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Simple Whole Wheat Bread
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My husband makes this bread almost daily. He said to have an egg at room temperature-note I always see an egg in a little cup by the stove daily. Milk needs to be not too hot and not too cold. The temperature is what she states it needs to be.

I hear him putting it in the microwave. He uses a digital thermometer for The yeast-depending in which one you use, is the temp that she states. My husband uses like a Tablespoon at a time at the end of the and constantly scrap the edges.

Stops when it is sticky. I will tell you, you wont go back to store bought bread. Give it a try. Can you tell me where I may purchase that super dark bread pan used here in the recipe.

This was absolutely wonderful! I was so excited to try it, I forgot to heat the milk. I have a home economics degree and taught cooking. I know better; just in a hurry. When I realized it, I immediately made another loaf with no errors. By the time it was time to bake the bread, both loaves had risen correctly.

I baked both and we enjoyed one and I froze one for later. My husband and I both enjoyed the bread. It was indeed the easiest and quickest yeast bread I have ever made. I found your white bread recipe as well and look forward to trying it, too.

The flavor of this delicious recipe is unmatched! Such a simple recipe yet amazing results. Thank you so so much for sharing this with us! I was wakened with a kiss from my husband who said he had a most delicious breakfast of a slice of this bread which I made yesterday with butter, peanut butter and an orange. What an easy and simple way to please a husband! This was my first time to ever make bread and you made it easy. Your instructions were easy to follow and the bread came out awesome.

Well, you have a ton of comments here so this is nothing new, but I had to say thank you! I have been looking for a whole wheat bread recipe that would perform consistently and I am grateful for yours! After many failed attempts with other recipes, this one was perfect the very first time.

Thank you for sharing. I also have to share my appreciation for the absence of ads on your site. This makes the site so much easier to use than other food blogs now, which have so many ads that the sitse can barely load and things keep popping up!

Your choice to skip the ad revenue is much appreciated. Your site is a great offering and I will continue to explore now that I have found you! To other readers, I used the ivory whole wheat flour for the 2 Cups and regular bread flour for the rest and it was great. This is the best wheat bread I have ever had, I used only honey,mixed into heated milk, love this bread texture, absolutely perfect, thanks again!

Thanks for the tip on mixing the honey in the milk. I never thought of that. I do agree with you on this recipe…it is fabulous!! I am constantly looking for diabetic friendly recipes for my fiance. This one is perfect!! Though I kneaded the dough by hand, I followed this recipe pretty much as is — foil tent and all. I had to vary the rising times though — the 10minute rest time in my case I made about 30minutes, and the final 30min rise had to be closer to 45 minutes for me.

Jenny, this is my go to bread. I make it about twice a week. I got a KitchenAid mixer for Christmas and immediately wanted to try bread. It is so easy to make and tastes delicious!! I cannot WAIT to try all these other breads. Thank you for sharing these wonderful recipes! I fooled around with whole wheat off and on. I have a really large Kitchenaid — so large that I have to double the recipe.

This versatile recipe gives me a loaf and some rolls! I have to bake bread for my family at least times a week and this recipe has made it enjoyable. I have tried a few of your recipes and they are guaranteed gold, thank you so much for doing this. You can heat the milk slightly on the stove, very low. Or, in the microwave for short increments until warm. Test with a thermometer.

If too hot, then cool until proper temperature. Kind of a nasty comment … did you even try the recipe? Look at your own computer before blaming othrrs. Debra, I had the same problem. When I clicked to see the recipe on the screen, I right clicked it then the printing screen showed and I just hit print and it came out. I had the blank page when I went to print too, I closed it out tried again and it was good to go. This is my first time to try this recipe but I am excited!

Thank you for sharing it! There is absolutely no issue with the PDF file. Btw, why would you even want to print it out when Jenny has explained it in such a simple and easy manner that even my grade 4 son can easily memorize? Way to go Jenny! All of us readers loved your awesome simple recipe!! Good Lord Girl, tripped onto your youtube a couple of weeks back and all I can say is: Sure wish I were your favourite neighbour.

Hope your family knows and appreciates just how darned lucky they are to have you. Have a Polish friend that used to make me Kapusta? Typical man — fool! I was out of milk so I used water and a bit of extra oil. The bread came out wonderful, delicious. I hav recently found your web site and made the 90 min wheat bread.

