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Plan to move around if you want a healthier BMI level. The BMI is a more reliable number to determine a healthy weight than just bodyweight alone. If she can find an exercise class that concentrates on post-natal exercise, it will help her to stay fit and also introduce her to other women in the same situation. Just follow the same. Make sure to use good walking shoes to take care of your knees. Try to confuse your muscles by changing exercise routine and pushing yourself from your comfort zone as we lose weight only when we got beyond comfort zone. During pregnancy i have gained al ot of weight.

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Matt Stone’s Diet Recovery: My Experience

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Subscribe Already a subscriber? However, I just found out my 5 year old has several cavities in his molars, which freaks me out cause: Our entire family has begun the GAPS diet for this reason. We eat what we want but we just eat foods that are prepared properly: You can still eat yummy foods on this diet but they should be prepared correctly most of the time.

Dont be freaked out. Do you see big rotten spots on the childs teeth? More often than not, you can barely see anything when dentists say you have a cavity. I am a very distrustful and skeptical person. I think dentists exagerate and make things up to make money.

Years ago before I knew better I went to a dentist because I had some dark lines at the gumline on my very back molars. They were nothing, but the dentist put big fillings that had to be replaced with crowns. I wish I had never gone. I dont go to dentist on any regular basis anymore. Cavities they told me I had 10 years ago, but of course could not really see had to take their word for it they existed, have either healed or not gotten any worse as they cause.

I focus on minerals from healthy eating, cal mag supplentation, vitamin d supplementation, celtic and real salt, sea weeds mainly wakame which is very mild and I add it to my families food a lot, and herbs.

Herbal infusions of a cup of oatstraw to a coffee pot of water made in your coffee maker, put herbs in pot and let water tricle on them and let steep on burner an hour or three are very good.

You can use other herbs like nettle. Would you entertain the possibility of reading Dr. Carla, I think you have to separate long term to short term benefits. While this system might have short term benefits, check videos of Doug Graham now and 10 years ago. He looks like a old lizard. I fear he might hide many of his health issues because of his public image. Besides, there was no recorded attempt to emulate such diet in human history and we made it until now, that must mean something right?

That would not work for me. Did you read the name of this blog? No way am I ever giving up cheese! Oh yes I am very aware of your blog name Ann Marie. I gave up eating most cheeses especially the stringy kinds: Maybe cheese is troubling you, like it did me, more than you think.

My omnivore friend who just visited for 4 days lots 5 pounds eating with us and never felt hungry. Graham, yes he is lean, yet so strong. It works well for me and my family.

Not just my size, but the way I feel in my body: Good luck to you Anne Marie. I pray you are able to achieve your baby dreams!!! But right now, my tums seems to do best on fruit-based diet. Mind if u post it in a reply? After reading Hypothyroidism type 2, that you have read too Ann Marie, I believe diet is not enough. There are just too many hormons disruptors in our world — chemicals, food supply, environmental toxins etc. I believe we have, unfortunately, past the point in time where we can heal ourselves with diet only — the gene pool is weaker and the environment is bombarding us with unknown sustances.

Just my take on it anyway…. If you recall in that book and in the books by Dr. It can take several months to years to heal from low thyroid. I am myself looking for a good doctor who could prescribe it to me…Not easy to find one. Hope to get there myself too! Going to start working with him next month. He does amazing work neuro cranial restructuring that greatly impacts the shape of the pelvis. He can actually help the pelvis be wider by the time you deliver.

As someone who has dealt with an eating disorder, food is never worth your peace of mind. That is so important because I have news: We are all going to die. No diet will ever change that reality. Life is about the relationships and people in our lives. I love food and am always striving to eat healthier but never at the cost of my joy or peace.

Also, dramatic changes never stick. Habits take a lot of time to stick. You look lovely, Ann Marie. If you feel good, have the strength and stamina to live your life in a way that makes you happy, why worry about your weight? WRT obesity maybe the answer is in the gut microbiome.

Obese people might benefit from fecal transplants to heal gut dysbiosis and achieve healthy weight. Seems to work with experimental mice. I was thin most of my life and ate pretty much what I wanted. But my periods were never regular. I went through three years of infertility treatment, culminating in two IVF procedures just to conceive my first child. During the infertility treatments the weight began to pack on, and after her birth it was out of control.

Eight years later, lbs, miserable, I began a low carb diet. I lost 40 pounds easily. But more importantly, I began regular menses with my first ovulatory period EVER within 30 days of beginning low carb. I had an easy, healthy pregnancy and a quick, easy birth. I increased my carbs during pregnancy, but still moderated them. There are a few videos and podcasts with Dr. Michael Fox, a fertility specialist. He also finds that there is less morning sickness I had NONE and fewer miscarriages on a low carb diet.

