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574 Comments on Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Shoulder Fracture

A few more points. Unlike conventional medicine that focuses mostly on symptom suppression, Integrative Medicine focuses on the underlying cause and fixes it when possible. It integrates light, magnetic, sound,electric and plasma applicators to create the energetic Dynamic Labile Equilibrium in a client-specific feedback loop to facilitate this connection. Consults are conducted online, so can be offered anywhere in the world. The answers that elude us is the underlying cause and what to do about it. All other blood readings were normal and my Oncologist said it was a great result as my PSA appears to have leveled off again after rising last year. Hello, I just hit my 3rd week of a broken shoulder.

I deal well with pain, but this truly hurt. I am in sling and cannot lift my arm. I am very scared and am wondering if this is normal…. I also went over the dog and her ball! Feeling all alone and not really knowing what exactly I was meant to be doing only added to the agony and shock. All the tips and shared experiences would have been so useful.

Needless to say, surgery next week is inevitable. Can anyone shed some light on what to expect? Will the post-op pain be equally debilitating, as the initial injury?

Will I be back in the recliner for weeks to come, lol? The pain eases a bit once fixed, get a foam wedge at least 12 inches you can get in bed with that. Or the recliner again. Hello, I fell on a stair master on November and keep lifting weights without knowing I fractured my shoulder.

This whole time, I had been working 9 to 10 hours Monday thru Friday and typing a lot. The Ortho finally send me to a Pt for therapy. All this time, my pain never go away. My question is , did your doctor recommends wearing a sling and not to go to work? I was just wondering, if typing is slowing down my progress. Hospital said dislocated tried to put back in place, obviously did not work. Had surgery, put back together with plates screws, rods, constant pain for 14 months. Screws loosened as did plates.

Had total reverse surgery october I still have pain in bicep area, but have better range of motion and can now wash my hair with two hands. I am 68 yrs old. Hi my name is Lauren and I broke my humerus on Sept 13th. I required surgery and had a plate put in Sept 16th, with several screws.

ORIF of distal humerus. I am waiting for week 12 so I can start real PT and show improvement. I am in a make-shift splint that I take off and exercise my forearm a little. I also have numbness and radial palsy. The radial palsy seems to be getting better, which is an awesome feeling. However I just recently got off pain narcotics. The dose was 2 every 4 hrs as needed. I was taking 2 every 4 hrs over 2 months.

My body was dependent on them so I went cold turkey. Worse week so far of my life. Now clear headed I am more depressed than ever. What scares me the most is non-union and another surgery. I will go mad. Pain rarely occurs unless its at night or when I manipulate my arm.

I take alive for pain, which helps. I am just so depressed esp relying on my hubby to help shower me, do my hair, and even help pull down my pants to go to the bathroom. I want my independence back now. Hi Lauren,, just come across this email you did in re: I am six weeks in going through the same operation and thought I was doing well initially , but the pain seems to be niggling constantly cannot seem to get it comftable no matter how I try.

I am hoping you made a great recovery and all is well for you now. This hopefully will encourage me with my recovery. I would just welcome the stage when I can dry my own hair and pull on my own jeans and put on a bra without help. I fell and broken my right shoulder on Nov 23 , , this has been the worse thing and terrible pain in my life. I still bad days. I can do almost dress my self without help.

Today has been a bad day with a lot of pain. They say I will have to have therapy for 3 months. Thanks for sharing that.

I am the same age as you and fractured my shoulder in three places 8 weeks ago by slipping on tiles. I spent the first week or so trying to sleep sitting up in an armchair but can manage the bed now. However, it is very painful during the night and I waken frequently. It was a comfort to read what others are suffering as I identify so readily with them. It is an opportunity to realise how vulnerable we are and to think of others suffering worse things. I believe it is important to unite our pain with that of Jesus and offer it up for those in great need of prayers.

I am a 77 year old woman and I tripped and fell 10 July , dislocated my right shoulder and broke my humerus into few pieces, I wanted to skip surgery but could not so I had surgery 5 August. I slept in a recliner for 6 weeks because I could not get out of bed without help.

I started therapy the very next week in home. I am still in therapy and I wonder how long I will have therapy. My arm is much much better but nowhere near normal. I stumbled on this site and it is very helpful. I wonder if my arm will ever be normal again. We moved in April this year and as is my nature did too much, packed, lifted and unpacked 2 houses into one and was too impatient to wait for help.

Always want things done yesterday of course! A simple cuff rotator repair has turned into a far more complex procedure. Put simply I had repairs to a torn biceps tendon, supraspinatis tendon and articular cartilage!

This is hideous, nothing like anything else. The lack of sleep is rehabilitating and the constant nagging pain unbearable at times.

I usually find sleeping with a pillow under my arm helps but some nights nothing does. I work for the Police and at the moment have been signed off work until March. I have had physio since the second week, twice a week and have home exercises that are increasing weekly. I can walk the dog which is a blessing in disguise although have yo be careful not to stumble. Today the pain is worse and I feel as though my arm is in a vice. One strip forward and then one back? Sorry to whinge but at least here you might understand!

Hot water bottles, heat patches, frozen peas, bio oil etc etc Comments, help and advice please. Thank you for reading my sorry tale x. Hi Suzie and fellow sufferers, Suzie, I can relate totally to your situation at the time you wrote this comment,and I hope you are doing much better now. I fell July 7th and sustained a proximal humeral head fx with a 4 part displacement.

I started physio 2 weeks later. It was ordered passive range of motion, but my physio was more aggressive. The xray at 6 weeks showed lesser tuberosity to be malaligned. Physio has been cancelled for 6 weeks and another xray will be done then. I am in a world of insane horrible pain. I am generally a strong and motivated person but this has completely drained me.

Last week I was diagnosed with shingles, probably due to the now chronic lack of sleep and constant pain. When does the light a the end of the tunnel come on? The bills are mounting and I fear not being able to work in my field of nursing again. Comments, advice experiences welcome. Hi Ann, I too am a nurse who fell and fractured my proximal humorous in 4 places.

They decided not to do surgery. Now I am in an abductor brace to realign. Pain is there, but bearable. Have you returned to work? I just fractured my shoulder in several places last week. I would have been and still would be- a zombie without painpills.

Any surgery for you? It was a break in 4 places with separation and my othopedist and second opinion dr. They both said not having it would mean weakness plus loss of some motion. However they said with surgery the results might only be somewhat better. Also can drive normally and have good strength in arm. So weeks would seem to be the time everybody has to get through. A few more points. I have two top doctors and both said I should get rid of sling in just two weeks to prevent stiffening in elbow.

Maybe surgery is something different. After 4 weeks I could only drive with my good arm with my bad arm holding bottom of wheel and helping to turn a little. Again, for me to was about 5 weeks and I was basically free again. Good luck to all. I suffered communited proximal humerus fractures 4 weeks ago today. My ortho doctor had me take off the sling at 3 weeks post injury. I had only mild displacement and surgery was not necessary. Did anyone here go through a period of increased pain versus steadily decreasing pain?