I made the breadstix also nifty. I just made your bread and it was so easy! Thank you for the step by step video. I love your recipes!! Is it ok to use only whole wheat flour rather than bread flour? I would like to know too. I am not allowed to eat any regular flour. You might find some helpful information in the comments on other variations that people have done. Hi Jenny, just made a bread with your recipe, came out really well. What I would LOVE to know is why do the breads made of only whole-wheat flour, never rise to perfection?

My white flour breads always come out super! White flour will always make a lighter bread or cake. Whole wheat flour contains the germ and the bran, making it a heavier flour. I made this bread, and it turned out great for a first try! I plan on making it many more times in the future.

How much cinnamon do you think would be good to add? Do you think I would need more sugar to balance out the cinnamon? Madam, Can you tell me 2 cups flour wheat , in kilogram — ho many gram will be? Each and everybody cup will not be in same size. I hope your valuable reply.

Jenny — Just came across your webpage and tried your simple whole wheat bread this a. Can I successfully double this recipe? This bread is awesome. I usually make bread in a bread machine but that will go into storage. I added 1 cup of dried cranberries, raisins and pumpkin seeds. Saw your recipe, I am not a novice at bread baking, I love simple bread recipes. I will let you know how the congregation likes it.

This recipe is great. I make 1 or 2 loaves each week. I added dry milk powder as well. When ready to make a loaf or two I measure from the big batch, the specific amounts for the recipe. I use water or milk as the liquid plus the oil and egg s. I aerate or sift the dry ingredients as suggested. In the last big batch I used vital wheat gluten and no white flour. Comes out perfect each time. Thanks again, Jenny, for such great recipes. I just made a couple loaves this afternoon and went out great.

Thank you Jenny, you inspired me baking with your simple techniques xx. I made this bread yesterday and it turned out great. I am so pleased. I am an experienced baker and I bake all the time.

Can I just use bread flour for this bread or must it be a mixture. Is whole wheat flour , whole wheat bread flour.? We do not get all purpose flour here, what is it? And here is some info on flours: I have tried this recipe before with successful results without using a stand mixer all mixing and kneading was done by hand.

However I wanted to know is the half cup all purpose flour or bread flour absolutely necessary? Can I substitute it with something else?

Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful and easy recipe with us. Instead of kneading 50 turns by hand, how long csn I knead it with the mixer? Thanks for your reply. Hi Gladys, Mix on speed 1 to incorporate ingredients to the desired consistency then Speed 2 for one or more minutes is fine on Kitchen Aid stand mixer.. The bread was soft and had a nice color and tasted really good too. My family members absolutely loved it and I plan to make more this weekend for us and some friends.

Thanks Jenny for a simple, yet wonderfully tasting recipe! You could try but glass loaf pans are usually larger than metal so it might not rise as tall and you would have to reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees F.

This is the best wheat bread recipe i ever made! It is super moist and really tasty. I Doubled the recipe and didnt change the time and it was perfect. Even my husband who hate brown bread loved it! I will try the no egg recipe next time. Btw, i plan on making some more loaf to freeze. Do you recommend slicing before freezing? Or juat freeze the whole bread? Made this recipe … came out like really well … yummy bread … thank you dear for this simple and easy Make: Love what you do.

As I had one egg and about 1 cup of soya milk substitute for milk left in my fridge, I decided to give your recipe a try and it turned out well despite the whole meal flour was way passed its expiry date just given to me by my sister. I know what to buy on my next trip to Australia; good flour and baking utensils since we have limited choice available locally population is only half a million for the whole country. I had a small issue with the way it is written.

You have hidden some important details in the preamble. I did not use a mixer and did not triple the kneading time so my first attempt crumbled when sliced. The second time I got it right with great results. I keep almond milk in stock but not cows milk so I used the almond milk and loved the mild nutty flavour it adds. What an amazing loaf of bread, I was a bit concerned about converting Cups into Metric as I have had problems with this in other recipes but no problem with this, it really is simple to make.

Thank you Jenny I will be using some of your other recipes. Also i bread sticks to the pan so can i grease it? I have never used fresh yeast so you will have to research that, and step 7 of my recipe says to grease the pan. Jenny l love baking your bread recipe l even try to incorporate 14cup of ground flax seeds and it turned out excellent. Fe… did you change any of the other ingredients to compensate for the flax? I have used this recipe 10 or so times now, and turns out great every time!

