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Surveillance Systems
Low hematology, low or high birthweight, short stature, underweight, overweight, obesity and smoking in household. HealthStyles Survey Healthstyles is a private proprietary national marketing survey that annually collects health-related opinions of men and women aged 18 years and above. California Example County Example: Nutrition Monitoring and Surveillance 1 Nutrition Monitoring and Surveillance 2 Some Definitions Joint Nutrition Monitoring Evaluation Committee, Expert Panel on Nutrition Monitoring, 3 Nutrition Monitoring Assessment of dietary or nutrition status at intermittent times with the aim of detecting changes in the dietary or nutritional status of a population 4 Nutrition Surveillance Continuous assessment of nutritional status for the purpose of detecting changes in trend or distribution in order to initiate corrective measures 5 Dietary Status The condition of a populations or an individuals intake of foods and food components, especially nutrients. That's all free as well! J Am Coll Nutr.

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California Department of Healthcare Services

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