My fear is that I did too much on my own and should have focused on more passive exercises. I also fear that the bones displaced more since I was using my shoulder more although he said the fractures were stabilized.

Thanks for this site! It gave me so much info when I first read some on day 2. I broke the tuberosity of my left humerous with an almost circular crack, as well as two parts separated and well aligned and two other cracks on the upper humerous on April 14, Fell on uneven pavement with an umbrella in my right hand.

I live alone, and its been really challenging. Open bottles between legs with good hand pressing down. Nestle are the easiest. You may spill some, and you will deal with it looking like an accident. I have been xrayed at 1 and 3 weeks to verify that Terri.

So a simple xray can calm your fears. Doc said to add circular movement with arm hanging while bending at waist. Since 1 week, have been doing 12 bicep curls in hot shower morning and evening, leaving shoulder next to body. I was told to wait on PT until hard callous is seen on xrays between weeks. Ask others to open doors for you.

Pulling on your good arm likely is straining the bad. Eat out a lot by necessity, and be careful to choose lots of fruits and vegetables and hold the oils.

Nuts, seeds and avocados have the healing oils. Restaurants will make you anything if you ask. Being around other people will help ease the pain.

Movie theaters are another good place to heal. Short sleeps are the major problem. The unknown about ultimate activity capabilities is scary. Hi I broke mine on Boxing Day. And sm experiencing the same. This has been great. You think you are going crazy with the pain. I fractured my shoulder 5 weeks ago. Just started physical therapy and the pain seems worse than before. From the other comments looks like it should start feeling better soon. Thanks for helping me with the stress.

No surgery but the same symptoms that u wrote about. How r u feeling now? Did u heal without any complications. You answered all of my questions. I , to, am in my 60s and broke my shoulder. I was really wondering how long to expect the pain to last. Thanks for some realistic idea about it. Hi Wanda I am almost 67 and fractured shoulder in 3 places on January 4th last. I just found out today that my pain management has not been the best.

During the past few weeks I have tried not to take pain relief during the day but every four hours during the night. I find sleep very difficult and wake up frequently only to discover its another hour or so before I can take more pills. Today I learned from a pharmacist that I should take pain-killers during the day and just one before bed so that they get a chance to build up in my system.

Am so happy to have found this website. Ask if I would placed in a case…No! Just use the cheap sling which the hospital gave me.. Fractured my right humeral fracture with mild displacement of the lesser tuberosity a week ago. In the ER the Dr said I would need pins. Who do I believe? When searching for non-operative treatment, came upon this site. So glad I did. My Doctor said having surgery has more risks than not having it.

It has been so helpful to read that others are going through the same. Has this happened to you? Love to hear you experience and answers, along with any help. Chris ps — ct scan Drs report — mildly displaced proximal humeral neck fracture with extension to the greater and lesser tuberosities with mild displacement of the lesser tuberosity.

Just curious when was your accident? I was also just given a cheap black sling in ER and sent home with pain meds. I cannot stand how they make me feel. Mine showed signs of mending at 4 to 5 weeks. Last week dr said he felt it would go away or improve but could take 6 mos. I hope and pray you make a full recovery Jen, how are you doing.

Maybe my tendons or muscles are damaged. This pain is driving me nuts! I wanted to update from last post. I give God the glory for and ultimately HE is the great physician.

I did get a second opinion and indeed I had a greator tuberosity fracture. My X-ray showed complete mending of the fracture which was about 5mm. In other words you fracture the bone or tear tendon he said continue with physical therapy and if I still have pain after 4 weeks we will do MRI. Also said greator tubisocty Fractures can exhibit more pain and longer recovery due to the tendons and can experience pain all the way to hands which I have.

So everyone please look at this as a positive thing that we will heal it just takes some longer then others. By the way for those who need help blow drying hair I purchased a blow dryer stand for It has worked fantastic for me.

God bless you all and try and stay positive. I sustained a 3 part fracture of my right proximal humerus on Sept 25, I have never had pain so severe! I take the narcotic when I have to, but I hate the way it makes me feel otherwise. Having to depend on others is horrible, and everything takes me twice as long to do. I make every one laugh when I explain how to put a bra on one handed!

I always knew that orthopedic injuries were horribly painful, but I now know it firsthand. Hang in there everyone! I fractured my humerus 8 weeks ago. I had to wait 10 days for surgery as no surgeon available or theatre space until that time in the public hospital in nz.

Only this system deals with emergency injuries arriving in an ambulance at the hospital. I now have a plate and 10 screws holding g it all together. I too have ever never suffered with such pain 24 hours a day. It has been relentless. The best thing has been I rang my own doctor after 3 weeks who prescribed me slow release tramadol so I could get some long acting pain relief.

I still take ibuprofen and paracetamol in between but it has certainly helped at nighttime. I started movement exercises at 2 weeks, so painful, and the physiotherapy was not helping so changed to a shoulder rehab one. This is the only site I have found and been able to see what I going through is the same as everyone else who has had a fractured humerus.

Yes it is debilitating, yes it is excruciatingly painful and frustrating as I am unable to drive or write and do some things for myself. I am fortunate that I have someone with me at home and some fun funded home help one morning a week. My whole arm from top to wrist was bruised and purple for weeks. My elbow and forearm were so sore I asked for it to be xrayed as I was sure it was broken as well.

No it was intact. The pain is getting less. My 6 week xray is showing healing is going well. I have been off work for 2 months so far and am looking at another 2 months from here. I am a full time registered nurse in nz and I need to get full movement back as my career depends on it.

Nobody could tell me much about wearing the immobilizer sling at night and I found d it until of fortable as it would slide up under my books and nearly strangle me as I slide down the bed.

At 4 weeks I put pillows, around my arm so I could not move it and slept with it on the pillow in close to me body. Hope this helps someone else. I severely dislocated and fractured the top of my humerus mid-January tripping over my cat. I got the black sling at the ER and was sent to an orthopedist. There was also some rotator cuff damage showing up, but nothing could be done about that until the fracture was healed.

I went to the doctor every two weeks, and the break was healing. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a burning sensation from my shoulder down the front of my arm. When I went in last week, it was determined that the bicep tendon looks out of alignment.

The kids are great, but I am totally exhausted! Not much faith in the doctors. What was originally a small fractute is now a 5mm greator tuburisity fracture. Started pt to soon yet dr is the one who told me too after the fractute more then doubled he said do nothing for 2 weeks. Now started pt again. Hoping someone has good news or advice for me. Pretty desperate so for sounding to Whinny.

Open surgical repair is performed with suture or screw fixation. I will also pray for courage and comfort for you, Sylvia. I remember how desperate I felt when facing unrelenting pain, but hang in there. Eventually, your shoulder will heal, and there will be an end to this misery.

You are in my prayers. You have a different condition that that which is discussed in the video, of course, but perhaps the increased pain you are experiencing may be related to these tendons.