The whole family loves it, and always prefers when I bake bread than buy it at the store. Thanks so much for the amazing recipe!!!! After years of trying to master bread and ending up with hit-and-miss results, I finally found a fool-proof loaf! This is now my standard loaf bread, in both white and wheat as the fancy strikes me. Best bread recipe yet! I have been playing with different bread recipes for the last year or so, and this is the best recipe so far in taste, texture and results!

Whole family likes and will be adding as a regular bake. This one, however turned out perfect. This is the recipe I will be using from now on. Everything else was according to the recipe. I just made this and it came out great! Thank you so much for this recipe! I am going to make this every few days and never buy bread at the store again! I think next time I will add seeds to bake into the bread: Thanks for sharing this recipe… I am based in Mumbai India and love to bake my own loaf.

Have already made a couple of successful lovely loafs with this. Only thing different is the packet of wheat flour I am using though it is exactly the same brand from the same Miller.

Any idea what could have gone wrong and how I could rectify? It could be that your yeast has gone stale. Yeast has a very short shelf life and once opened, it should be kept frozen. Can anyone tell me if i can only use plain flour instead of the wheat one?

Will that be ok? Do i need to change the quantity? Great videos my dear! Keep up the good work! That would be my Simple White Bread. I love this recipe so easy I stopped buying bread. Trying it with chia seed. Thank you so much for your recipe! I had never made bread with milk before, it adds such a lovely flavor! My husband and I have both really enjoyed the loaf I made the other day. What would you say is the best way to store this loaf on the counter? In a plastic bag, tupperware, etc?

Plastic if tightly sealed can create moisture, which is not good for bread. I store mine wrapped in foil and I refrigerate it after the 2nd day. Just had to let you know how great this bread is. My 11 yr old daughter made this using a friends organic whole wheat flour and entered it in the county fair and she got a purple ribbon. Everyone who tasted it, loved it. Thanks for this recipe! This is the first bread I ever made that looked, sliced, and tasted like bread should.

It was so easy and both my husband and I love it! How is it after it is frozen? I would like to make more than one loaf so that I could have it on hand. During the baking my bread gets the crack from the point where the dough rises above the tin. Whereas in your pic the Crack is not so open… What precaution should I keep to avoid the crack. Found this recipe last week, and just whipped it together.

The first time I try a new recipe I always make sure I follow instructions carefully. Well, the dough was very very runny…it seems that there was about 50 percent too much milk? I did mash it together with additional flour…and it is rising now…let me check it…. I will continue with it and bake it when it gets a bit higher.

I love making my own bread. I am a Canadian retired in Argentina, and the bread here really leaves a lot to be desired. And it is quite expensive. Will let you know how it turns out. Should have known…made in Argentina!! Anyway, the loaf I made turned out surprisingly good, despite basically pouring it onto the counter and flouring it half to death and hardly kneading it at all and then scraping it together to put into the pan.

Very obliging dough that is for sure. A real go-to when you need a loaf of bread now…. I have just baked the wheat bread.

I cut the risen dough into half as I got 2 smaller loaf tins.. It turns out surprisingly good after 35min. The crust, texture and its taste are v. Its my first suscessful and satisfying bread I have attempted. I wonder if you can help for an eggless bread? Can I use an 8 by 8 pan if its only 2 inches tall?

Would you recommend any changes I should make? So I asked my dad for help and he rolled the dough up like you did in the video, then he rolled it up again, so it was a square. Thank you Jenny, this was an awesome recipe! I just successfully baked my very first whole wheat bread and wanted to thank you for sharing this recipe! More power to your future endeavors!

Hi…thanks for this easy recipe. Only in the video you explain it wich for my was to late. The time to rise my dough was more than one our. I can think was for the lack of kneading process. I also indicate above to knead the dough 50 turns but your dough rising slowly may be for a different reason. Please look at this post: Jenny, I stopped buying commercially made bread over a year ago due to all of the preservatives, HFCS, trans fats, etc…, and started making my own homemade loaves.

They taste wonderful too! Every Sunday is bread baking day, so we have it for lunches for the week. Thanks for such a tasty and easy recipe! Thank you ever so much for this beautiful recipe. Spot on at the very first attempt. Watching the video was a great help. I hand kneaded all through.

