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Everybody is amazed at how much weight I lost! I now weigh Learn more about Motion. And you better believe I told my coworkers.. Ryan Sharp on February 9th, at 9:

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Although undenatured whey is the main type of protein in the shakes, they also each contain undenatured milk protein concentrate, which together form a winning combination for eliciting weight loss and preserving muscle.

Whey is the superior form of protein for burning fat 1 and triggering muscle growth 2 , but the milk protein concentrate made up mainly of casein is more slowly absorbed from the stomach, providing a sustained release of protein to inhibit muscle breakdown and help a person stay full longer 3.

Maximizing satiety and preventing muscle breakdown over an extended period is a key function of a meal replacement, since time between meals can often exceed four hours. The combination of dairy proteins in IsaLean and IsaLean PRO Shake does exactly that, with satiety and prevention of energy crashes being further promoted by the low-glycemic carbohydrates, 8 grams of fiber, and healthy fats from sources such as flaxseed and olive oil.

So how do you decide which shake to use as your meal replacement? The answer to this depends partially on taste preference and personal goals.

Both shakes will provide quality protein and prolong feelings of fullness. But IsaLean PRO Shake is a more specialized meal replacement option for those interested in reaping the benefits offered by additional dietary protein. Diets higher in protein are particularly beneficial for athletes interested in maximizing muscle, older individuals wanting to preserve or build muscle, and those looking for extra assistance in curbing hunger and breaking through weight-loss plateaus. IsaPro can be added to anything, allowing users to benefit from the fat-burning and muscle-building powers of quality whey protein.

The product was originally designed as a supplement to IsaLean Shake and was not initially intended to be a stand-alone product. However, science evolves, and so does creating and recommending products based on available evidence. As the science of sports nutrition has advanced, the potential of IsaPro to serve as a stand-alone product became obvious.

Not only can IsaPro be added anywhere in the diet to boost daily protein intake even right before bed to work as a Bedtime Belly Buster , but it really is the perfect post-workout shake. After exercise, you want to get the right kind of protein, in the right amount, into your body as fast as possible. CertainTeed uses cookies on our website in order to improve site performance, offer you a better browsing experience and enable you to easily share content.

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