Thanks for the prayers I surly can use it. I understand what your going through. I fractured my humerus in May. I was and still am in pain. Having hydrotherapy twice a week to try and get the arm moving. Any other problems go and see you GP who will have to refer you to a shoulder specialist. Where do you live? You should be able to get some help with a carer on NHS. Have you spoken to your GP?

Listen, the first 2 weeks of my injury were horrible. I really felt like I was screwed for good. Feel free to mail me on g s lo ane AT outlook. Took a fall on September9,. Never experienced such pain. Fractured humerus , I am wearing a sling.

I am so exhausted from lack of sleep. Will try chair again. So glad I found this blog. I am very impatient and want to heal quickly. Any suggest ions are greatly appreciated. Hi, I know what your going through, I was on a days leave from work saw colleagues dealing with rtc, stupidly assisted and slipped broke my right humerus was informed by work there was no reason why I could not return to work. Was off work for two months this happened in May still on restricted duties, still in pain, still having physio and still on pain killers.

Tried getting advice from Union whose reply was this is a difficult one!!!!!! Try to be positive, I am struggling on it does ease. Just keep taking the pain relief. If they are not working go back to your doctor who can prescribe stronger ones. If only to help you sleep. Please send update I broke mine on aug 20 humerus head fracture I believe they started me on pt too soon and now my fracture is 4. What has worked for you. Like you I also have a greator tuberosicy fracture mine was actually 5 mm.

Trying to stay positive. This site is such a blessing being able to find peop to share successes and tips with. Hope your doing great. HI Greg, I too came off my mountain bike two days ago at high speed and basically front flipped my DH rig and landed on my shoulder. Fractured scapula in 3 places and fractured 4 ribs as well. How are you coming along spin over a year since your injury have you made a full recovery and back to biking again? How long after your injury and where you back doing things on a normal day to day basis?

Hi, I have a 4-part humeral fracture sustained 2. I have a question… has everyone else been sleeping with a sling on? Hi I was also told not to sleep with my sling on, and then told I should be sleeping with it on. The pain is becoming very tiring and starting to get down at the thought of being housebound and reliant on others for 2 more months, when surgeon said I should be able to return to work.

Have always wanted a 2 month break from work, but not like this!!! Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. My mother had a fall in a store on Friday 11th July, resulting in 3 fractures in her shoulder. It is a horrible way to treat her. Ken, I feel your pain. I also have a broken shoulder but I had to be taken to the e. Insurance companies are getting cheaper and cheaper with what they will allow.

Medicare pays for home P. I wish you and her the bewst of luck! I am also a member of the fractured humerus club. A week and a half ago I had an accident riding my horse and my humerus fractured just below the ball. So far sleeping has been the most difficult part for me. Hi,I am now 6 months post fracture,my dog also pulled me over. I have been back in work for 3 months. I never thought I would get here ,yes my shoulder still aches at times and gets stiff.

However, my range of movement is degrees and I can now do almost everything. This site was invaluable during those horrible first 4 weeks but just to tell everyone give it time and everything does get better.

I just want it to stop hurting. I am so tired of this pain. And yes, I am getting a bit whiney. Joined the crowd on July 7, Broke my humerus just under the ball joint of my arm. Wow the pain and agony I have liked reading that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel thanks for all the ideas to help get through this. My dog pulled me over and and I fractured my shoulder in two places on 14th May.

Bone is knitting well and last week my consultant told me to bin the sling and start moving the arm whilst avoiding pain. Internet physio sites are useful whilst waiting for 1st physio session. Fractured shoulder upper humerus six weeks ago and have been in sling. Have been using my forearm but avoiding heavy objects maybe more than a pound or so. Should it still be quite painful? I thought the pain would be almost gone by now except for when I begin therapy.

Beginning to worry me. Would you believe I was assisting pushing a car that had been involved in a rtc. Lifted my arm up and carried on pushing the car. Got into my car and nearly passed out with the pain. This happened 3 weeks ago I have had the bruising the whole top of my arm went almost black. The itching which I found bache rescue cream helped.

Start physical therapy on Friday. My worry is both my father and his sister had osteoporosis is this the start of it or is this just a silly accident. Hi I tripped and fell and broke my shoulder and wrist. I am 51 and my mother had osteoporosis and I think I have it too.

Worried about future breaks and scared to do anything. Hi Fi, I fractured my shoulder by slipping on wet decking in Oct OUCH is just not enough to describe the pain of which anyone who has found themselves with the same injury will experience. After surviving the agony of x rays and examinations I was given a cuff sling which i wore for 4 weeks. I began physio at this time which was basic movements like swinging my arm fowards and backwards.

It is imperative to do the physio every day. I wish i had used a sun lounger instead of struggling to lie flat on my back.

I returned to work on lighter duties after 2 month. I eased off the exercising at home and have rejoined Curves ladies gym. Today i tried to do my physio exercises and found my shoulder is not so flexible as it was a month ago ,so hence checking out the websites for advice etc. I did meet a much younger person i am 55 who told me it was 12 months before he was pain free so i try to think positively.

For the next couple of weeks i shall make every effort to keep up with the exercises. I hope your shoulder is healing well. I broke the neck of humerus and totally smashed the top bit mar 32 and everything everybody has said is true.

It is still painful and heavy , the movement is there with help but the minute I engage the pain is back. I had a guided steroid injection 2 months ago and it really diminished the pain and allowed the physio to push me a lot further but its now looking like nerve damage is the cause of the pain as it is in both my wrist and forearm too. If you can get the injection go for it. Just an update…have been to my doctor and Iam having ultrasounds and xray tomorrow to find out what is going on.

She said it could be torn rotator cuff or frozen shoulder. Hi,Im now 11 weeks after my accident and shoulder break. Have been to physio and doing exercises everyday 3 x per day plus trying to do things as normal as possible. When I over do it I have pain and have to rest, I still have lots of referred pain down my arm and and I accidentally move my arm quickly its unbearable…. Do other people think this is fair progress? Iam not able to work as yet as my work involves lifting, driving is also an issue even though I have an automatic.

Its a very slow recovery I have really appreciated reading other peoples experiences on this site. Any feed back would be appreciated to my question thanks. Fi, I suffered a proximal humerus fracture 7 weeks ago and my Dr. I fractured my arm 7 weeks ago and start physical therapy tomorrow — I am an 86 year old female. My problem is extreme weakness — I have been taking Ibuprophen for pain and did you say that slows down healing? Thanks, I will stop that immediately. I fell off my bicycle on Sunday morning in future will have a lie in and breakfast in bed like normal people ha!!!

Due check x-Ray and possible surgical intervention on Monday not sure I really want it! Does the shape return once PT gets underway. Prepared for a long recovery full of ups and downs.

Hope everyone else is bearing up through their recovery. There is no good clinical evidence that NSAIDs or coxibs inhibit bone healing, with the possible exception of long-term use. NSAIDs and coxibs use appears to increase bone density, and does not increase fracture risk. Smoking reduces bone density and significantly impairs healing after surgery or trauma. Here is the link: I never imagined the pain would lessen as much as it has, it is amazing!