The bread was super soft and flavour was wonderful. Thanks once again wish I could share my pictures. I wish I had seen the correction during the video saying to grease the pan! I had to pry the loaf out of the pan and the bottom did not come out with the rest of the loaf. The bread was a nice texture and very flavorful. First time making whole wheat bread. Followed the recipe as written. Had a taste while warm with butter, brown cheese and jam. Next time will be adding my favorite nuts to this recipe.

Jenny when I lived in Canada I was hooked to your show. Now am hooked to your easy recipes. Have a great day. On the wholeweat bread can I use 1 tabl. Keep up the good work. You have giving us great healthy recipes. And please make more videos! I made twice with your recipe. Both successful and ofcourse tasted very healthily delicious. Though I added less sugar. Any replacements for the milk? Someone may have make it with a substitute.

I rarely use milk in my bread recipes. I just use plain water. It turns out perfect every time I make two to three loaves a week. I dont eat eggs but very keen to bake this wholewheat bread soon! Jenny, your recipe rocks! It is so unforgiving to make. I made it in a nutri ninja dough blender. It tastes great and my picky teenage daughter loved it and so did my mom who is a great baker.

I also love your entertaining way of teaching us to cook! Living in India, working with completely different flour and yeast quality, I was apprehensive about trying this recipe as many other experiments had left me with dense, yeasty-smelling under cooked bread.

The bread is a winner and I am really excited to try your cinnamon rolls next. Thank you for the recipe. Thanks Jenny, I am sticking with your recipes. I only use whole milk and works just fine. I also substitute honey for the sugar. It all works well. I only use whole meal bread, which I buy from the market. The taste and quality is never consistent. Now, with your help, I shall make my own.

Thank you so much! I just made this recipe and it turned out amazing! Hi Jenny, I want to say thanks for this recipe and how easy it was.

Jenny, thank you so much for this recipe. This loaf came out beautifully! It is light, moist and will now be our bread for all times!

Note to others, I used only whole wheat flour. My bread took about an hour to rise but other than that it was perfect. I live in New Orleans so maybe being below sea level was a factor or the humidity! Jenny I love this recipe but was wondering if I could use water instead of milk for someone with a milk allergy.

I have only used milk so you would have to experiment or you could try a non-dairy milk alternative. Hi Karen, I always use what I have on hand. Sometimes I use milk or slightly soured milk, almond milk or water. The taste may be slightly different and the colour may be as well, but any of them work I find.

I have been baking bread for some 40 years. I think you can use whole milk but it might make the bread a little heavier. If you try please let us know how it turns out. Thanks for this great recipe! Instructions were so easy made my first loaf every and it turned out fantastic.

Had no trouble following you and had a Laugh too. Next Im making cinnamon rolls a family favorite! I have made this 6 or 7 times and usually it turns out perfectly. I use heritage grain organic flour from my local farm which imparts a wonderful taste and texture. So much easier to slice than bread made in the bread machine! You might like my honey wheat bread. I have found that some recipes just work better with eggs in them, esp some that use only whole wheat flour and not white.

I made this and the Cinnamon Rolls this past week, and they both turned out great! My 7 year old daughter and I are huge fans of you. We appreciate your simple and elegant personality, not to mention yummy recipes. The best I can do is refer you to the metric conversion chart in my blog: I was looking for someting easy and good and this bread is fabulous. My son wants to eat only sandwiches whit this bread. I used Wheat Montana brand white whole wheat flour.

I used 2 cups of this flour, and just left out the AP flour because whole wheat absorbs more moisture. Everything else I did the same as in the video including using the kitchenaid mixer. I am so excited to find this recipe as I have had so many bread fails. I love the breads simplicity with only one rise! I just used this recipe to make hot dog buns. I baked them at for minutes. If bread is combination whole-grain and white — use larger pan. So Soft and easy to slice. I have to say this is the best recipe for Whole Wheat Bread that I have tried.

Perfect for those who are looking for a 1 loaf recipe. I may try adding some flax seed next time. Hi Jenny, I watched this video 5 times, and before i was not convinced at all.

Yesterday I tried your recipe, followed it and it worked out so well. Most people like the smell of freshly baked bread and that smell comes partly from the yeast. My husband and I love wheat bread but I have not found a good recipe for it.

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The believers open their hermetically sealed packets and partake. Needless to say, it has not exactly caught on greatly! I have partaken in this manner before, at a very large SBC church. While I appreciate the health and efficiency standpoint of this, having grown up Roman Catholic, this was an offense to my sensibilities of the communion service.

