thing is, that after the first week my body was back on track- I tell you, if you were once able to do those demanding exercises, then your body IS capable. Will max 30 maintain it? And we will provide you with the support you need via our exclusive Facebook challenge groups.

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When the lemur reproduced, that retrovirus rode into the next generation aboard the lucky sperm and then moved on from generation to generation, nestled in the DNA.

But such genetic intrusions stick around a very long time, so humans are chockablock full of these embedded, or endogenous, retroviruses. If our DNA were an airplane carry-on bag and essentially it is , it would be bursting at the seams.

Our body works hard to silence its viral stowaways by tying up those stretches of DNA in tight stacks of proteins, but sometimes they slip out. Now and then endogenous retroviruses switch on and start manufacturing proteins.

They assemble themselves like Lego blocks into bulbous retroviral particles, which ooze from the cells producing them.

Endogenous retroviruses were long considered genetic fossils, incapable of doing anything interesting. By the time Perron made his discovery, Torrey and Yolken had spent about 15 years looking for a pathogen that causes schizophrenia. They found lots of antibodies but never the bug itself. The team wondered if other retroviruses might cause these symptoms in separate diseases such as schizophrenia. In they nabbed a possible culprit.

Several other studies have since found similar active elements of HERV-W in the blood or brain fluids of people with schizophrenia. One, published by Perron in , found HERV-W in the blood of 49 percent of people with schizophrenia, compared with just 4 percent of healthy people.

Torrey, Yolken, and Sarven Sabunciyan , an epigeneticist at Johns Hopkins, are working to understand how endogenous retroviruses can wreak their havoc. Much of their research revolves around the contents of a nondescript brick building near Washington, D. Inside are hundreds of cadaver brains donated to science by the deceased , numbered 1 through Each brain is split into right and left hemispheres, one half frozen at about — degrees Fahrenheit, the other chilled in formaldehyde.

Jacuzzi-size freezers fill the rooms. New high-speed DNA sequencing is making the job possible. Fixed to that plate are million magnetic beads, and attached to each bead is a single molecule of DNA, which the machine is sequencing. In a week the machine churns out the equivalent of six human genomes—enough raw data to fill 40 computer hard drives. RNA is a messenger of DNA, a step in the path to making proteins, so its presence could mean that viral proteins are being manufactured in the body more frequently than had been thought.

Although the body works hard to keep its ERVs under tight control, infections around the time of birth destabilize this tense standoff. White blood cells vomit forth inflammatory molecules called cytokines, attracting more immune cells like riot police to a prison break.

The scene turns toxic. The mice became clumsy, then paralyzed, then died of brain hemorrhages. It was an extreme experiment, but to Perron it made an important point. In MS the immune system directly attacks and kills brain cells, causing paralysis. In schizophrenia it may be that inflammation damages neurons indirectly by overstimulating them.

The first, pivotal infection by toxoplasmosis or influenza and subsequent flaring up of HERV-W might happen shortly before or after birth. That would explain the birth-month effect: Flu infections happen more often in winter. The initial infection could then set off a lifelong pattern in which later infections reawaken HERV-W, causing more inflammation and eventually symptoms.

This process explains why schizophrenics gradually lose brain tissue. It explains why the disease waxes and wanes like a chronic infection. And it could explain why some schizophrenics suffer their first psychosis after a mysterious, monolike illness. The infection theory could also explain what little we know of the genetics of schizophrenia. One might expect that the disease would be associated with genes controlling our synapses or neurotransmitters.

Three major studie s published last year in the journal Nature tell a different story. Gene studies have failed to provide simple explanations for ailments like schizophrenia and MS. Genes may come into play only in conjunction with certain environmental kicks. Retroviruses, including HIV, are known to be awakened by inflammation—possibly the result of infection, cigarette smoke, or pollutants in drinking water.

The era of writing off endogenous retroviruses and other seemingly inert parts of the genome as genetic fossils is drawing to an end, Perron says. Schizophrenia treatments were limited when she fell ill. Early on she received electroshock therapy and insulin shock therapy, in which doctors induced a coma by lowering her blood sugar level. Rhoda Torrey has spent 40 years in state hospitals.