I started VERY gentle rotation type excercises right from the very start, at 3 weeks the physio got me doing some more intense excercises which were so painful and I wondered if I was doing it correctly, after a little while the excercises became less painful. I have returned to my own bed, slept in the spare room with oodles of pillows , cannot sleep on my shoulder yet but my sleep is improving. Today I even managed to hang out some washing on the line. For those of you reading this in the early stages of breaking your shoulder…believe me it DOES get better.

Hi Maria thank you for been so positive, it has given me hope. I broke my shoulder yesterday and I am in terrible pain all down the arm. I am seeing the consultant tomorrow hopefully I will not have to have surgery.

I am 68 with a lot of other health issues. I wish you a speedy recovery Sheila. You could try hugging a warm heating pad—not on the fracture area—but just hugging it to your chest.

I have been amazed how that has helped me sleep when nothing else would work. Please let me know if it makes a difference. I used to get a notification in my email when comments were posted, but for some reason those notification have been going to my spam mail, instead of the inbox. My friends, it is such a cross to be in tremendous pain, especially when it drags on and on and on with no end in sight.

The restless, sleep-disturbed nights seem almost more than you can bear. But I assure you: You will make it! Eventually, the pain lessens, the bones heal, your energy comes back, and life starts to return to normal.

One thing is for sure, though: I got back on my back, and I still love riding it. Just no more downhill speed races. Any other tips on sleeping. After nearly two months in recliner I tried the bed last two nights and no matter way I slept or propped my arm I woke up several times. Need good nights sleep, exhausted! So glad I found this site. I fractured my shoulder in two places on of all days, New Years Day.

I have not been to work this year but will be going back Mar 3. This has been one of the toughest things to go through as many of you know. All kinds of pains in the whole left arm, itching in the beginning, frustration, depression.

I am very active too so very frustrating. I did have my arm out of the sling a bit and he told me to only have it out of the sling when I am watching tv at night. I am doing all the exercises I have to do and the almost unbearable excercises are becoming more bearable which gives me hope all will be well.

I agree this has been the most painful thing I have ever endured in my 68 years and there have been moments of despair however I feel confident all will be well albeit very slowly.

Hi broke my shoulder one five weeks ago in a horse riding accident. The pain was unbearable…. Have I done something to it? I have spent some time out of the sling as my Dr said to. Anyhow Im really concerned that I will never get my strength back its very distressing. It is almost 4 weeks since fracturing my shoulder. I have multiple fractures and the surgeon was worried that if he had to operate I would probable wake up with a new shoulder because the likelihood of the whole lot disintegrating was high.

Thank goodness all the broken bits are still reasonably well aligned, the pain has reduced considerably and last night I had my best sleep since my fall. I no longer take strong painkillers and feel better because of that as well. I have started physio, which is painful but I feel I am doing something myself now to promote the healing. This site has been a god sent, many thanks for the many tips and the sharing experience of others.

Even the weather is cooling after record breaking heat Adelaide SA. Have read above posts I broke my humours slipping on decking stupid me. Hope everybody gets better soon. Thanks for this fantastic site. I am now 7 weeks post break last x ray showed that all the pieces are starting to heal. The pain thank goodness is now minimal,and physio has started. Movement not yet brilliant but I am working hard at it. Thanks for the great tips and advice.

It was fixed with plate and 8 screws. I still have pain after 25 days of surgery. Should I use heating pads to reduce pain? I have not started PT as it pains. Also I fear PT may harm the healing of internal surgery cuts.

Thank you for tis site, had my fall 10 days ago, still not sure if I need surgery more X-rays to ensure the bones are reasonably aligned. Surgeon said if I Need surgery I will probably wake up with a shoulder replacement: I have difficulty taking strong pain killers, nausea and vomiting if I do.

I have tried sleeping in a recliner, after reading the comments I will try again, sleeping is the biggest problem, pain is lessening, I have. Trying to flip a table over yesterday and instead it slammed me to the floor. Result is broken shoulder. Apparently no surgery needed just sling. I live alone and dressing is awful. Right now in yoga pants and sweatshirt with sling and arm a big lump underneath. When should I be able to move my arm to put it in a sleeve?

Not aiming for sweater over head just arm in button up t he front shirt so I can go back to work. I have been searching the internet for a story like mine. I fractured my shoulder oct 6 I have been struggling with the excruciating pain for 3 months. I had waited too long. This just happened to me a couple days ago and the swelling has gone down some but the bruising is getting worse. Its spreading throughout my right shoulder.

Will the bone start healing in the wrong position? Hi,I broke my shoulder in 3 places 2weeks ago,wearing a collar and cuff sling. Finding the pain difficult to cope with on regular codeine and hot water bottles. Sorry but feeling pretty low,when does the pain start to recede? Any tips on getting comfortable at all through this? What I might expect?

I need to get back to work but that seems so far off? I just found this site, and it is very encouraging for me. I slipped on ice and fractured my left shoulder in 3 places on Dec.

Does this sound logical to all of you. I know myself well enough to want to do the PT too fast. Your PT schedule seems to be fairly close to what mine was. God bless you as you heal, and Merry Christmas! However in reality I will never be exactly the way I used to be. Just the memory of laying there in the snow at the bottom of those steps makes me want to hibernate.

Hi, my 78 year old mom is 3 days into a broken right shoulder. Saw the specialist today and they told her to start pendulum exercises today.

Everyone who has posted on here has been way more helpful than any of the 3 different medical places we have been. Now I know that it is because of her 60 degrees…. Thank you so much for this. I fractured my humorus almost 3 weeks ago in a bicycle crash. Thank you for your insight! I start physical therapy next week. I am able to move my arm up to about a 45 degree angle. I can now wear a regular bra instead pulling a bra up from the ground and over my legs! I can shave my underarms now, yay!

I am so happy! Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and God speed! Broke my left shoulder yesterday walking the dog.

She saw another dog in the bushes and ran at it. Tugging me so hard that i hit the ground shoulder first. I hurt all over. We are all connected. I loved reading everybodies stories. I guess everyone feels the same way. I hope to get through this and hope nothing but the best for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Guess my daughters will be cooking. I broke my shoulder September 5 and am doing so much better now. I remember the bruising and how my right arm was almost black from it. I live in Florida and needed to wear long sleeves in the heat to cover up. None of this was fun and I had so many days where I felt sorry for myself because I was so active and could barely dress myself. My Dr released me and am riding my bike again and doing yoga. I do have some sharp pain from time to time but nothing like a month ago.

Just wanted to offer encouragement that your shoulder will heal and all of this will behind you. I was so pleased to find this website as I fractured the Ac jont and trauma to the scapula 8 weeks ago I am a retired nurse but was not prepared for the acute pain I have suffered but now no more pain killers but acute Physio and I consume as much vitimin C food etc for healing but I am still finding it difficult to function but try to do the Physio I find it very frustrating as it was my right shoulder to do my hair and some aspects of dressing even after 8 weeks.