If your goal is to conceive, you might want to take a look at what he has to say, particularly if you are having no luck. I should add that i think my thyroid was always an issue. I was always cold, even when pregnant except hot flashes from heavy fertility drugs Yet I conceived with no problem while low carbing. Thanks for this post! My husband has even worse hormone problems than I do mostly because of a surgery he had 6 years ago , and his temps were in the low 96s when we started following Matt Stone.

Thanks for being so brave about sharing your story! Yes, low water content foods and plenty of salt. People are so afraid of salt these days! But we really need salt! I cringe when I see low-sodium recommendations for everyone including kids, who absolutely need salt for neurological development. Eating plenty of salt has stopped my blood sugar crashes.

I feel a huge positive difference when I eat lots of salt. Unfortunately, most people these days are trying to cut back and probably have no idea that eating lots of salt can have major health benefits for some people.

The food already tastes horribly bland, poor kids. My husband had the exact same experience. He was in the 95s a few years ago. AND he is no longer reacting to gluten. Bring on the pizza and beer! Hi Ann-Marie, I meant to say before that I am really happy for you that you are much more relaxed about food, I also feel this way after reading Jon Gabriel and I will never diet again.

It has been a god-send! Sweet liberation and I believe it can only be a good thing. Dieting in any form makes our bodies think they are in a famine and therefore they will store fat and losing it will be next to impossible.

I have backed off a lot because putting that much food in your body day after day is really hard but I do need to get back to it as stress and sleep deprivation, plus diet are pulling my temps back down. I am really looking forward to winter so I can hibernate with my ice cream bowl.

Thank you for introducing me to Matt Stone! By saying you will hibernate with her and eat ice cream all winter is doing her a big disservice. Treats are just that…to be enjoyed once in a while..

It seems as though people are using this diet to gorge themselves on whatever they want. If you overeat, gain weight and then suddenly cut back on calories, of course you will lose weight. I feel sorry for you. Ice cream is not a treat for me so there is no guilt associated with it. I can sit with a half-gallon container and a spoon and thoroughly enjoy every bite. I do not run for the ice cream when I am sad because there is no emotional reward by eating it.

I eat it because it tastes good. I eat half a gallon at a time because I am trying to create a caloric super-abundance so my body will finally get a clue that we are not starving and my life is not in danger. Seriously, turn loose of the reserves already, lol! The re-feeding protocol is meant to last as long as necessary. Some regain balance in a month, some regain balance in a year.

Some re-feed for a period of months, go back to smaller portions, then resume the re-feeding as needed. It depends entirely on what your body needs. Seriously, read the book before scolding AnnMarie for supporting what is making me healthier and soooo much happier then orthorexia.

Secondly, you are basically assuming that you will need to refeed into winter. How do you know that for sure when winter is months away. I have absolutely no interest in reading what Matt Stone has to say because he has no credentials what-so-ever. And finally, sugar is toxic. You are feeling so much happier because as you are eating all that sugar dopamine — the feel-good chemical. On top of that sugar is extremely addictive. He addressed the 60 minutes interview you are talking about back in April — http: It is unconventional which maybe makes it hard to hear?

My endocrinologist kept increasing my meds an extremely well qualified endo BTW but with matt I am decreasing my meds and my bloodwork is excellent. I have been hypothyroid for many years and only found out about it when I was having miscarriages 7 years ago. I eat nutrient-dense foods, eat organic when i can, grass fed meat, humane eggs usually farm fresh, whole grains etc AND i also eat ice cream, homemade pancakes, and occasionally candy.

I am feeling extremely well and finally have energy for life besides many other benefits. Lack of credentials is an ad hominem fallacy. Whether or not someone has credentials is immaterial to their argument. Especially considering the fact that these so-called experts obtained their degrees from the biased, big-pharma funded regurgitation-fests otherwise known as universities.

First of all, love Matt Stone. Love your blog too! I met Geneen when she came to speak at my school back in everything she said resonated with me. Temperature wise- I have notice my BBT temps are slowly but surely increasing every cycle. It sounds like you are happy with your results and that is all that counts. Just from reading your post no one can come in and say what you are doing is unhealthy because only you can be the judge of that at this point.

