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Looks like curds and whey. Hey just saw your recipe. Just another product that I love. There are lots of cookbooks out there for ways to use yogurt, so do remember that you can have lots of options. Creamy and not a weird artificial flavor.

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Because I do my exercise in the mornings, I have a couple of go-to smoothie recipes that I can quickly make up for a breakfast after a run.

My favourite is this banana, peanut butter and chia seed smoothie, the recipe for which is below. As ever, remember that a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will play a massive role in keeping your whole body in tip-top condition — these tips are specifically for all you super-sporty foodies who may require a little extra of the good stuff.

Rozzie is a nutritionist in Jamie's food team, but her university degree also qualified her in sports and exercise science. Sport along with food is one of the loves of her life, and she is a self-confessed exercise junkie and running addict. Despite being a nutritionist, Rozzie also has a not-so-secret addiction to baking and chocolate, and loves combining her nutrition and baking knowledge to experiment with speciality recipes. About the author Rozzie is a nutritionist in Jamie's food team, but her university degree also qualified her in sports and exercise science.

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Anyone who is active on a regular basis has a higher requirement for protein to maintain muscle and prevent catabolism. Regardless of the person trying to just lose fat or bulk up, protein is important in keeping your body strong for both goals. Endurance athletes can especially benefit from protein supplementation to prevent catabolism from extended activity. Designed For Your Goal For fast post-workout recovery, whey protein powders are great because they are fast absorbing and the standard for protein powder supplementation.

For night time recovery or long term recovery throughout the day, seek out a casein protein powder. These will break down more slowly in the blood stream and provide a steady release of amino acids to those muscle tissues.

Keep an eye out for soy and plant protein for all you lactose-intolerant people, as they are great sources of protein that are easy on the tummy. Protein Powder Make protein powder your go-to supplement for losing fat or bulking up when combined with nutrition and exercise. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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