The disease has left only one part of her untouched: Her memory of her brief life before becoming ill—of school dances and sleepovers half a century ago—remains as clear as ever. Steven Elmore was more fortunate. Drug therapy was widely available when he fell ill, and although he still hears voices from time to time, he has done well. Now 50 years old, he is married, cares for an adopted son and stepson, and works full time.

He has avoided common drug side effects like diabetes, although his medications initially caused him to gain 40 pounds.

Torrey and Yolken hope to add a new, more hopeful chapter to this story. Hack your diet, hack your fitness, hack your job, hack your wife.

But when did a term so historically pejorative suddenly become aspirational. In this short minute, TED Talk-type discourse, Rich launches a plea to forget short-cuts and our insatiable drive for instant gratification. An appeal to not only slow down, but to invest in the journey. An inspirational and illuminating look at the insanity that drives us away from the goals, success and life satisfaction we so desperately seek.

He speaks with passion and clarity and is a consummate pro. We had over people pre register for the event… Rich did an amazing job and was a major hit in the city [Burlington, ON].

This was a direct result of the Mayor seeing the amazing community interest in Rich and his inspiring story! Rich is an effective speaker who managed to inspire our audience and connect with them on a personal level. He was candid about his life story and took a lot of time to field individual questions. We were lucky to have him as a resource.

It includes a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options for you to choose from and shows you how to combine foods to help your metabolism work at its peak. The plan is not necessarily a diet but instead a way of fueling your body to be able to endure the intense cardio workouts Insanity features. On the plan, you can expect to consume 5 meals per day, all approximately the same size and number of calories. Eating several times per day at specified intervals gives you the stamina necessary to carry you through the day, and also keeps your metabolism burning calories all day long.

Since each individual has different caloric intake needs, the program includes ways to modify the plan according to your individual situation. Although there has recently been a low carb craze, the program advises against this and suggests that you balance your carbs and protein in order to maintain optimal blood sugar levels. During the first month on the Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan, you will choose five meals per day consisting of about calories each.

As you enter the second month on the plan and your body is burning calories more effectively, you may increase your caloric intake to help keep your body fueled for the more strenuous workouts ahead. Both Insanity and P90X have every different nutritional plans and that is because they are very different type s of workouts.

One similarity between the two is the ability to modify the plan according to your individual needs. This is something that sets Beachbody workout plans and their nutritional l programs apart from the rest. It recognizes that every individual is different and there is not one single plan that will apply to all. Results are what people are looking for when they purchase a workout program and both of these programs will give you very different but very noticeable results in your physique.

The P90X Program was designed to increase your overall strength, build your core, burn fat and help you achieve maximum results through repeated muscle confusion. Most people that decide to purchase and take on the P90X challenge are looking to lean up but also increase muscle and size. With that said, P90X is a program that is more popular with men than women. Most women want to lose weight, lower body fat percentage and decrease in size. Toned, lean muscles are definitely a plus for most women, but certainly not at the expense of gaining size.

The exercises performed in the P90X workouts, such as pull ups and various types of push ups, are also difficult for the female body to do, especially in the quantity and speed expected throughout P90X workouts.

Overall, P90X is an excellent workout program but definitely more appropriate for men than women. The Insanity program is an overall excellent workout for both men and women. Although it will not increase size, this workout is one of the toughest on the market, and it is one that will get you to fitness levels you never envisioned were possible. It will lean you out, improve endurance, increase energy and improve your overall athletic performance in as little as two months.

One other plus to the Insanity program is that anyone can do these workouts, regardless of fitness background, age, gender or athletic ability. Shaun T stresses this from day one and reminds you repeatedly in each DVD to work at your own pace and decide what your individual maximum capacity is.

If you do the 60 day program two times, you will notice that your performance will have improved the second time around, as well as the third and fourth if you choose to continue.

There is no better or worse when it comes to these two top notch workout programs. Both are excellent ways to achieve fitness at home and both provide very different results for different types of people.

It is up to you to decide which will better suit the fitness goals you are trying to achieve. Check Out P90X Here! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. What Is Included with Each Program? Insanity Cost The cost for the three different packages offered with P90X are as follows: Insanity Workouts When deciding to take on the P90X challenge, you can expect to workout virtually every day of the week with workouts lasting between 60 to 90 minutes.

Why the Insanity workout at the first place?