I do agree with some posters commenting about the weight gain being less than ideal. It seems that you should be able to improve your health without gaining 20 lbs since you were not underweight to begin. Also I think the post would be more meaningful if you gave a list of improvements in your health. Just the temps is not very convincing. I would never just go on temps to determine overall health. And as I always have to comment in almost every blog out there, we are not all the same. We do not all have the same needs.

That is why low-carb works for some but not others. I saw one person posting here that raw vegan worked for her and others posting that low-carb worked for them. And you seem to be happy with your relatively moderate carb, fat, and protein diet. For those who are suffering from adrenal and thyroid issues, sleep is key and diet is key, and managing stress is paramount.

But it is very important to get on the right amount and type of thyroid hormone if you do have thyroid issues. Food and sleep are only going to go so far in helping the thyroid. My take on the matter is: But ONLY with the help of a care provider who knows how to do that. I believe we can fix the thyroid and fix that autoimmune but it takes optimizing every function and usable T3 levels before even attempting.

These are often very subtle weaknesses and I agree with another comment that things like aldosterone are crucial. Electrolytes, estrogen, dhea, orthostatic blood pressure, RT3, etc should all be checked before assuming that function is normal. When I did have my hormones tested a few years ago, I was not hypothyroid and they did not recommend medication. I think I am subclinical hypothyroid.

The RT3 will tell you if you are converting the T4 to a usable form of T3. This means that the body is able to produce adequate T4 but is not able to convert it into T3 in peripheral tissues. This is a functional T3 deficiency.

Therefore TSH does not rise. This situation is alleviated by proper diet and supplementation, as well as adequate T3 meds. Selenium, iodine, zinc, and B vitamins all help. As long as usable T3 is insufficient for whatever reason then the adrenals will struggle. Supporting the adrenals is important but not enough in a situation like this. If you had those tests done and you are subclinical then it would have shown up.

But it will be good to redo them because things may have changed. And, few doctors understand how to read those tests. Then there is always pituitary hypothalamus malfunction possibilities. I gained weight because I ate too much!

So what if you gained weight! What a bunch of weight obssessed ninnies. No one has brought up the metaanalyses that have shown that peple in the supposed lb overweight range have the lowest all cause mortality rates. A meta analysis is a study analysing a bunch of studies.

They show that if you are thinner than this or significantly over it by more than ten pounds your mortality goes up. So the term overweight starts to become less clear. At what point does a person become overweight?

Who gets to decide that? There seems to be much more leeway than some would have us think, especially those that make money off of dieting and drug sales and procedures and drs visits. Viewing superthin as attractive is a conditioned thing. In the past much plumper women were seen as more aytractive. I think peoples visceral fears of being an outcast, of being the bullied fat kid in school, all stemming from the contant images and messages that super thin is attractive and plumpness is ugly, is where all this interest and fixation on weight is coming from, and in spite of the fact that people are talking about gains of fourty pounds or less, ten in Anna Maries case.

The false health stuff about it just helps make it ok to obssess about weight, but it is really vanity and fear of rejection that drives it. Also, what do u recommend for dysbiosis klebsiella…. Many people dont have the money to spend on all this stuff. Believe it or not, there was a day when medical problems were treated successfully clinically before tests existed. Ive found that they help only minimally. It has been helpful to know that my iron or iodine was low for example.

But what I found over time was that once I learned the symptoms of various deficiencies and problems, I can tell quite well what is going by paying attention to my symptoms. This is what treating clinically is all about. You look at detailed medical history and symptoms.

I can usually identify minerals that are deficient, and eradicate symptoms by taking the correct mineral or other substance, tweaking diet, etc. I have made more progress doing this on my own with only a very small amount of testing that I order myself than with thousands of dollars of doctors and test bills.

The info is available to anyone who wants to learn how to read their body like this. In the information age, with the internet, there is no lack of the knowledge needed to do that. I am like 15 years younger than you so maybe temps are something that become more crucial as you get older for achieving pregnancy?

Low body temperature is a health problem in many other respects. Please read the work of Dr. Mark Starr and Dr. Those of use who have leaky gut and pathogenic flora overgrowth have systemic constitutional malfunctions that must be healed by healing the gut. But then, shifting to Full GAPS, adding in some fruits and honey, I instantly gained and fluctuated between 3 and 5 new pounds.

Hi Ann Marie, You are so courageous for opening up this chapter to the public to be discussed! You are pretty patient with that! It seems that a lot of people take it as an all-out junk food fest.

It is far from that, as he clearly says in his book. I know that he also talks about getting over your phobias and eating things that you used to be afraid of before, but it seems as though he gives way more specific guidelines in his initial healing phase than people give him credit for or discuss even random details like eating the bulk of your food before 2pm, something that is not possible for everyone.