Hi — i broke my right shoulder at end of June. Smashed joint up into 14 pieces! No surgery but 8 and a half weeks in a sling. Well, actually i took sling off after 2 days because i was desperate for a shower. I used a belt as a temporary sling in the shower then put the real one back on. Did that every day. Started gentle shoulder exercises at roughly 5 weeks. Sleeping on my back in the sling was uncomfortable and every morning i woke up with stiff shoulder, elbow, hand and back.

Still cannot lie comfortably on my right side. Getting dressed was a challenge and still cannot reach round to do up bra. I gave myself little projects to do each day yeah, sad i know but it helped. Very put out that i had to cancel my holiday broken shoulder and off road travel in Africa not a good match.

Now back at work with twice weekly physio. When i started physio i ignored advice to take painkillers. I now take 2 tablets of an over the counter painkiller a couple of hours before physio. Not back to full mobility yet but can lift my arm over my head — just not very straight! Hope you all mend quickly and well! Betsy, your post just showed up on my feed.

You have an upbeat attitude that is bound to speed your healing. Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us now knowing this truth. We are at our best when they give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work. There is a constant stream of wellness throughout this universe.

The goal of living is to be tapped into this stream in order to fully enjoy life on all levels. The basis of health and success is discipline, and the basis of love is service. It is a highly effective, painfree, and non-invasive therapy without harmful side effects. Chronic, numerous or long lasting stresses can put too much pressure on the body's self-healing mechanism.

These stresses overwhelm the body and the self-repair ability of the immune system can no longer cope, leading to specific or non-specific disturbances of wellbeing, such as chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, allergies, sinus congestion, sleeping difficulty, hormonal imbalances and many more. It is especially interesting Replace it with your content. Add images and format it using buttons above.

When ready click "Publish" button on the right. Please publish only completely finished page. Use "Save Draft" button to save your work in progress. Do not forget to edit the page title She has been met many teachers and has been taught various different healing techniques, but her real journey as a healer began when she first met Pranic Healing.

She is an extremely experienced healer, with I do specialise in healing trauma with my main focus PTSD and drug rehabilitation.

I use a multidimensional approach as I have found that different modalities can bring forth the desired results and support the healing process from a much broader base. In most cases the physical healing and analysis is being done with CoRe and Base44, whilst the emotional aspects are handled with Faster EFT. César Luís Bueno Gonçalves. My research and work with the Creative Strength, scalar energy began during my under-graduate years.

I was inspired by various scientists, especially Nikola Tesla, as to the existence of an energy that was not of the electromagnetic spectrum. With this inspiration, I pursued a course of independent study in order to better understand and subsequently harness the Creative Strength, scalar energy.

After years of experimentation and modification, I have developed a technique using scalar energy that will transmute pathogens quickly and painlessly. This technique facilitates the use of photographs of people who desire to have pathogens transmuted in Ron is also a staunch believer in volunteerism. Michael Wanner started his metaphysical and ministerial studies with Reiki in and has studied seven styles of Reiki in the U.

He is certified to teach. Mike began dowsing in Mike practices and teaches spiritual energy therapies throughout the world using distance healing techniques and in person in the Philadelphia Area. Jasmine aims to give more vitality, flexibility and play to you through interactive, gentle and joyful yoga classes, mini couples romantic retreats in the Philadelphia area Jasmine offers beginner classes that connect you to a place of deep peace that leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed at wallet-friendly prices.

Marco is one of the most successful healers and user of the CoRe system in Portugal hear how he is doing it: My aim is to guide you to understand your own potential and to realise that the quality of your life is a creation of your desires, choices, decisions and actions.

Already 19 years I'm following my life call - healing people from various diseases such as migraines, allergies, cists, tumours, heart problems and many others. There are too many stories from my 19 yearlong practices… It is ungrateful to brag about successes therefore I will say this: I do not promise miracles, but experience has shown that Welcome to my Expert Page.

I work with your energy to allow harmony, gentleness and Spirit's unconditional love to infuse your consciousness and embody your daily life. Reconnective Healing is often a life-changing experience. I have been an energetic facilitator since In , I received my 2-day personal Reconnection by Dr. Roy Solomon, and shortley thereafter, received my personal Mide las señales y patrones energéticos de varios puntos del cuerpo como lo hace el cardiograma , encefalograma , etc.

Fortunately, today one can talk openly about bioenergetic medicine without the former confrontation from under-informed alarmists, a welcome development. Furthermore, other alternative health subjects such as Reiki, Prana healing etc. These and other alternative health therapies previously banned, have likewise contributed to a better understanding, even a wider vision and definition of health.

Bioenergetic medicine is a concise and repeatable method referable in many aspects to standard medical applications and devices. It is located so to speak, between ancient philosophy and modern technical instrumentation, yet with a preponderance of systematic My client flew in from the USA and called me when he landed, he asked me to meet with The Melbourne workshop was a great success, with positive feedback about the Training and Content of the Course!

The human body system is dependent on a free flow of its elements on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual for it to be optimal and able to use its potential. Integral detoxification as a means to liberation is a lifestyle. A new way of living that makes it possible for you Medicines can be used to heal ailments on the exterior or interior of the body, to control the aging of the body.

It deals with subtle energy flows in the body related to the cosmic principles of Yin and Yang. Physiological and psychological benefits of treatment are achieved by absorption through massage, hydrotherapy, and inhalation. The remedies are intended primarily for emotional and spiritual conditions, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress. Biofeedback used to treat a very wide variety of conditions and diseases ranging from stress, alcohol and other addictions.

In essence it releases physical and energetic stress or blockages within the human body structure, allowing it to return to functional homoeostasis. Holistic and non-diagnostic, it consists of a series of non-invasive gentle moves over connective tissue wherein the structure is encouraged to address any problem it may have and return to functional homoeostasis. He discovered that the center of gravity of the human anatomy is on a plane between the first sacral and fifth lumber vertebrae and a short distance anterior to the spinal column.

Using a specific foot board and plumb line for diagnosis, he created a light touch technique to contact the energy systems of the body, a pattern of touch points covering the spine, abdomen, shoulders and head, it also includes the reflex areas of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system. The intention is to relax, release and regenerate the whole energy field and promote the free flow of energy.

Structural integrity can then be maintained with client specific movements performed in their own time. Used for treating headaches, skin conditions, pain, vitamin deficiencies, mental health and immunity response. It is a system of therapy in which disease is considered the result of abnormal function of the nervous system.

The method of treatment usually involves manipulation of the spinal column and other body structures. It integrates light, magnetic, sound,electric and plasma applicators to create the energetic Dynamic Labile Equilibrium in a client-specific feedback loop to facilitate this connection. Franky Kossy 1 Harley Street London.

Helena Valley Natural Health is a professional self-care system of natural therapies that builds and restores health and wellness by working with the natural recuperative powers of the human body. Health is about utilising natural healing therapies of prevention and healthy lifestyles, eating natural whole foods, physical exercise and a little stress management! Chiropractic and homeopathy, hypnotherapy and massage are all gentle, safe and effective treatments.