My parents, who are still Roman Catholic, nearly fell our of their seats no pews in that church, either. Note that I am not trying to condemn that church or the people there. It is a good church full of faithful people. Just seemed to me to be a weird way to try and re-enact the sharing of the body of Christ.

Because of H1N1, we took communion like this once at the Methodist church where I am a member. I met the minister there one time. He said they passed it out as folks came in and everybody just ate when they were ready. You just get your elements when you darn well please. In particular, the normal method of the partakers coming down and kneeling at the altar and being served by the minister and the deacons will not go down well with evangelicals.

There is nothing wrong with the passing of the plate of wafers and cups of wine from one congregant to another and it deemphasizes the idea of the pastor imparting something mysterious to the meal. Another good way that involves the partaker is intinction, as he tears a piece of bread from the loaf and dips it in the cup, usually held by the pastor or deacon.

Another hindrance to frequent partaking is the lack of suitable contemporary music. Most people do not wish to partake in silence, although this has its merits.

There is plenty of traditional music available, but few evangelical churches would use it either because it is in Latin countless versions of Agnus Dei or speaks in terms that could be understood as literal in relationship to the Body and Blood of Christ although no more so than the Scripture. I agree with the method of intinction which you describe. As for music, I have experienced several methods, and all have their merit. I grew up in a church that used multiple hymns, to be sung by the congregation.

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Both ways really work, I feel we lack for not having music. For large congregations, this is where the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist come in: I think if someone really wants to do it, the logistics can be managed. Catholics have served communion to over a million people at a shot in 20 minutes or less. Yet Catholics manage to distribute communion to , plus crowds attending a Papal Mass in minutes. Perhaps someone should attend and take notes. Thoughts on instituting this in larger churches, and in non-chaotic ways?

At my LC-MS church, we will set up stations where the associate pastors will take the bread and the wine after they have been concentrated on the alter. At each station, pastors will administer the sacraments to those coming up. Communion in larger churches is an issue, and especially for those of us in my tradition where the community is a strong emphasis esp in Anabaptism.

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That is why we use wine and wafers. The Orthodox use leavened but rather dense loaves, which they cut into cubes and serve on a little spoon. I associate unleavened bread with the manna in the desert, the Passover generally and, of course, the Last Supper specifically. Unleavened bread also symbolizes a break from the past since leaven comes from an older batch of dough. The controversy over leavened vs. Early on, both leavened and unleavened bread were used.

The churches practices gradually separated until only unleavened bread was used by Latins Roman Catholics prior to the Great Schism , while Orthodox used only leavened. This was not controversial until they began carping at each other for political reasons.

The Bishop of Constantinople, in , concerned that the Latin Church and the Arminian Church, both of whom used unleavened, were conspiring against the Orthodox, declared the Latin Church to be heretical unless they changed. Shortly thereafter the Great Schism occured, cementing the differences.

The theology behind all this is complicated, but basically, the RC church uses unleavened bread because this is what was used by Christ at the Passover.

The Orthodox believe that unleavened bread symbolizes sacrifice, while leavened bread, which the Old Testament proscribes for feasts, emphasizes the Messianic Banquet which the Eucharist Thanksgiving points too.

Maybe we should break a loaf of each! I believe you will find discussion about this in the I-monk files. Grape juice could not be used practically until Mr. Welsh invented a way to prevent fermentation.

Obviously, the teetotaler movement in the nineteenth century led to many Protestant churches switching to grape juice, but there is no theological reason for it. Catholics are very careful to be sure that only wine is used.

When the SBC young bloggers started writing that wine was certainly acceptable according to Scripture, Paige Patterson wrote a ridiculous defense of grape juice, claiming that Jesus never drank wine! In my opinion, it matters little what the elements are. Wine and bread were fundamental to the early Jewish and Christian diet and symbolized the good things that God gives us for the Messianic banquet. The important thing is the understanding of what is being received by the partaker.

We remember and believe that Christ died and we participated in His death by dying to sin and because of His Resurrection, we believe and anticipate the Messianic Feast after the Judgment. I do not mean to disparage all the symbolism and ritual built up by different traditions around the Eucharist, but they are not the point.

Christ and Christ in us, is. I consider the leavened — unleavened argument to be one of the more stupid arguments in Church history. As a result, neither the West Romans, Protestants nor the Armenians accept it as Ecumenical while the Orthodox all cite the Sixth Ecumenical Council, which has a canon that says that the canons of the Council of Trullo are to be considered ecumenical.