Bravo on your healing journey- I look forward to celebrating the pregnancy news with you! I ate tons of carbs my whole entire life — not high carb but not low carb.

And I never gained weight. It was only after I had a baby and went low carb that I gained weight. And I did gain weight when I puposefully overate, but anyone would. And we should eat more of the foods that our bodies need to be well, like good fats. I think our obsession with our weight, a misunderstanding of calorie quality, and the fear of food groups causes real problems for people…a tendency to go to extremes and starve the body of something, creating a lot of bounceback weight fluctuation responses and wreaking hormone havoc.

You gained some weight back since then? What I hear is that people are noticing your weight gain and thinking it is not healthy. What I see is classic postpartum hypothyroidism and some adrenal fatigue that you may be moving away from. If someone is young and relatively healthy and somewhat active and without any underlying conditions they can surely eat carbohydrates in moderation and not gain weight.

Also the word carb entails many foods. Of course eating mounds of white bread and cake is not good for you, whether you gain weight or not. Matt Stone brings that criticism to himself, imo. I once was sent a link to one of his videos. He was very vague about his recommendations and then he ate a gummy bear.

That was enough to steer me away from reading his stuff anymore. Please read Matt Stone before you criticize his work. Again, read Matt Stone. Temporary weight gain is part of the plan.

I am not criticizing Matt Stone. I am just imparting my brief encounter with him. I also am not saying your weight gain is unhealthy, I am relaying what others have said here. Since your discovery of Matt Stone I have seen several posts about your experiences that almost appear to be inviting controversy.

It is a curious activity, imo. I also have noticed that if anyone gives a suggestion that you disagree with you seem to react quite negatively for example your response to Amanda Rose below and when someone is agreeing with you, your responses are very rosy. The whole conversation has veered from interesting discussion to something else. I would rather see differing opinions encouraged and a healthy dialogue. THese are really important points.

Our hormones work together…the hormone cascade is complex. I really like how Matt and AnnMarie emphasize the need for sleep in healing hormones. I definitely think we experience variations in what has caused our hormones to go awry and what we need to do to heal them. So I set myself up for failure. But even then, my hormones were crazy. My systemic weaknesses, allergies, etc. This month I found out I am pregnant, and am very excited and hopeful.

I think as a community here, we are sharing the keys to getting and staying well. It certainly involves eating a variety of Real Food, avoiding toxins, reducing stress, increasing sleep, living naturally… To be well requires massive lifestyle overhauls sometimes, and healing takes time.

I think I really need to get a consultation with Matt, as my joints cannot handle any extra weight. My joints are not healthy. But my body temps are low, always have been.

Always around 36 degrees, while they should be above My weight gain did not start until my 4th baby, before that I was a pencil. So I really need to figure out what on earth is going on with my body. Thanks for the post, its good food for thought. Just curious… A while back you were taking enzymes recommended by Julia Ross through her diet cure book. I enjoy reading your blog but sometimes I get whiplash trying to follow you through your journey and find the takeaways that may apply for me.

I heard Julia Ross on a podcast and her enzyme approach just sounded too good to be true. Thank you so much for posting this! I am so glad that people in the health blogosphere are finally having a real discussion about what is truly unhealthy: Everything else macro-nutrient ratios, specific allergies, carb intake is up to the individual to determine. I know because I have been there. I completely wrecked my health and digestion on low-carb paleo and became an insufferable orthorexic.

Holy shit, am I glad I came to my senses and dropped that diet like a bad habit. Of course, I am still trying to recover my period, motility and temperature after tanking my metabolism and adrenals. My recovery is slow going but my health gains have been very encouraging— helped along with lots of fruit, dairy and yummy carbs.

And yes, low-carb can work for some, I even think it might be beneficial in the short term, but we have to listen to our bodies. The body is a very intelligent organism and will let you know when it is under-nourished.

I am floored that so many women are criticizing you for a few measly pounds despite your numerous health gains. Where is the support ladies?! Thanks for sharing your story Cheeseslave! Here is to dietary liberation! I do think body temperature is an excellent guideline for health— much more important than the medical world would have you believe.

OK, question, AnnMarie and everyone. How are we Real Foodies defining that? I know it will hurt me and my kids, and that would absolutely steal my joy. So do I have a mental disorder? I eat and promote Real Food. Monsanto and McDonalds, et al would love to say that makes me sick in the head, but that diagnosis sounds crazy to me.