They acknowledge the fact that your body has great potential to heal itself, both emotionally and physically. In our practice , achieving health is by preventing the disease and restoring the energy balance of the body to heal itself. Our holistic approach to health is by recognizing, identifying, and treating the underlying imbalances which form the cause and reasons for the disease.

Also, by implementing a comprehensive, individualized approach for a self-healing program. At our medical practice, some of the many clinical conditions addressed include: I can work with you to help manifest the life that you desire whether it is through healing, or through personal and spiritual development.

We will define your authentic intents or affirmations and use these during CoRe sessions to find the informational patterns that will manifest these in your life. As a result, wisdom of your body, mind and soul will be stimulated to express their full potential. Please write for details of my practice. Glenn Yoshimoto Los Gatos, California All healing requires a holistic approach and this includes mind, body and spirit. I work worldwide thanks to the Internet and Skype.

Maria do Avioso, Maia. Coaching Soulscapes — Life Coach Associate Certified Coach — International Coach Federation , Art-of-Change holistic programs, the management of communication and interpersonal relations certified trainer and consultant, E. Ada Porat, MA, CLC is a certified behavioral kinesiologist and life coach with extensive international teaching and clinical experience.

She has helped thousands of clients get unstuck and move forward with confidence. Appointments are available in person, by phone or Skype worldwide. Analysis is Client-specific and include follow-up Home Program.

My nursing career has led me to compliment your care, holistically, as I have a strong intuitive nature that the CoRe compliments, to get to the CoRe. I recommend only Natural Therapies to revitalize and balance your biofield which works on so many levels: I have a life long dream to provide a therapy service which allows you to transform your life more quickly and easily than ever before. This passion has led me to study techniques from all over the world and combine them in one powerful, gentle system.

Road S , Howrah, Kolkata Akupunktur, Störherddiagnostik und-therapie, Energie- und Informationsmedizin. Praxis für Ganzheitsmedizin Dollendorfer Str. Holistic healing and life coaching based on the use of homeopathic and frequency medicine. Integrated Personal Solutions offers a holistic approach to well-being and considers all aspects of your current physical health and your state of mind, offering unique programs to improve your quality of life. Our holistic, medication-free approach enables clients to be active in the healing process to resolve their issues in constructive ways and achieve rewarding changes in their life.

We want the best for you and are dedicated to providing a warm, relaxing environment where you can find solace, rejuvenation and balance. You will feel reconnected and united with body, mind and spirit. We are geared towards out-call services, where we come to your villa or hotel room. You may also come to us and receive a massage, Shirodhara and other simpler treatments. English and spanish speaking holistic practitioner for Health, Peace at heart and Mental clarity.

Madrid Las Palmas Fuerteventura The power of Naturopathic medicine is, in its natural rejuvenative capacity, to help restore blocked vital energy and return the body to homeostasis.

The human body, when healthy, has the ability to correct any imbalance through its innate biological wisdom while replacing hundreds of millions of cells everyday, when those cells are receiving the proper nutrition and nourishment. Natural modalities are safe, gentle and inexpensive methods for healing physical, psychological and emotional issues.

Quantum physics in concert with natural medicine is part of the new paradigm of informational, energetic and spiritual concepts that will carry natural healing into the 21st century. Quantum science shows that what we believe has a profound effect on our health, as our beliefs directly influence our cellular make-up and thus what manifests as our reality.

Vail Natural Medicine P. Box Edwards, Colorado I am a Doctor of Chiropractic …. Only the Body itself does the healing…. Be sure to visit our website to see what all we incorporate at…. Quantum E Healing Makati, Philippines. Energetic Medicine…is defined as a vibrational, prana enhancing medicine.

We provide an eclectic and uniquely tailored combination of Acupuncture, NAET, Homeopathy and various forms of Energy Medicine to effect a healthy transformation for any condition for all ages. In addition, we see a large number of autistic patients, who respond well to our treatments. We also offer AIT Auditory Integration Training , which repairs brain distortions due to deficiencies in auditory processing.

BioEnergetics and BioInformational practitioner specialising in remote distant balancing for young and old, including stress management.

After 23 years I am still a member and an avid Bhagavad Gita scholar. I felt driven to help so I study as a Life Line Counselor. Modern bodies like the Findhorn foundation, Life-Enthusiast, etc. In over 3 decades of studying and researching different religions I found myself returning back to Christianity as my religion of choice though with a broader understanding and acceptance of belonging to a bigger spiritual universe.

I have just started qi gong as a daily exercise routine. I am loving it. I have done a course in energy transfer healing to make sense of the gift I had and hypnotherapy to assist those who need my help to bring them to a space of inner peace and calm, as generally it was always and still is via a meditative state that I find myself most intuitive and effective in any healing.

Though I incorporate a lot of simple and natural inexpensive household items like Epsom salts foot baths, Himalayan salt baths, etc. I believe in the drinking of lots of water with a prayer label as recommended by doctor Emoto. Being an Inergetix-Core practitioner is a wonderful cherry on the top of a great and wonderful Blessing.

Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. They are both registered trainers and assessors, and teach Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Reiki and Seichem and many other modalities. Terapias antienvejecimiento, programas calidad de vida, ozonoterapia, naturismo, EMDR, Rife Therapy, Hipertermia, Terapias de deisntoxicación,fitoterapia, terapia neural. Medicina Integradora Av Nader y Uxmal 2do. All Bio Energetic Sinchronazation Techniques, eg.: SRT is a spiritual therapy that clears the negative energy from this and past lives allowing for better, more harmonious changes to take place.

It has helped thousands of people around the world and it can help you as well. It works to the level you accept and allow it in your life. This method was started in by founder Robert E. Detzler, and is based on Pythagorian theories and Quantum Physics.

For more information please refer to www. She is a certified healer and instructor of the wonderful and powerful ancient science of External Chinese Medical Chi Kung, now called Pranic Healing, a no-touch healing science based on quantum physics, that can be used for harmonizing all energy imbalances resulting to an immediate relief of all kind of pain or discomfort in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

A session with her is usually a beautiful experience with amazing results. She enjoys live sessions mostly, but you can also arrange a distant healing through skype. Pranic Healing Light Leof. Galatsiou 59, Ano Patissia, When necessary, given the holistic nature of the work, I will draw upon my background in nutrition, holistic health and body-based modalities to support greater healing.

My vision is that health care and all of life will return to such holistic, integrated common sense ways again soon. I see my work to be just as much about advancing this larger mission as it is about helping individuals and the planet grow. Integral Illuminative Medicine can be described as a path to personal liberation and potential release. It is done through cleansing, rebuilding and strengthening of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

The cleansing process heal blockages that act as resistance to the flow dynamic labile equilibrium in the human body system. The human body system is dependent on a free flow of its elements on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual for it to be optimal and able to realize its potential and thus give you personal liberation.