Of course, uhm, there were only a couple of delegates from the West, and the Pope refused to accept it, so. The Patriarch of Constantinople decided to cite Trullo during a time of rising tensions, but Trullo had been cited previously.

As, I said, one of the more stupid arguments. I use leavened because I am under obedience. The same it true of Roman Catholic priests and unleavened bread. But, Protestants are free to choose on this one. Please avoid this argument like the plague and use whichever one is compatible with your group and your congregation. Sorry, just a little leavity! I can see a big row about wine versus grape juice brewing, but once again: I see both sides of the argument here, having functioned in both Western and Eastern traditions.

Theologically, leaven can also symbolize sin, which is a classic theologic-symbologic explanation for unleavened bread, but, as a previous poster pointed out, leaven is also a sign of joy and celebration.

I once heard someone say that there was no way that any wine could be genuinely Kosher, since yeast caused fermentation… an interesting thought… myself I would prefer using Mustum as a happy medium if I found myself in the midst of a situation where wine was being debated. Mustum is unpasteurized grape juice with a very low naturally-occuring alcohol content.

Rome approves it for alcoholic priests, through in my opinion, if it is good enough for one, it is good enough for all. I am very sadden when I read this. We should consider it a great joy that we can receive what the Lord Jesus Christ has invited us to receive, namely the forgiveness of sin found in the bread and in the wine.

Holy Communion is both a gift and a command of our Lord that we should not limit. Implying that means they always took communion every time they met- even daily- is unwarranted, at least on the level of binding practice.

Imonk said that there were some good things to commend about closed communion, at least in theory. Now I know that admonition is in the scriptures but when baptist churches are guilty of doing that are we sort of missing the point.

Let me give you a scenario. Perhaps he knows of an active affair, or a couple co-habitaing etc. I only ask because I know of some baptist ministers who will do the former, I probably used to be one of them, but I find myself more drawn to the second more sacramental view.

By this, I mean that we should be intentional about using traditional liturgical forms and language that are not inconsistent with scripture, in order to emphasize that we are ONE BODY, with one Lord, partaking of one loaf and one cup 1 Cor In planning, one needs to realize that communion has a primary place in worship, and allow sufficient time and personnel to do it both efficiently and effectively, neither of which is possible in those evangelical churches that regularly feature sermons of 45 minutes or more.

I like the liturgical balance between word and sacrament, where neither dominates the time budget for the service, and both are done intentionally, striving for quality rather than quantity. You could each do it at the same time with your right hand touching their left shoulder. Maybe, as Paul suggests, we should be worrying more about getting sick and dying from judging the body wrongly. For the record, my understanding of this is that here he means the body in the sense of the church, not their understanding of real preassence or whatever other view people take, due to the overall context that he was rebuking them due to their apparent judgement of each other that certaing christians intheir church were of a lesser value or class.

Nevertheless, transmission does not necessarily imply inoculation or infection. Consideration of the epidemiology of micro-organisms that may be transmitted via saliva, particularly the herpes group of viruses, suggests that indirect transmission of infection is rare and in most instances a much greater opportunity exists for direct transmission by other means. There is substantial evidence that neither infection with hepatitis B virus nor HIV can be transmitted directly via saliva so that indirect transmission via inanimate objects is even less likely.

Currently available data do not provide any support for suggesting that the practice of sharing a common communion cup should be abandoned because it might spread infection.

The hazard of infection from the shared communion cup. However, the same principle applies when venerating the Cross on Good Friday — everyone goes up, kisses the crucifix held by the priest, the priest or acolyte gives it a wipe and goes on to the next person. The kiss of peace — if that becomes kisses or hugs, see me running screaming for the door.

A formal embrace, though: Grapes are harvested in Summer to early fall. Jesus and the disciples would not have had non-fermented grape juice in the spring. I just had a terrible, terrible flashback involving not taking Communion seriously as it should be. My mom was gone for one of her many conferences and came home with a tiny plastic bag full of watered-down Ribena for my non-Brits, this is a blackcurrant-based drink and a cube of local bread.

She called me, poured the Ribena into a cup and gave me the cube of bread. You should have seen my face. To serve someone the Bread of Life and Cup of Salvation at the same time tiny preemie infants are being fed may sound unusual or even disrespectful, but in practice it was very worshipful and meaningful.

Kyle Broflovski