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I love greek yogurt too but I only have it when I exercise more than 1. I just got my nutribullet I need some weight loss recipes. How to Make Fruit Smoothies You can make your own low fat smoothies! I'm on a quest. Pumpkin Protein Smoothie Got a can of pumpkin purée hanging out in your pantry?

Ten Smoothies for Diabetes

Diabetic Smoothie

If you enjoy articles like this and want more, we highly recommend downloading the Food Monster App. You can also make meal plans, add bookmarks, read feature stories, and browse recipes across hundreds of categories like diet, cuisine, meal type, occasion, ingredient, popular, seasonal, and so much more! This Spring Tune Up Smoothie is a cleansing and inflammation fighting superstar. Pineapple, ginger, greens, lemon, and turmeric will help you recover from a workout faster or just keep those aching joints quiet.

This Chocolate Banana Smoothie is fantastic for active people because it contains coconut water and banana which are both high in potassium and balance your electrolyte levels. It also contains kale which has anti-inflammatory properties, chia seeds which provide lots of energy, raw cacao powder which will sooth sore muscles, coconut oil which provides a big dose of healthy fat and blood sugar balancing cinnamon. This Mango and Hemp Seed Smoothie is the ultimate fruit juice.

Packed with superfood ingredients like hemp seeds, maca powder, and lucuma powder, and sweetened with the taste of mango and vanilla, this smoothie can cool you down all summer. Packed with kale and a dash of spirulina, this Tropical Green Spirulina Smoothie is full of flavor masked by fruity, summery flavor. The flavor of pineapple in superfood smoothies are strong enough to overpower the sharpness of spirulina. Need more smoothie recipes?

Check out our vegan smoothie recipes page for more ideas! Energy Boosting Superfood Protein Shake. Starting on Sunday, September 16th through Saturday, September 22nd. Enter your email address. We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet. Buy the EatForThePlanet book. One Green Planet February 25, Pumpkin Protein Smoothie Got a can of pumpkin purée hanging out in your pantry? Energy Boosting Superfood Protein Shake Looking for a quick protein shake that will boost your energy levels and provide you with plenty of plant-based protein and healthy fats?

You might ask why is the smoothie such a dark green color. It is the spirulina, which is a great source of protein to start the day! So go slow with the greens, and use more fruit in the beginning. Want to read more posts like this? Sign up for our newsletter below! Browse through some recent posts below: Blooming Onion to Zucchini Brownies: They are high in natural sugars. Someone with diabetes needs to watch their blood sugars with any kind of drink with sugar, natural or refined.

There are so many smoothie recipes using milk as a liquid. I am not going to preach at you. If you want an alternative Personally, I do not purchase pre-made almond milk or rice milk. I have found that I just throw in a handful of nuts with water with the rest of the ingredients. You have homemade nut milk already blended up with your smoothie. This saves you time! Plus, you receive tons of beneficial nutrients and fiber.

Saves your digestive system! Since you do not have to buy the expensive pre-made milks, you save your money! Coconut milk also blends into a delicious smoothie! Coconut oil has been highly scrutinized in the mainstream media. Through studies, it is proving itself to be a health promoting fat to include in your diet.

Several medical specialists have even said that the fat in coconuts actually cause people to lose weight! One thing to know is to not overdose. Two , the flavor would be too intense. You can make your own low fat smoothies! Just keep experimenting with healthy ingredients.

Surprise yourself and your friends with delicious fruit smoothies. About Me Contact Me. Water Using water as the liquid is a great way to learn how to make fruit smoothies into low calorie smoothie recipes. Juice Many smoothie recipes that I have seen call for juice. Milk There are so many smoothie recipes using milk as a liquid. One , that is just too much fat! How to Make Fruit Smoothies You can make your own low fat smoothies!

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