Weight Loss Headaches- Why they happen, How to avoid them

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Why do I get a headache when I diet?
How do I grow it long? I do tend to not eat enough though during the day which could be a problem. How many pounds should a person loose in a month? Here are some possible reasons for new headaches that you get whenever you try to lose weight. The actual range is between 65 and calories per hour. And after I eat, I feel my BP go up immediately.


What Causes Headaches After Meals?

Headache sufferers vary in their sensitivity to specific foods. You should start with a conservative diet generally, one that does not include any of the foods in the following lists. This can be quite helpful and is well worth the time and effort.

Please be aware that headache triggers can have an additive effect. For instance, being over tired is a headache trigger for many people. So is skipping a meal. Many female headache sufferers are much more sensitive to headache triggers when they are premenstrual. Foods that may not bother you the week after your period may trigger headaches the week before your period. Everyone is unique but there are categories of foods that are more likely to be triggers for headaches than others. They are grouped by similarities of sensitivities for example, people who find red wine to be a headache trigger often find chocolate to also trigger headaches.

First, caffeine is a stimulant that can alter the effectiveness of many headache treatment medications. For that reason, caffeine intake should be limited and.

Please note that we are not encouraging anyone who does not use caffeine to start! Please see the end of this guide for caffeine content of common sources. Secondly, abrupt discontinuance of caffeine can cause caffeine-withdrawal headaches.

Others may even wake up in the middle of the night with a caffeine-withdrawal headache because of the drop off in blood levels after consuming caffeine virtually all day long. There is a lot of individual variation in sensitivity and some people do best completely avoiding caffeine. Consuming extremely hot or cold foods triggers headaches in some individuals i. You may need to eat these foods slowly or avoid extremes of food temperatures entirely.

Tyramine is natural product of protein breakdown. Its content in food increases as food, especially high protein foods, age. Because it is a naturally occurring substance and is not added to food, tyramine is not listed on food labels. People taking MAOI medications need to follow a careful, low tyramine diet but other headache sufferers may be experience tyramine induced headache. Love you, hugs, Lori. Dear Tara, I have nothing to suggest for the cause of your headaches, but I did want you to know that I am so sorry that you experience this pain after every meal.

Makes you want to not even eat, I bet. Guess the most obvious reply would be Make an appt today, little sister! Both parents and all three siblings with insulin dependent diabetes I await my fasting results with baited breath each time. Has yours been checked recently?? Let us know what the dr says. Hi Tara, I agree you need to speak with your doctor about this. Those are just a few thoughts. Before you call your doctor, notice your eating patterns, regular mealtimes, balanced meals, chewing well, plenty of liquid with meal etc.

Does your heart feel like its racing before the headache? Are you eating home-made meals or pre-prepared? Using too much salt? Too much MSG in products you buy? How long before headache goes away if untreated? I am beginning to think it is a blood sugar issue. I do tend to not eat enough though during the day which could be a problem. I have no appetite at all. Food is not a priority to me, I have to remind myself to eat all the time. I just had blood work done to recheck my thyroid and other things.

I am not sure if he checked cortisol levels, I doubt it. I do know this my thyroid is overactive a bit. On the higher side which is why my BP tends to run a bit high. And after I eat, I feel my BP go up immediately. It runs higher at night which is why I cannot sleep at night too. My chest gets all red.. I just got prescribed by my psychiatrist today Ambien for nighttime since I can never sleep at night.. I have to pray I will sleep through the night..

Thanks everyone for your advice.. Start to keep a headache diary so you can also check the times you take meds with the times the headaches come. Perhaps eating lighter meals, grazing with lower amounts of food at one time would help.

If you have access to a blood sugar monitor, it might be interesting to know what your blood sugars are before and after eating when the headache starts. The doctor could also order a five hour glucose tolerance test to see if you are hypoglycemic. Discuss this with your doctor, he should be able to come up with answers or a referral to a doctor who can. Hi Tara, are you still around here?

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