This is my question too! I do get that what I choose to eat is affecting my life, but do I have to eat things that should never be in our food in the first place to not be considered orthorexic? I just have a particular peeve with people being labeled constantly. I find it irksome and irrelevant so much of the time. As for me, there is no fear when it comes to food.

I know too much to be careless with my choices and those that I make for my kids. Thanks for posting this. This is a refreshing mindset that I would love to embrace. I have been dieting since kindergarten.

Tab soda and the Cabbage Soup diet! I have continually gained weight on every diet out there to the point that I am now significanly overweight and diabetic. Not muscle-clothes got tighter! The only plan that ever gave me a glimmer of hope was low carb.

That being said, I am also fed up with self-enforced, rigid eating plans while spending hours in the gym-only to remain obese. Its not fun being the odd duck at any social function. A friend even worried that I had an eating disorder due to my rigid eating habits.

I jumped in with both feet. I have tried both his HED plan and the milk fast. I define low-carb as 30g carbs per day. I follow Protein Power by the Eades. Eat meat,eggs, fats and green veggies. Carbs mostly from cream, cheese and veggies. My fasting sugars were about When I ate they would rise to an average of Hidden carbs would spike me to at least I had moderate energy levels not high but not in a groggy, carb fog either. I lost weight steadily but slowly.

Next, the HED plan raised my fasting sugars to about My pants got tight did not weigh during this time. My constant ankle edema lessened dramatically and I had more energy than with low carb or the raw milk fast.

I did not have the energy ups and downs like with low carb. My fasting sugars were about and after meals were about Did better with saked beans and legumes than I did with potatoes, sweet potatoes or soaked grains. Unfortunately, the raw milk fast shot my fasting blood sugars up to an average of Interestingly, although my sugars were high there were no dramatic changes after meals. No more than about a point rise after drinking raw milk. My energy was decent but no better than on low carb.

Gained a good amount of weight in my belly. I am now entering week 3 of milk fast and am disappointed that my sugars have been so high as I really wanted this to work for me. Overall, I felt the best on HED. My energy was up, I felt less depressed and I was very happy to not have to obsess about what I was eating. At this point, I am undecided if I should continue to do HED and see if the sugars drop after a full month I saw no change in 2.

My doctor is pushing me to do the HCG, calorie per day plan. I have learned enough here to tell her to stuff it! Regardless, I truly appreciate both your blog and Degree Health. I have learned so much! A lot of the questions about what to eat can easily be answered by some basic testing. If one is healthy and moving along she may not be motivated.

But if someone is ill or unable to conceive or lose weight then she is usually more motivated to get into testing. We are all unique and this approach helps us figure out our unique weaknesses. Heather, it looks to me like you have an underlying condition that prevents you from losing weight.

It could be hormonal or gut issues, or genetic, or a combination. Most health issues usually come down to those three factors. With functional medicine you can get to the root cause of the issue. Food and lifestyle can only go so far. I have seen this time and again. And I have seen too many people struggle with eating really well and working out and yes, they are keeping up, but the underlying issue is still there.

This means they have to work overtime and obsess about everything they put in their mouth, but they still have issues. I use functional testing in my practice and it is great! It has helped me a lot! You might be going through puberty on a different schedule than some of your peers, and your body may be growing and changing at a different rate. Most underweight teens catch up eventually and there's rarely a need to try to gain weight.

In a few cases, teens can be underweight because of a health problem that needs treatment. See a doctor if you notice any of these things:. Some people are underweight because of eating disorders, like anorexia or bulimia, that they need to get help for. Heredity plays a role in body shape and what a person weighs. People from different races, ethnic groups, and nationalities tend to have different body fat distribution meaning they have fat in different parts of their bodies or body composition their amounts of bone and muscle versus fat.

But genes are not destiny. No matter whose genes you inherit, you can have a healthy body and keep your weight at a level that's normal for you by eating right and being active. Genes aren't the only things that family members may share.

Unhealthy eating habits can be passed down, too. The eating and exercise habits of people in the same household may have an even greater effect than genes on a person's risk of becoming overweight. If your family eats a lot of high-fat foods or snacks or doesn't get much exercise, you may tend to do the same. The good news is these habits can be changed for the better. Even simple changes like walking more or taking the stairs can benefit a person's health.

It can be tough dealing with the physical changes your body goes through during puberty. But at this time, more than any other, it's not a specific number on the scale that's important.

It's keeping your body healthy — inside and out. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor. What's the Right Weight for My Height? More on this topic for:

Are there any problems using the BMI?