Integral Illuminative Medicine as a means to personal liberation is a lifestyle and not a short-term engagement. It is not just about living healthy as we normally understand it. It is more about practising progressive coherence with natural law trough ever more refined ways of observation and expression. The treatment I offer is completely individualized to your body system using technology, intuition, theoretical knowledge and previous experience.

Gesund werden, gesund bleiben — Wir setzen modernste Technologie ein, um die wahren Gründe Ihrer Krankheiten aufzudecken, um sie danach nach neuesten Methoden und ganzheitlicher Betrachtungsweise zu behandeln. Snoad Vordorf 1 Heiden. Providing holistic therapies for body, mind, and spirit, including: At System Wellness Centre, we are committed to returning you back to a pain free, normal lifestyle.

Our practice is equipped with all the required and necessary chiropractic equipment in order to ensure you the best chiropractic care, all in one prime facility. Athens is a unique and dynamic city. We have 2 centrally located clinics within walking distance of the Metro: Contact us today to experience the System Wellness Centre difference and get back on track with your health!

Energetic Essence specialising in working with people who would like a loving hand to re learn how to heal your body. Krankheiten sind immer Störungen der Balance in Körper und Geist, daher unterstütze ich Sie bei der Wiedererlangung dieses verloren gegangenen Gleichgewichts mit verschiedenen Methoden.

Christophorus — Institut A. I practice a variety of modalities including: I also use a variety of body-mind-spirit healing tools such as Young Living essential oils, Amega zero point wands and pendants, acupressure points, etc. Change with Courage E. Most of us are well aware of the symptoms of illness, depression, fatigue, etc that we are experiencing.

The answers that elude us is the underlying cause and what to do about it. There are many layers that make up actual symptoms of an illness; my life purpose is to assist you to receive the energetic and informational healing that you need in order for your life to become balanced and fulfilling. Sessions are available worldwide and are conducted by phone or skype.

I work in a practical way, measuring improvements in each process, treatment, exercise and health plan. All I ask of those I work with is that they thoroughly investigate each process I recommend in the suggested way and come to their own conclusions after an appropriate amount of time.

All the processes I use come from experience and I work to be an example of what I practice. In the past I have experienced many challenges — recovering from serious injury, illness and loss. This has made me more able to empathize with suffering while maintaining care, curiosity and confidence. Your True Health Battersea, London.

In becoming a Master at the Art of Relationship, we experience a profound and palpable connection with light, and also with the earth. We experience the Universe supporting us wholeheartedly and offering us everything we need to expand in the joy of our sweet hearts! Bodhi Medicine NW 23rd Ave.

Ron Vasudeva Palm Springs California. This technique facilitates the use of photographs of people who desire to have pathogens transmuted in their bodies. It it our belief that all patients have the innate ability to become healthy. Our goal is to help you begin this process and get your body back-on-point to where it should be. We utilize only traditional techniques that have been proven effective over many generations for treating health related issues.

Brazil Paradise Paradise Sao Paulo. My Primary focus pertains to the use of Matrix Energetics, Self-Hypnosis, BE, Reiki and a combination of other complimentary practices like sound, light and crystals. As a Natural Health Coach my goal is to get your body to a healthy state where it can begin to heal itself as it was created to do. New Energy Wellness is a holistic health practice, offering state-of-the-art technology combined with individualized service.

By combining Information and Energy Medicine with Homeopathy and Enzyme Nutrition, we will help you achieve the highest level of health and wellness.

New Energy Wellness Murrieta, California. In den Sitzungen gelangen je nach Anforderung unterschiedliche Techniken bzw. Methoden zum Einsatz, abh. Institut enisma Castellezgasse , Wien. Maestra de nueva energia. Sanacion a traves de la alquimia del corazon Amor Divino, solo la frecuencia del Amor tiene la capacidad de transformar el dolor, el miedo, la ira, la soledad, la culpa, etc.

Canalizadora de la alquimia del corazon amor Biorresonancia cuantica scio, terapia del rejuvenecimiento natural, sanacion diamantina del gran sol central, facilitador personal para el desarrollo de la consciencia, facilitadora y maestra metafisica de la orden de melquisedek, Facilitadora de meditaciones y visualizacion creativas para la sanacion,conexion con el espiritu, ascension individual y planetaria, asesora y canalizadora espiritual.

Canalizadora de las ciudades etericas de luz cristalinas de 5D. I use following devices: Quantec, Physiospect, InterX and combine these technologies with Touch for health, Seiki-Soho and therapeutic massage depending on what is best for particular case. Quantec is also helpful with plants and animals. Eclectic combination of conventional medical knowledge with ancient medical systems and Homotoxicology. The offer the following services: Carole has been in private counseling practices for over three decades, working with addictions and other serious issues, with individuals, children, and couples.

Her hypnotherapy practice, as one of the only certified practitioners in Beaumont and the surrounding area, has been part of her practice since , along with incorporating many alternative healing techniques. Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, and integration of Anthoposophic and Orgonimic understanding of the whole, multi-dimensional human being. Dynamic approach balanced between the essence of Art and Science. Frequenzen-helfen-heilen Hundsham 2 D Soyen.

Compassionate alternative care in a healing environment. As a Wellness Center, we are poised to provide an essential vehicle of healthcare delivery for the 21st century. Inergetix-CoRe Healing is one of the most advanced healing systems on the planet today. While other available systems use similar bio-resonance principles to diagnose, Inergetix CoRe is the only system in the world which diagnoses and creates remedies. I am a healing facilitator. The body has the ability to heal itself, although sometimes we get stuck and need someone or something to facilitate the healing process.

I love being able to assist a person to heal, to release stresses, anxieties, traumas and pain that they might have been holding onto for years. In my practice, I use muscle testing, intuition and knowledge of the remedies and healing modalities that I have learned, been trained in and use.

I work with traumas and stresses, both emotional and physical and work with adults, couples, children and animals. I offer in-person sessions at my home office in Brooklyn, NY as well as phone, Skype and proxy sessions. I look forward to guiding you on your path to wellness and happiness! Subtle Energy Techniques Montgomery St. I am an energetic practitioner of almost 10 years with a large repertoire of alternative therapies with a focus on energy work.

I incorporate an eclectic mix of modalities in my energy treatments to bring about relaxation and raise vibration to create an opening for healing to occur. Each treatment is unique and totally customized to best fit your needs. It is my pleasure to help create a positive shift for you in your life. So have a look around my site and feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a treatment! Bruce resolves health concerns for people who wish to avoid drugs and surgery.

Working by phone and with your permission, he talks directly with your immune system to learn what is oppressing your cells. He shows you how to throw off burdens you no longer wish to carry. Bruce works from your own Guidance, not from his own mind, to clear unresolved disturbances. Once your cells drop negativity, they go back to doing what they know, being healthy!

