Max International hit with patent infringement lawsuit

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I know of totally worthless companies that claim to pay daily. Sorry to comment strongly on your comment. I am simply trying to keep the level of comment content high. Your comment was not well thought out, in my opinion. Please let me know.

John — are you saying that the frequency of payout on one part of a companies comp plan is somehow related to whether a company is a mission-driven company with integrity or not? Remember all — this is the guideline for comments: Uninformed or poorly thought out and expressed opinions? He took it for only days, and started to lose weight! I do agree that in this industry, people make remakes only for diversionary reasons. I am a Max International distributor and will not hide that association.

Sorry I am so skeptical but there are a few well meaning people out there that, when reading some of these posts will actually believe them.

Max had the exclusive rights on the key ingredient in WLX and at some point relinquished those rights to become one of several companies distributing a product with that ingredient. Once again, that is public knowledge and congruent with what Max has presented corporately. Max owns outright, the patents and technology associated with Cellgevity. Fact and public knowledge.

Anyone who has spent time with, or researched the Founders or management of Max International knows their Heart and Spirit. There are no skeletons in any closets and these folks are who they say they are. Unfortunately, in trying to build a truly Great company in the Network Marketing Industry and striving to have only people of the highest level of integrity in the field representing Max, there have been many left by the side of the road that are, and will continue, to take every opportunity to deride Max.

It is sad that we, as a business community Network Marketing cannot just go out and talk about the merits of our companies and products without having to tear down someone else in the process.

Thank you Lou for providing this forum and for being the ever observant source of news and dialog that you are for this industry! Billions of dollars and sharp. And what a party that was! I can tell that the founders of Max are scared!

I work in the same building and often eat lunch at two of the restaurants Fred and Greg eat at. I can tell you that a They did not renew the license for WXL and 2 they did change the composition. Steve and Fred often speak openly and i can hear their conversations. I was offered a position with Max this past summer. I investigated them quite thoroughly. I learned that Max International owns none of the products, they license the products from 3rd parties. I found 8 lawsuits on Pacer and saw how the management interacted and realized that this was a company set to implode.

Now that they fired their master distributors, it makes you wonder. Just saw the MAX statement. Did you see this statement posted today? I just went to a meeting and was hoping to get involved with MAX. I have to agree with John that the founders seem outstanding. And I hope they truly are. That said; nobody comes right out and says I am being dishonest. It is always found out later. I was told it could take up to 8 weeks.

Anyone involved with MAX that loves it or has had a bad experience please write me. I am a little taken back now.

Max is a very real company and product. I came from another company, with a great product but not the whole picture. Max offers a unique opportunity both in our product [huge] and the business. I do want to share with you though that if you are looking to lose fat, which is the important factor in weight loss, it may be in part due to toxins stored in your fat.

It is critical for our health. I have nothing to gain fom you, all I want is for your success, best health and life. Remember as you benefit and are blessed to pass it on… The Max opportunity is tri-fold: Lou, I have to tell you my friend just as an outsider not associated with Max International and knowing who is behind Max I would find it very hard to believe that they have done anything wrong. I really respect their executive team and my initial gut reaction would be that these is just a really cheap ploy by Tripharma to obtain some inexpensive exposure in the marketplace.

TriPharma is the company that Max got all of its rights to the product from. Max lost all of its rights along time ago for breaching its contract, but evidently they continued to see the product, substituting there own bogus ingredient yet continuing to use the patent, clinicals, trials, etc. They neglected to tell all of their distributors. I think they are going to have a big problem. These are people that worked with and for Max.

Basically Max was screwed, and it was worried about the negative reaction distributors would have if the product was discontinued. So the geniuses at Max decided to just substitute a phony, less costly, non-patented, non clinically studied, ineffective ingredient without letting the distributors in on the dirty little secret.

It worked great for a while, because Max distributors never suspected a thing and Max improved margins. However now, with the new litigation, it looks like the chickens may be coming home to roost. Go talk to some people who had access to the original product and then the Max product.

Ask them about the difference in results. When you do, break open a capsule of the real stuff and then break open a capsule of the Max product. Max committed patent infringement and fraud as well as violating the most significant FTC violations.

My sources tell me that some fraud recovery company is already on the case. This will really become a problem now that the details are public information and both the old and new associates are aware of the issue. This is refreshing — It is good to hear the other side of the story since we very seldom get to hear that.

I hope TriPharma gets ever penny of there lawsuit. Please wake up and smell the coffee. Pharmaceutical companies across the nations have their hands in everything.

They make multiple billions per year in profit without ever doing proper clinicals-drug against drug, even testing in the population in which the drug is intended for use. Serious consequences and toxic side effects. I believe Steve Scott and management to be of integrity and do not believe they would knowingly portray a product in the light described above. Networking and Nutritional companies have been targets for those who have a grudge against these industies. It is also true that nutritional companies with proven products have definitely been targets as they are very real threats to pharma companies.

Check out CellGevity [Dr Herbert Nagasawa] and Max merger to find out the caliber of scientists and business professionals coming to Max. I can tell you Max is the place where I would invest my time and money because they have something truly beneficial for humanity in their product and opportunity.

Do your due diligence…. You may contact him here. Max International hit with patent infringement lawsuit by louabbott on February 21, Max International I know Max believes they purchased all of the patent rights to this formula and breakthrough. Lou Abbott, the author of this post, is a Max International Independent Associate at the Gold pin level and earns significant income from Max which may create a bias.

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Companies take various forms, such as:. A company or association of persons can be created at law as a legal person so that the company in itself can accept limited liability for civil responsibility and taxation incurred as members perform or fail to discharge their duty within the publicly declared "birth certificate" or published policy.

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