After assessing what you want to accomplish, we complete a comprehensive analysis of your subtle energy field using the CoRe Inergetix System. Full Spectrum Energy Medicine then incorporates the findings, preparing a customized remedy tray or by imprinting an informational medicine bracelet for you to wear. In some cases, you might return for additional hands-on vibrational medicine modalities including: One or more of the following might also be beneficial and synergystic: Energy psychology using techniques such as EFT Emotional Freedom Technique might also speed your progress in releasing emotional issues.

We use metabolic laboratory testing for accurate physical assessment. We provide appropriate detoxification and drainage protocols for you to follow at home. Recall is generally 3 weeks for the initial phase of your treatment plan. We can discuss a follow-up schedule reasonable and comfortable for you.

Long-distance sessions and telephone consultations also available. Full Spectrum Energy Medicine Rt. I love my CoRe.

It has been apart of my life since and constantly amazes me by it honesty and the awakenings that it has brought forward for clients. Its functions are diverse. CoRe and I have much to show you. On Line only Mudgee. We Help You Heal Yourself! All species, large and small. Comprehensive, individualized patient care distinguishes Empirical Point as the premier center for acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Philadelphia.

Drawing on over a decade of study and practice, founder Sharon Sherman creates a spacious, supportive environment in which symptoms, diagnosis and treatment can be thoroughly addressed.

Empirical Point Acupuncture 40 W. CoRe Practice Laasbygade 65, 1. Temple Guardian is a healing arts center located in Asheville, NC that combines classical acupuncture, traditional naturopathy and leading- edge assessment tools for achieving balanced physical, mental and emotional well-being. Because everyone is unique, I uses a comprehensive, individualized approach for each person to support their health goals.

Using natural medicine for pain, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, pms, menopause, insomnia, stress, weight loss, allergies, headaches, high blood pressure, arthritis, hot flashes, bells palsy, fatigue and more.

Our company is a clinical practice of natural health modalities, an Inergetix-CoRe clinic and also a training institute. In our dedication and commitment in providing quality therapies and education, the Institute has gained National industry accreditation. Our therapists are working in a variety of health care public, private organizations, and state or government departments. They are internationally recognised motivational speakers and presenters.

Design and construction of unique, handcrafted radionic devices — the alternative to over-priced plastic boxes. We create customized Hieronymus and Delawarr-based instruments in consultation with the client.

See our work at http: Aetheric Arts Laboratories Oakland, California. Health Coaching for Self-healing Education using holistic natural methods: Holistic approach to Optimum Health. Health and lifestyle analysis, prevention and wellness programme, on going support and monthly health club to achieve and maintain optimum health.

Stateheide is een therapeutisch Centrum waar verschillende therapieën worden beoefend zoals: Electro-fysische diagnostiek, Bioresonantie therapie, Core-frequentie-therapie, Hypnotherapie, Radionische Therapie. Het centrum bestaat sinds Saskatoon Alternative Energy Therapy, energy is everything!

Our newest offering is Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. We offer distance healing sessions for Reconnective Healing, but The Reconnection must be done in person. Eric Pearl, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. We provide Holistic Case Analysis and Complementary Therapies for various chronic and degenerative diseases.

We emphasize on Continuing Medical Education. Borneo Holistic Sdn Bhd estb: Using the CoRe system and her comprehensive training as a Heilkunst Homeopath which includes individual lifestyle recommendations, homeopathic remedies and therapeutic education, Sonia will assess your symptoms, get insight into the underlying physical, mental and emotional contributors to your condition. Long distance sessions are possible with reports and explanations.

Treatment can be done with mailed remedies or informational remedies using the CoRe system to communicate them at a distance. Sonia also provides information on the Inergetix-CoRe system configurations for people interested in acquiring it.

Training and support are also handled by her in the Americas, South Africa, India, and she assists in Europe. A — , La Cresta, Sopanbaug Pune. Cabinet de Massage thérapeutique 10 Av. Tronchet — Thônex Geneva, Switzerland. The Sounds Healthy Wellness Focus Centre is not just a long name, its the introduction you need to energy and informational medicine. We utilise a range of traditional and technology based healing techniques including massage, naturopathy, acupuncture, and devices such as the Inergetix CoRe and Physiospect.

Wellness Focus Centre Coorparoo Queensland. Quantum Medica Graz — Budapest. Reconnective Healing helps us heal on all levels, significantly improves our physical energy levels and balances our emotional and mental states. It helps us to connect to deeper and expanded levels of our health and healing within ourselves. Reconnective Healing frequencies are light and information — not a force — so there is no weakening over distance.

Distance Reconnective Healing available worldwide! Sanación Reconectiva nos ayuda a curar a todos los niveles, mejora significativamente nuestros niveles de energía física y equilibra nuestros estados emocionales y mentales. Using Alternative healing modalities to expand and shift an individuals perspective and innate capacity to heal. Specialties include addictions, codependence, and motivational and spiritual counseling.

Emotional Body Wellness Lincoln Rd. Praxis Hart Hohe Strabe 8, Chemnitz. Prince George British Columbia. Doc Via Gamba, 6 Brescia My mission is to walk you through the delightful and wonder world of new possibilities, by helping you discover your inner fears and overcome them. As a licensed coach in many areas along with my expertise I welcome you to join the adverture of living free from the Core Dynamics of Common Problems by transforming the patterns of energy and information that hold you back from having the life you want.

Springfonteinstraat 52, PM Den Haag. Is there an area of your life you want to improve—for good? I can help you overcome hidden obstacles, self-sabotaging habits, and limiting belief systems in just one session. You can attain inner clarity now.

Check out my Expert Page for details. Inner Clarity IC S. Palfen ,Osterreich, Altenmarkt. Tuning Fork Sound therapy for chakra and meridian cleansing;. As Holistic practitioner, in my practice, beside Homeophaty and Su Jok acupuncture I was using different kinds of bioenergetics devices for diagnosis and therapy. Medical Qigong Guadalupe Ave. Bajuwarenstrase 1, Tacherting, Bayern. I am a holistic practioner offering a variety of nutritional programs in many areas.

In addition to devising scientifically sound diets, I offer insights into the psychological and metaphysical reasons for your specific illnesses.

I draw from my knowledge in herbalism, supplementation and colour therapy. Consults are conducted online, so can be offered anywhere in the world. Be Well Cambridge, Ontario. I am a medical doctor. Healing has never been more powerful. I believe there is more to healing than what conventional medicine can offer, more information than what the physical body can tell…because body, mind, and spirit are holographic archetypes sharing one information.

North Vancouver British Columbia. Okkerneut Ave, Edleen, Johannesburg, Gauteng. Stephen Macallan nantwich road crewe. Via Rocco Scotellaro, Lauria Pz. Movement for Mindfulness and Meaningfulness in Medicine. Box , Honeydew, Gauteng. Leipziger Strasse 40 Dresden. All things in life have their own unique frequency signature or vibration. Each of us respond or resonate to the sounds and vibrations around us.

Some uplift and energise us and others bring us comfort. Apps from Healing Pulse give you access to pure direct frequencies that will resonate to a range of human conditions.